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Johnnie Guilbert http://youtube.com/johnnieguilbert Jakes Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ybnotv ••• Twitter: http://twitter.com/ourworldaway Instagram: http://instagram.com/ourworldaway Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OurWorldAway/ ••• Jeydon Wale http://youtube.com/jeyyounit11 Jordan Sweeto http://youtube.com/dansweeto Alex Dorame http://youtube.com/alexdorame ••• Song at the end Lil Aaron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skWI1OLdMQA Background music Nickasaur!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br5nUwL00T0
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Text Comments (413)
Back Seat Driver (6 days ago)
I accidentally licked my straightener once
Hayden Cline (10 days ago)
Jake Bateman
Superxfox (22 days ago)
Montana Waters (22 days ago)
2:23 wtf
Cute Devil (2 months ago)
HI JOHNNY!!! I justwant to say that I love your videos and that I really like emos tbh. That's a sweet challenge btw. Anyway sorry if I can't send my letter for you cause Idk how to get to the post office :( I'm bummed but, really like your videos. Pls Tell Jordan Sweeto about "Cute Devil" LOL
Emely Tijtgat (2 months ago)
Just what the F*BEEP*
I couldn’t even finish watching this 😂 I’m cringing hard and this hurts just looking 🤣
Alexa Millan (3 months ago)
Wait Don’t judge a book by its cover almost happened a year ago? I’m pretty sure I was dead... all along... I’m part of the Illuminati I’m pretty sure...
Ninja Fingers (3 months ago)
“Well you wuz wrong!” Lmao
Ahava Israel (3 months ago)
Emo or scene?
Dustin Bittencourt (3 months ago)
Spenser Knapp (3 months ago)
Anyone else ready to straiten their penis? I mean what I mean hairrrrr..... yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh
• Vamp Gacha • (3 months ago)
Cute Emos! ♡💐🖤
Emo Galaxy 223 (4 months ago)
Im new here and I subscribed and turned on the notification
Pigs 4 Life (4 months ago)
*Jake,Jake from State Farm*
Are you sure that chapstick isn’t starburst?
silver maxy scare (4 months ago)
Taylor Ann Hummon (4 months ago)
Shira Chitrit (4 months ago)
Yuno Gasai (4 months ago)
This was so funny haha
Yuno Gasai (4 months ago)
This whole time I thought emo people were just cringy while you guys are so funny especially I died at 4:15, subscribed!
pl4ant.brennan (5 months ago)
Johnnie:Did you really straighten my penis. Me:Yes
Lexi Senpai (5 months ago)
I've hated the never judge a book by its cover trend since it started
Wait.....did you actually think I was going to like my own comment? NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER! frick.
Maggie Carlton (5 months ago)
Jake from State Farm
Peter Umina (5 months ago)
Arnt you friends with jordan sweeto
Ticci_ Toby_Fan101 (5 months ago)
Jonnie I have a question does it hurt to get your lip perced (sorry if my spelling it bad)
Emo_Trash _Pig (6 months ago)
I'm laughing tooooooooo hard
Charlee Prutsman (6 months ago)
lee lee (6 months ago)
Blake The Dinosaur (6 months ago)
Maybe they should try bleach
Gacha Fanny (7 months ago)
Wow, thanks for calling me stupid... :(
Goner (7 months ago)
"That's not good for you" *johnny Gilburt*
What Is Life (7 months ago)
Omg DiD yOu ReAlLy ThInK I wAs gOiNg to cOmMeNt? *NeVeR JuDgE a BoOk bY its fRonT page*
AJ Awesome (7 months ago)
Two cute people OMG <3 *fangirls*
Valerie Kelley (7 months ago)
The part when u said never judge a book by its cover after u closed the computer i laughed so hard and i watched it over and over lolololol
Victor Hernandez Jr (7 months ago)
Think I was Gunna cut my self well you’re right
Victor Hernandez Jr (7 months ago)
Finally Emos agree with me on something
Emma x (8 months ago)
gacha fan (8 months ago)
Rip head phone users
Tamara Walker (8 months ago)
Astrec Arrow (8 months ago)
Omg I fell off my bed screaming they need help mt mom looked in and said no u do I died omg loved it
Freya-Elli (8 months ago)
He is so funny. Ahhahahahahhahhahahahaha
cutiepie muffin (8 months ago)
welp when life gives u lemons do do do do do do
Diana Drew (8 months ago)
Johnny if it's plugged in it hot. Lol I'm so happy I'm not young. What happen to trying 😉 and being mellow eating a few munchies ? These kids skipped the drugs and went straight to insanity. Lord we need the 80s back. And don't worry Johnny you would a loved the 80s fit right in my friend. 😊
Meemz & The perfect five (8 months ago)
THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID ( I mean the people on the musically) like if you agree
Mary Manson (8 months ago)
I adore you😂😂😂
Pro-Inner-Diamond ???! (8 months ago)
De stupid
eyeless Jackie hummsion (8 months ago)
You will be great Creepypasta hehe
Dark Demon (8 months ago)
why did u kill yourself for a video......
Lacy Cuvler (8 months ago)
At 4:39 jake dies
Onii Chan (8 months ago)
um which one is jordan sweeto?
Emo club (me)
FluffyKitten0622 PS4 (9 months ago)
Are u guys emo? If so I finaly have some one to relate to, I'm emo!
willow steelman (9 months ago)
I hate kids
Rosalene Life (9 months ago)
I love this video lol
Abby Brewster (9 months ago)
Lol 4:50 was so funny!!
Lorraine Kehinde (9 months ago)
Goner (9 months ago)
Well excuse you guys well I'm a child and yes I sometimes act weird and cuss but you just mean.....I WAS TRYING TO MAKE YOU MY DAD and my mom said she's my mom and I have a dad but its not you DAMMIT
Raven Nightshade (9 months ago)
Im starved after people eating things
Wicked HDz (9 months ago)
They look like fucking females
Fern The bee (9 months ago)
*WHAT IS WRONG WITH U* that part killed me
Hannah King (9 months ago)
Little Sweet Tooth (9 months ago)
Cheese (10 months ago)
Those kids are retarded! I bet they'll at least get a LITTLE sick from the soap. It's just so dumb... But you guys aren't! ;D
Hasly tuan (10 months ago)
El de pelo mono
Hasly tuan (10 months ago)
L love you
Yeemø Bandtrash (10 months ago)
2:33 I love Johnnies reaction to that musical.ly
Lily Travis (10 months ago)
Wow wasabi that's so hot except for when your like me and eat ghost peppers and Carolina reapers whole and plain daily
Samantha B (10 months ago)
It looked like johnnie was having a seizure
Napeta Leijon (10 months ago)
Johnnie: Jake from..... Me and my Friend:State Farm?
Suīcīda1 Rətarđ (10 months ago)
Jake from state farm XDDDD I'm sorry i just had to I'll leave now...
Oakley Alexander (10 months ago)
So if someone put up a gun up to their head your not suppose to think they are going to pull the trigger..? So you just walk by them holding a gun up to their head... CaUGh CauGh Stupid CaUGh
CaeFur! (10 months ago)
/ᴉoq/ʎƃƃnq// (10 months ago)
Did you really think I was going to straighten my penis? LMAO IM SUPPOSED TO BE ASLEEP AND IM TRYING SO HARD NOT TO DIE LAUGHING 😂😂😂😂 help
Angelz Inspire Me (10 months ago)
Wait, is this a febreeze commercial?😑
Katelyn Vaughn (10 months ago)
4:49 to 4:51 has me dead 😂😂😂
Laura Magana (10 months ago)
on 2:48 "THATS SO HOT..............the wasabi is hot 😬😯😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐"
First name surname (10 months ago)
How is this a don't judge a book by its CV over challenge???
That weird Kpop Fan (10 months ago)
Arctic wolf productions (10 months ago)
Did you really think I was going to drink this whole bottle of hand sanitizer well you were right never judge a book by its cover
Natalie Gonzalez (8 months ago)
EmoOverlord 013 Rip
Wolfie Blackheart (10 months ago)
Did Johnnie have a break down twords the end???
BloodMoonLps (10 months ago)
End it please
Jazlyn Syvret (10 months ago)
But why is Jake so attractive, I can only handle so many attractive people at once on this channel
Catty Laurans (10 months ago)
....jakes eyebrows are better than mine......😣 #teenlife
emo kid1616 (10 months ago)
Johnnie needs chill 😂
ROAD KILL (10 months ago)
my mom would fucking kill me if i cut my hair!!!
ROAD KILL (10 months ago)
he is wearing a space jam shirt holy fuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Didi Gonzales (10 months ago)
Did u really think I was gonna straighten my penis??
Awkward___ Box__ (10 months ago)
Theee cringeeee
G bts (11 months ago)
"well u was wrong😂"
Person 1 (11 months ago)
Space Ghoul (11 months ago)
Jake is so adorable
wakaran (11 months ago)
2 my faeforite tubers in same video thanks brous
Brillliant Song (11 months ago)
Johnnie I love your shirt bro
Anais Lim (11 months ago)
There was supposed to be a message to this 'trend' but people are stupid and did this😂😂
xMidnight.Queenx (11 months ago)
Akemi Oshiro (11 months ago)
i remind of me in my childhood, if i lie how to clean my mouth with a soup , it happenings, bad things
Dead To Me (11 months ago)
i honestly thought i was the only one who hated these vids XD

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