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How to Style A Henley Shirt | Men’s Fashion | Outfit Inspiration

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A henley shirt should be a staple in any guy's closet. Here's how to style 3 different henleys in 6 different ways. Link to ESNTLS: http://bit.ly/2IJt4Lc Coupon Code: MARCEL10 - ALL CAPS ————————————————————————————————————— Links to shop the pieces down below: Outfits 1&2 Blue ESNTLS Henley http://bit.ly/2IJt4Lc  White Rag & Bone Jeans (similar) https://shopstyle.it/l/3ix6 White/Blue AF Sneakers (similar) https://bit.ly/2WNqNC4 Olive MBMJ Bomber (similar) https://shopstyle.it/l/3iAn White Paige Shorts https://amzn.to/2Q27wKp Outfits 3&4 Grey Suitsupply Henley https://bit.ly/2JjC0a2 Tan Designow Cargos https://bit.ly/2Q5E4U0 White/Grey AF Sneakers https://bit.ly/2VzMWao Uniqlo Denim Jacket (similar) https://rstyle.me/+mbXJMdi7TFZxXcYbxAbgLQ Black Mango Man Jeans https://shopstyle.it/l/3iz0 Black LAD Coach Jacket https://shopstyle.it/l/3iAL Outfits 5&6 White Paige Henley https://rstyle.me/+2enflqot9QQPeD06QeMtQg Black Theory Suit (similar) https://shopstyle.it/l/3iA2 White AF Sneakers https://bit.ly/2LDha7x Massimo Dutti Blazer https://bit.ly/2vWxN3x Club Monaco Jeans https://shopstyle.it/l/3iCz #mensfashion #henleyshirts #onedapperstreet ————————————————————————————————————— Find me other places: www.instagram.com/marcelfloruss www.onedapperstreet.com ————————————————————————————————————— Outfit Inspiration Videos: 30 Stylish Men’s Fall Winter Outfits (https://youtu.be/FFOmQhOF5HI) My Everyday Casual Fall/Winter Outfits (https://youtu.be/ZCAFuyCqhKg) My Casual Streetwear Outfits for Fall Winter (https://youtu.be/4VitdBuMeUo) Layering Fall/Winter Men's Outfits (https://youtu.be/Bp0nzHZ2kAo) 8 Different Chelsea Boot Outfits (https://youtu.be/NE-XjB0Jneo) Fall/Autumn 2018 Videos: Men’s Fall Fashion Trends You Need to Know (https://youtu.be/aCyY7AueuhE) Men's Fall/Autumn Fashion Trends Lookbook (https://youtu.be/qZQ8dKYy35A) 5 Different Styles of Boots Every Guy Should Have (https://youtu.be/VNcQeVr5rBE) Fashionable Ways to Style 5 Scarves (https://youtu.be/TXG8QAljvCg) The Best Coats in Zara RIGHT NOW (https://youtu.be/O9M7S6LAmT8) Men's Fall Outfits: New in ZARA, MANGO, CLUB MONACO, COS (https://youtu.be/XmLBY_npc9M) Check out my Try-On Hauls: Uniqlo Autumn Try-On Haul (https://youtu.be/afHH8rPOsis) H&M Fall/Autumn Try-On Haul 2018 (https://youtu.be/qXHJOGX-wCE) All Saints Summer Sale 2018 (https://youtu.be/7jTe1BQVjDI) Uniqlo Summer 2018 (https://youtu.be/um-lwVXiXJU) Mango Man Spring 2018 (https://youtu.be/ropxJ48GVqo) H&M Fall/Winter 2017 (https://youtu.be/5BTN2yCzY8I) Zara Fall/Winter 2017 (https://youtu.be/0EgEYdeip84) Target Fall/Winter 2017 (https://youtu.be/Zs0nThvQgDA) ————————————————————————————————————— FTC: This video is sponsored by ESNTLS
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Text Comments (93)
Jervin Quisada (22 days ago)
IMPRESSIVE CONTENT MAN! ⚡️ Keep doing! I made a cinematic STREETWEAR Video! CHECK IT OUT NOW!
Subhash Jha (1 month ago)
59 dollars for 1 Henley 🤯🤯🤯🤯 u can get 30 of those here at same prize
Thomas Gavris (1 month ago)
What is that silver bracelet you're wearing. I really love it. Can you let me know the brand?
ishouldbestudying (1 month ago)
Gay vibe lol
ONLY SONG TECH (1 month ago)
I like this vedio...I am an Indian
Nikhil Panchal (1 month ago)
I missed the manufacturer name of the deep blue jeans he talked about with the white Henley. What was it ?
Dylan Watson (1 month ago)
can someone send me a link to the blazer in the video please the one in the description is wrong :(
Kreation Projekt (1 month ago)
Love the 5th look ❤️
Aarya Ibteda Foyez (1 month ago)
Please make a video on all of ur casual shirts for summer and spring(long sleeve)
Rigo De Gracia (1 month ago)
I like your videos and outfits.
jarrr 10 (1 month ago)
So u are 188cm tall and 79kg weight. U are truly a model perfection. Thats why ur body suits all well
Pack Man (1 month ago)
José is gonna ruin your channel with his ads.
Paras Phoenix (17 days ago)
A *i* ds
Everyday gentleman (1 month ago)
All great outfits Marcel. I really enjoy your content but more so your explanation on why you put them together 👍🏼👍🏼
Jogeesh Philip (1 month ago)
Make a video on how to style jeans different outfitts
Sohair rf (1 month ago)
Good video 👍...
Ross May (1 month ago)
the most killer hens, that i own, are from the 50-'s thru the late ,70's, which i inherited, phrum mi dad, grampz, 'n' unk,s frum Montreal, Detroit and Chatham Ontario. i have both long/short sleeves, in a ton '0' colourz. some from sears ro/simpson sears, ban-lon, plus ab fab UK mod henleys, from Carnaby St. London. Cheers...(P.$.,) i see sum outfuckingstanding henz, @; thrift stores, carport sales 'n' estate sales. [dirt cheap]
MICHAEL (1 month ago)
Nice!... I liked EVERY combination. Well done...
Vince Karl Sadang (1 month ago)
The white and black 😎
Stylebydillan (1 month ago)
Henley shirt's are dope! Getting a well fitted one is the key!
Dikens Khanal (1 month ago)
Don't forget to check my blog http://thisishowistyle.blogspot.com
Nishant Kumar (1 month ago)
hamz a (1 month ago)
Adrian Marczuk (1 month ago)
Killion has awesome Henley’s for 28 dollars
michael jones (1 month ago)
I'm to fat to rock a Henley
M .JAMALUDDIN (1 month ago)
greetings from Indonesia🇲🇨🤝
Saif Mirza (1 month ago)
I need that black Theory Suit! 😭 I can’t find the tech suit on their website
Joseph Gordola (1 month ago)
Watching this and i noticed im wearing my LL Bean henley lol
bean Psycho (1 month ago)
I just disliked the video after watching this video, then myself in the mirror, *self esteem plunges*
ooi898 (1 month ago)
when i realised ive got the exact same demin jacket i was like: im not a desperate case in terms of style afterall hahaha
BPoole96 (1 month ago)
Hey what is the inseam on those Tan Designow Cargos. I'm thinking about buying it
Wise Words From Tyrone (1 month ago)
Great as always man!
Afsin вlaze (1 month ago)
Hey bro, How can I style for very hot days?
Angel Espinoza (1 month ago)
This is so full circle Jose Zuniga’s videos are full of sponsors and now he is able to sponsor other influencers
GSon Dunn (1 month ago)
I bought two ESNTL henleys. One black one white, sizing is really weird. I’m usually a large is most brands but had to get mediums in everything except pants. The quality is actually rpretty good and it has a nice blend so it won’t shrink. Interesting feel to them as with their shirts. Fire video tho, glad I subbed
Leigh Barrett (1 month ago)
what size is the theory suit?
Yashas Mavinakere (1 month ago)
Nothing against you Marcel. I watch all of your videos and love it. But ESNTLS is overpriced, over hyped with semi decent quality.
cj stats (1 month ago)
@Yashas Mavinakere I bought both a short sleeve and long sleeve t. I agree the price is a little high. But, the quality is definitely more than decent. I've never bought a store bought tshirt with better quality.
Yashas Mavinakere (1 month ago)
@cj stats Yes.
cj stats (1 month ago)
Have you tried them?
inoki7 (1 month ago)
Love the video love the content but marcel got that ass 🍑
Steve McCrory (1 month ago)
White ripped jeans in outfit 1 make it look scruffy - not dapper, or street.
Herobrine Master (1 month ago)
He did it again. This time is dislike
N. S. (1 month ago)
I've always heard Henley's are a no no if you're a skinny guy ...
Wise Words From Tyrone (1 month ago)
N. S. As long as you rock it with confidence it doesn’t matter what people sya
Meraj Haque (1 month ago)
Love your videos! It’d be awesome if you added the size you’re wearing in the description besides the links to the items in your future videos please 😭😭😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 It makes shopping your outfits SO Much simpler because we get an idea of how large the items run!
Nayan saxena (1 month ago)
Love it bro 😎
Boky (1 month ago)
Ankles and chests - ew!
Youngblood (1 month ago)
bomber jacoket doesn't fit on blue and white combo.
YassinLwest (1 month ago)
The colours of the henley also look really cheap and don't fit him at all
Cole Turner (1 month ago)
suit -killer )like all outfits
Miles Parker (1 month ago)
The black and white fit was the best
Akash deep (1 month ago)
Create a vedio Denim collection
Arjun Arora (1 month ago)
Marcel the type of Floruss... OH WAIT ! 😂
simo Ouadi (1 month ago)
Hello I am #Mohamed from Morocco I am one of your followers in this useful channel. I want you to translate under each video❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤like
Ricks corp (1 month ago)
Nice video , henley verry comfortable for daily activitiy
High School Fashion (1 month ago)
Where can I get a more affordable Henley, it looks nice however I don’t seeing myself throwing 40 dollars on a Henley
Ali Wazir (1 month ago)
Gap sometimes goes on sale
Malum 8 (1 month ago)
A few weeks ago, I picked up about 7 henleys from Abercrombie that were on sale online. They’re great quality and come in all the colors he uses in this vid.
Salvador Terrazas (1 month ago)
Just get a Fruit of the Loom shirt and it will last you for a while! They usually come in a 5-pack
Steve McCrory (1 month ago)
Selected Homme via bestsellerclothing.com - look for the split-neck long sleeve t-shirts
High School Fashion (1 month ago)
Miles Martin I’ve had the H&M and I didn’t really like it, I’ll try ASOS thanks!
ardian Nicolas (1 month ago)
Awesome. Keep it up ☺
Faraz Rahman (1 month ago)
Can you do one on how to style Grandfather/Mandarin collar shirts? At various levels of formality as well
R. Dwight (1 month ago)
Yes please!
Dhruv Gupta (1 month ago)
Yes nice idea!. This please!
Alexx11294 (1 month ago)
Way too expensive for a henley...
Marco Morales (1 month ago)
Just dont buy the ESNTLS ones, this are "made in china" quality. Great video ❤
Selim Sultan Akbar (1 month ago)
@Jhay Jay Yeah, but you try to get these idiots to understand...
lavaman233 (1 month ago)
Anything from Jose Zuniga is shite including his shilling YT channel.
Jhay Jay (1 month ago)
@hmongpride03 the more important is if it's comfortable ,it was made to be thin so it can comfortable and breathable for anyone
Cash Money (1 month ago)
@hmongpride03 make a review video and expose em, maybe compare it with h&m & asos
hmongpride03 (1 month ago)
@GSon Dunn the material is cheap by feel and wear very thin
Florian R (1 month ago)
I need some henleys so bad, but all on all that I've tried to far the buttons went down so far
Zhile Shen (1 month ago)
Great video Marcel😄
Midnight Cravings (1 month ago)
100% 👍
Jack Ross (1 month ago)
A henley should be a must in every guys wardrobe. I LOVE those Club Monaco Jeans.
Jack Ross (1 month ago)
@Herobrine Master 👍
Herobrine Master (1 month ago)
@Jack Ross lol, those clothes they made cost like no more than 3$ to make and they sell them for like 40$. Jose is like "why 500$ gucci t-shirt when you can buy a 30$ t-shirt from esntls. This is like saying why buying a house in New York for $1m when you can buy a house in desert for $900k?
Jack Ross (1 month ago)
@Herobrine Master Why not ESNTLS? Before I order.
Herobrine Master (1 month ago)
Yeah, just not from esntldsjohgb
Crazy Human Planet (1 month ago)
You nailed it!
Big Mark (1 month ago)
Definitely my favourite type of shirts ❤
This Is (1 month ago)
nice work bro

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