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SH*T HAPPENS in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (Gross!! funny video ends in the sh*t!)

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After a fantastic one-night stand with a hot man, a girl makes herself comfortable in his apartment. The perfect moment is spoiled only by a problem with the plumbing of his toilet... this hilarious short film is by French film-maker Thibault Mombellet.
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Text Comments (7)
baillie (5 years ago)
how did I get to this WEIRD part of the internet
Nova (5 years ago)
What did I just waste my life watching..
Ryan West (6 years ago)
God, ever since I first started using this website this SAME EXACT story has been made and remade for what feels like a billion times.
robert karas (6 years ago)
what is?
Kyng (6 years ago)
There is a similar door lock commerical.
Bradley Porter (11 months ago)
kaleb roberts (6 years ago)
That was ****ing gross

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