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How to install oracle 10g In windows 7/8/10

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Text Comments (11)
Shafiq Ya'acub (1 year ago)
Do i need to create loopback adapter?
Jay Vyas (1 year ago)
Please give link me to software
Wiesław Koźbiał (1 year ago)
Is it 10gR2 or R1? With R2 on Windows 7 Professional the oracle installer stops as OS version is too high
Rajkumar M B (1 year ago)
Please Send me Link to Download this application
the download link was removed from oracle website... i too dont have with me... ask your friends...dont stop ur search until your get All the best
ALOK Shakya (1 year ago)
Can you send me oracle 10g software on my email I'd I am not able to download it from internet please send this software on my email I'd my email I'd is [email protected]
i too dont have now my harddisk was crashed
Knowledge World (1 year ago)
setup download ni ho raha .... hlp plzz
Swathi Reddy (2 years ago)
Thank you so much....much helpful
Vrujal K (2 years ago)
Provide the download link please.....
venkat reddy (3 years ago)

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