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A Trip to the South Pole for FLAT EARTH Believers

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All flat earthers say you can't travel to the South Pole - WRONG! This company that created this video, Adventure Network International, does it every year and they are doing it right now in December (since it is spring at the South Pole right now). The people at the south pole in this video are not saying anything about seeing Ice reaching into space or having any difficulty getting in or that the ice is holding the ocean from running over the edge of the flat earth. Flat earthers are trying to act authoritative by saying you can't go in, UN won't let you in, there are weapons lining the shores keeping us out and so forth. Bullshit! Here is a list of tourist agencies going to Antarctica https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=antarctica+tours Here is the link to this company that offer this special flight to the South Pole http://www.adventure-network.com/experiences/south-pole-flights
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Text Comments (11592)
Artjoms Pugacovs (14 hours ago)
1:02 remove that cross before somebody gets killed.
Liam Damn fam (2 days ago)
Go in a rocket and go in space and you will see the world is round
Larry (2 days ago)
Liam Damn fam You are right!
Haha flat earth believers ...What's this ...I don't believe some people belive that the earth is flat
Lim Wei Quan (2 days ago)
The ground is a paid actor
Larry (1 day ago)
Lim Wei Quan It’s 😉 amazing!
Lim Wei Quan (1 day ago)
+Larry I've never seen a ground with snow! ! ! ! ! ! No suCh thinG :C
Larry (2 days ago)
Lim Wei Quan Back up your assertion please!
Well they have no McDonald's
Larry (3 days ago)
Diesel CORE buyer Diesel True
Marie Escobar (3 days ago)
This literally proves nothing lol .People went to some snow. yup great video hahahaha! I don't believe the world is flat, but this would not convince me.
Larry (3 days ago)
Marie, thousands of people have been to this same place and have their own videos showing the same place. Look around and Google south pole videos.
Naturenerd1000 (4 days ago)
Antartica is the most free place in the world for exploration and research. You can do expeditions there if you are experienced enough. Flat Earthers insult the brave pioneers that risked their lives to explore and chart Antartica.
Hiran Dissanayake (5 days ago)
So why don't they fall off?
The Dominus (7 days ago)
flat earthers and reading their calculations on how it's flat just kills my brain, they even said the solar eclipse is faked by nasa, and that's where i really wanna end my life
sean sullivan (7 days ago)
Larry (7 days ago)
In a pig's eye!
Waluigi is my Waifu (8 days ago)
Earth is dino
Yama _25 (10 days ago)
Hey guys i m going to antartica and determinate the centre as i want, flat earthers are dumbs. If you believe in this commovent video you re dumb
They put the flags of all the countries in there that agreed to be a part of the brainwashing.
Larry (10 days ago)
You can read all of that in this short little vide???
Seth Dove (11 days ago)
If the earth is flat then I'm a apple
Larry (10 days ago)
White Lies Everywhere Of course!
Fernando Gomes (11 days ago)
Well you can’t say it’s not this or that until you can prove it! So can you??? .besides this is not the true Antarctica, they are not going to take you deep into the pole, so this means nothing. Do the math baby do the math.
Larry (11 days ago)
I have been doing it for decades, Fernando. And you?
HypocriticalMass (12 days ago)
You can look up the south pole on Google Earth. It is nowhere near the center of Antarctica like the pictures in the video, it's near the coastline where anyone can visit. Try going to the middle where the secret underground base from the Strava heat map is located if it's so easy.
Nils Jungenäs (12 days ago)
Can’t these flat earthers just phone eachother around the world and verify at what angle above the horizon the sun/moon/certain stars etc is visable...?
Michael Rutledge 67 (12 days ago)
Why couldn't they show a compass? That alone screams BULLSHIT! LOL!
Larry (12 days ago)
+Michael Rutledge 67 Because a compass points to the north pole. They are at the geographic south pole, not the magnetic which is not even on land.
Michael Rutledge 67 (12 days ago)
+Larrymy question must have went way over your head. They aren't at the "South Pole" why don't they stand at the "Real Pole"?
Larry (12 days ago)
Michael Rutledge 67 This video was put up with you in mind, Michael. How do you think those people got there?
Nibba (13 days ago)
Another Moon Landing. Nice
Larry (12 days ago)
Nibba Another idiot...nice!
Deplorable Citizen (14 days ago)
Flat earthers are the stupidest human beings to ever inhabit the GLOBE.
Sam Sofian (14 days ago)
I confused were south ice penguin ?.... north Antarctica in map
Larry (13 days ago)
Brandon Neely (15 days ago)
Why are you trying to prove something to flat earth followers. They’ll literally just call this fake and ignore it lmao
Larry (14 days ago)
Brandon Neely Kids read the comments. Flat earthers are hopelessly beyond hope.
Beth Bowers (16 days ago)
I am not a flat earther, but this video proves nothing. Why can't globe earther's come up with anything showing a globe earth?
Larry (14 days ago)
+Beth Bowers My apologies. Flat earth is a movement to undermine the educational system. Flat earthers preys on the weak-minded and the gullible. No school or university will touch this subject other than as a joke. MIT has a special shelf for flat earth books. It collects a lot of dust! You have to truly to understand the subject (science) in detail to comprehended it. I don't think you have done that yet, Beth. Flat earth takes one minute to fathom. How many weeks or years of the sciences did you put in to see if these fields hold? A question for you is - why did everyone know WHERE TO GO last year to see the eclipse on August 21, 2017 in the states? One answer - NO flat earther could come up with the time and place based on a flat earth. There is another eclipse on April 8, 2024 where the path of totality will travel from Texas to New York. Please tell me which flat earther has made a table of predictions for this event for each city in 2024? I will help you...NONE! Doesn't that tell you something?
Beth Bowers (14 days ago)
+Larry Well excuse me, I didn't know that you were soooo educated. I will have to take a look at your videos to see if there is anything compelling. I think NASA ruined it for me when I took a closer look at their lander, and watched their recent "ORION" video. It seems that they are unable to pass the radiation belt now-a-days. Technology decreases w/ time? What a waste of my tax $'s BTW, I noticed that you have tried to insult me twice. Why would you do that?
Larry (14 days ago)
+Beth Bowers I taught astronomy at two universities and a planetarium, AND, I have been looking at astronomy since the early sixties (revealing). My decades of observation and studies shows NOTHING in regards to a flat earth. One year of your OWN observations doesn't amount to much. Flat earth is on the same level as unicorns and bigfoots. AND, children should not be exposed to this garbage! Compelling arguments...seesh!!! Get real!
Beth Bowers (14 days ago)
+Larry LOL! Actually I try to have a mindset of "Consider everything, Believe nothing", until I have proof. FE's have some compelling arguments. I haven't heard any viable globe facts yet. I've found out a lot this year that has thrown everything that I thought I knew, right out the window. So, I wonder....a lot. What about you?
Larry (16 days ago)
Actually, you are a flat earther. Anyone with a science background and some degree of intelligence WOULD NOT make that type of comment.
NooMax4ever (17 days ago)
MORON you obviously don't know what you are talking about. All this is explained go ahead & go there but do us a favor, go across it. This is a pathetic attempt to disprove the Flat Earth. There's a lot of way's to prove you don't live on a ball. By looking at your comments all your followers are retarded or 10 year olds.
boboprime2000 (14 days ago)
What is the correct flat Earth map ?
Sergey Reva (17 days ago)
It is Flat! No mountains LOL! It is hard to understand for me how gravity works on light and magnetic fields in the space or the radiation
Larry (17 days ago)
Well Sergey, an education in the sciences will help!
Michael Clentworth (17 days ago)
Sir Edmund Hillary never found any trace of the 'ice wall' on his expedition 60 years ago.
shaabo Squeezy (18 days ago)
Okay, now riddle me this. Why do we only see one side of the moon?
Larry (18 days ago)
shaabo Squeezy Actually we can see 59% of the Moon due to libration. The Moon’s rotation is basically in lock with its 27 day orbit
jaimito (19 days ago)
so this means the earth is round?how is it? not too bright here need some explaining
Larry (19 days ago)
South Pole cannot exist on a flat earth. But that is meaningless since a spherical earth DOES exist!
Noah Pegasus (21 days ago)
This video was so touching tae me in my heart for some reason...
HR46 Channel (22 days ago)
This channel has very useful contents ... please keep sharing :D The video below is the actual shape of the earth which is always debated .. https://youtu.be/QTQET_DtQVo
plee227 (23 days ago)
This proves nothing. Just because there are a small handful of travel companies that allow you to go on a controlled tour of Antarctica does not prove anything. Go try to put together your own expedition and fly over there and see what happens.
Chris E (19 days ago)
plee227 ... at the very least it shows that the people who tell you that you can’t travel to Antarctica are lying .
Larry (22 days ago)
plee227 It proves you have no idea what you are talking about
vanillamania gamer (23 days ago)
Who ever said the earth is flat drink bleach
herman Top (23 days ago)
Larry (23 days ago)
herman Top Thanks Sherman Stop
Andrew Green (24 days ago)
Fake news... Shkiddin
llama drama (25 days ago)
Flat earth believers.if you think earth is Flat, didint you see The footage of earth from space?
DMC 1 (28 days ago)
Here’s some Polar stuff for the Flattards. Three of the people linked below are friends/former colleagues of mine. Baz Gray, a former colleague of mine and this is his next challenge starting soon - http://challengeantarctica.com/ Facebook - https://m.facebook.com/challengeantarctica/ GPS equipment that will be carried - https://www.satcase.com/ Charlie Paton (former colleague and Polar explorer) https://soloacrossantarctica.com/expedition Sean Chapple (former colleague and Polar explorer)- http://www.seanchapple.co.uk/biography.html Alan Chambers MBE (former colleague and Polar explorer) - http://www.alanchambers.co.uk/biography/ Mike Horn - https://www.outdoorjournal.com/news-2/mike-horn/ Also, back in 1982 Sir Ranulph Fiennes completed a transpolar circumnavigation - http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/60at60/2015/8/1982-first-surface-circumnavigation-via-both-geographical-poles-392920 https://www.freezeframe.ac.uk/resources/expeditions/trans-globe-expedition-1979-82/transglobe-expedition-1979-82 Flights/Polar circumnavigation - https://flatearth.ws/polar-circumnav
odpbodpb (29 days ago)
Not true,,you cannot travel to Antarctica on a private expedition without permission,,which is impossible to get,,you can only travel there on pre-approved expeditions and only to certain places,,
odpbodpb (14 days ago)
+boboprime2000 I guess you have never looked into the subject,,,,yes you can travel to Antarctica with pre-approved companies to select spots,,but you cannot get permission to mount your own expedition,,,here is a great vid a guy put together concerning the subject,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8ZelxYe8bs
boboprime2000 (14 days ago)
No it's not impossible to get
trailblazermc (29 days ago)
Travel only permitted with a government escort while there.
Likreid 167 (1 month ago)
Ok flat earther here. I'm gonna put a pole n my back yard. Call 5 friends over and say yes it's the west pole.
Larry (1 month ago)
+Likreid 167 I have taught astronomy at two universities and a planetarium, unlike you. You have NO idea what you are talking about! I checked your channel out just now. Pathetic!
Likreid 167 (1 month ago)
+Larry do some research. Stop taking things at face value and actually appreciate the the universe. Respect your domain and not someone's word bc the only reason you think your right is cuz u thought it was wrong in school. Circumnavigate north to south if u think we live on a ball. Send me an above arieal view of Antarctica like they can with the other countries if u feel that way
Larry (1 month ago)
Wow, Likreid 167 ...how inventive! However, with hundreds and hundreds of videos showing the same place, by hundreds and hundreds of other people, this makes your idea unfunny and unoriginal! Sorry to hear you have flat earthitis! There is a pill for that...an EDUCATION!
Adam Zaidi (1 month ago)
You can't trick us that easily ,we know It CGI. Mock us all you want ,but as flat earthers are all over the globe.
thisischip (17 days ago)
Adam Zaidi (1 month ago)
+Larry Hope you know I'm being sarcastic and joking. Us flat earthers are all over the globe ,you get it "Globe"😂😂😂 Ahh..I crack myself up every time!
Larry (1 month ago)
Adam Zaidi Very good, Adam!
moe Reyes (1 month ago)
This absolutely does not cancel out flat earth theory all they are doing is standing on the wall of ice that is impossible to cross they just landed and planted poles everywhere that’s all
Larry (1 month ago)
moe Reyes sure Moe. Tell me which school is teaching what you just spouted!
trailblazermc (1 month ago)
What does this video prove? It's cold the further you move away from the sun's path?
Larry (1 month ago)
It's cold there because the sunlight has to go through a lot of atmosphere before reaching the ground. Where as, in the tropics, the sunlight travels through less atmosphere.
Why do humans have to control, regulate, and rape everything?
A Dude (1 month ago)
They're not saying anything about ice walls because they're not allowed to... And they're not saying anything about having trouble getting in because they we're escorted by military. Do some reading. Google: Antarctic Treaty
Larry (1 month ago)
A Dude Sure A Dude
joe BONES (1 month ago)
You can't just roam it. They say you can only go on trips like you did.
Larry (1 month ago)
Not sure Joe. Some say yes and some say no. Some guy rode his bicycle by himself there.Who knows?!?
Jaleal Ward (1 month ago)
Yeah so I guess the dinosaurs just flew into space and and it takes me 1min 50 sec 5.2 ms to get to South America. Idiots
StGammon77 (1 month ago)
No flat Earther will ever say you cannot go to the South Pole where they stuck the stick and said it was a pole, we know there is an Antarctic Treaty that makes most of it out of bounds, the 80,000 km coastline and land beyond is infinite, the pole area is a tiny part of the region where they allow some to trek across, simple. Stop lying about FE'rs to try and run us down, get the facts right and watch Eric Dubays 2oo proofs Earth is not a spinning ball, it will convince you!
Nathin__isokie __ (1 month ago)
it will surely convince us that yall are dumb
Larry (1 month ago)
StGammon77 Sure StGammon...tell us another lie
Chris Hansen (1 month ago)
The moon landing was recorded on antarctica
Larry (1 month ago)
Chris Hansen Sure Chris
Floyd Looney (1 month ago)
Everywhere they look is north.
Peace & Serenity (1 month ago)
look like north pole, a bunch of paid actors that can roam freely in 'south pole'.. nice... 42k per pax to go there.
Nathin__isokie __ (1 month ago)
What a waste of brain mass
Larry (1 month ago)
Peace & Serenity That’s the problem with flat earthers...they LOOK but can’t see!
Emthesage EMM (1 month ago)
the south pole is flat! you can see it in his maps =) , take a flat earth people to made tests and they will conclude that the earth is even flatter than they tough it was (if possibly can).
martinezbukana (1 month ago)
I wish one of these people take out a compass record the damm thing to see if that really is the south pole! No one here did that and thats weird because If I were going down there id defenitely take one!
Larry (1 month ago)
martinezbukana Here is a link which is an interesting read. I hadn’t realized the smp was out over the ocean! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Magnetic_Pole
martinezbukana (1 month ago)
I know people say there are two poles I was taught that in school just like you!
martinezbukana (1 month ago)
Just saying that no one has gone to the magnetic pole and done it.... Been looking it up and cant find it, maybe you can help?
Larry (1 month ago)
martinezbukana God Martin, this is the South GEOGRAPHICAL Pole... not the magnetic pole. Flerfers always display their confusion about this fact!
Neel1567 (1 month ago)
How much did that trip cost?
Larry (1 month ago)
Neel1567 Around $50,000
Anthony Townsend (1 month ago)
How do they know they're not in a NASA Lab with electrodes on their heads?
Larry (1 month ago)
Because they all had perms!
Rabbs B (1 month ago)
I like the fact that theres no other races out there just white people acting
Nathin__isokie __ (1 month ago)
So I am white but at least I'm not as retarded as White Flat-Earthers. lmao
Rabbs B (1 month ago)
Nathin__isokie __ your white yourself dumb fuck
Nathin__isokie __ (1 month ago)
I also like the fact that most Flat-Earthers are retarded white people.
Rabbs B (1 month ago)
Larry Shut your Bitch Ass up
Larry (1 month ago)
Rabbs B A flattard would come up with that observation
Action News Network (1 month ago)
yeeeaaa.....u made it to some fake point, the Masons told you is the south pole. I mean the Masons and world governments never lie...lol What proof other then 'you were told this is the south pole'? Did any experiments. No, but I'm supposed to take your word. Flat Earth belivers never said the fake point called the south pole doesnt exist, they just say it's not the south pole. I bet you flew back home the same direction also, I'll believe when you can film airborn circumnavigation of the 'continent' buddy until then you get a sarcastic....yeeeaaa...like you do to a retarded kid.
Action News Network (1 month ago)
indeed, your a scholar and gentleman
Larry (1 month ago)
Action News Network an educated understands this...an uneducated mind doesn’t
Action News Network (1 month ago)
Dude, no disrespect, Im just saying you didn't prove anything, that's all. I mean I could drive an RV erect-a-set rover through the Arizona Desert, photoshop trees out and call it Mars, Just like a person can be flown in a no window airplane to the portion of the Antarctic ring where the UN decides to put a fake pole at. Get it. It's possible bro, nice vid none the less, that place can exist on a globe or flat plane.
Larry (1 month ago)
Action News Network Sure action...take a stress pill and let your mind go
Sauli Kinnari (1 month ago)
hAHAHAH :D Yea 2 weeks trip is 17.000e from finland. Come on guys, stop that.. There is no way we can go there without special permission. ILLUMINATI!! GOD IS HERE.
Matinalii (1 month ago)
Cory Derrickson (1 month ago)
All these comments coming from people who believe Christopher Columbus discovered amerikka
Samso Nite (1 month ago)
hahahahah they see video of a stick in the snow, named it the middle of south pole and voila... brains off :D this video is like all nasa videos. no proof for anything.
Larry (1 month ago)
Samso Nite People reading your comment know that you received a poor education. Did your parents love you, Samso?
WoofWoofHooman Parson (1 month ago)
So lemme explain ppl of nasa are the only ppl to fly to space they have once lived streamed and the green screen didn’t work so they photoshop their images. Which ppl have seen bc they have seen the same coulda over again in some areas of their images Please no hate but I’m in the flat earth society I respect the world and everyone It’s just like how they let nobody fly over Antarctica but I’m a flat earthier I’m stupid I believe in this lemme think what I wanna think btw sorry for this halariously long comment but lov ya channel bye!🤤😪😝😘😍
Matinalii (1 month ago)
Man, NASA isn't the single space agency... lol
Larry (1 month ago)
Addison Watson I appreciate your insights about nothing. Flattards love to talk-the-talk, but when it comes down to brass-tacs of facts, the flattards will leave you empty every time! Yeah, buzz off Addison. You brought nothing to the table!!
Артём Лузик (1 month ago)
Is it fair - to make money on this lunatics?)
scotty2hotty (1 month ago)
The earth isn’t even real 🌚
Larry (1 month ago)
scotty2hotty2205 Sure Scotty
GokuTrades (1 month ago)
Uhh what is this supposed to prove? Flatearthers have never claimed that there isn’t a pole in the ground in Antarctica.
Larry (1 month ago)
Polaris is not a very bright star. In fact, it's the 50th brightest star in the sky. Our atmosphere pretty much snuffs out the light at the horizon. As a comparison, the second bright star in the sky is called Canopus. In the wintertime, for me, it rises only as high as the horizon; thus, I cannot see it from my latitude of +37 degrees. When I drive from southern Kentucky to northern Alabama, I begin to see it in northern Alabama. So at 34 degree, I can start seeing it. Which means I have to drive three degrees south before I can begin to see the light of Canopus. Canopus is some 50 times brighter than Polaris. I suggest Googling "atmospheric extinction." Atmospheric extinction causes the Sun to drop from -27 apparent magnitude to -15 which is why we can look at the Sun near horizon (which we shouldn't do even at that moment). I hope this helps!
GokuTrades (1 month ago)
Larry, My mistake - Polaris and Sigma Octans look pretty similar on mobile. I saw your photo and retract my claim that Polaris can be seen from Australia. I have heard many claims that Polaris can be seen as far south as the Tropic of Capricorn, but I have not seen any photos so I can't stand on that claim either. The question remains whether it is possible for stars to set in the FE model due to perspective. To test, one could look through a telescope just south of the equator on an expansive sheet of ice to see if Polaris comes back into view. But since ice would be hard to find there, a calm ocean may be the only option.
Larry (1 month ago)
GokuTrades The star-trails you see is due to the camera aimed towards the south celestial pole...not north (in the link you provided). Did you ever look at the photo on my website? The Big Dipper is at its highest point above the horizon in that photo as photographed by my friend in Australia. The dipper is “pouring” its contents out on June 7th. From Australia, you will NEVER EVER see the Big Dipper holding its contents! As for the states, we can see the dipper right side up or upside because it is a circumpolar constellation which means it can be seen all year long. Please look at my photo again!
GokuTrades (1 month ago)
Larry, fair question. 1) Polaris is visible from Australia (link below). Many photos have been taken of it from Australia. If the Earth was a sphere and the pole star hangs over the northern axis, it would be impossible to see it for a single degree below the equator. The line-of-sight would become a tangent to the sphere, and consequently several thousand miles out of an divergent from the direction of the pole star. 2) Depending how far south you go, the north star will disappear on a flat earth due to perspective. It is the same reason the sun appears to set on a flat earth. How far south you must go to make Polaris set is uncertain to me, but it is far below the equator. Let me know if you would like videos explaining this second point in more detail. https://petapixel.com/2011/11/05/stunning-star-trails-photographed-from-the-australian-outback/
Larry (1 month ago)
GokuTrades Why is it Polaris cannot be seen from Australia? Explain this photo I took along with a friend in Australia on the same day http://shadowandsubstance.com/#dipper
Kylie_ Gatcha (1 month ago)
The earth isent flat it is a cube 😂
Why Do You Care ? (1 month ago)
If Earth would be flat, you would be able to fall off the edge.. flat Earthers, go try it!
Ye BoiEthan (1 month ago)
And This is why human kind isn’t perfect
Shooby Doo (1 month ago)
Where are the Penguins???
Larry (1 month ago)
sobster123 Its summertime down there right now ...they are on vacation
Apoorv Bajpai (1 month ago)
Please some one with money sponsor this trip for the head of the flat earth community whoever the hell it is
Mint Visto (1 month ago)
Sorry it's still Flat as the sea Is level. Water is proof the earth is flat. If it were curved as they say - rivers would have to flow uphill- I don't believe rivers flow uphill
Nathin__isokie __ (1 month ago)
This is so sad. Elon Launch Falcon Heavy unto the Flat Earth HQ.
Larry (1 month ago)
Mint Visto Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it
Kirmukarmu (2 months ago)
jan boezeroem (2 months ago)
....such "importaint work" they do there, " ...and the have a cinema...." and of course "this feeling you never experienced befor...." followed by course the "american flag" next tot the geographical south gopole - shooting elefating music... human mankind.... for your pleasure and entertain ment... letsssss build a city there... and stamp out thiny there... hight road and a shopping mall so the "in creablibein - creablibe woma " is pleasssed..... ...[sigh] historic moment? to whom? Think!!!
Larry (2 months ago)
jan boezeroem You need to work on your spelling
Juan Avila (2 months ago)
Earth is torus shaped
Bart Hutchison (2 months ago)
I can take you out in the Atlantic and tell you we're right above where the titanic sits on the ocean floor. But without physical evidence it can't be proved. Google earth could solve this but they seem to be covering up the images at both poles. We call that a clue. Why so much secrecy? It's not like the poles are classified, or are they?
mandau76 (2 months ago)
I rather listen to Admiral E Byrd story then this junk pole.
mandau76 (2 months ago)
G StupALUSS (2 months ago)
That’s not the real south post because there isn’t one!
Larry (2 months ago)
Sure G
PastaOverseer (2 months ago)
Guess this video is automatically fake now because it doesn't agree with them.
Hamster Lord (2 months ago)
I put a post in the ground, does that mean there is another pole on this earth? Pretty sure a compass would have been the correct proof to use.
Larry (2 months ago)
+Hamster Lord A compass points north. That is all a compass does!
Hamster Lord (2 months ago)
The compass of 90 degrees south. Doesn't prove it's a pole unless it is also the same on the other side. This was not proven.
Samuel Perez (2 months ago)
that's ware the worlds going end when everyone have to go to the south pole
Hassan shah (2 months ago)
Larry you should grow your YouTube channel. I love so much your video
Hayder Almullahasan (2 months ago)
BS there is no south pole because the earth is a donut
Larry (2 months ago)
ItzWallyMan- 100 (2 months ago)
Looks to me like it's North pole..
+ItzWallyMan- 100 don't be a retard
ItzWallyMan- 100 (2 months ago)
+Larry if you really believe wants on Tv, then your a fucking idiot. You should stop, sit down, & rethink your life before you become a pathetic moron that believes what they tell you. Don't be sheep.
Larry (2 months ago)
AND, thank God you don't teach geography!
That could be anywhere in the world lol. Terrible argument from the atheist god haters!
+Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy Retard
Larry  Like I said this could be filmed anywhere. McMurdo for instance. Nevermind then lol.
Larry (2 months ago)
Thank GOD you don't teach geography!
C Jones (2 months ago)
Looks flat to me
Metal Roofing (2 months ago)
which direction does a compass point from there?
Publius Velocitor (2 months ago)
Who cares about convincing Flat Earthers that they're wrong? Let 'em think whatever nonsense they like.
Larry (2 months ago)
Publius Velocitor Children listen and read the replies from flattards. Not good!
Marcel Gardner (2 months ago)
Wait, flat earthers don't believe in the south pole?
Larry (2 months ago)
They don't believe in anything. Flatties love to show their ignorance!
Andromeda (2 months ago)
I want to go!
Mdriver1981 (2 months ago)
Fact: 95% of flat earthers have never had sex.
Larry (2 months ago)
Mdriver1981 LOL...I’m sure!
The Fall Of Man (2 months ago)
Wow, thats a tall wall.
Larry (2 months ago)
The Fall Of Man people love their fantasies!
Tomas Jimenez (2 months ago)
I can't believe that people believe the earth is flat. I know the government lies knows a lot more about our past and possible threats to humanity and does wicked things but saying the earth is flat is flat out insane.
88Beats (2 months ago)
Lol hate to burst peoples bubble, and I know i will get backlash!!! But it isnt real, being in live tv industry and filming with people I know this crap. I wont drop names of the “creators” of this “group” but they have 2 shows televised and ONE has them travel around the entire globe on jetskis, the catch? They only ride them for 1-2 hours at a time and take a helicopter for transport, sleep in hotels etc. how do I know? They were our neigbors at my old office, I edited film for them several times and designed their office acoustics. I know people are going to hate me sharing this, and 95% wont believe me but I promise you, they went to antartica on jetskis on the show and ACTUALLY shot pickup scenes in NEW YORK!!! Camera trickery. Real shit, they were held captive by another countries military for a few days, this was legit and made the news. Now, google this information and you will see what I am saying to be true.
88Beats (2 months ago)
Also talking to the pilots, they never fly over the ice wall mainly due to laws set in place due to a crash. It is too far from emergency airports, in this youtube video do you see them fly directly over an ice wall, in one continuous shot? No because of editors like me 😂
FranchuFranchu (2 months ago)
It is fake because the ice wall is at the north pole the south pole is the ACTUAL center
Larry (2 months ago)
Actually, it does!
FranchuFranchu (2 months ago)
Life does not make sense either
Larry (2 months ago)
That doesn't make any sense either!
FranchuFranchu (2 months ago)
It makes as much sense as the north pole center theory
Larry (2 months ago)
That made NO sense at all! Dumb!!
Michael Da coata (2 months ago)
Flat earthers calling it fake in 3,2,1....
jivenesspie (2 months ago)
So these people are just spinning?
Larry (2 months ago)
That Guy (2 months ago)
No flat earther is going to go down there and take their word for it. None of them brought a compass. Give me a f****** break guys. This is propaganda. Absolute b*******. These are not flat earthers going to any South Pole. The South Pole doesn't even exist. Just because they put a silver ball in the middle of Antarctica doesn't mean it's the South Pole. how about proving it with a compass like a normal person. Instead of just telling these people that it's the South Pole and expecting then to take your word for it. Clearly flat-earthers do not take people's word for anything. This is a crock of shit.
Larry (2 months ago)
Your comment is a crock of shit! What the hell will a compass do down there except point north? How did the pilot navigate to that location? Unbelievable, That Guy! By-the-way, I never said these were flat earthers in this video. Your lack of comprehension is showing That Guy! I love how YT exposes the idiots like you, TG!. Go to some other channels and expose your ignorance and lack of education! They will appreciate it as well!!
stacy4422 (2 months ago)
I'm not a flat earther but that station is not at the south pole, the pole is 75 miles south lol
Larry (2 months ago)
All flat earthers start off with that comment (like you). Save the bullshit for some other channel!
Keh Woah (2 months ago)
I’d love to go but it’s $40,750 for a flight and 7 days

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