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Dice Control: Cardboard Box Dice Rig Part 3

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Text Comments (22)
Joe Egusquiza (1 month ago)
koganinja777 (1 month ago)
Your welcome!
Jonathon (4 years ago)
Thanks man your videos are great I'm just starting with dice setting its been one week and I'm making 15to 20 roll hands
koganinja777 (4 years ago)
Pope686, Thats great man keep up the good work!
swiftsilent11 (6 years ago)
you have some great videos here
swiftsilent11 (6 years ago)
you need to start tracking every session 10- 15 20 min sessions. and logging every through that you make to start predicting your ratio's.
Skuzzy (6 years ago)
Thanks for these videos, i have been practicing quite a bit and just got a table for myself. Last trip to the casino i threw for 45-60 mins, needless to say, made a bunch of money.
djbthunder (6 years ago)
why do you suggest 25-30 inches wide? Kinda hard to find cardboard boxes that wide
LeDeb Littlefoote (6 years ago)
Koganinja777, I have longer throws at home (14-21). But it has not gotten better in a live game. What am I doing wrong? Is the hardways the best way to set the dice? Also how can I throw the dice to hit the wall and die?
awesometastic187 (6 years ago)
I find the cardboard to be far less bouncy than the actual casino felt, but its useful for practicing my aim
LeDeb Littlefoote (6 years ago)
how can i get better at my aim? i am not hitting that small square
Scott Martin (1 year ago)
> "i am not hitting that small square" You can start off with a much bigger square using red masking tape. Then once you're able to hit that bigger square, you can remove the tape, and make the square a little smaller. As you get better, you can keep reducing the size of the square until it's the suggested size (the size of a pack of cards).
LeDeb Littlefoote (6 years ago)
Koganinja, I live in TN where can I get dice?
Joseph louis Puntawe (6 years ago)
sir thanx you so much
Rich Sangsland (6 years ago)
This is my 5th week and last weekend I threw three hard 6’s in a row at the casino.
Rich Sangsland (6 years ago)
I am starting the forth week with the dice rig. I just had a rather good roll at the casino, I was able to make point three times.
Really377 (7 years ago)
I love your videos! But how much do you make in a session? And is it consistent? Thanks Koga!
Rich Sangsland (7 years ago)
This rig works real good. I just rolled for 45 minutes at a real craps table after using this rig.
Arthur Withheld (7 years ago)
Thanks for the video. The rig I used was a kinda big, this new one is more portable. You said the box should be 25" across, the box I use is about 12" across. Since you still want the dice to basically drop after hitting the back wall, and for that you don't need a wide box. The only minor adaptation I made is use that excess cardboard as a landing pad instead. The dice will "chew up" the floor of the box fast, but doing this will extend the life of the rig.
TheRandomRoller (7 years ago)
Good job. The casino that I play in only allows is to turn the dice one rotation and say "No dice setting!" That stinks. However. if you toke the crew they will give you the dice with the 4's on top. I wish I could get to Las Vegas more often. TheRandomRoller
Ploppy101011 (7 years ago)
Ha, just watched part 2 7 - 6 inches... got it..
Ploppy101011 (7 years ago)
Hey man, good work so far on all your videos. I've been a dice control 'fan' for a long time and I'm just now really putting the effort in to getting a solid throw. I know there are about 3 different sizes of tables 12 14 and 16 ft tables and I'm pretty sure the ones where I live are 16. So with that being said, I've seen the videos on the 8 physical elements and cant get a good feel for exactly the distance to the pyramids to land my dice. So whats your take?

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