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The Cosby Show Parody (LT Animated Cartoon)

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The Bill Cosby Show Comedy Spoof Featuring Bill Cosby,Raven Symone, Fat Albert & Dumb Donald Also Featuring... The Jelloooo Puuddiing !!!! Brought ToYou By: Casdaluchi Ent & Luchi Toons
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Text Comments (24)
What about Keshia Knight Pulliam?
fallout man (11 months ago)
Not funny.
Mickey Mouse (4 months ago)
fallout man what he did to them women was wrong now you have fame
Mickey Mouse (4 months ago)
fallout man is funny
Never Sad (1 year ago)
Nice video, check out the Cosby cartoon at my channel
Gggg Cccv (1 year ago)
Bill Cosby was really naughty what he did to those people.
Keys Vandros (2 years ago)
Haha, tf was dis be cuh? I wanted to see what he finna do to the little chicken head tho.
Bill Cosby (3 years ago)
why did they do this
Mickey Mouse (4 months ago)
Bill Cosby it's funny to me
Lee Mcnutt (1 year ago)
Because don't have nothing better to do
James Harris IV (3 years ago)
James Harris IV (3 years ago)
dirtywhiteboymma (3 years ago)
Strong shame...he had good, clean show, & a great cartoon for kids w/positive mssg.s. Involved a lot with kids...Even most who aren't crooks give no damn for kids.
Kevin Kazi. (3 years ago)
She fell right zippty zuu on my puddin pop
dennyfrontier (3 years ago)
kind of... really creepy
big Zini (4 years ago)
Lol wtf? How long did this take? Looks like a lot of effort went into these toons
Carletta G (4 years ago)
Mark Billman (4 years ago)
Could add more bass to the music?
Kenny Powers Gaming (4 years ago)
Is that young zm doing the broadcast?
Kenny Powers Gaming (4 years ago)
im good with recognizing voices
Casdaluchi Ent (4 years ago)
yea lol
Armondre Malcom (4 years ago)
Lame AF
Mickey Mouse (4 months ago)
Armondre Malcom it funny to me
Cristóbal Álvaro (4 years ago)
That's so fucked up

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