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Jordan Peterson - Growing Up in a Fatherless Home

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original source: https://youtu.be/R_GPAl_q2QQ?t=2h8m58s Psychology Professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson underlines the importance of the image of a father figure which is fragmented throughout society in friends, books, movies, sports and education. It is tough to grow up without an actual father and all families are certainly not equal. Dr. Peterson's new book is available for pre-order: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: http://amzn.to/2yvJf9L If you want to support Dr. Peterson, here is his Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jordanbpeterson Check out Jordan Peterson's Self Authoring Program, a powerful tool to sort yourself out: http://bit.ly/selfAuth (Official affiliate link for Bite-sized Philosophy)
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fmbmrtjdpcmrtb (20 hours ago)
And where does he talk about growing up in a motherless home? I want to know about the effects of that, too - on both male and female children. Has he done a lecture about that, and if not, why not? BOTH issues matter.
paul the deceiver (1 day ago)
The Quran commands and loves and disciplines and then appreciates its a constant talk with my lord Allah
paul the deceiver (1 day ago)
The Quran filled my hole.. Its the ultimate father figure because it's God speaking
Debra Wehrly (8 days ago)
I am curious about what challenges single fathers have when raising their children by themselves.
Ladida386 (9 days ago)
It's better to be without the father than with the bad one. So you have the chance to find qualitys of perfect father in the surrounding area.
Nikita Sid (16 days ago)
Жжёт, естественно...
Mikkel Christensen (17 days ago)
A study was done that showed that eight out of nine narssistic kids is raised by single mothers. Fathers matters.
Antonella Fiora (18 days ago)
I don’t know how to act around guys and when I came to a school where there where manly teachers I was sooo scared and didn’t know what to do I hated their lessons and I ran away from them when I saw them outside of class. I grew up without a father figure at home, I know my dad and I see him sometimes but he was never there a lot.
potato psoas (19 days ago)
My Dad left the family when I was two and my step-Dad from age 10 was a suffering old man. But the interesting thing is that my Mum was quite a lot like a father figure. I never knew what mercy felt like. I was always judged. Probably why I turned into such a judgmental person. Everything has to be parsed through the judgment of logic and reason even though my disposition to seeking intuitive patterns gets in the way of forming logical conclusions.
najmo osman (21 days ago)
My father died before I was born. My mother remarried and he wasn’t a good example. He made her choose between her kids futures and him.. so she left him. And now she’s been married to another man that she’s been with for 10 years and his much worse, his violent and uneducated, doesn’t believe in equality between men and women, disrespects my mum in front of the kids. I have five younger brothers and I fear for them. I blame my mother, for never being independent and making something of herself instead of constantly trying to bring a man into her life for the sake of financial stability. I blame her for not really putting her kids first but the mans needs. I honestly don’t know what goes on in her head but She’s certainly motivated me to be the best mother I can be for my kids, she’s everything I don’t want to be
Em F (23 days ago)
Advice for single mothers raising sons?
Supersonic Knockout (8 days ago)
send him to a good mma class, and get him to watch all the shonen anime.
Gregory Frowendown (26 days ago)
this has nothing to do with a fatherless home. it's emphasizing the value of a two parent household. it could've just been as easily titled growing up in a motherless home. has nothing to do with either parent
Kp (29 days ago)
I don't really know my mother or my father, and i still feel like a child in a mans body pretty much all the time. I can't seem to escape my childhood trauma, it defines me. Its a curse I can't seem to shake off and progress from. I'm a quitter and a loser and I just can't see myself being anything else. I don't trust myself to drag myself up from this.
Jason (1 month ago)
My father died when I was 4
Jon Goldney (1 month ago)
It's both reassuring and alarming that so many young men here see Jordan Peterson as a father figure. Reassuring because he presents as the best kind of dad one could hope for, and alarming because there is obviously a huge void in society of good male role models.
Karina (1 month ago)
See but isn't it a tad dangerous to people in, let's say, abusive realtionships to say that marrige and staying together is mainly for the kids because if the woman is getting abused surely it's not a very selfish decision considering the children would seemingly be better off in the long run. Surely people who divorce claim that they did it for their kids which i think is absurd but i see the logic that kids would be better off not seeing the fights and how bitter and resentful their parents can be as opposed to discovering the monsters that hide beneath everyone, including their parents? Just wondering.
Mallory Grosskreuz (1 month ago)
Stats show that girls who come from fatherless homes are more likely to become pregnant as teenagers, and so continues the cycle of fatherlessness. It's sad, really, but there is hope. I'm lucky to have my mom and dad married and to have my dad in my life.
R. Powell (1 month ago)
Yep, my parents divorced when I was eleven and for me it was a catastrophe. My mother was overbearing, stupid, selfish and erratic. Without the stabilising influence of my father she ruled as a mad queen, with no emotional or intellectual discipline. In short, my life became a huge pile of shit, and I couldn't wait to get away. Single mothers are kidding themselves when they say there is no down side for the children in such a situation, but as Peterson says it's almost illegal to say so.
A. D. (1 month ago)
I met my dad for the first time at his funeral.
sam jones (1 month ago)
I had a father. He had a bad temper, not a good provider, and wasn't around too much. Was not able to nurture me as a boy growing up. Did not have it in him. Too many issues in his own life. He was orphaned at age seven. His whole family was killed by Turkish Moslems. Miracle he survived. Hated him for years till I grew up and realized he could not give me what I needed as he had not received it himself. Could not give what he never had. Forgave him to a degree and felt bad for rejecting him in his old age after he died. Never married myself. Would not have made a good husband or father. Still working on my own issues in older age.
New Thought (1 month ago)
Great words.
jon williams (1 month ago)
i had an asshole step father who cheated on my mom and turned gay.
P Dot (1 month ago)
He is absolutely right. I never met my father. Raised by my Grandma
triman3 (1 month ago)
Friends, education, books, movies, sports heroes. Got it.
Roland G (1 month ago)
My dad can beat up your .... oh sorry
Melvin Jansen (1 month ago)
I grew up with a deaf father,. Jordan still right,. It`s been like there was no father at all looking at myself now.
ARTFamtastic (1 month ago)
I grew up without a father. My single Mother was highly educated & did a terrific job. I've found that I seem to be as successful as my friends who had fathers--they seem to have no advantages. Single parenthood is not ideal, but you can achieve your goals, be happy & fulfilled.
Anarchy Is Unstoppable (24 days ago)
It's a lot harder though. I struggled with being motivated to do anything.
NatureShorts (2 months ago)
When I discovered JP, I was indescribably grateful, but it also made me resent my Dad even more than I already do because I couldn't help but think how much better off I would be if my Dad had had even 1% the wisdom JP has. For me, I gravitated towards the hyper-masculine types, people like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Hugh Jackman, etc, even fictional characters like Goku, and am likewise hypnotized by Peterson and his constant wisdom, insight, and life lessons. I can't fault my dad too much because his dad was pretty lacking also, and internet didn't even exist until he was around 50, so it wasn't easy like it is today to learn how to be a man, learn how to be a father. JP is the father so many of us never had.
jeff jones (2 months ago)
These days, women act like they HAVE to give the father the boot after they have kids with him! I will never understand that. They don't give a FUCK about removing the dad from the kid's life! They make visitation and any related situation, as difficult as possible! They won't stop until you can't take it anymore and stop all contact with the children. They are sick!
trukrupes (2 months ago)
Her question was only partially answered. The answer, should you be listening ma'am, is as follows: a young man lacking father figures ought to have real people step in, in the fathers place. At a young age, a godfather and/or family members and/or the church body should be as present as possible. They should make a sacrifice. As Dr. Gabor Mate said to a live audience (which I was a part of), an ounce of prevention is worth perhaps ten thousand pounds of cure in this circumstance. The male parties should not only discipline, but establish that when the mother is engaged in any discipline, that she is also representing the father figures in his life. To put it another way, they present a united front, removing any illusion from the child that disobedience is a choice. Father figures should also take a leading role in potentially difficult tasks such as requiring the child to do their duties in learning and helping in the house. The mother can not be the sole person demanding all of this from the child. Also of note: should the child be told the mother is wrong to expect the child to do chores (such as the dishes) by anyone, especially those the child is attached to, disaster will ensue and the child will suffer terribly, since they now believe they can make decisions they are not mature enough to make. Like Dr. Peterson said, "they don't know anything". It should also be noted that young males can benefit a great deal from homeschooling or delayed enrollment. For the adolescent male, he ought to be placed in anything as close to a guild as possible. Nowadays, that means apprenticeship. I say that because only in an apprenticeship at a small garage was discipline balanced with responsibility in my life. The outcome of this was I grew up and became resilient, responsible, more capable and outgoing in smart ways. My bosses wanted me to be as capable as could be - they wanted me to take over when they retired, and were always giving me greater responsibilities coupled with modest coaching. The boundaries they drew for me gave me freedom to grow. I would commend this with utmost confidence to an adolescent male. With a female we have the issue of male approval. I can not comment on how to best substitute a missing father. I can only say that in the absence of a loving father a young woman is more likely to endanger herself seeking the sensation of unconditional male approval. Put another way, she will lower her standards. Naturally this does not work well, since a man is most likely to give proper sacrificial, unconditional love when a woman he has affection for refuses to settle for anything else. In otherwords, men rise to the occasion when women are uncompromising in their demands for good character in a male partner. Vice-versa, when women have no demands on men, men seldom raise the bar on their own.
Krillin (2 months ago)
I would have kids, but i would rather play video games.
MarKo's Modern Life (2 months ago)
3:59 to 4:39 is one of the greatest truths of today, one of the things that has such an impact on today's generation, that nobody talks about.
OoM MoO (2 months ago)
hard life to growing up without a father my dad passed away when I was about 3 so I don't remember him at all and for the first years of my life about age 5 or 6 a lot of bad things happened to me including sexual and physical abused, my mother is a good mother but with my brothers and sister and all her bad feeling she let that happened to me some how she didn't know with sexual abused but know about the other bad things and she was weak just waiting the years to pass! my life was completely hard and many many bad memories and a I never stop thinking about all that stuff my personality just too different from the girl around me have always a fear of talking or meet people and making friends live with depression and permanent thoughts of suicide and self harm through the years , unfortunately I got married to man who couldn't get or treat me the right way and I was doing everything to make him happy because I thought that finally I will find the man who loves me but what I am really looking for is the father's love and feeling safe as he was with me but that didn't work and he cheating on me and eventually got divorce with a child I know I couldn't stay married not bcs I am selfish but because that time I felt I deserve the sadness with all what happened before My father left me how I can blame anyone else for doing that again ! I know I am not normal and had a lot to deal with but it harsh to think that it was easy to be a single mother with a child and pain I do what I can be a father and mother in the same time fighting depression and all the dark shadows from the past I hope I can win in this battle and save my life only for my little girl to be happy and doesn't live the hell I did!
Yolo Swag (2 months ago)
Hes spot on. Story of my life.. damn
T.C (2 months ago)
Glad I’m not the only nigga without a dad
Laura Lemonade (3 months ago)
I guess that if you want to be happy then you shouldn't have any children then
John Pepito (3 months ago)
I’m sorry if I’m lazy and if I seem critical of Jordan Peterson(which I’m not I absolutely love this guy)... But why at 2:32 does he say that boys are supposed to get away from their mothers? I’m just curious because I’m getting away from my mom and I’m trying to find some justification lol
Lee Tharachai (3 months ago)
I grew up without a father and I couldn’t be happier, never got along with him! I was so happy when my parents separated and he was no longer going to be a big part of my life!!
Foxtrot (3 months ago)
Super important, you see when people adopt father figures their entire world shifts. I've seen people in their late 20's adopt father figures and have complete life transformations because of it. Learning lessons they should have learned when they were teenagers and the responsibility that comes with it all. It's no wonder those guys just sat about playing video games when they haven't been raised at all. It's a damn shame and it isn't their fault. Guys blaming themselves for how bad their lives are but without seeing the causation of it all is so tragic. Once they realise and accept that not having a father was the catalyst issue then they adopt one and learn from it, their entire lives change.
8bitnitwit (20 days ago)
How does one go about finding a new dad once they've reached adult age though?
Roger Alsop (3 months ago)
Boys need fathers.
Paladins Rage (3 months ago)
Listen, not having a dad is hard. Growing up with a single mother, and only child... with a mother that isn’t there and was always gone working. Been physically and sexually abused at a young age, and emotionally locking yourself up. Thinking of my dad breaks me, because it shows me what I want the most... what I need the most. At the same time, I don’t want him back. He chose to leave, he chose to not be there... to not give a damn about me nor anything. I’ve never told my mother about anything, not will I see a therapist. I’m too locked out, too closed off on this... I’m fine with saying it here, as it’s open... and I feel faceless and free. I wish I had a dad, or even a parental figure to be there... for a boy to have his dad, is a man on man relationship. It’s a father son, and it’s priceless. If you say people are fine without their fathers, sure... but I’m here vouching otherwise. I’m emotionally shut out, and I refuse to show my emotions and won’t cry. I feel weak, and one day... I don’t want to be famous for fame, or rich for riches. I want to be known for doing something fantastic; so that day, my dad can see... and realize his mistakes and what he’s done to me. By not being there for me at all... but simply not doing anything, but leaving. I just want him to see, what he missed out on. For once, to want me... to regret his choices; and I was a marriage baby and was planned... so it’s not like he didn’t want me to begin with. I’m shut out, and don’t need help... don’t be me; go get yourself help: *1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Hotline* *1-800-656-4673 National Sexual Abuse Hotline* *If you’re going through anything, seek help and don’t do it alone. This is from my own experience and it’s crushing and will ruin you... just talk to somebody! I had a teacher of mine that I was blessed with... who was my out, who was my therapist, and cared. They care, we care... I care.*
psychedelic bagel. (3 months ago)
My father makes occasional appearances in my life, but doesn't attempt to know me, so I wouldn't say that I have a real father figure to look up to. As a child, I would find a father in people who were not blood-related or did not even exist. I found a father in my teachers, my friends' fathers, and in the characters of the books I've read. This of course does not replace the feeling of having a biological father who is actually loving, though :/
Julia Lerner (3 months ago)
What about girls growing up in a motherless home? I was raised by a single dad as an only child. I thought sometimes it might be nice to have a mom but I couldn't stand any of the women my dad brought home. I left as soon as I could by getting married.
bruce lomax (3 months ago)
Fatherless homes? Most caused by women. You know I'm right.
Lindsay Whitney (3 months ago)
Like the video (thought Peterson isn't great at answering the questions directly) but god, how face slappingly uninspiring to read all the whiny and straightforwardly respectless comments about people's moms (and, to lesser extent, dads).
uryakant919 (3 months ago)
Trying to figure out my grotesque lost childhood, in youtube, as an a so-called adult but my soul still heavily wounded.
The search for 67 (3 months ago)
This is why I follow Jordan and like minded people. Alan Watts ect... My mother is an amazing women but I didn’t know how to be a man. I’m learning so that I can teach my little brother, from my mistakes, experiences and readings.
ana torres (3 months ago)
I grew up without a father, and than my mom made a lot of bad choices after it, she had two more children with another Man, who treated me and my sister in the worst ways that He could, and the only thing she did was being quiet and watch. How do i feel now? Pretty shitty, am i a fucked up kid? Yes i am, i struggle every day, cause i feel like i wont ever have a healthy relationship because of my trust issues and my insecurities, because both my parents fucked up my life. I've been struggling my whole life with the ghosts of my past, but I try to see it like an opportunity to learn and to be stronger. The pain won't last forever. I'll heel sooner. I'm optimistic about it
Father Engagement (3 months ago)
Join us in the fight for Fatherless children: https://youtu.be/n6_YMm-WBkg
Aniles (3 months ago)
Start at 00:47
shadowdragon243 (3 months ago)
The constant breathing into the mic by the attendee is driving me insane. Stop humming into the damn mic.
Devin (3 months ago)
What a good father gives you is more than knowledge -- it's a FEELING. It's a stable sense of self. You can't learn that, can't read it in a book. If you have a good father, you get a FEELING that carries you through your life, and is a huge advantage to you.
Uncle Vito Ligo (3 months ago)
who's your daddy? srsly, whats his name...
Jessica Baldwin (3 months ago)
YEEEES!! “Grow the hell up it’s not about you...” ❤️ it! 🤗
Ajan Annamalai (3 months ago)
My parents don't hate me but are just dysfunctional
King Reel (3 months ago)
I grew up without a father and never looked for a father figure. It never mattered to me or upset me in anyway. It was so insignificant I literally never thought about it and was surprised that t was a serious issue to the majority of people. Before I became aware of the significance to others it was like if I asked you, "Are you upset that you never had fried nose whale?" The thought of having fried nose whale never came into your mind until I said it and now that you heard it you probably don't even care to try it. That's how not having a father was to me. It never came to mind until people made a big deal of it and when I found out it was a big deal, I didn't care, and still don't. I have a friend like me and we do not know why people want fathers. Sometimes we even laugh about people's desire for a daddy.
Jerard Yu (4 months ago)
To people who grew up with the absence of their father. Be a better man than your father and raise stronger Kids than your father.
hifi noob 2018 (4 months ago)
My father was a lawyer, enough said!
TheRealHarsjan (4 months ago)
Fatherless children - Boy - Join a gang Girl - Join Brazzers
Sina Baghal (4 months ago)
marriage is not for the people who are married, its for the children...
Top Gun (4 months ago)
. I was lucky , I had great parents
Tiffany hwang (4 months ago)
This is why i really dont respect the death by suicide committed by father who has a child, that poor child is going to grow up a bad kid.
Jared Clark (4 months ago)
I do not agree with his assessment of the adage that all kinds of families are equal. The argument, as I understand it, does not posit that all families are equal in the outcome of the livelihood of the children. I believe that it means that all kinds of families are equal in the respect that they deserve from the rest of society. I agree that one parent successfully serving two parental roles for their children is functionally impossible. However, the parent (or older sibling or grandparent etc.) attempting so deserves the respect and deference allotted to any other primary caregiver.
Avilia Lapin (4 months ago)
Marriage is not about you, its about your kids!!!!! Grow the hell up!!!
Tighty Whitey (4 months ago)
0:36 "Father Figure" 1) The dumb cunt adopts the Leftist notion that Fathers are "figures" and not real, necessary, flesh-and-blood MEN in a child's life. "Figures" are symbolic, interchangeable, and optional. No one ever says "mother figure". "The child has been seeking a mother figure since her parents divorced." Fathers have been downgraded to "figures" because women are profligate whores that breed children with nary a thought to how best to raise them. They fuck like whores, breed like whores and think like whores when the natural consequences of their whorish behaviors result. This cunt is no exception. 2) You can hear it in her voice. "There's something wrong with the Father (figure)." Alcoholic, abusive, etc... yet not one neuron is spent considering the whore that made children with "Mr. Wrong". Women are incapable of accepting responsibility for the consequences of their behaviors, and that is why shaming them, brutally, is necessary. They're whores, and they fuck like animals and create children who become animals. And, like the cunt in the video, they bring themselves to Jordan Peterson (who is just another "father figure" to this whore) seeking attention and approval under the guise of seeking advice and direction. Peterson should have kicked this cunt in the teeth in response, so that she'd remember the lesson, instead of the attention.
Spike EP (4 months ago)
Not a Father-*Figure*, a *Father* — Do not concede to the idea that ANY Man cohabiting with the Child's Mother will do, or be just a preference selction made by a single woman with an infant whilst under conditions of scarcity and competition with other women, and Porn. *No.* That's *WRONG* . Only Your Father Can Tell You Who You Are. And that is why Kylo Ren has to Kill him, by the way - Who He Is is an immvobable obstacle on his path to who he *could* be...
Elizabeth Ochoa (4 months ago)
I'm female, do not know how to act around men. 😔
Anarchy Is Unstoppable (24 days ago)
You don't know how to act around men? What?
mexican whiteboy (1 month ago)
how do you act?
tike Justesen (4 months ago)
Elizabeth Ochoa Interesting
Elizabeth Ochoa (4 months ago)
Yeah. I grew up fatherless. It's so true, it hurts. My mother is the best and strongest mother I know, but she wasn't my father. I missed him so much, I'm 26 and father's day is still hard for me.
Branzinotito (4 months ago)
I wish I was dead
TrumpCat (4 months ago)
When you have kids , you become a distant 4th , and to many Men dont relies thats just how it is. The kids come first in everything........ well these days. Back in my day it wasnt , "to be seen and not heard" was how it worked in my day.
Noudles1 (4 months ago)
I have a father but he has chosen to ignore me all my life because he doesn’t know how to be a father let alone a man. I’ve reached out to him to step up but he always seems to point fingers at me because I haven’t grown up in his image not ever thinking about his children. I feel embarrassed to have him as a father.
05-032 MB (4 months ago)
God can be your Father. You can either be a blessing or you can either be a curse. Accept God and live the Life, or live the death and be led astray.
kaaajeee (4 months ago)
IMO often the divorce is better for kids than living in the warzoner of disfunctional marriage. The data that complete family is better is taken from population consisting of mostly well functioning families.
Borden P Jetertson (4 months ago)
If you read Map you will see a man who is so petty he won't admit he went to a junior college; instead he writes: " I moved nearby (home) and attended a small college that offered the first two years of undergraduate education." He is bloody firehose of unnecessary words...it's called junior college, and the goof Prof. shouldn't be ashamed. He is a basket case, a mentally deranged clown with ideas as confused as a muze of wires behind an entertainment center...
Charlotte Cessante (4 months ago)
He said, "Once you have kids it isn't about you at all, period! " He contradicts himself by then going on to say, "Now that isn't to say it isn't about you at all." In my opinion, the reality is that a mother & father provide the foundation of the family & without a loving, strong cooperative foundation between the mother & father a family will become dysfunctional. Parent's needs, health & wellbeing do matter inorder to rear well adjusted children, period!
OldFury (4 months ago)
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Alexander Khlapov (4 months ago)
Uncles,teachers,older friends should pay attention to what kind of example they set for kids,what they show by their actions,because kids look up to them more than they know
Maria Quinteiros (4 months ago)
Yes, ideally is better to have both parents when love and good parenting is present. Ideally, people will put aside their differences for the well being of their children and make the marriage work. Ideally fathers will know how to raise a son. Ideally illness will not take a father from a child's life. Ideally Home+ mother+ father= mentally and spiritually healthy children who will in turn become responsible good people. Unfortunately that formula doesn't always produce the same good results. My mother and father had a long marriage and they made it work even though it was not perfect, for us, four children. 2 of those children grew up to be productive, responsible and good human beings ; one of them managed a half decent life and the fourth became an alcoholic and drug addict. Mother present, father present, the results quite different for these four individuals. Not everything can be predicted or explained. Not everything is the parents fault or their merits. My two brothers had a father present: one turned out to be a good father and man, the other a chaotic human being. Why? how did that happen? There are so many factors and circumstances that alter the course of a life. We all wish that if we follow the formula and work hard to do the right thing, our children will become beautiful and happy human beings. Unfortunately, there is no total control over that.
Anarchy Is Unstoppable (24 days ago)
There is total control. It's called putting women in their fucking place, and that's the kitchen.
Working Class Lad (4 months ago)
What a man, he never fails to amaze me, he's astonishing.
Ink Bear (4 months ago)
I'm 24, unemployed, and live with my mom. Why shouldnt I kill myself?
Dean Churchman (4 months ago)
I grew up in a home with two father figures: Goku and Vegeta
Amy Lorde (4 months ago)
Am female. Oprah raised me. Saw her daily from 4-5 after school.
MrCHip (4 months ago)
I think he got caught up in describing why it's bad for a boy not to have a father and what more or less negativ alternatives fatherless boys tend to seek to compensate that missing piece. As a fatherless son myself I wished he would've answered the first question more directly, or at all.
She says mhm after every half sentence holy fuck that’s annoying as shit
growing up without a father has fucked me up hard. I'm 24 and struggling. when my mother tries to care for me I inherently resent her for it because I want to be independent, but I don't have the skills or the capacity. it tears me apart. it's hard alright.
Michael Gieser (4 months ago)
Raising a child to get along with everybody? Why? I raised my sons to be independent of peer pressures. Everybody wants to be their friend because they are masculine alpha males. But their best friends are each other.
Mnakekeli Ngcamphalala (5 months ago)
JorDAD Peterson
Swaggmire215 (5 months ago)
Im 32 gonna be 33 this august and not having a father figure has its effects till this day especially when u have a religious hypocrite mother who sees no wrong in her actions smfh....my father know where i live and has my number yet refused to acknowledge me even as he has cancer now..it may be too late for me but men dont be like my dad be there for your babies no matter what.i know women can make things almost impossible and make u wanna murder them but the babies especially thr boys need you..
Fernando Gonzalez (5 months ago)
It’s not that women HAVE to love their baby, they should and need to, and if u don’t intend to u shouldn’t have one in the first place
xoxXOXO l (5 months ago)
where the fuck is the father??? even when mothers are single, the father is still co parenting , sharing custody. if thr father, (if he is even in the picture, isn't being a a father figure ) how can one force them to be one? so then why blame the ones who decide to separate ( whether amicably or.not)
Isaac Gecas (5 months ago)
I don't know, maybe, there has been some awful fathers who would beat their wives and kids in alcoholic rages so in those types of circumstances is it better to have a father?
dunkleybwoy1 (5 months ago)
why focus on the minority?
Richard Mark Munyard (5 months ago)
I never had a father at all, I have been searching for father figures my entire life. I still look to this day, and I am now a father myself. I’m glad there are people like Jordan to help fill some of the gaps so that I can be the father that I never had.
MyCatFooed (5 months ago)
I hope that Dr. Peterson publishes his next book on this topic. It's been destroying Western Societies for far too many decades...
Theodikus Toast (5 months ago)
Enigma (5 months ago)
Jordan didn't really answer the question, ultimately. How can you compensate for a lack of a father figure, and how can you do so effectively?
chino (5 months ago)
Once my father left home I became aggressive and fat, it only last about a year and a half until I became self aware I was a damn Nelson stereotype
Uncle Vito Ligo (4 months ago)
*points* ha-haaa!
Jono Dragicevich (5 months ago)
Like... I don't disagree with anything he said. But if he'd answered the questions properly would have been good as well. This women obviously knows the dangers. She is directly asking how to properly face the dragon, and Jordan is too busy talking about how big the dragon is. "Yeah, you're right, here's more reasons why you're right" Not to say his opinions weren't informative or useful. But those questions deserved a serious answer
V. Ready (5 months ago)
Marriage isn't for the marriage?? Um, no. Marriage is a covenant between two people and God. Children are a temporary assignment. Parents were there first, and they'll still be their after the children (hopefully) leave the nest. Choosing your child over your spouse is a massive mistake many people make. Having a healthy relationship with each child is important, but making it all about them send the message to the child that it's all about them, when it isn't. They will be in for a rude awakening in the real world. If Mom and Dad don't keep take care of their relationship first, they give their kids a bad idea of what marriage looks like, and the couple will leave no reason to stay together after the children leave home. Having children should make you more responsible, but the husband and wife relationship is not all about children. That is a toxic teaching. Watch some Jimmy Evans videos on relationships and parenting.
V. Ready (5 months ago)
ForOne814 oh, that's ok, mine did.
ForOne814 (5 months ago)
Which God? My God didn't do that.
V. Ready (5 months ago)
ForOne814 marriage was designed by God for one man, one woman. We're supposed to have children, but that is not the sole purpose for marriage. Children grow up and move out. God designed marriage to last beyond that.
ForOne814 (5 months ago)
The only reason marriage exists historically is to legally have rights over your children. Like, in all ancient legal systems one of the few reasons to have a divorce always were infertility. Because marriage without children is literally pointless. The marriage is only about the children and it's a healthy message to send, that you're always here to help in every situation they encounter, if they need help. However, it's your job to teach them how to deal with problems on their own, just not every problem is possible to solve on their own and it's fine, especially when they're young. There are no reason to be together after your children left. You may like each other and be comfortable around your couple and that's fine but if you aren't - you may leave, why not? You have no responsibilities over each other anymore, especially if both sides are kinda tired of each other. Also, love isn't the thing that can keep any relationship together for a long time, furthermore, it's not a good idea to marry a person before your love worn off a little. Your relationship should look and feel like a strong friendship and partnership, not irrational feelings should keep you together but an objective need of each other, your ability to counter each others limitations. That way you'll happily be together till you're dead.
Kim Van Note (5 months ago)
All on Mother - Off the Charts Responsibility - Can't Do It - Too Much! Mother and Fathers are to be role models as to how they relate to each other as man and wife, also. Very Important.
some dude (5 months ago)
Was a 12yo girl asking the question.....or whatever?

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