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Purchase Order of Michael Kors/Coach Handbag Ft. It'sAnnSharp

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Another great way of making money at home during my live streaming. A friend in Youtube Community purchase a Michael Kors Handbag and Coach crossbody bag. Please check her channel and click this link below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHE4kBs7-eB26XK3XoiUltQ/videos Please check Amazon store halohalogm.com Please check Ebay Store Unique407juliet
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Text Comments (69)
Lea Velasquez (4 months ago)
Ano name ng mk na bag plsssss
Art&Craft with PRATIMA (7 months ago)
nnice bags.....i am interested....to have frm u
Miz July (10 months ago)
Ang ganda nmn ng bag sis jureal
Reyna Galvez (10 months ago)
Tagal ko ng hanap yan size ng michael ate juliet..at ganyan design ❤️
Win Castro (10 months ago)
Jean Hartmann (10 months ago)
Bet ko rin tong bag na to eh. Sinusulyapan ko lng yan sa likod mo te.
Wensy&kapila (10 months ago)
Wow ka nindot sa order ne sis ann sis jul
Cleta D (11 months ago)
Dami benta sis Jul. Goodluck sa business sis more sales to come
julreallife (11 months ago)
Praise the Lord blessings din yan
YouTuber Priyu Life (11 months ago)
YouTuber Priyu Life (11 months ago)
Nice ..m ur new frnd... Nice bags .... Stay in touch...bk me frnd...
MEG JOURNEY (11 months ago)
Nice te jul
Pinay in Denmark (11 months ago)
ang ganda ng Mk brown
SHAH TOP STOP (11 months ago)
good very nice
Wow sis sipag mo super mom💋❤️
Arts mix tutorial (11 months ago)
Hi your new supporter from EvecalmasKithen live stream
Jadeeey Suelto (11 months ago)
support back thanks
Davids Angel (11 months ago)
Nice Bags...I love them
Welyn Mores (11 months ago)
Hi.. I waved you. Am ur new friend hehe. Sana maka wave back ka dn sis. Salamat.
Hello, I saw you on one of James Cox livestreams. I liked, added to playlist #iamacreator. Hit the support button and commented.
GratefulFilipina (11 months ago)
Hi sis, your new friend here ;) Nice bags sis...
zalina finz (11 months ago)
Ganda naman ng mga bags na order ni AnneSharp Jul.
Huge Belle & Madi (11 months ago)
Yes i want to learn some more sis.
Roger Junior (11 months ago)
Thanks for sharing *JULREALLIFE!*
jenny castañeda (11 months ago)
Hello sis Julia im new here tagal kung hindi na pindot ikaw..
IT'S ME JENNY D (11 months ago)
Helo sis jul ka gwpa sa mga bag oi knus a paka ha ko kapalit ana hehehe
Tha Payne's (11 months ago)
Really glad I came across you in the livestream..I love your business savvy ness. Great at home business ideas and it looks like you take care in packaging your items..that’ll keep your customers happy!
Jasmine D (11 months ago)
New sub from the live stream. Full watch, and like. Nice handbags, and this is a great idea!! 😊
Lovely Stef (11 months ago)
hi sis new subbie here:) sana makavisit ka rin sa channel q, mwuah!
Ailene M (11 months ago)
hi sisss new friend here po. sana makasuporta ka din sa aking channel 🙂🙂
Simply Us95 (11 months ago)
Love the brown purse my forevermore I’m back na hehe
Michelle Fiskilis (11 months ago)
ang ganda ng mga bags
i always like coach purse ,, thankx for sharing new friend from #IAmAcreator
Diana Hoffmann Laursen (11 months ago)
Hi i come from James Cox live i support you and I love your bags 😊i liked and share your video on my playlist tfs 👍
Mal dan (11 months ago)
Te invito a mi canal. Suscríbete a mi canal. Estaré encantado de nuevos amigos. Eres bienvenido.
knightrandom (11 months ago)
Great video I hit the red subscribe button and the bell stay connected
Jeffito's Movie Blog (11 months ago)
Stopping by to say hi from IAmACreatorThon12.
KETO Liscious Life (11 months ago)
Hello supporting you! <3
Songul Dewitt (11 months ago)
Beautiful handbags my friend. Like # 16
Annie Johnson (11 months ago)
Hi new friend. Saw you on James Cox channel. I came to support you and hit all the right buttons. Love the purses
JesKay (11 months ago)
ooo very cute bags ❤️
Jay's World (11 months ago)
*Great video. I love the hand bags. I have the Michael Kros bag in Black. I saw you on **#IAmACreatorTHON12** livestream and I’m here to support you. I have watched and hit your red support button 😊*
Hedgehog Comedian (11 months ago)
like , suport and share on my facebook, see my channel
I love bags specially gucci bag~♥
Hello julialife i love it♥will come back again!♥♥♥julie from South Korea!♥
Roxie Gutz (11 months ago)
Gusto ko talaga yang MK chong! black chong please! Ako chong mu business nalang ko. lol
Wow another blessing day...congrats po!!!
Ramon Lerma (11 months ago)
Sure looks Nice!
Dienzl Leal (11 months ago)
Ganda naman po ng bag na yan.
Mariz RealiTV (11 months ago)
Mamey...ganda nung brown mk 😘
Mariz RealiTV (11 months ago)
Gaganda naman mamey...
😍 wow!:)love it🦋
Cynthia Malubay (11 months ago)
Ang ganda ng bag 😍... parang gusto q na mag order sis... I love the surprise :)
Maria Carla E. (11 months ago)
Super love the MK bag.😍
jm channel (11 months ago)
Blessings na pod jul sa baligya halinon. Thanks for sharing the tips jul
joseph albert (11 months ago)
another halin na pod jul chada mn gyud imo mga bags
Doris Mapagmasid (11 months ago)
Cute yong hand bag
Sean Williams (11 months ago)
Wow very beautiful very good sister too are good friend Annsharp always amazing job sister sorry for missing your last live that was my first time I.was sleeping at the time
mhay Labrador (11 months ago)
Ng focus jud ko sa imo pag ka slang sis ba. Patakod ana imo English diha sis hehhehe anyway ingon ani diay mag package galing very safe ang products
A&B Variety TV (11 months ago)
Second comment ako, na beat ako ni sesh RP! Ate Jules, anong website po we want to buy wallets!
A&B Variety TV (11 months ago)
julreallife dugay na ako dinhi tonto pa ako gihapon. Punta lang me sa amazon store and look for your store?
A&B Variety TV (11 months ago)
Hahaha, it was a fun LIVE! Maraming salamat that u were there!
SUPER RP (11 months ago)
A&B Slot Channel hahahH i know right i beat u brotha.. by the way i am having fun into your live earlier but i got nosebleed. Joke i am looking forward to attend to ur live again. ❤️
julreallife (11 months ago)
Na miss ko live mo:-( PAg punta ko wala na ill put a link at the bottom sa descriptions sa store :-), Thanks
Inday Rosie (11 months ago)
Love the handbag..
julreallife (11 months ago)
Thank you Inday Rosie For watching :-)
SUPER RP (11 months ago)
Ayan first comment here.. ang galing namam ..❤️👍🏻
SUPER RP (11 months ago)
Oo nga eh.. 😂❤️👍🏻
julreallife (11 months ago)
Hahahah na beat mo daw ni A&B Slot Channel:-) Thank you Ryl, take care

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