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Hailey Baldwin’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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The 21-year-old model shares her tried-and-true tricks for faking a back from the beach glow. Filmed by Lucas Flores Piran Filmed at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Hailey Baldwin’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Text Comments (7212)
María Merry (13 hours ago)
People don't even know her name, she's only JB's wife. Wtf guys.
Gitanjali k Bora (15 hours ago)
She's gorgeous 😘😘
Nelia Dali (1 day ago)
1:32 OKUR
fatiha sohaimi (1 day ago)
I loveeee herr so much. Shes so gorgeous..
ACSW (2 days ago)
Sharptooth Trex (2 days ago)
She has beautiful legs just as if Ireland Baldwin and Kim Basinger do. Hailey and Ireland Baldwin must join Celebrity Legs Hall of Fame.
She’s so cute and nice here, but now she’s so changed..!😕
Srk Srk (2 days ago)
Beautiful girl
she got lip fillers?
Annastasia Mitrovic (4 days ago)
She ist sooo cute, beautiful and natural i love she ❤️❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️❤️❤️🥰
lmao tea (4 days ago)
Michaela Long (4 days ago)
She looks the exact same as when she started
Michaela Long (4 days ago)
she’s literally rubbing in the blush & the drops into her hands lmao she doesn’t know how to put her face on
Jess Godness (5 days ago)
I think she is really honest and friendly 💗So cute
T W (5 days ago)
Her lips not this big before.. Injection seems to get everyone
Rose Wood (5 days ago)
She actually seems really fun... but a bit like a 12 years old.
Nadine M (5 days ago)
So naturally beautiful and such a sweetheart. Love her
lol tea? (6 days ago)
she’s so cute huh
Farjana Aktar (6 days ago)
Anyone february 2019 Who came here after watching hailey bieber 73 questions ?????
Farjana Aktar (6 days ago)
I don't know why people hate her .... she is so sweet and cute
Acep firmansyah (6 days ago)
jaime lannister
Zehra Satikboga (6 days ago)
Girl you don’t need make up 😂♥️
Alexia Julie (6 days ago)
Who thinks Hailey should start her own YouTube channel she is so entertaining ? Just me ?
Kimiloo Zhang (6 days ago)
And than they did 73 questions with Hailey BIEBER
Arya Shinde (6 days ago)
Selena Gomez makeup routine pleaseeeee
Andrea Villamor (7 days ago)
No wonder why bieber married her😍
María Carla Cabrera (7 days ago)
Ah la que no tiene autoestima y se casó con un tipo que tampoco tiene autoestima
Sophia Green (7 days ago)
you are so pretty
Hidden Kitten (7 days ago)
she's NICE. but they r all nice. WHAT CAN SHE DO???? why is she in front of thte camera? everyone has something great about them. she literally demons trated  that what she CANNOT do. lol I'm sick of this kardashian trend.
an's world world (7 days ago)
she's so cute omg
Afeefa Taranum (7 days ago)
She didn't use foundation superb
Tash Jey (7 days ago)
I need this in my life.
Veronica Frasca (7 days ago)
shes gorgeous ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Veronica Frasca (7 days ago)
i love hailey :))))
Sharon Kim (7 days ago)
"Slay." ahahahahaha
Baran Taskin (7 days ago)
You are beautiful ❤
Teona M (7 days ago)
she kinda looks like pia mia😂 ( its not hate or anything i just think she looks kinda like her and their both very beautiful )
cr7 (7 days ago)
Am here only reason that she engaged with jb
The Gacha life 101 (7 days ago)
People u can’t judge her on who she loves!
Zoey Anne (8 days ago)
Hating just because she's dating justin? Makes no sense
Rafael Moreira (8 days ago)
She looks like a stripper, I'm not a fan of Justin..
Emma xx (8 days ago)
She seems like such a sweetheart! You did good Justin
Aleana Benabese (8 days ago)
James Charles is QUAKING
Kylee June (8 days ago)
Her Bronzer is hella dark lmao love you Hailey! No hate
ZOFY:SENPII (8 days ago)
She is cute but wicked.
Misterhe Music (8 days ago)
no name (8 days ago)
ugh it makes me sad that people hate her just bcz shes engaged to justin. its totally not her fault. jelena shippers keep blaming hailey. she liked him and its not her mistake that justin cheated on selena..shes cute , kind and adorable lets just stop hating her for no reason
Hazza Styless (8 days ago)
Cadı tırnaklı İLHLGOYOÜSÜYODUğoud
mxsic.a ah (8 days ago)
I am literaly loving this gurl💙
knock knock (8 days ago)
love her nails
Vivi Ane (8 days ago)
Now u're married to Justin. it's so amazing girl
Monica DuBois (9 days ago)
This just proves that I am ugly
Vickie (9 days ago)
Watching in 2019, now she's Justin Bieber's wife... she's a typical California Girl, cute!
Nicole Troszak (9 days ago)
“Desert island”
Chris Crica (9 days ago)
She's ugly
Judy Kingston (9 days ago)
I think she is beautiful, inside and out .
Syra Johal (9 days ago)
More than 70% of the comment are about Justin
Jiney Pop (9 days ago)
I get it now
‘Honeyy bun ‘ (9 days ago)
I love how she doesn’t use to much makeup💓
Kylie Grande (9 days ago)
She is cutie pie
Hana Turner (9 days ago)
She's so pretty
Judiee beee (10 days ago)
I don't know why people hate on her...
XOTWOD Sisters (10 days ago)
Hold up did anyone notice when she said glow nothing was there? Anyone?
masshela (9 days ago)
XOTWOD Sisters 🙋🏽‍♀️
A_N_ N_A (10 days ago)
Justin is so lucky for having her...she's cute, kind, beautiful and perfect
marialima lima (10 days ago)
She is amazing😍❤❤
Safy Mohamady (10 days ago)
"i know where my hands have been"
Jrr. bieber (10 days ago)
sorry..but It's hailey bieber 🙂🔥
deja brew (10 days ago)
Shes so attractive :(🖤
hjlol (10 days ago)
I don’t get why people hate her lmao? She’s literally so cute and that smileee thooo ❤️❤️🤤
mel k (10 days ago)
I haven’t seen one hate comment yet all I’ve seen is people saying there’s a lot of people hating😂 and a ton saying that they thought she used to be rude and stuff but then they watched this and they thought she was nice😂
jen smith (10 days ago)
am i the only one who thinks she's a bit like emma roberts?
Stephanie Knowles (10 days ago)
Fingernails are not natural, neither is the haircolour. How about collaborating with Weleda Products?
Eesha Singh (10 days ago)
I don't think that was 5 steps... 😂
Hayat Usmani (10 days ago)
Chriswinter (10 days ago)
JUST ADMIT IT ALREADY. *ya'll can't stop loving her*
Tati Has (10 days ago)
She was a Baldwin .
سيف الدين (11 days ago)
Lore jastn and selena lore lore lore you...
I'm Sad (11 days ago)
I'm still really sad for Selena and stuff, but Halley looks kind of a nice person..
Ace Delos Reyes (11 days ago)
Ghaad I am starting to love her♥
Chloe Mena (11 days ago)
Beauty secret with selena gomez, please..
Chloe Mena (11 days ago)
She's funny actually..
Chris Mccullough (11 days ago)
Cute rings
intan fadila (11 days ago)
She is so beautiful ❤
Marcina Yesudas (11 days ago)
-Hailey-Baldwin- HAILEY BIEBER
Stephanie Arthur (11 days ago)
She looks younger without makeup
mehhhhhhhmehhhhhhmeh (11 days ago)
I'd marry her too in a heartbeat if I was Justin
F. M (11 days ago)
she's tryna be cute, i have to laugh
F. M (11 days ago)
ducky's gettin famous, huh
Bubbles 2 (11 days ago)
I need like 20 minutes for my eyebrows !!!!!
Fercia Glen (11 days ago)
so pretty
BLUE PANTHER (12 days ago)
One thing I am sure of. Models love to use bronzer everytime😊
Ghee Snake (12 days ago)
She is the most beautiful girl
Arielle Mendez (12 days ago)
You know I LOVED selena and justin together but it wasnt meant to be. I truly believe hailey and justin are perfect for each other.
Monique Broady (12 days ago)
Chloe Rosenblatt (12 days ago)
More people need to watch this vid that have bad perceptions of her
janaX live (12 days ago)
You don't waste the make-up this is good
Laura Beatriz (12 days ago)
Parece a irmã gemea do Justin.
Emilia Konopka (12 days ago)
I love that she doesn't make much makeup queen
Emaaa _ (13 days ago)
Shes soooooo pretty❤❤ Gosh i cant:D❤
Skye Dragun (13 days ago)
You mean Hailey Bieber

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