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Boston (Cover) by Calvin Chu

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Free MP3 download @ http://www.facebook.com/cal... via the music tab! My Cover of Boston By Augustana :] Help me out by clicking the "like" and "subscribe" button so I can keep making music and videos for you all! Happy listening! Brought to you by Calvin Chu Music Recording and Audio Production by Calvin Chu Direction, Staging, Filming, and Video Production by Vanessa Chi Assistant Camera, Staging, and Filming: Carol Wei
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Text Comments (4)
Sean Bowers (4 years ago)
You always seem to chose my fav songs to cover haha thanks great taste in music!
Vanessa Chi (6 years ago)
love this video. looks amazing in monochrome :)
RuntLaLaLa (6 years ago)
Calvin , this is very good video, really nice performance!!
Carol Wei (6 years ago)

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