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dog penis twisted , see what will happen ?

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Unbelivable , Crazy dog penis twisted but survived. Two dogs fighting for sex for one female dog. Penis stuck then separated. Best regards! Bobby Xie Bota Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Add: Xu Jiaying Industrial Park, Xin Dian,Luoyang, China Tel: +86-1381-7586-434 Fax: +86-0379-65559906 [email protected] ; [email protected] Skype: axletec http://www.botazg.com/ http://www.bota-weld.com
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Text Comments (782)
Thank you guys, I have been reading every of your comments every day, some comments are informative, some are encouraging, some are critisizing. In fact I love nature so much, daily,if I saw an ant or bug on my way, I would raise my feet avoiding stamping on them. I just love them. I saw quite some people critising me for just standing there doing nothing, actually, I don't know if there is any reason I need to bother them. China has a philosopher born at the same era of Ancient Greek Aristotle , when he is dying, he told his disciples do not bury him in the ground. "Just throw me on the open field , let my corpse feeding the beasts . Why bury me to favor only the worms in the earth?" Thank you all.
Fcute Unicorns (1 day ago)
You love animals???? Seriously.. "let's see if his penis breaks" if you loved them you'd calm the girl down, help her and make sure it doesn't happen.
+Darren Ramphal Please read above comments
Darren Ramphal (14 days ago)
Bitxh you couldve help the fu king dog
+Abdul Sattar Khan He is Zhuangzi. He once had a dream, that he was a butterfly, when he woke up, he suddenly felt , maybe he was only a men in a butterfly's dream. Maybe we all are butterfiles.
Unknown User (1 hour ago)
That's Rape
Eyvah Maggard (11 hours ago)
She got RAPED😲
Eyvah Maggard (11 hours ago)
If I was that femail dog I would bite the fuck out of both of them
Eyvah Maggard (11 hours ago)
The white dog raped the red one
Black Cat secrets songs (21 hours ago)
Why are they stuck togther wtf
Kay Preston (11 hours ago)
Its known as a tie. This is how dogs mate. They can stay attached for up to 40 minutes. The penis swells and the vagina tightens around. Perfectly natural
Kakashi Hatake (1 day ago)
One white doggo wanted to join in the fun house
Shawn Darren (2 days ago)
Fucking the female dog is a bitch..why did she let the white dog fuck her?
brian Coyle (2 days ago)
How long does it take the dogs To separate
Hunaly Teronpi (2 days ago)
White dog: I wanna fck u so hard The female: no u can't bitch White dog: y After being saparated the white dog say oh yeh it's time Then so hard the penis got stuck The red dog male fckkkkkkkkk offff from my lover Me: jesus
Cupcake King125 (2 days ago)
Omg! Poor doggy!! Well he does look like he's in very much pain so wat can I say??
Mercas ED (3 days ago)
Rapist my ass
وين العرب تموتون في الجنس انتم
Slavic Doggo (5 days ago)
I’m on that side of YouTube again
Jimmy Baller (5 days ago)
that dog gonna have alot of babies
last first (5 days ago)
This is advertising ky jelly ,x
Brandy Kimberly (6 days ago)
And yet all the puppies will prob be thrown in the trash. I wish people would start vaccinating their dogs and cats because we just have too many of them already!
Karen Laurie (4 days ago)
Brandy Kimberly you mean neutering?
hi my name is (6 days ago)
You realize that if there not fixed you just let two dogs impregnate one
Tarnish Policies (4 days ago)
You do realize they’re all males
Mika Schwartz (6 days ago)
Why the f*** are you just letting this happen you piece of s***
Holocaust Andy (6 days ago)
You know that sh!t good when you can’t pull out
Jovanni Ruiz (7 days ago)
Not for nothing but that damn WHITE dog is a rapist! The first dog gets knotted and as soon as they separate the rapist comes along and gets knotted right after.
gamer xia (7 days ago)
This looks halarious😆😂😂😂😂😂😂with the white dog trying to mate too looks super funny
Alicia Kamau (7 days ago)
The white dog look like he was virgin that y he got stuck ,,and the a small dog was lied by white dog i wil only go one roung fast liltle did he know he wil be stuck...poor dog
Alicia Kamau (7 days ago)
The person who is taking this video i know deffinatily he has erect already wishing he was the white dog he sound funny
Colossal Spark86 (8 days ago)
You should put salt it works to my neighbors dog
nitin singh (8 days ago)
strawberry127 (8 days ago)
everyone's freaking out about how the human isn't helping and uh,, this is absolutely natural! they got stuck because the male dog knotted the female dog :)
last first (5 days ago)
+Mika Schwartz you corect what you do is put a lighter under his balls and he let her go ,
Mika Schwartz (6 days ago)
Mika Schwartz (6 days ago)
No it's not you f****** d******
Burnt Mello (8 days ago)
poor dog just being watched and nobody helped
Rajesh Bishwas (10 days ago)
Thanks It Was superb
trey gowdy (11 days ago)
what a twit,their penis' dont twist ..stick your finger in your mouth and rotate your hand.Does your finger twist? your are really lacking in the intelligence dept . what a maroon lmao
Rileigh Langley (11 days ago)
Wow that’s freakin weird
Demetri Atwell (11 days ago)
Hi sterlyn
Sophy Roeun (12 days ago)
Why penis get stuck like that. Maybe its in the wrong place.
Ilikeit All (12 days ago)
White dog was just greedy and wanted all of it for himself!! They always knot (stick together) after mating! Assures the semen will stay in and there will be puppies!! White dog just got sloppy seconds!! This is normal sex for k-9's. White dog was just extra horny and wanted some right AWAY!!
Ashley Johnston (13 days ago)
this is why my female is spayed to avoid puppies and males coming around my place, hanging around.
Daily Dubstep (14 days ago)
There is nothing funny about this video. Why can’t people get their animals spayed and neutered.
123 can you see me? (14 days ago)
Married to Satan 666 (14 days ago)
Okay folks knotting to see here knotting at all.
ִ ִ (14 days ago)
why my dog humps my leg
Chelsie 4 life (14 days ago)
I hope that white dog has its penis snapped right off after that
King Karisma (15 days ago)
Gael Crane (15 days ago)
Sounds like they ran out in the street, horn blowing. Where are the owners? Would have looked at tags so they could be rescued by owner rather then let them run off to get hurt. The two red dogs knew each other and the smaller one had a coat on so they belong to someone. Just hope they won’t get injured from cars.
Ashish Bain (15 days ago)
Oh god help these dogs
Purusottam Choudhary (16 days ago)
Very Very Sexy Bich
broken hearted 💔 (16 days ago)
The female does clearly NOT want to mate with them, you're just laughing at them being stuck, yikes.
The Developer (3 days ago)
Why the fuck do you care? It's nature
Eidori ashi (7 days ago)
Omg.. Theyre animals its nature
MaryAnn Butler (17 days ago)
Man u really watching them try and have a threesome😂😂😂😂 the lil white dog is so impatient
Dawn Da Potato (11 days ago)
MaryAnn Butler It wasn’t a threesome, the white dog just raped the female while the brown male was having sex with the female..
I broke up with my girlfriend because of this
+Maquina De Soldar automatizaciones de soldadura the comment I posted was very very stupid 😂
+Maquina De Soldar automatizaciones de soldadura nah it's ok lmao I meant like I didn't want to have sex with her
really? I am very sorry , I upload this video didn't mean this happening. What argument you had with your girlfriend?
Why didn't you help them?!? How heartlessly!!!
How in the hell would he get in the of that he would be bitten to death silly
Sophia Desgagne (18 days ago)
Dogs stay locked for up t 30 mins after fertilization to keep other males from gaining access learned that in a street dogs video 🤷🏽‍♀️
Renee Merritt (12 days ago)
Me too. And saw that same video
Jeffrey Prusinski (18 days ago)
Loved the commentary
1benny09 (19 days ago)
Somebody call police please!
Peter DeCarlo (19 days ago)
The two brown dog would have nice looking puppies. The white one who knows
Maggie Devery (20 days ago)
Should be more worried about the FEMALE dogs pain more than the dogs (maybe) crooked penis!
Jeremy Montoya (20 days ago)
All u got to do is throw water n it will come right off
Shanna Causey (21 days ago)
Female dogs that are in hear take on many partners for 3 days. The female is the one who holds the male in that position. It looks brutal, but that's the nature of dogs.
Maria DeLeon (21 days ago)
Fudge off, Dattebayo. (21 days ago)
RIP Dog's Wiener XD
Lucario AndMaddie (22 days ago)
They fucked so hard their nuts got tied together in a knot lol.
TrWills 2 (22 days ago)
Let's see if it's D will break? Wtf!?
Ethan Park (23 days ago)
Badass Toad (24 days ago)
Taking marriage and loyalty to a whole new level.
Henry Shaw (24 days ago)
He did not shoot his ioad c some needs help so jerk him off to free him she now worthless for breeding
Regina Moore (24 days ago)
the male dog's penis actually swells inside the female to hold the semen inside the female as long as possible. .. That's why they are stuck together.. he cannot withdraw until the swelling starts to release.
Animal lover (24 days ago)
Btw, they are NOT " loving " dogs . Animals have no romantic feelings. Your animal knowledge is very limited...
+Animal lover Lord. Not feelings for humans. Feeling for one another as in animals. They don't always breed for their bloodline. Stop continuing this argument, I'm trying to clear my search history. You're profile popping up in my notifications, AND You trying to tell me I'm wrong is absaloute bull shit. Stop.
+Animal lover Call it that, Sure! But it's the truth.
Animal lover (24 days ago)
+RobloxWith Lillyloveheart400 they breed to continue their bloodline.. They do NOT have human feelings THEY are ANIMALS .
Animal lover (24 days ago)
+RobloxWith Lillyloveheart400 rubbish !!!
Animals have large romantic feelings. E.G , A wolf. They mate because they love each other, Not for fun. It's like a dog. They mate for love not fun.
FOX! (24 days ago)
This is entirely natural. For anyone wondering. It’s just a thing that happens after the dog ejaculates.
FOX! (24 days ago)
Nine Tailed Fury (Real Warriors Fight Fair) actually I’m not a furry. It’s basically a joke. And I’m subbed to duolingo because I don’t know.
Pretty much. Also, why tf have you subbed to Duolingo? -You're a furry like me right?-
Gennie Jefferson (25 days ago)
Dogs need to be in a dog pen.
Animal lover (25 days ago)
It's extremely painful for them. The males have barbs on their .. thing... that's why they are stuck. They cannot get unstuck. !!! YOU ARE A VERY SICK MAN !!
Animal lover (24 days ago)
Why do you post such things. It is NOT entertainment. The way you talked about it, was simply disgusting!! It's sad when anyone sees PAINFUL THINGS as entertaining. Please don't post these things .....
That's why good heart without a good brain is useless. I didn't do anything . This is just a part of nature.
Love God Bob (25 days ago)
That's for cats. Dogs swell at the base forming a large ball that plugs it inside. It's natural and they will come apart on their own. Calm down.
cat cool (25 days ago)
Poor dog that nois they were making I wanted to cry
Dogology Class (25 days ago)
Fucking asshole humans. TIS IS AWHY AWE SHOULD NOT DOCK THE TAILS! She wouldn't have been raped the the white dog if she had a tail to block her hole.
Shadowjinx 5004 (26 days ago)
Marva Dunn (26 days ago)
Little Red is jealous
sahsa kpaken (26 days ago)
MAMACITA LOVE S C (27 days ago)
You have sex any where in the valley outside cars trucks hoetel and where like these dogs in heat.
3 kittens (27 days ago)
Jackie Holloway (28 days ago)
Wonder what the puppies are going to look like
Shannon Minor (21 days ago)
Jackie Holloway yes I wondered if they both got her pregnant?
Why was this on my recommended list? ;-;
uppity moron (28 days ago)
Answer to why mating dogs get stuck. https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=gd3AXOGhO4iMsQX6nZXIAg&q=why+mating+dogs+get+stuck&btnK=Google+Search&oq=why+mating+dogs+get+stuck&gs_l=psy-ab.3...1485.13867..14896...0.0..0.697.4635.0j21j2j2j0j1......0....1..gws-wiz.....0..35i39j0i131j0j0i10.ALWApHiXkJM
uppity moron (11 days ago)
Throw some cold water on them and they'll separate in a hurry. Throw some cold water on a man with an erection and watch how fast that erection goes down! No need for the female dog to suffer!
AadiVasi GurL (8 days ago)
+uppity moron come on ..humans are so different than a dog... a man's penis can be taken out immediatly after having sex.. but its not the case with dogs... their penis are swollen inside a female dog's vagina.. how will you put cold water inside a vagina.. and also dog's sperm transfers when they are connected.. not while having sex.. its a natural process so let them be there.. God created everything for a reason and yup female dog do not suffer as much as the male one.. so show your concern to the male one not female
uppity moron (11 days ago)
+AadiVasi GurLThrow some cold water on a man with an erection and watch how fast that erection goes down! No need for the female dog to suffer!
uppity moron (11 days ago)
+DANM Mapping & Lyre Covers Throw some cold water on a man with an erection and watch how fast that erection goes down! No need for the female dog to suffer!
uppity moron (11 days ago)
+AadiVasi GurL Throw some cold water on a man with an erection and watch how fast that erection goes down! No need for the female dog to suffer.
royal loyal (29 days ago)
How can this happen that his dick stick in wtf is that for a stupid Nature
RUSHABH VR (29 days ago)
That dog is not a rapist. Bill Clinton is a rapist. The dog is not.
Neil O'Neal (1 month ago)
The narrator sounds either stupid or dumb. Street dogs or wild dogs fuck whenever they get a chance. The white dog is not a rapist, you stupid idiot. And dogs get stuck like that, it's normal.
Lacey Yaxley (1 month ago)
Why would you wait to see if it breaks that’s cruel
helena wahlstrand (1 month ago)
Poor thing, why film this insteed of look out for the dogs. The Malé dog can get really hurt when he swells and get riped of before he losens up
Tiosha V (1 month ago)
This is some true hillbilly shit!
Diamonds4gamers (1 month ago)
JD (1 month ago)
Dog rape is a real problem . It's white on brown dog crime
Danger 066189 (1 month ago)
“Let’s see if his penis will break”
Cabdishakuur M.D (1 month ago)
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRgaJVjU83s-xh08Zx7JpyA
Jay jawan Jay kisan (27 days ago)
Its like muslim☪️ 🇵🇰👳🏻‍♂️ people our wife🧕 halala with other man 👨🏿‍🦱 ये एसा है जो इस्लाम में मुस्लिम 🧕 महिला के साथ उसका पति दूसरे आदमी से हलाला करवाता है और होते देखता है ,,,,,,,,
poke mony :3 (1 month ago)
They stuck aww D:
niteowl boy (1 month ago)
And u dint do nothing about it.
_/LightPalidin \_ (1 month ago)
I cringed the entire time
John Marston (1 month ago)
Daphinnie Nicole (1 month ago)
U bitch go help them or call someone to help u fucking damn asshole and it so mean , like 'LEtS seE if ItS pENiS wILl bReAk' Ya let's see if it pENiS breaks
CHx xGrow (1 month ago)
• LokinZ • (1 month ago)
3:21 what is that?
when I shoot video, the youtube video was on
Maura (1 month ago)
Oh, no, now they must go to the Paternity Court to know who is the father.
romana semi (1 month ago)
Ou sorry please please km the dog!!!!

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