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The Oracle Reading HQ receives news of Bracknell's new shopping centre

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News of Bracknell's new shopping centre reaches the Oracle's HQ in Reading.
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Hertog von Berkshire (9 months ago)
Well scripted. Love it.
J A M I E (10 months ago)
Hilarious, very well done! :)
Hatch Tips (1 year ago)
Haha!!! Man I used to live in Bracknell for 3 years. I left to move back home when they were about to finish the whole thing :(
James CyberLink (1 year ago)
Oh, come on. These parodies really are outdated. Nice concept, though! Someone should act out a British English version. Anyone?
Alex Roberts (1 year ago)
James CyberLink but England wasn't defeated in the war so it wouldn't make sense.

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