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Don Trip "Letter To My Son" Motion Picture directed by Joe "Yung Spike" Gotti

6988 ratings | 1257438 views
Directed by joe yung spike gotti @memphisjoegotti @MrDonTrip www.MrDonTrip.com
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Text Comments (829)
smooth operator (11 months ago)
Who's still listening in 2018??
Still bang 🔥🔥
op domination (2 years ago)
still here 2016 . fuck dat biatch
mike korbel (2 years ago)
Thank you for the inspiration. Known this song for a couple years. Now I have my 2 boys everyday during the week and once on the weekend. Every week!!! I fought for it and got it!!!
Jw Summerhill (2 years ago)
mike korbel man what did you do. I really need help
ItsJustComedy (3 years ago)
Can we get Don Trip on a "Where are they now" ???
Diondre Bratten (2 years ago)
+WhiteBoiGotti listen to Cleo Never Dies.. Shit dope
WhiteBoiGotti (3 years ago)
he dropping one this month.. junt goin in to bruh
King Supah (3 years ago)
He's still going today !
Gerald Callahan (4 years ago)
I can relate
Bigg-up healing water (5 years ago)
i am still going thru this with my children and its ashame that  there are people out there that don't care that a child needs both original parents!!!!!
Bigg-up healing water (5 years ago)
Bigg-up healing water (5 years ago)
Rodger Boatwright (5 years ago)
Shit! Sad that so called women have to put a man who want to take care of their child. Good luck to all the fathers that's going through this!
592THERON (5 years ago)
still my song in 2014 
+868THERON still my song in 2k16
Jeshiem Al-amin (5 years ago)
I miss my son :( I hate these courts and these women that use the kids as a weapon 
Butkivichj (5 years ago)
real shit ever rapped about!!!
c rice (5 years ago)
I just wanna see my child
fukoffleavemealone smi (5 years ago)
he ruined it!!!!! this version was amazing....kind of touched me lmfao. Don trip you rock...i hope you see your..or hell get your kid back!! >x)
Caylee Murray (5 years ago)
this made me cry
datdudedre (5 years ago)
Good I didnt like the version with cee lo
BeyondGravity509 (5 years ago)
1:29 >.<......to real
mad mike bro (5 years ago)
I real man will do ANYTHING to see his child. Dont necessarily like his music, but I know a lot of people can vibe to this track.
Michial Dunn (5 years ago)
almost made me cry..
Cali Livinn (6 years ago)
don trip that nigggggggga.
cordlessfone (6 years ago)
this shit is perfectly what im goin thru rite now
Andrew Turkington (6 years ago)
MASSIVE track! heard this shit two years ago and been bangin wit you since my dawg. stay trill.
elWonderPimp (6 years ago)
I went through this shit,this hits me hard.
marcus booth (6 years ago)
Jessica Coleman (6 years ago)
I love don trip, I understand what he saying. Everybody is taking sides. Women don't let men see they sons because they can't stand each other, men walk out. Feel me? I don't want to affend Mr.Don Trip, I just want to put that out there.
steadypaper (6 years ago)
this shits deeper than rapppp
wondy bersan (6 years ago)
i like the original video better
Ramz Finest (6 years ago)
I Felt This Song *as a Real Father U Will Understand*
Alex Meyer (6 years ago)
shane abens (6 years ago)
he just wanna see his child
TRIQQA (6 years ago)
one of da realest on dis rappin shit
Haram Ahdawan (6 years ago)
Gerardo Torres (6 years ago)
chow !
ItsGenesisMusic (6 years ago)
I promised my mom that one day I will be able to fly her out to the Philippines so she can see her family..And I know it will take time but with hard work I can do it. I don’t rap about money, hoes or drugs, I just rap from my heart. I know I’m not the best rapper out there YET but im telling you..I have so much potential. Thumbs up if you love your mom!
regilly (6 years ago)
feelin this .. love up Don Trip
Alilyah McCrary (6 years ago)
Honest music Good job Don Trip ;)
Ashlee Eubanks (6 years ago)
this made me love my ex even more wen he dedicated dis 2 his son...i still love him n admire him bc of da shit he goes through n he jus wanna b a gud father...i will always love you <3
Yung Keis (6 years ago)
CHeck out Yung Keis - My Mind
andy anderson (6 years ago)
honestly this is my favorite video kuz cee lo kinda kills its for don hes much better alone
The Profit Bands (6 years ago)
real shit
Mendez K (6 years ago)
im not going trough this at all but i can feel the fuck outa these lyrics
Karel2015 (6 years ago)
Ey if you like this, check out his songs Like Me and Lawyer
grimy productions (6 years ago)
Don Trip this is a massive track, emotional shit!! 5*
Harvey Jennings (6 years ago)
is it just me....can't stop clicking play
Dank-Boi x3000 (6 years ago)
No he sounds like Don Trip
bigron363 (6 years ago)
sound like lil wayne
Jose Umdabest (6 years ago)
Song for all men that work to take care they sons, I don't give a fuck what color race or creek
mainaschaffffk (6 years ago)
respect this 100percent, real ish
ADAM LITTLETON (6 years ago)
Awesome song. I know exactly how he feels.
BellTinkertink (6 years ago)
Don't make no comment until you in his shoes, cause we just looking from the outside in. I feel this song.
Barz Sace (6 years ago)
But he not a dope dealer he got a record deal
Mz Reina (6 years ago)
How is this song made for his song and all he is doing is talking shit about his child's mother... No wonder he can't see his son...
Kennedy Hinton (6 years ago)
I Bet his baby mama feel STUPID
Brandon Page (6 years ago)
I like this song. The same shit going on in my life
Whyyoudo Dis (6 years ago)
Describes my situation bigg ups to don trip
christian baack (6 years ago)
realist nigha out there
Chunchi's World (6 years ago)
Wow I live this song. It makes me wanna punch the bitch.
Kendarian smith (6 years ago)
This Shit Went Hard
BeatzCk Plantillas (6 years ago)
catchfree84 (6 years ago)
1:10 dem titties
JCacopardo87 (6 years ago)
Big ups to Don Trip on his success... true MC who has a lot to tell in his lyrics Please go check out my page and listen to my first single its called "hip hop"
Griggs Bolius (6 years ago)
This goes out to all who feel a child is a cash register cha-ching!
Ya Boy Paps (6 years ago)
@EhamIsaboss 63 people are white
Ya Boy Paps (6 years ago)
63 people are retarded moms
Armani Sr (6 years ago)
Funny, i saw this dudes songs last year and blasted them about, glad they finally hit some powerful minds that helped him come up…. big ups to those involved. Holla at me, this lito cuban american mofo right here needs some of that music cheddar to blast MissBikiniMiami(DOT)com off the ground, holla
MM Chuck (6 years ago)
I like
king Clark (6 years ago)
Thinking that I love her when I shouldn't even like her
Joseph Rosario (6 years ago)
Fuck my baby mom's can't stand that bitch only seen my son once never seen him after..don't regret my son for nothing in the world but I regret it had to be with her
cadillactoddd (6 years ago)
Man Fuck my baby momma
515dirtymoneyisland (6 years ago)
I'm goin threw it everyday ( cuz i din't love like I use to)
NicoDa1 (7 years ago)
please let the man see his chow.
DaJon Barnes (7 years ago)
On everything... this video can bring tears to a real Gs eyes. Shout out to all the real dads
Chuch On That!!
Dundunitwal Ps4 (7 years ago)
real shit 100%
BRIGGADE23N1 (7 years ago)
IiMZSlyboy (7 years ago)
Fuck Cee Lo Gren. (NOt really, i just the that they stuck him in the sing)
Jacob YouTube channel (7 years ago)
Good song .. I'm going through this shit.. Stupid bitch I just wanna see my child!!!
boss mann (7 years ago)
what my niGGA killed
KidTragic (7 years ago)
One of the deepest songs I've heard, then I go to look up his other songs and its all bullshit... cmon man.
Kiing (7 years ago)
@prodigy...I'm sure them 61 ppl are babymama's who are like this...smh
Shawn Abbott (7 years ago)
datz why bitch azz babymamaz be on da 10'o clocc newz I'm not dat far from knoccin minez off da face of da Earth
Michael Marsh (7 years ago)
60 people dont wanna see their chow!!!!
Kyle Autry (7 years ago)
That's nice bro
Ewmarr Thompson (7 years ago)
Wtf, I ddnt say anything about the song. I was talking bout dudes comment.
josé madrigal (7 years ago)
bitch let him see CHOW !!!!
blakebellamy82 (7 years ago)
Go on datpiff dot com, he should have the instrumentals on there and when you put it on youtube, make sure you give the link to the site that you got the instrumentals.
blakebellamy82 (7 years ago)
His best song by far. He reminds me of Jeezy by the realness in his voice.
snipa lawless (7 years ago)
some of the realest shit i even heard... nothing but respect for u as an artest and as a man do ur thing don.. if u have time check out freezy so ice on the youtube (rep my city or street animals)
the420NEWS (7 years ago)
he gonna feel the way you felt when you first saw it, sad. but happy to know his father let the world know that he wanted to be in his life. most fathers dont care 2 cents about the children. but us fathers that do, still get treated like lil wayne at a Oklahoma playoff game
the420NEWS (7 years ago)
its hate for the way his ex is acting. not hate for her. I know, Im going through the same crap. &Itch move on, these nuts already did really its the truth, I just want to see my kid :)
Get2Notice (7 years ago)
boss mann (7 years ago)
this song is one of my fav it speaks what im goin threw he word it shit like how its been goin down for me u killed it dawg much love
boss mann (7 years ago)
its hate for his xs as well
jonathan mora (7 years ago)
how do you get the instrumental to this song and post it on youtube without copyright issues?? reply
Tavarius Hampton (7 years ago)
Me too..
jmoney23fun (7 years ago)
Shut the fuck nobody care about ur daughter ,quit lying
trenna smith (7 years ago)
that shit right there nigga wooooooooooo
SexciRed036 (7 years ago)
love this... don i love your work. i gotta do my rendition to this, letter to my daughter basically explaining how her father dont wanna be in her life but she wants him to be :(
Sick Thought (7 years ago)
I can sooo relate ..real talk i just want to see my daughter dammit , why is it that women use the kids to get back at the dads and make us look like we don't give two fucks about our kids when we really do n we bustin our ass to put food on the damn table!
Will Nafei (7 years ago)
don trip is my nigga i aint go lie he spits straight fire, but ya boy is ug as fuck
Patrick Philogene (7 years ago)
does this song sample the same song as JR writers "my life" heres the song right here..

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