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WE MADE AN EPIC BOX FORT TANK! WE TOOK THE BOX FORT TANK OFF ROAD! Today Stephen Sharer and his brother Carter Sharer set out to make the first ever box fort challenge of turning a regular box fort into a tank. The Sharer Bros gathered all the cardboard they had and went out to the drive way. They planned on using the ATV as the base for this box fort tank. Carter grabbed some duct tape and they got to work. They started taping the cardboard to the front of the ATV and then made their way to the back. Soon the Box fort tank was complete and was ready for a test drive. Carter climbed into the tank and tuned the key to start the engine. He was off, driving the first ever box fort tank. Carter drove it down the backyard and to the woods. He then drove the tank into the woods and down the hill. Then he drove the tank over the creek and climbed a steep hill with roots. Then he took the box fort challenge to a new level and drove trough the brush, crushing trees and destroying everything in the tanks way. The tank was unstoppable. Comment #BoxFort if you thought this vlog was epic. 😊 This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! Share The Love!! 😊🤘 🔥 Share the Love (Official Music Video) 🔥 ▶︎ https://youtu.be/AoXppCgaBSk ❇️ EPIC VLOGS ❇️ ▶︎ FLYING BOX FORT AIRPLANE!! 📦✈️ https://youtu.be/Vlret5aTA7g ▶︎ BOX FORT ON FIRE!! 📦🔥https://youtu.be/0J6hzPoxJow ▶︎ BOX FORT BOAT CHALLENGE!! https://youtu.be/FxI3FNs4yd0 ▶︎ BOX FORT HOVERBOARD!! https://youtu.be/GuvJhZx0xV8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 😎 PRODUCTS TO BUY 😎 ▶︎ SHARE THE LOVE SHIRTS: https://goo.gl/XJ4HrS *Anyone who orders an item from the SWAG STORE (https://goo.gl/RQ5mhe) before September 30, will automatically be entered for a chance to win a DRONE! http://amzn.to/2iWL4Wc 👕 STEPHENSHARER.COM 👕 ▶︎ https://goo.gl/7AKhyD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📦 FAN MAIL ADDRESS (WE OPEN IN VLOGS!) 📦 Stephen Sharer Youtube #633 2961 A Hunter Mill Rd Oakton, VA 22124 👕 EPIC MERCH (SWAG STORE) 👕 ▶︎ https://goo.gl/7AKhyD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Us: 📸 INSTAGRAM → @StephenSharer (https://goo.gl/29IuVa) 👻 SNAPCHAT → @StephenSharer 🐦 TWITTER → @StephenSharer (https://goo.gl/0sVz9G) 📘 FACEBOOK → https://goo.gl/ea5Sui INSTAGRAM → @CarterSharer (https://www.instagram.com/cartersharer/) INSTAGRAM → @LizzySharer (https://www.instagram.com/lizzysharer/) INSTAGRAM → @OtterSharer (https://www.instagram.com/ottersharer/) Become a Sharer and Subscribe! https://goo.gl/46ofvO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Business Inquiries: [email protected] Mailing Address: Stephen Sharer Youtube #633 2961 A Hunter Mill Rd Oakton, VA 22124 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————
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Text Comments (11199)
Trisha Thomas (9 hours ago)
My favorite color is blue but i want it to be lime green
DVMAplays bull (1 day ago)
You are supposed to whare a helmet on a ATV
Dancing Badger (4 days ago)
Diana rose Sarabia (5 days ago)
widodo's sushant alam quo setup quip q wow alaka aimep
# give blue
Montoya Production (7 days ago)
Paint it green
pearlsnm (7 days ago)
Box fort
Kelechi Nzeh (8 days ago)
Or blue
Kelechi Nzeh (8 days ago)
Noe Martines (8 days ago)
It looks like a dog tank
Noe Martines (8 days ago)
From the vid
harneet madaan (16 days ago)
# jeep blue
Kathryn Fitzgerald (16 days ago)
paint it blue
Hope Smith (16 days ago)
Share the love Jeep you could BY Blake
whitneygattis (16 days ago)
The green a green Jeep
Layla Cabalar (17 days ago)
Paint it blue
Melissa Steacy (19 days ago)
Heather Anderson (22 days ago)
I saw something bro on the wall is it a secret door don’t worry
Heather Anderson (22 days ago)
I’m with Stephen
Edwin Ferdian (26 days ago)
Paint itu pop
Edwin Ferdian (26 days ago)
David Knoyle (28 days ago)
jeep blew
Donquie West (28 days ago)
Mahabaleshwar Hegde (29 days ago)
Gold or combined colours Pink Blue Chocolate brown
Chris Harty (29 days ago)
Jeep color is blue
Telma Bias (1 month ago)
Box fort
Carol Brewer (1 month ago)
Light blue
Rachel McMichael (1 month ago)
Boxfort dirtbike
Zoe Travers (1 month ago)
Zoe Travers (1 month ago)
Jezibella Bieber (1 month ago)
I have that and it Is a rocker coptor
Level Smasher (1 month ago)
What about grace
Brenda Schlobohm (1 month ago)
shawty obey her (1 month ago)
Lame gren
Alondra Mancera (1 month ago)
Red and blue and green
Lyly Nolasco (1 month ago)
Payden Xavier (1 month ago)
Payden Xavier (1 month ago)
Payden Xavier (1 month ago)
Timothy Mccarthy (1 month ago)
The best colour blue
Hayden mckee (1 month ago)
Iesha Koonce (1 month ago)
# lime green
Yandriel Cruz (1 month ago)
I think you should paint the G on the front pink and green on the back and blue on the door and gold on the other door
emmacase2568 (1 month ago)
Amber Lane (1 month ago)
Blue because she loves blue
Camilosh green
Jilla Rudhwik (1 month ago)
Lovetta Warren (1 month ago)
Lovetta Warren (1 month ago)
Lovetta Warren (1 month ago)
C. C.
supers seth (1 month ago)
yes it can
Derpy toast Pug (1 month ago)
I had a atv but it broke
Derpy toast Pug (1 month ago)
Blue or green
Jennifer Henley (1 month ago)
Lime Green
Sports Tours (1 month ago)
kristy aalgaard (2 months ago)
Jason Johnson (2 months ago)
Alaa Nanoue (2 months ago)
Tendai Kung (2 months ago)
Magda Luna (2 months ago)
baby blue
Rosemarie Preece (2 months ago)
We’re is the canon on it
Rosemarie Preece (2 months ago)
Tank my backside that’s basically a motersycle with a box on it
Faith Evans (2 months ago)
Lime Green likeThe Lamborghini
Amalia Alto (2 months ago)
yusudqet da jeeq a golld
Scotty Mclocklen (2 months ago)
Kharim Burnette (2 months ago)
Stephen. Vidios. Are. So. Amazing.
Kharim Burnette (2 months ago)
Kharim Burnette (2 months ago)
Randy Joseph (2 months ago)
Abdullah Malik (2 months ago)
Christian Mack (2 months ago)
I don't live liz
yahya's Gaming (2 months ago)
You should paint it blue
Dale Kleynhans (3 months ago)
That bike is cool😂
Dale Kleynhans (3 months ago)
Cash Moepono-duldulao (3 months ago)
sierralyn hablado (3 months ago)
jeep silver
Karina Ganda (3 months ago)
نايف عبدالله (3 months ago)
Box fot
نايف عبدالله (3 months ago)
Box fort
Sandra Rincon (3 months ago)
caleb gopinath (3 months ago)
Jeep green colour
Marion Ken Lebuna (3 months ago)
He Bros pot some roof so that can be amazing 👌👌👌
Ignacio Morales (3 months ago)
Jeep gord
Jeff Brown (3 months ago)
Jorna Jorna (3 months ago)
Green jip
Naz Gul Khan (3 months ago)
Naz Gul Khan (3 months ago)
adan ibrahim (3 months ago)
Vero Alfaro (3 months ago)
anton gulston (3 months ago)
# box fort
Jay Jenkins (3 months ago)
Thomas McGilll (3 months ago)
I have that toy
Kassie Pieterse (3 months ago)
Jaden Piehl (3 months ago)
shamara brightly (3 months ago)
shamara brightly (3 months ago)
Noe Montws (3 months ago)
# jeep green
Perry Ann (3 months ago)
Mason Gale (3 months ago)
Zaliya Reddy (3 months ago)
sea blue
Zaliya Reddy (3 months ago)

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