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In the Heart of the Sea - Movie Review

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► Subscribe: https://goo.gl/0Mp4rn ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheJimmyCage ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheJimmyCage ► Instagram: https://instagram.com/jimmy.cage/ Jimmy Cage reviews In the Heart of the Sea (2015), starring Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Tom Holland, Cillian Murphy, Ben Whishaw and Brendan Gleeson. Directed by Ron Howard.
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KM Reviews (3 years ago)
i went in with big expectations, and liked the first half, and the second half was so dull and flat... I did a review on my channel as well, that i would love your input on if you get a chance!
Rachel's Reviews (3 years ago)
I didnt like it....It was dull, muddled and kind of disturbing
Jimmy Cage (3 years ago)
+Rachel Wagner I'm with you on the muddled part, but I liked the disturbing parts. :)
Will D (3 years ago)
Ron Howard films seem to always fall flat for me
Will D (3 years ago)
Backdraft got me checking the door knobs for heat before entering the room. Funny how shit like that effects childhood
Jimmy Cage (3 years ago)
+Will Dale He is for sure. :) Apollo 13 is still my favorite one of his I guess. Shame on me but I have never seen Edtv nor Backdraft. Have to check them out, especially Backdraft. :)
Will D (3 years ago)
+Jimmy Cage Just had a look at his filmography. Backdraft was a childhood favourite of mine which I didn't even realise he made. Edtv is an interesting one too. I remember getting that film confused with The Trueman Show when buying the DVD and being disappointed but actually it's a decent little movie. We'll he's a versatile director that's for sure.
Jimmy Cage (3 years ago)
+Will Dale I don't know. I was never the biggest fan but he made many movies I really liked... like Apollo 13, Frost/Nixon or his latest one, Rush.
RandomDUDE (3 years ago)
how come you saw this movie when its not released yet.Where did you seen it??
Well Mefisto (3 years ago)
+RandomDUDE Here in Brazil it's screening as well. I' ve seen it already.
Jimmy Cage (3 years ago)
+RandomDUDE It's one of the rare cases where the movie was released one week earlier here in Austria. :)
KM Reviews (3 years ago)
I did a shout out for your channel on my Krampus review
Jimmy Cage (3 years ago)
+Knittel Man Thank you so much. :) I will check it out later, right now I'm at work.

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