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Why do Indian men dye their hair Orange?

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bittersweet (21 days ago)
That's not muslim in the pictures... it mixes with hindus. And i seldom see muslim in my country dying their head or beard with weird orange. Only indian community do. Can't recall seeing an arab with orange dye too. It's indian things. Not specific to muslim. What were they thinking?
True...also in the middle east its dark henna which is mostly used not orange. These guys go overboard.
trex gravy (1 month ago)
why do indian men dye their skin white?
Check our video on fairness creams
CRR62 (1 month ago)
I think this influía incomplete. According to Hindu neighbors here in the USA they dye their hair orange (they don’t use henna) a part of their Hindu religious beliefs. They don’t share exactly the reason as they are very secretive with their practices. I don’t blame them. They are accused of so many bad things (magic, witchcraft, nonsensical popular beliefs...things western observants cannot understand), so my neighbors don’t delve too much of their magical-religious rituals and beliefs, but suffice to say there is also a religious reason behind dying their hair in Orange.
There is so much judgement and perceptions loaded in that statement. No wonder you feel your neighbors are secretive. Remember it takes two to tango. Reach out on a genuine basis and you will see they will virtually include you into their family. Rome was not built in a day though!! Patience!! Wounds take time to heal. Change your attitude and approach
293940cabster (1 month ago)
Mohammed didnt use Henna though, he was white lol
@293940cabster Fair skinned you muppet.
293940cabster (18 days ago)
In the Koran it says he is a white man multiple times @Cushite
Cushite (1 month ago)
He was Arab.
M S (4 months ago)
This is a muslim thing since black dye is not a good option for them!
denis avdic (6 months ago)
if they are going for the muhammed look why dont they apply eyeliner three times again like muhammed
@denis avdic As per sources the Prophet use to use Ithmid Kohl which he said is beneficial and many Muslim people have tested this and said it has benefits, however since no western scientist has tested this they can't prove nor disprove the benefits, so if you really want to know genuinely instead of making assumptions as you asked the question, buy some genuine ithmid kohl and take it to a lab. Also with regards to Henna I never said he didn't use it, read what I wrote again, you seem to like jumping the gun. I said in the Middle East they use dark Henna till this day, also there is no mention of the Prophet's hair being Orange coloured, only that he used Henna for the hair, again so that you understand clearly, Henna in that region is always black (dark)...prove me wrong.
denis avdic (6 days ago)
The Combat Sports Channel prove that kohl has thoese benefits :) and that you prophet didn’tuse that henna at the time
First of all it was Kohl, and it can be used for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases such as blepharitis, cataract, conjunctivitis etc..So beneficial... Secondly these Indians go overboard, there is no mention of Prophet Muhammad with an orange beard, the henna they use in the Middle East to this day is always dark..
The Antagonizer (19 days ago)
denis avdic (2 months ago)
Zamorin of Bombay City Adventures in Mumbai do you put on eyeliner?
Blood Rider (6 months ago)
Because they are products of Mullahs.
No, It's because they have been brainwashed by cow worshipping Orange/saffron lovin Poondits! The Middle East always use Dark henna, it's only these Indian imbeciles - Muslims and Hindus that dye their hair orange.
jim crow (7 months ago)
They do it coz it looks cool, and they can. No big deal.
Aman Shrivastava (9 months ago)
only muslims do
In some of these pictures like the one with a painted forehead and crooked teeth, that was clearly a Hindu...I saw loads of Hindu Indians when I was on holiday in Malaysia with orange hair.
Muzzafae Hussain (1 year ago)
Its m3hndi actually
Tahraqa Pie (1 year ago)
In fact Muslims dye their hair using henna ( a plant 🌿) after they dry its leaves and soak it in water, it's sunna (a traditional act by the the prophet), because dying hair black is not likeable.
The Antagonizer (19 days ago)
Daniel Reyes Couldn’t have said better myself Muhammad was some crazy little man in a cave and people still believe the seventh century bullshit
Daniel Reyes (7 months ago)
So basically people do it to copy an Arab guy who heard voices in a cave 1400 years ago? Fascinating!.. (In a sad way)...yet fascinating nonetheless!
Plu Prox (1 year ago)
yeah and its not permanet also
thats interesting. but that just varies in the use not the actual act
tHe ReAL DEal (1 year ago)
Because they have been tangoed simple as
Ebony_ Love_ R 007 (1 year ago)
This still hasn't answered my question, why the heck do Black Muslim men dye their beards orange??? That looks so out of place and crazy. Orange of all colors, WTH!
@Isma'il Muslim You will never find an Arab with orange hair and the Henna they use in the middle east is black and always was... Show me a hadith which says he had orange hair, some of these Indians go overboard.
@M S Lol...The only rapist I read about was the Xtian "god" who according to the Bible overcame (raped) a young Mary who begot (animal act) and he gave birth to himself by becoming a little baby god 😂😂
Olive Mule (3 months ago)
Orange is masonic symbol Orange hair (gingers) join islam the most
M S (4 months ago)
@Daniel Reyes forget the voices he raped a 9 year old!!
@Daniel Reyes eres un descarriado ignorante
Siddharth Meyan (2 years ago)
Chutiya hai BC kitna bada . cringe
fddf (2 years ago)
only muslim men dye orange..what bullshit..fu
LionHeartXD Nauts (1 year ago)
fddf cause there jealous of irish
predominently it is seen in this community. Never said it was restricted
F P (2 years ago)
Yaaaay! finally I don't need to worry and wonder about answering that question to anyone asking.. thanks to the Zamorin of Bombay ! :)
Indians always go overboard, there is no mention of Prophet Muhammad with an orange beard, the henna they use in the Middle East to this day is always dark..hence why you never see Arabs walking around with Orange beards, only Indian Muslims and Hindus too...I'v seen many hindus doing this too, like the guy in this video with a red mark on his forehead and crooked teeth, he's a Hindu.
I am so happy that you have been enlightened a bit though my videos. I hope to surprise you more with future videos.
Sissy maye maye (2 years ago)
Now I get it! And all this time I thought that Indian hair was just so resistant to color, that black hair dye would just turn orange! Thank you so much for the explanation!

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