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Tacha Seawright (1 month ago)
I got exact same thing.
Auburritos Yum! (3 months ago)
All I can say is, jealous
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Auburritos Yum! 💙💙💙
Ur lucky that u have all of this pink stuff.....😭😭😭
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Livi's Life I’m a little obsessed lol 💙💙💙
Aminah A (4 months ago)
That’s soooooo cute
J Lynn (4 months ago)
Aminah A thank you! 💙💙💙
JAZZY RAZZI (5 months ago)
the wheelies are on sale for $65, (not the hard case tho) I had to get one, normal price was $120!!!
Madison Ramirez (5 months ago)
You are so gorgeous
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Madison Ramirez awe thank you so so much!!! 💙💙💙
Joanna Karavia (5 months ago)
You are coming to my country GREECE and to mykonos that I go every year! Hope to meet you!
Joanna Karavia (4 months ago)
J Lynn you will loveeeee it❤💗❤❤❤
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Joanna Karavia omg so excited!!!! 💙💙✨✨
Bowzeyyy Love (5 months ago)
I'm dyinggg for that case!! I need it!!
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Bowzeyyy Love omg I am so in love with it 💙💙💙
Jaquelin Chavez (5 months ago)
Love ur PINK Huals
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Jaquelin Chavez thank you so much 💙💙
Sarai&Stuff (5 months ago)
You should do a video on how you maintain your credit card and tips and tricks for how to get the most out of using the vs card
Tacha Seawright (1 month ago)
Yes.... I get free things just don't know how to get point. I get points without knowing😒😒😒
Amie Hine (5 months ago)
exactly !! i’ve had one for ages and they don’t give me anything
Sophia Murphee (5 months ago)
I love everything you got😍😍
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Sophia Murphee awe thank you so much!! 💙💙💙
soni khan (5 months ago)
Omg That bra and suit case😍😍😍 and I have to get those soft leggings!! I’m so in need of plain black legging:)
J Lynn (5 months ago)
soni khan omg yesssss 💙💙💙💙
Fahmida haque (5 months ago)
Love it !
heartxinspiredx (5 months ago)
💙💙💙💙💙💙 Your bras are always the cutest!! I’ve had my eyes on that rolling bag!! Greece is wear I’m going for my honey moon 😍 PLEASE do a vlog on your trip!!!
J Lynn (5 months ago)
heartxinspiredx well that will be amazing when it happens! 💙💙
heartxinspiredx (5 months ago)
J Lynn I will! I see it’s $60 it’s not too bad! I don’t have a date yet that’s the only thing I can’t decide on 😩 between the end of this year to early next year
J Lynn (5 months ago)
heartxinspiredx omg get it! It’s so cute!!! Omg fun! When is your wedding?? Oh I will vlog that’s for sure 💙💙💙💙
Darling Cardenas (5 months ago)
Nice haul❤️❤️
Evelyn Zuniga (5 months ago)
Love everything especially the first bra 😍
J Lynn (5 months ago)
Evelyn Zuniga 💙💙💙
Cynthia's World (5 months ago)
Nice haul💖
cat lover cat lover (5 months ago)
Lovely hual 😻😻😻😻😻
J Lynn (5 months ago)
cat lover cat lover thank you so much!! 💙💙💙
Beauty Logical4 (5 months ago)
❤ that suitcase!
Aminah A (5 months ago)
Nice haul
Jesus Garcia (5 months ago)
My sweetheart

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