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NILLKIN Magic Disk III Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad

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Like it? Buy it: http://www.tagreat.com/nillkin-magic-disk-qi-wireless-charger-charging-pad-5v1a-p-73 Say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. The Nillkin Wireless Charger eliminates the need to fumble with charging cables each time you want to charge your device. The wireless charger is always ready, providing wireless power whenever you set your device on the it. - Compatible with any Qi-enabled device or a device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover. - Smart IC energy high efficiency management system design maximizes the output. - Easy to use, Just put your Qi-device on the pad and comes with a Solid Blue light indicator to show charging start. Follow Us: Website - http://www.TAGreat.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tagreat
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Text Comments (4)
anthony gomez (1 year ago)
Does it work on galaxy s8?
TAGreat (1 year ago)
Asif Asif (2 years ago)
yeah magic disc samsung j7-6me uplabdh he
Asif Asif (2 years ago)
samsung j7-6 me uplabdha he mejik deesk

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