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Curly to Straight Hair KERATIN Tutorial ( A Smooth Fine Natural Hair ) No More Damage - My Hair ✔️

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Curly to Straight Hair KERATIN Tutorial ( Have A Smooth Fine Natural Hair ) No More Hair Damage my hair ✔️ VIDEO DESCRIPTION⬇️ Everything about Keratin Hair Treatment + Mens curly hair transformation 2017. This video demonstrates how to transfer a Curly hair with Frizzy ends to A soft Natural hair with KERATIN therapy with Zero Damage. It will amaze you and give you an idea whether you would like to straighten your curly hair to a smooth hair. Hair straightening keratin works on both men's short curly hair and women's long Hair. I really recommend keratin hair treatment to everyone. FOR MORE TUTORIAL VIDEO I NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO REACH MORE PEOPLE. THEN, LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE. THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️ DEAR GUYS! We hope you all enjoyed this video! Please let us know what other videos you'd like for us to make. ------------------------------- Reach me here ↓↓ ⇨ Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/c/JasonMakki ⇨ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonmakki/ ⇨ FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Jasonmakki.BestBarber ⇨ Website: https://www.jasonmakki.com ------------------------------------- More video to watch: ↓ Best keratin treatment 2018 #1 https://youtu.be/zq-VPjGE4Ko Best keratin treatment 2018 #2 https://youtu.be/JKdIH2FTiUk How to trim Beard 2018 https://youtu.be/B1GhKdRSgCw Skin fade for a beautiful girl https://youtube.com/watch?v=cWIjOHnkofE&t=20s How to do Beard straightening 2016. https://youtube.com/watch?v=5UYk80m9fjc ------------------- Products If you are interested to buy the tools that I am using.↓ Viking Hairstyle Clay Wax for Men ⇨ https://amzn.to/2sDVuN0 Clay Wax for Men ⇨ https://amzn.to/2kZW2IR Best Styling Gel ⇨ https://amzn.to/2Jp2bIN -------------------------------- dry hair Tout sur Keratin Hair Treatment + Transformation des cheveux bouclés pour hommes 2017. Cette vidéo montre comment transférer un cheveu bouclé avec des extrémités frisottées à un cheveu naturel doux avec un traitement KERATIN avec Zero Damage. Il va vous étonner et vous donner une idée si vous souhaitez redresser vos cheveux bouclés à un cheveu lisse. Kératine lissage des cheveux fonctionne à la fois sur les cheveux courts bouclés des hommes et les cheveux longs des femmes. Je recommande vraiment le traitement de cheveux de kératine à tout le monde. How to Style Curly Hair 2017, Curly Hair for Men, Curly Hair Tutorial for Men, Curly Hair Treatment, Keratin Hair Treatment, Keratin Hair Therapy, Curly Hair Transformation for Mens 2017, Smoothing Hair for Men 2017, Keratin treatment, men hairstyle 2017, men hairstyles, men's hairstyle, mens hair. شاهدي اصنعي انبات الشعر الكيراتين استخراج الكيراتين علاج تساقط خشونة الركبة أغرب طريقة التهابات المهبل المفاصل ضعفضعف طريقة معالجة الشعر الشعر المجعد الشعر الجاف تساقط الشعر. صائح لمنع تساقط كيراتين طبيعي زيت زيتون بذور الكتان الكتان تسريح الشعر المجعد للرجال بإستعمال الكيراتين, طريقة فرد الشعر كيفية فرد الشعر وصفات لفرد الشعر. كيفية الشعر مجعد الشعر 2017، مجعد الشعر للرجال، مجعد الشعر تعليمي للرجال، مجعد الشعر العلاج، الكيراتين علاج الشعر، الكيراتين علاج الشعر، مجعد الشعر التحول للرجال 2017، تجانس الشعر للرجال 2017، علاج الكيراتين، تصفيفة الشعر الرجال 2017، الرجال تسريحات الشعر، تصفيفة الشعر للرجال، والشعر. Men's hair 2017, Men's hairstyle 2017, How to do keratin at home Comment Style Cheveux Bouclés 2017, Cheveux Bouclés pour Hommes, Tutoriel Cheveux Bouclés pour Hommes, Cheveux Bouclés, Traitement Cheveux Kératine, Kératine Cheveux, Transformation کیریٹن ہیئر علاج کے بارے میں سب کچھ + مردوں کی گھوبگھرالی بال تبدیلی 2017. اس ویڈیو کا مظاہرہ کیا گیا ہے کہ کس طرح Frizzy کے ساتھ گھوبگھرالی بالوں کو منتقل کرنے کے لئے زیورات کے ساتھ کیریٹن تھراپی کے ساتھ نرم قدرتی بالوں کو ختم کرنا ہے. یہ آپ کو حیران کن کرے گا اور آپ کو ایک خیال دے گا کہ آیا آپ اپنے بالوں والے بالوں کو سیدھے بالوں پر سیدھا کرنا چاہیں گے. ہیئرٹن سیدھے بالوں کو دونوں مردوں کو مختصر گھوبگھرالی بالوں اور خواتین کے طویل بال پر کام کرتی ہے. میں واقعی میں کیریٹن کے بالوں کا علاج ہر کسی کو پیش کرتا ہوں. کس طرح ہولناک ہیئر 2017، مردوں کے لئے گھوبگھرالی بال، مردوں کے لئے گھوبگھرالی بالوں، گھوبگھرالی بالوں کے علاج، کیریٹن ہیئر علاج، کیریٹن ہیئر تھراپی، 2017 کے مردوں کے لئے گھوبگھرالی بالوں والی تبدیلی، 2017 کے مردوں کے لئے مسکراہٹ ہیئر، کیریٹن علاج، بالوں کے بالوں کا 2017 Curly to Straight Hair KERATIN Tutorial ( Have A Smooth Fine Natural Hair ) No More Hair Damage my hair ✔️ घुंघराले सीधे बाल केराटिन ट्यूटोरियल (एक चिकना ठीक प्राकृतिक बालों है) कोई और बालों के झड़ने ✔ सूखी बाल क्षतिग्रस्त mens बाल Curly to Straight Hair KERATIN Tutorial (Có Tóc tự nhiên Mịn màng) Không bị hư tóc nhiều hơn ✔️ tóc khô làm hỏng tóc Đàn ông hair growth
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Text Comments (7610)
Xuân Hiếu Hồ (1 hour ago)
am i the only one who feel satisfying in how he make his hair get stranght ?
Analyser Alaa (5 hours ago)
جقولي لايك جا انه وحد
Aryan Patil (7 hours ago)
But ironing that intense also damage the hair. Then how you say no damage treatment.
reeya Kazi (14 hours ago)
YOUDASS Youdass (20 hours ago)
ربي ابارك انا خوكم من الجزائر
Tubai Maji (1 day ago)
21 minions views. ...... wow You deserve that
امير نفسي (1 day ago)
رووووووعة 😘😘😘
Ramesh Kadam (1 day ago)
Where is shop
Stupid Jeha (2 days ago)
After first cream to 30 mints to no wash
Ritul Kumar Sharma (2 days ago)
Where is your salon
abdul wahid (2 days ago)
first song name anybody
khat s. (2 days ago)
May i ask what is the specific treatment did you used?
Sunil Yaduvsnshi (2 days ago)
Will it be always straight
gurupada soren (2 days ago)
it is which creame
John Keats (3 days ago)
Name the second cream
هاي شسمونها التسريحه كرياتين لو شنو الله الي يستر
Where is located in this salon?
Bk AL AMIN (3 days ago)
Nice bro
Mahdi Usma (3 days ago)
How much take that (time)?
CᗅRiNg RᗅIPႮᝨ (4 days ago)
Look like pubg avtar 😍
suicidal superstar 1 (4 days ago)
Efectivamente soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando ;)
Erecilda Ramos (4 days ago)
Ficou bonito o corte o😉
Majid Nasir (4 days ago)
Sir how much it costes to straighten my plzzzzzzzzz reply
Rajendra Jani (4 days ago)
How can buy keratin cream....?
its ok (4 days ago)
اكو عرب هنانه 😂
prince k (4 days ago)
Abutahar Mdtaher (4 days ago)
eugenia nipper (5 days ago)
❤his eyes hazel green like my hubby. ❤
Oleksa XX (5 days ago)
Wow! Amazing!! Love it! ❤️
karim benzoat (5 days ago)
Jason what's cream u using? I want have hair straight
ابو سامووو (5 days ago)
What’ the name this music????
How many days will it be for
yana yana (6 days ago)
Hi. I'm from Malaysia.. I love watching all your video.. Your hairstyle very owesome..
waraich sabb (6 days ago)
Cost ??
Shariq Ansari (6 days ago)
Girl ish liye dekh rhi hai kuki iske baal girls walle hai😜😂😂
SK kareesh (6 days ago)
Any problem writing very problem
B. Prabhudas Das (7 days ago)
Supper 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Malas (7 days ago)
Is it permanently straight or will it curl over time and does the hair have to be long ?
MR Gamers (7 days ago)
أنا إبن من المغرب و أمي مريضة وليس لدي المال و فتحت هذه القناة و اريد ان تشتركو في القناة لكي أربح المال كي أعالج أمي 😭😭
AL NASER (4 days ago)
ان شاء لله الشفاء العاجل وجميع مرضى المسلمين
زهوره زهوره (7 days ago)
عاشت البادي حلوووو
Eknath Kamble (7 days ago)
It is permanent hair stating or time being..
Jagi Singh (7 days ago)
Kashif Khan (7 days ago)
This barber deserve an oscar
Juilet Pierre (8 days ago)
This video rocking I love it and I subcribed
Juilet Pierre (5 days ago)
You guys watch the doe bro brothers
ARSHAD ACHU (8 days ago)
Which brand is using for straightening
Jairo Alban (8 days ago)
Oye!!! Te hablo desde la prisión. Wilson Manyoma... Saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴🔥🇨🇴
Titilayo Agwaze (8 days ago)
Can u also do this for girls
MegaRayane59 (9 days ago)
Mohamed henni😂😂
Aapka apna Cheanl (9 days ago)
Aapse millna hai
Muniraj v Muniraj (9 days ago)
U vileg
Nageshwar Singh (9 days ago)
Ammy Ammy (9 days ago)
very nyc video
Khadija Yousef (10 days ago)
I'd like yo ask where could i Purchase the full keratin straightening kit that is the shampoo and creams
Sadiq AL_king (10 days ago)
لايكاتكم ; فـٍٍۜہـٍٍۜہـډﯛﮪٍْۜ║😻❤️
Amirul Rain (10 days ago)
Your sop Doha Qatar
Fosha Aljbouri (10 days ago)
كخرة هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه
Anurag Mahala 001 (10 days ago)
Plzz told me that, Can we straight our hair's without using creams .. Plzz reply fast frnd ....
Anurag Mahala 001 (3 days ago)
+YoGirlSakura thnxx ji
YoGirlSakura (5 days ago)
Anurag Mahala 001 hair straightener
Hausushshahh Sooskks (11 days ago)
Damn he’s sexy
King Channel (11 days ago)
What brand you use for shampoo and cream?
prakas vishnoi (11 days ago)
Sir muje bhi hair Strigh krwane h so aapka address do
Sagir Ahmad (12 days ago)
Singer Arvind nirala (12 days ago)
मसिन का नाम क्या है और किरिम कवन कवन सा है उनका नाम बताईये
Ok Ko (12 days ago)
It's like x-tenso
Sa'adiah Idris (12 days ago)
I like to watch Jason Makki video. His camera man is very good...he make sure camera positioning is near enough for all to watch. Then no unnecessary chatting...(some video bla, bla, bla..., some showing off stunt..etc). Your instructions in writing is short n clear. I really do like to watch d video. Mr Jason Makki, you are good in your job n can see you love it, n I'm sure your customers all are happy with you.
Xmans___ (12 days ago)
Thats was soo natural look. Great job sir
Pallabi Sarkar (12 days ago)
teguh prasetyockn10 (12 days ago)
Pake apa an tuh kok bisa langsung lurus
Jerond Marie V. Diaz (12 days ago)
What cream did you use?
Thomas Paulet (12 days ago)
Trop moche
لايك شباب😍😍بنات وينكم
Sulaiman Hussain (13 days ago)
What's the keratin product name?
Sanjay Kushwaha (14 days ago)
sir this video is nice but sir my is so cruly i want to straight hair so please to give advice
Vishnu Kumar (14 days ago)
Yarouf Khan (14 days ago)
nícє чαrr
Anthony Zagoursky (14 days ago)
I want one but too expensive
مريم مريم (14 days ago)
Khale ahmed (14 days ago)
صلى ع النبى
Sunil Rider (14 days ago)
Number plss wr was is it location
Arman ansari (14 days ago)
How to thick hair
Patience C. (15 days ago)
20 years ago my hubby had that same hair cut. Loved it then and love it now! 😍
Hiệp Nguyễn (15 days ago)
Ahsan Ansari (15 days ago)
nice boy
Ujjawal Gupta (15 days ago)
I want my hair curly but no
Hana Cheaib (15 days ago)
Today i do karatin for my hair it is awesome
Umar Hamzah (15 days ago)
How long does it last?
Sumana And Sumabrata (16 days ago)
Wow my hair also curly
RISHAB JAIN (16 days ago)
Are these treatments temperory or permanent??
Unique Pandaoi (16 days ago)
How long does stay smooth the hair!?
Vrysp P (16 days ago)
it is for few days or permanent
MD RABBI (16 days ago)
what the sampoo and cream name plese tell mee
Darshan Goowda (16 days ago)
Prem Kumar (16 days ago)
cream name tell me bro
Inam Ullah (17 days ago)
Where is that
Manoj Kumar (17 days ago)
Sir mujhe bhi straight krana hai
Shafa Azzahra (17 days ago)
He's so freakin hot :(
le tien (18 days ago)
Cả 1 ng ko rành về tóc như mik, nhìn vào còn phát hiễn ổng kẹp tóc sai cách, thường phần ngọn dễ hư tổn kẹp 1 đến 2 lần thôi, trc tiên kẹp phần thân cho thẳng đã. Mik ko có kinh nghiệm nhiều nhungu tóc mik toàn tự duỗi, nhìn tóc trong video đoạn cuối nhìn tóc bị xơ hết rồi.
Shreyan Dhawa (18 days ago)
At the end samurai or what
Senti Poswal (18 days ago)
You are really talented

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