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Basic needs - extreme happiness

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Add me on insta: @aleksandergamme. This is day 86 on my full return South Pole Expedition 2011/2012. I`m quite hungry and about to pick up my last cache by my second pulk which I left on the way in. As a part of my motivational plan I have on purpose not made notes on what goodies I have left behind in the cache.. and on this last one, I didn`t expect very much.. Ironically my diet on this expedition was mainly based on superhealthy superfood from Supernature.no. L
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Bill Hopen (1 month ago)
So he got a paid endorsement from cheese doodle corp? just kidding, I happy you are so happy Alex...your joy is contagious
mohamed F/T (1 month ago)
hillo from morocco ❤️
kristian1115 (4 months ago)
Fucking love when he throws it at 1:03
Blue Beta (4 months ago)
UpNext Tv (4 months ago)
How can you not love this..
Saleenrulz (4 months ago)
2:48 - Best part
HenkeFTW (4 months ago)
meg hver gang jeg spiser cheezedoodls
Peggy Kling (7 months ago)
Chez doosles
69 Royale (7 months ago)
Is he actually in Antartica? Oh wow
Brendon Dellinger (9 months ago)
IcelandicMan.exe has stopped working.
LegendMeadow (6 months ago)
Giorgi Tsintsabadze (1 year ago)
thanks Radiolab !
ILL Pictures (1 year ago)
The pure joy Alex expressed in this video is absolutely wonderful!
phuturephunk (1 year ago)
Yes, Radiolab sent me.
Torbjørn Johnsen (1 year ago)
Blir tydelig gal i ensomheten. :)
kidzmayoraz (1 year ago)
This is how Metroid fans felt after getting two games announced at NIntendo E3 2017!!!
lina Nicolia (1 year ago)
crazy guy.......
sam E (1 year ago)
this right here is the definition of bliss and happiness
Mudi Yang (1 year ago)
who here from Radiolab?
echolot (1 year ago)
swiss army man brought me here
Matthue Loose (1 year ago)
Swiss Army Man brought me here, and the joy made me stay.
Marschmallow Girl (1 year ago)
guy just fyi there are subtitles 😂😂 hank green sent me
SavvyAri1989 (1 year ago)
How do you thumbs down this?
Kerry Fischer (1 year ago)
Complete BLISS.
Lily Blue Zgonc (1 year ago)
This was so cute
I think John said cheese doodles
poeven (2 years ago)
TheHardest TrollingEver exactly! :) but didn't John keep calling him cheese noodles guy? - it's cheese doodles as far as I can see ;)
Wostershire (2 years ago)
awesome man you the video and taking that kind of trip cheers man :) ^^
Raxius (2 years ago)
Krzysztof Przybylski (1 year ago)
Izzy (2 years ago)
Ryan Pfeiffer (2 years ago)
Swiss Army Man commentary.
shon (2 years ago)
fossilfighters101 (2 years ago)
1godlessmonkey (2 years ago)
There is nothing in my life that I'm that excited about. Sad. I don't even want anything.
shon (2 years ago)
Not even Cheez Doodles?!
Jule Caesara (2 years ago)
it makes me so happy just by watching it
Joseph F (2 years ago)
Either you are on drugs or you are an ordinary screwball
Ryan Wilson (2 years ago)
I came here from radio lab
Ryan Wilson (1 year ago)
+Kerry Fischer Yeah it was phenomenal! I just recently started listening to podcasts and really enjoy theirs!
Kerry Fischer (1 year ago)
Ryan Wilson Same here....what a show huh!?
sveisleif (2 years ago)
If only every day was like this!
Mei Hung (2 years ago)
Thats when you were waiting for Cas and Jonesy?
Jayni (2 years ago)
tbh i watch this whenever i feel depressed
Liam Arduino (2 years ago)
I was referred to this video by Hank Green. And it is indeed one of the most enjoyable experiences to watch this excitement.
Unfathomable Being (2 years ago)
2:29 overwhelmed by happiness :-)
DarkBungleX (2 years ago)
What people don't realise is one day later, another starving adventurer came back for his emergency supply stash only to find an empty hole. Lol
Amber Gong (2 years ago)
He was the one that left it there for himself.
When you're high as fuck and you find some food
Saracles (2 years ago)
Hallelujah indeed!
WateverWatever04 (2 years ago)
oh my God the screaming of hallelujah at the end, I'm so done 😂
XerosXIII (2 years ago)
thanks radiolab! :D
Silverfrost128 (2 years ago)
thanks hank green
Dana Jones (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAhazhshshszhazhzshahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhgaahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahgahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahaHaahahahahahhhaHaHaHAhahhhHHhHHhhHahahahahhhhhhhahahaha XD
raininess (2 years ago)
This made me smile ^-^
Vincent White (2 years ago)
I love this video.....you can't help but smile when he finds those cheese doodles....
casio311100 (2 years ago)
This "man" is fucking insane. Why must natural selection take so long?
casio311100 (2 years ago)
+Kylie Andrea I like peaches, singing, hot yoga, and penguins. Subscribe if you like my videos! Let's be friends :)
TrafficAhead (2 years ago)
He deserves the food.
LA2Alaska (2 years ago)
Haha! Wow! Cheese doodle bliss.
Barbara Karas (2 years ago)
Makes me glad to be part Norwegian, though not interested in trekking Antartica.
Mary Ann Coral (2 years ago)
from now on this will be my goto video for sad moments....thank you Aleksander (who has my exact hair on its good days)
Leo Perelman (2 years ago)
this is the funniest video ever :)
SatanKaputMachen (2 years ago)
Smth deeply wrong here. So there is a dead person lying with his belongings and now just one happens to find this. And where does some respect for deceased come in? I don't say don't take his food but show some respect and don't film stupid ass consumerist happiness above dead man's bones.
aldralee (2 years ago)
+SatanKaputMachen Win!! ;)
SatanKaputMachen (2 years ago)
+aldralee Ok, now I can come out. I was trolling in order to make some good laughs. Mission accomplished. ;) I don't give a flying rat's ass wheter there is a dead man lying or not.
aldralee (2 years ago)
ahahahahah Ohhh, dude. You seriously made my day. I haven't laughed this hard in ages.
SatanKaputMachen (2 years ago)
+aldralee shutup! serious matter being discussed here!
aldralee (2 years ago)
Ahahahahaha This comment is nearly as entertaining as the video. Dead person. Ahahahahahaha
Lauren Carr (2 years ago)
This is the happiest thing
Daniel Moreno (2 years ago)
How I feel after beating a boss in dark souls or bloodborne...
JoeysWorldDiebetes (2 years ago)
LOL when he says my god
tarantulady (2 years ago)
Me+Snack aisle+PMS = this.
Zzz Vvv (3 years ago)
who came here after watching John's video?😎
Jule Caesara (3 years ago)
Ok I will send this to my currently depressed-feeling friend. You are awesome!
Powerpuff 24601 (3 years ago)
he's so happy it makes me happy!
greeleyestateslove (3 years ago)
Kinda sounds like a sim
Manca M (3 years ago)
This made me genuinely smile for the first time in months :)
Jinkinson Smith (3 years ago)
Hank Green brought me here.
Caetano Sauer (3 years ago)
Thank you for this beautiful video!
Ben Aaron (3 years ago)
Hank Green sent me here, and I've never been so proud of a bag of Cheese Doodles. Such pure happiness. DFTBA.
Matthew Gerrish (25 days ago)
Who the f is Hank?
Izzy (2 years ago)
fossilfighters101 (2 years ago)
So very very proud.
Latifa (2 years ago)
SketchBookShortFilms (3 years ago)
This guy knew exactly how to make himself happy.
Christopher OBrien (2 years ago)
Happiness incarnate...
Alastair Bowyer (3 years ago)
thank you John Green, thank you
Ofir Stroh (2 years ago)
+smashduck Yea, but in reply to hank
Sandra Karr (3 years ago)
It was Hank's video...
Ofir Stroh (3 years ago)
hank's most excited people video first showed him, I think it's one of the best videos, you should go check it out!
Alastair Bowyer (3 years ago)
I came from John's most recent video
Ofir Stroh (3 years ago)
+Alastair Bowyer Twas hank though
fo shizzle (3 years ago)
2:29 he came
kcallamajaji (3 years ago)
Just gonna keep this on repeat throughout the day! This makes me so incredibly happy!
Claire Hastings (3 years ago)
Cheese Doodles should use this as their official ad campaign.
Hemi Tekki (1 year ago)
Claire Hastings +
ThatWouldBeCareless (3 years ago)
<3 DFTBA all.
jml21000 (3 years ago)
appropriate reaction to chocolate and candies
fossilfighters101 (2 years ago)
leberetframboise (3 years ago)
i have no idea what he's actually saying but i'm glad he's having such a good time
LynxChan (3 years ago)
+leberetframboise if you click the CC button there are subtitles.
Lexi RQ (3 years ago)
+leberetframboise He's on his return trip from an expedition to the South Pole. On the way there, he buried some supplies for himself to pick up on his way back. He doesn't quite remember what he left there. After 86 days of walking the Antartic desert, and eating quite repetitive, super healthy food, he really, really hopes that he left some candy, but he doubts it. Then he finds &quot;a double bag of cheese doodles&quot;, gets absolutely extatic, and doesn';t quite believe that they are real. It's adorable :) Edit: Oh, and then he finds all kinds of candy and cheese and yummyness! :D
Topher (3 years ago)
Turn on the subtitles. Makes it even better.
Kesh Darby-O'Callaghan (3 years ago)
every time I see this I literally cry at times the most basic things can be things of sheer beauty
Sansenforhansen (3 years ago)
Norway fuck yeah! Not even two gay guys in a bathtub filled with hot dogs would be this happy
Orshi McNaughton (3 years ago)
Awesome video! Love your excitement!
William (3 years ago)
Press 3 for AAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!
2canines (3 years ago)
Swedish welfare supply drop. Enjoy
LegendMeadow (6 months ago)
Olw is actually a Finnish owned company, and cheese doodles are produced and sold both in Sweden and Norway.
Nyght (3 years ago)
Pure joy, pure happiness... this video makes me smile so much.
BlargyGaming (3 years ago)
Jameson Koolio (3 years ago)
what is he saying?!?!?!!?!?!
Hubert Applebaum (3 years ago)
I want to get the same hairstyle, how do I ask my barber to make it like that?
sYthyy (3 years ago)
+Hubert Applebaum just fuck me up.
Sekrit (3 years ago)
No use for the vaseline? it gets pretty dry it out there when you wanna rub one out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
tuxflux (3 years ago)
martian421 (3 years ago)
I thought "Primus Pump" was translated incorrectly... that shows where my mind is...
David Brown (3 years ago)
i must learn this language
Tommy Huang (3 years ago)
+David Brown There are subtitles :D
Yagger M. (3 years ago)
this made my day so much better
Noah Shelton (3 years ago)
Zyðar f.o.a.d (3 years ago)
It feels like you found water in the desert, haha.
Anttuuuu (3 years ago)
Best reaction xD Love it
Nataly RAW (3 years ago)
1:08 AAAAHHHHHHH.............................................................................................
Andrew Conrad (3 years ago)
Brian Caulfield (3 years ago)
Can someone please translate this.
God (3 years ago)
+Brian Caulfield Just put on subtitles, its the button in the corner... the one that looks like subtitles.
Barthaneous (3 years ago)
then he died when trying to poop all this sticky food out and it froze him to the ice.....he will be missed..
Josh - JDoofy (3 years ago)
2:49 best part of the whole video lol
Paul Olsen (3 years ago)
That was almost a full second of rrrrrrrrrrr
EirikHenden (3 years ago)
Haha, fantastisk!
Teresa Shaffer (3 years ago)
Still one of my favorites! Heard about this on Radio Lab. http://www.radiolab.org/story/257189-bliss/
warpedsavage (3 years ago)
this guy is crazy , walking to the south pole and back fuck that
Anne Haight (3 years ago)
Morale is very important and often overlooked. :)
Jon Irenicus (3 years ago)
Thanks to this video I've been trying really hard to import me some cheez doodles.

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