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This time Gudji talks about the differences between dating an Indian Girl, Chinese Girl and a Malay Girl. Want to talk to Gudji? Tweet him. www.twitter.com/gudjjsays or hashtag #Gudjisays Check out our Facebook page, but hit the notifications so that you can get updated! (Facebook is being a bitch) and instagram for constant updates on us! http://www.facebook.com/thesaladshow http://instagram.com/thesaladshow Business enquires contact us : [email protected] Personal Stuff to follow yo! Jiven Sekar http://instagram.com/jeevansekar Caleb Lim : http://instagram.com/calebbbby Special Thanks to Taneshh, Jolene and Joshua Micheal.
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Text Comments (27)
Kuber fabric (1 month ago)
indian girls are not imotional ex me
dude some (1 month ago)
"Pet brother"😂
Shawn Eshwara (2 months ago)
Malaysian Indian girls are boring 😌 not very open type so typically Malaysian Tamil Indian girls I will rather party in India girls
vandette91 (5 months ago)
Good episode man. Great work!
Mega Quinn (5 months ago)
I'm dating an Indo Chinese girl... it's literally matches the exact with the Indian tbh 😂😂
Ahmad Azeem (6 months ago)
Yeah all of the three type he mention is true, I also quite scary when he said the another level of emotional state when dating a indian girl, haha...😂😂😂
Jordan Wyatt (6 months ago)
What you said about dating a Malay girl is true
Nabila Najla (6 months ago)
It's so funny
Eric Bob (9 months ago)
Hilarious content.
ImAlyyyyy (10 months ago)
Krishnapriya R (10 months ago)
I expected the Jais part. Was not disappointed
KLGadgetTV (10 months ago)
Gudji is gud
Herika .Hatsuji (10 months ago)
Lol i laugh so hard when you *pap* his stomach
Daaranee Gunasagar (10 months ago)
hazirah wahidin (10 months ago)
Jeev. You so cute. Haha i mean gudji!
Joshua Michael (10 months ago)
Mana itu perempuannnn?????
aisha kadir (10 months ago)
The best.😂
daemonrahl1 (10 months ago)
Hahaha nice video, guys Keep em coming
Kuhan (10 months ago)
Very big fan of Joshua,personally think that directors should give him chances to act in their movies as his natural acting deserves a spot in the cinemas!
Krishnavendra .Muralle (10 months ago)
Man this is real
TheReelIvan (10 months ago)
1:16 “she will give you the D with all the drama” XD
Ravin Rau (10 months ago)
that D in rama is really creative thought
Daniel Joshua (10 months ago)
This is sooo true
TaneshhVlogs (10 months ago)
Night Owl (10 months ago)
You look so beautiful....can i get your amma's number?
TheSaladShow (10 months ago)
Share it with your friends and family! Watch till the end, a guy with small calves appears for attention.
Ganeshram Sivaraman (10 months ago)
Walau going to toilet also got oppari one ah? LOL!

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