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"Accents" | Russell Peters

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EVERYBODY has an accent! Here's a clip from my 2004 "Comedy Now" set.
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Sabrina Hards (13 minutes ago)
He reminds me of king Julius 🐧🐧🐧🐧
Chen Pamei (21 hours ago)
This is probably my 10th times watching this.i just love it
Sean B. (1 day ago)
Wow that was so funny. I laughed very hard. Really.
YourDreamGuy (1 day ago)
Donkey 😂😂
Ana Maria (4 days ago)
Martin Arsenault (5 days ago)
The french canadian part, he's talking about newfoundlanders, those are canada's rednecks
Jake Richards (6 days ago)
Some brown ppl triggered in comments below. Lol. He makes fun of all of us. Get over yourselves.
SK* (6 days ago)
Сложные шуточки
WHATS VIRAL? (7 days ago)
You are the voice behind Call for Uprising. No doubt
Darius Popescu (7 days ago)
Watching this in 2019 😂
Paul Jabagat (8 days ago)
2:13 that laugh
chinggis layfon (8 days ago)
Indian guy talking about head movement was hilarious....(just kidding love you Russel and Fluffy s Indian head movement funny too )
bhavna kumre (9 days ago)
Hilarious 😂😂
Roy Mustang Ackerman (10 days ago)
Rishabh625 Joshi (12 days ago)
Russel is Indian so he mocks at Indian. There is no Indian accent its all dialect in big india
Anshika Dixit (10 days ago)
Trust me bro it all sounds the same if you haven't studied in a high class English medium school.
TheAashnag123 (12 days ago)
I was expecting more of the Indian accent
big tool ninja (13 days ago)
Indians act like they don't have an accent and they try to speak really fast. Grammar 😂😂the worst. eg"this summer too much hot ,outside too much sun coming"😂😂
Anarv Krishna (6 days ago)
There's a billion of us, not all of us have the same level of education, for example, just listen to Shashi Tharoor.
Geminium Ralte (15 days ago)
i am an Indian but i am from Mizoram i.e in the northeast India and we use American and British accent here but now I'm studying in Kolkata and the accent they use here is strange when we communicate they can't understand me properly becuase I sometimes use big words and arrange sentence in a complicated way and i speak too fast and i can't understand them because of their accent and their grammatical errors and pronunciations i am not insulting them but their English is quiet funny
Kamran Wani (16 days ago)
Actually, south Indians have such an English accent. The accent of Indians varies from state to state (it's not the same). There's no common accent of English here in our nation. People's accent here mainly depends upon the region of India they belong to. I'm from North India, I currently live in Kashmir and about majority of the north Indian people's accent will, most prolly, sound pretty normal to every foreigner, imo.
Muhammad Abidin (19 days ago)
Never gets old!!
Shadmaan Akhand (22 days ago)
The accent really does cut the tension
Jakub Dąbek (24 days ago)
Cecily Cook (24 days ago)
Well we are jackasses so makes sense 🤣🤣🤣
kothariprafful (25 days ago)
Pehli baar isne Americans ki bhi bhari li.. 😅
Seb and Ella's Covers (28 days ago)
funking Russell doing what he dose
Kasyap Bendapudi (1 month ago)
I can't breathe 😂
Erik Hopkins (1 month ago)
When I saw this..I was rolling! One of the BEST comics in the game!!
Pretzel 33 (1 month ago)
Pretzel 33 (1 month ago)
1:08 to 1:30 Don't think when we walk into Home Depot and go "Hello. I'm looking for paint." "Yea. It's right down that aisle over there, sir." When he started laughing, the water I was drinking came out of my nose. He's so damn funny. "Hey, Jim. Did you hear that guy. He's looking for paint. PAINT. PPPPAAAAIIIINNNNTTT"
Amit Thanedar (1 month ago)
Which Era you are living man.... You sounds like you came from India 3 decades ago....
Eagle Eyes (1 month ago)
Hubba Bubba (1 month ago)
Why is everyone angry chill he’s Indian too
Hubba Bubba (1 month ago)
Holy fuck the Canadian accent
Mohamed Asim (1 month ago)
Damn man you make me laugh even if I'm sad
mercedes class (1 month ago)
why you make fun of your own race mother fucker
senthil kumar (1 month ago)
To be frank you mother fuckers sound we inidian bad Actually you are fucked bastard. Tamil is the best language. You north indian sucks . Got fucked from all places. We are the true indian.
Gacha Abbe (1 month ago)
4:10 lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Random Fjord (1 month ago)
Quagmire is confirmed Canadian
69 maymays (1 month ago)
Liban Mh (1 month ago)
2019 ANYONE ?
Benji Heartz (1 month ago)
Canadian accents are hilarious in French too
mitraTentus (1 month ago)
You sir, are hysterical! ❤️
Wasif Tajwar (1 month ago)
U keep making fun of us...it isnt funny anymore dude
Obey The Law (1 month ago)
As a "white" person in America, I don' even come close to the donkey accent.
Kashi Vishwakarma (1 month ago)
Your accent is so worse
Immortal Dancer (2 months ago)
It more sounds like a south indian accents
Ka nui nasa khep khep hle mai! 🤘🤘🤘
Andrew Rai (2 months ago)
Why does this guy have to make everything about race! Can’t he come up with anything original?
Aaryhan Saiyan (2 months ago)
2018 anyone here?
Retarted fries (2 months ago)
669 dislikes 69 is behind this
Dinesh Doolgar (2 months ago)
666 dislikes/: wanted to dislike to change but I liked the video<|3 what a conundrum
Zeltea Ralte (2 months ago)
I love this guy
Pajasen89 (2 months ago)
1:51 - 2:22 xD
Pakhi Mathur (2 months ago)
white canadian guy= Shawn mendes !!!!!
Sonu Kanhaiyalal (2 months ago)
Saale...... Jab wo english log hindi bolte h to hum unka mjak nhi udate, Ulta unhe appreciate krte h.... Aur tum ho ki ynha apne accent ka mjak bna rhe ho, jabki tumhe pta hi nhi hoga har indian ko kam se kam 4 bhashaye to aati hi h...BSDK.. Agree Guys......
The Rooster 88 (2 months ago)
I think white people in Minnesota and Wisconsin sound the same way too.
TheRicokilla (2 months ago)
The greatest stand up Comedian
Divine Diana (3 months ago)
That Canadian one is so true
Lohit Pant (3 months ago)
Pant is my cast....ha ha....mr. russel i have watched all of ur utube videos 2 or more times....please tell where 2 find more...love from India..please say something in hindi...happy blated diwali...aap ka fan
Itachi Uchiha (3 months ago)
Maderchood kahi ka
Corgi Fan (3 months ago)
I have a student that's indian and there was one time that he saw his test paper mark was 100% correct So you know what he said? *"Tericher! You can' believe this, I got hundrrred percent."*
Abhay Awasthi (3 months ago)
& Indian accent is not constant. It varies from North to South.
sandeep salvi (3 months ago)
Russell Peters is one of those assholes who hates his origin and hence enjoys poking fun at people who share his father's country of origin. why doesn't he paint his ass white, so he doesn't have to feel guilty to be born of a Indian father.
Joe Smartballs (3 months ago)
Accents don't exist just speech impediments.
Csaba (3 months ago)
I just leave this here :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkEHzmBSqOU
JamMasterJB (4 months ago)
That giggle at 2:12 had me laughing before he cracked the joke
ThrashMyTitsOff Ribnick (4 months ago)
Seen him live in Edmonton, Ab couple years back, one of the funniest fuckin dudes on this planet !
Les Lawrence (4 months ago)
Toronto and the area around... the most diverse place in the world. I am so so tempted to move there.
Shalini Mohan (4 months ago)
2018 anyone? 😊
Dr Rajeev Dahiwal (4 months ago)
this asshole is so funny, nice stress buster after a bad day..... i think i will subscribe to your channel after watching few more videos
Abdul Haseeb (4 months ago)
3:24 That's a newfie (peoplefrom Newfoundland, Canada) accent. I should know. I'm Canadian
hari_kishore (4 months ago)
Have you guys ever heard somali it’s like a mix of Arabic and death noises
Peanut B (4 months ago)
its kinda fucked up , i wanna talk but the accent always comes through and its like im perpetually stuck not being able to talk lol
Sahil Madan (4 months ago)
My client would like to plead guilty LMAO
Soft Eyez (4 months ago)
Muhammad Ali (4 months ago)
JeeSus ChRiSt
Le Huy-Anh (4 months ago)
*620+ hockey hosers were offended by this.*
Avinash Jain (5 months ago)
Omfg.. laughed so hard, i fell from my chair
Matthew Wilkins (5 months ago)
White Aussies are the perfect example of 4:12 😂😂 We do it all the time
anonymus person (5 months ago)
Indians can do other accents, but others can't do indian
Rahul K (5 months ago)
I don't get it. Why all of his jokes are on indians. Can't he joke about Americans or Canadians. Making us look bad. What a douchebag
Shubham raj (5 months ago)
truth 90 (5 months ago)
as a brown man lived in canada i can testify that canadian white folks do talk the way russel portrayed them
Ana Asma (5 months ago)
Bul shiiiiiiit 😃
ImaMonaKnight (5 months ago)
Leonardo Tonin (5 months ago)
Love Indian accent 😍
Niranjan Vedantam (5 months ago)
Dude. What about English people speaking Hindi?
moondee lundee (5 months ago)
White brits also sound donkeys when swearing so.similar to Canadians then.
C’est Moi (5 months ago)
The fake laughs are so annoying
U mom gay (5 months ago)
Those are'nt fake laughs...
Shaurya Dabas (5 months ago)
He used to be hilarious back then
PP Boy P (5 months ago)
He's looking for paint.....PAAIIINNTTT
thatnoob GUY (5 months ago)
U sound like Sean schamel
Jae Wolf (5 months ago)
558 of this dislikes are white people
Random tazerbuilds (6 months ago)
Harsh Patel (6 months ago)
Canadian is like Stev Smith cricket
Sanshunoisky 197 (6 months ago)
4:10 @Ramsay
Jeannie Russo (6 months ago)
This is to Moe BAzzi that's pretty cool that you look like this guy Russell cuz I think he's hilarious the first time I've ever watched him. Maybe someday you'll get to meet Russell Peters or if there's a way send them your picture that would be funny. They say we all have twins I guess you found yours have a wonderful day
Emily Besch (6 months ago)
I’m pimping LOLOL
Nirvana 123 (1 month ago)
Much better than 'I ran' and 'I raq', glad u don't call 'I taly'
Felix Tse (6 months ago)
Emily Besch 😂😂💩

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