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Epic Salon: Flashback For Men Hair Color

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Jeff Swaner from Epic Salon discusses Paul Mitchell's Flashback for Men hair color, with before and after results. Proper technique for coloring mens' hair is also discussed.
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zach tupaz (6 months ago)
Love it!! Thank you for posting brother
isisbenny404 (5 years ago)
I use flash back color on my clients all the time, and I haven't had anybody complain of allergies. On the other hand redkin color camo tends to be a little bit rougher on the scalp, and clients have mentioned redness sometimes. All colors are composed of aniline derivative tints. Those are basically mixes of metalic carbon based salts. When they are hit by an oxidizer like peroxide, it causes a change in chemical structure and color. PM makes really safe products from my experience.
Martin Hirth (6 years ago)
Watchout hairdresser Acmed is gonna kill you
Survivor519 (7 years ago)
i never thought about using a darker shade in the back and a lighter shade in front i use flashback a lot and i will be adopting your tips thanks

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