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BEST BARBER IN THE WORLD ! AMAZING BARBER SKILLS ! E.P ! 77 Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shabiikhan Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menhairdos Shop below best hair products! Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel, 13 Ounce jar: https://goo.gl/PBLEYn Dread Head - Lock Peppa Mega Tightener: https://goo.gl/5F2Mu7 Copper Coil Dread Lock Hair Wrap Bead with Blue Peace Sign Bead: https://goo.gl/aswssj
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Text Comments (146)
rk h (7 days ago)
like i said, you cant do shit with a black nagger afro
Catherine Terrell (12 days ago)
he is good
majid (15 days ago)
Wakanda forever
musicfame (23 days ago)
He's good but I wish he didn't push back hairlines
Javier Garcia Alvarez (28 days ago)
Para panchis pandilleros
JEDASE (1 month ago)
Your a artist
Seare Fessahaye (1 month ago)
The music is terrible..... It should be softer for better viewing experience
Roosevelt Williams (1 month ago)
does anyone use detachable blades ?
Mark Mc.Lovin ' (1 month ago)
First guy look like Jaheim Second guy look like Chance The Rapper
NawfsideHtown (1 month ago)
Watch and study black people and everybody else is sure to follow
Matthias Horne (1 month ago)
Fire cut
Clemond Brown (1 month ago)
That line will be sharp when you are creating a new one. You got talent though
Gx0d Bxy (2 months ago)
3:37 kids hair is amazing
BIDHO FESHA (2 months ago)
Kipp it bro
Google User (2 months ago)
That little kid's holding up the devil's horn https://youtu.be/BEuUVV-ZlPg y'all better teach y'all kids right train up a child Proverbs 22:6
Edsta 101 (2 months ago)
You know, I'm about to get into barbering and all. And this, looks pretty awesome so far!
Political Addict (2 months ago)
Damn he gave everyone a good cut and for an added bonus “BIGGER FOREHEADS” you lucky !
Ricky Hall (2 months ago)
I wish i had my full head of hair!
Marcell Sires (2 months ago)
Stop fucking hating I Ben cutting for over 20 years in the game I cut a lot of people from the 49ers player from rg people they have hands he nice keep doing your thing
lucy griffin (2 months ago)
Why hate he is an excellent barber. It's not about the color. I have had Black barbers who jacked my hair😞 So, I will go where my money and me receives the best results. I would like to see more women's ✂
Adrienne Jackson (3 months ago)
Excellent work, I love the head and facial hair reconstruction combo.
Nadia C (3 months ago)
Nonameisthename 1 (3 months ago)
Btw, where is the guy in the thumbnail?
laxavian fleming (3 months ago)
What name of the song
Khamarie Brown (3 months ago)
U f up the last one
Ronald Colson (3 months ago)
Far from the "best" Barber in the world.... But i see you brother!
Radames Sanchez (3 months ago)
First hairtcut came out TuFF
keondrae Taylor (3 months ago)
Very nice very professional
Remy Martn (3 months ago)
Nice taper fade but you get a "C" at best for pushing the hairline back. See him in 3 days and it wont look so hot.
Armstrong Neil (3 months ago)
Why am I jus now subscribing ?
Steven Rios (3 months ago)
What kind of stupid haircut is this
Macarone (3 months ago)
6:08 - 6:09 is Butter!
bigmoe rolltide (3 months ago)
I got a thing with all Barbers if I go into one more Barbershop and catch a barber on the phone instead of cutting hair ...I got a problem what the amount of money that you guys charge an cut ...I feel like that time should be put toward the client in the seat you want to be a professional barber and charge that price ...well you going to have to stay off your phone in at least give a decent haircut...
GURU DA GR8EST OVERALL (3 months ago)
Nonameisthename 1 (3 months ago)
The cuts were FIYA!! And that little boy haircut was dope af!! Makes me want to fire my damn barber!!!
Nadia C (3 months ago)
Mark Rodrigue (4 months ago)
Why does the main guy look like James harden Uncle
S.V Will (4 months ago)
First guy got pushed back to the white meat 🤔
jagger flaming (4 months ago)
Bro you think you can cut the hair with my left hand I am disabled but I really like this prophecy what do you think greetings God bless you
King Hansend (4 months ago)
I like these videos but please change the music that shit is awful
A Hooe (4 months ago)
He's pushing all their hair lines back...daammmmnnn. Besides that good cuts
A Hooe (4 months ago)
He took the first dude hair line waaaayyyyy back,
djblack1204 (4 months ago)
kill the music!
B Ready (4 months ago)
Thx 4 washing his hair. Ive nva seen guys get there washed
David Wise (4 months ago)
You are the Bomb Bro, great cuts..... Is your Barbershop in Atlanta?
Owner Operator (4 months ago)
Bruh are you in jax fl ?
faje tosku (4 months ago)
i am not black but from 5:10 to 6 is the best cut .solid,short enought but look good and no need for too much care just great cut
subjektproductions (4 months ago)
Look like Uncle Drew brother lol
Sprite Cranberry (4 months ago)
5:04 No disrespect but my man got turned into james harden after that one 😂
Tiffany Kincaid (4 months ago)
My phone charging I'm outside smoking.Bro you got a nice hand but I'm from Philadelphia where all this fly cuts started from my barber named Mark Lightfoot he can explain better but I'm just proud the world caught up but also proud how we set the bar.nice hand bro.
Miky Mike (4 months ago)
I need a barber like this...
Nickie Eikcin (4 months ago)
Who wouldn't like his work. It look's damn good. And if he interferes with the hair line or edges he couldn't do that without their consent. He's doing a real good job. Keep it.
s m b x (4 months ago)
It’s all hair aka it grows back. But this music is awfully annoying. *LISTEN ON MUTE*
s m b x (4 months ago)
That third cut was hideous!!! Just throw the whole head away
loose Burger (4 months ago)
Hair is really stupid
Tamarka Diggins (4 months ago)
Is that jazzy without waves?
fada yute (4 months ago)
I want to get a cut by this guy ... where is he located
Jesus the cool (4 months ago)
There you go again with that shaved block look. Hair doesn't grow like that naturally so your shave is unnatural.
Patty Mulcahy Jones (4 months ago)
At time stamp 9:00. What a huge difference! He needed that! Looks great!
Juggernaut Z (4 months ago)
The difference a nice hair cut can make.
bigdaddywa diddy (4 months ago)
Best barber in the world? Fa-reels, yo? He ah-ight, so what?!
Abe Diaz (4 months ago)
Name of the first barber?
FLSouthBoyz (4 months ago)
Decent cuts but you keep pushing lines back further than you have too
krish Anand (4 months ago)
Lmao anything black people do to is just to me looks like poop painted as rainbow . Seriously idk why people try such shits to their head calling it style . That goes for asian & white people who do the same :3 get offended equally
saquan miller (4 months ago)
keep up the got damn work
Steven Blair (5 months ago)
Real shit... them Spanish cats be dope wit them clippers
Donald Davis Jr. (5 months ago)
DAM!! Sweet Hair Cut Styles.
iLLa B (5 months ago)
We love you. Gotta quseruio
alquadir williams-thomas (5 months ago)
Man, those cuts are fire nobody shit perfect but he giving great cuts
Rueben Mathis (5 months ago)
Where is this barber please
Tammie Johnson (5 months ago)
What’s up with the compilation too fast can’t see the work or the finished product 😟
Random Games (5 months ago)
Same haircuts slightly different
black berry (5 months ago)
The 1st Hair Cut on 1st dude made him look made look like a OPOSSUM..I liked the 2nd....The lil Boy 1st cut made him look like a rooster with a yellow tale....likes the 1st cut on the 3rd guy.. 4th guy I liked the 1st cut....Great Fantastic Barber..rest of en I liked
Jaciana Santos (5 months ago)
cuzjuan (5 months ago)
that kid gonna have a messed up hair line by 9 yrs old.... dont shave kids like that no matter how ghetto they mom is... sad shit!
GC Gaming (5 months ago)
Never trust white barbers
BLACK PANTHER 1 (5 months ago)
Amazing my dude keep it up great job 1👍🏿👍🏿
Donald Givens jr (5 months ago)
Talking from a Barber, you 🔥 fam.. reading some of these comments..u can't please everyone..keep doing what u do fam🔥🔥🔥💯
Tim Glover (5 months ago)
I only liked that last one lol he wasn’t pushing the line back . I’m not a barber but I can’t stand when a barber decides to push your line back just to give that sharp look I rather my natural line God blessed me with
Kabam CEO (5 months ago)
He fucked the first guys hairline so badly
jasongts (5 months ago)
2:29 his hairline got pushed back
s m b x (4 months ago)
JasonIsBoredMovies he had a widows peak to begin with this soo e did what he could with what he had tbh
Carlos Andres (5 months ago)
Ernest Jackson (5 months ago)
They need to start putting a number next to the 👎
California Love (5 months ago)
WOW! You are an incredible artist! 👍
William Salam (5 months ago)
Men I love your work I'm also a baber n a hair dresses. So I watch your video and they help me see is more easy to do my work
Awards Steaming (5 months ago)
BigD (5 months ago)
Where can i get the hair color spray?
Stanley Mwaniki (5 months ago)
but hear we don't use such machines they make a perfect line up wish I can come across with one
Shun Mcfly (5 months ago)
Where an what's da ticket
Hajj 5 PILLARS (5 months ago)
Real master barbers know it's a lot of hair fibbers being used that's not being show. With that being said he got skill but for sure they got better barbers in Philly period. If u don't believe me take a look at the sport teams and judge the athletes per city they play😂
Michael Taylor (5 months ago)
My man got them hands like a surgeon the why he operated on his clients like they were patients great job
Nadia C (3 months ago)
Michael could not say. It any better. An ARTIST. Love it ❤💚💛💛💙
Lavora Bundy (5 months ago)
Great job you are the best barber I've ever seen you keep on doing what you do I like you using all the good products the way you style a man's hair the kids are everything is on point 100 percent
Jentry Haskins (5 months ago)
He got mad barz wit the clipz.
reyapolo89 (5 months ago)
entrevista de trabajo 8:10
Gina ATTLADY (6 months ago)
Nice. Red/blond colors👎
MARK SIRJUSINGH (5 months ago)
The white boy bad
Gina ATTLADY (6 months ago)
Roger Cosby (6 months ago)
what type of Clippers are those what type trimmers are those
Seth Bialik (2 months ago)
Need to know too
Diana Divine (6 months ago)
Awesome job 👍🏽
Devante Webster (6 months ago)
2:23 and 3:50 my 2 fav cuts
KD 161 (6 months ago)
Damn he’s nasty ! At his craft I salute !! 💯
Nice one

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