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Easy Steampunk Clothing and Costumes

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A quick and handy guide to basic steampunk costuming for beginners. The MHS Hysteria is a Steampunk performance troupe known for our weekly video series here on Youtube. Subscribe to our channel! Check us out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mhshysteria Or catch a live performance at events around the New England area!
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Text Comments (29)
Jose O. (3 months ago)
The ladies outfit ideas were really pretty. I've always wanted a pocket watch.
Authenictruthoid (11 months ago)
Thank you ! This is good info , Peace
NocticonPlays (2 years ago)
you guys rock.
reefprayer resin (2 years ago)
Great video! Well done. Yay, to Steampunk! :D
TE (2 years ago)
Where can i find the video of the medal?
ItzJonny (2 years ago)
Wrist watches were in the 1600 in Britain
Stephen Williams (2 years ago)
what a super helpful video. thanks guys!
christan budney (3 years ago)
I have never done steampunk was looking for a couple of ideas that are fun and easy; I really like the video but I have one question, could some of the guys accessories be also useful for women, and could a steampunk costume be easily made for plus size women or man?
Samuitsuki (3 years ago)
+christan budney I have this trouble that I have friend who is plus sized, and she has problem finding suitable clothing in her size for a steampunk attire.
I am a volunteer at a railway museum that is holding their second annual Steampunk event in a couple of weeks I was wondering if you have any suggestions for any simple low cost things that I could do with the uniform I wear when I am there. I don't know if this will help you in giving me advice but I work as a trolley motorman and train conductor and I dress in traditional conductor attire when I am at the museum.
Briana Frias (2 years ago)
+TheRandomMuffinOfROBLOX your late though and I'm later
Okay cool thanks for the response and suggestion. 
MagicMuffin223 (3 years ago)
Just put some gears, silver, gold, brass etc buttons, and metallic stuff on it.
Pam Peterson (3 years ago)
thank you!! I understand the concept of the costumes now.
The blonde lady is really beautifull!
Brie Stoll (4 years ago)
That was a life saver !!! SUBSCRIBED !! 
StarTributeFilms (5 years ago)
This was great help! Thanks!
Adam Harmon (5 years ago)
And some of us need all the help we can get Heather :-p
Heather Wallwork (5 years ago)
I don't know what it is about steampunk but it automatically makes men ten times more handsome...
Adam Harmon (5 years ago)
Girls wear all sorts of top hats. Women in stylised men's fashion was pretty popular. Look at the vampire woman in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
feenyx blue. (5 years ago)
How would you do female airship hand/ piolot? Also, do girls get away with top hats in steampunk?
Amelie Labrosse (2 years ago)
feenyx blue. I'm a steam punk I wear a hat but it's flatter not a top hat
Kaden Barnes (5 years ago)
He said not all steampunk are goggles but all goggles are steampunk I think it would make more sense visa versa
Malcolm Reynolds (5 years ago)
you will probably never reply but i'll ask anyway. oh dear where's my manners HI!!! loved the vid. okay so my character or persona is a renegade Airship Pirate and my outfit is a regular white and blue stried shirt (similar to sweeney todds) and a khaki vest/waistcoat with a cab driver style hat brown hat with of course steampunk goggles ontop and yes a steampunk gun. will that be perfect or not enough to look steampunk??? please answer back i have a convention in a week
dontblink87 (5 years ago)
oh that was brilliant! so helpful. thanks! :)
BC Dunn (6 years ago)
Well done, well done. You taken an oft complicated concept and made it understandable. Brilliant and thank you.
freekuzoyd (6 years ago)
i wouldnt wear the tie
ian elley (6 years ago)
Thanks for the info, my wife and i have been invited to our first steampunk function, money is tight and your suggestions have really helped !!
lynn ingram (6 years ago)
Very helpful/ great video

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