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Garden of Glamour Complete Prom Theme

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Our Garden of Glamour Complete Prom Theme combines the elegance of a ballroom with the quaintness of a garden them for Prom night! This grand and unique theme includes: 2 Grandiose Garden Tunnel Kits, 1 Blossoming Lights Garden Tree Kit, 1 Floral Elegance Tree Tables Kit (set of 2), 1 Midnight's Glamorous Glow Pedestal Kit, 1 Garden Fantasy Fence Sections Kit (set of 2), 1 Garden Mist Birdbath Kit, 1 High Style Hanging Foliage Kit, 1 Walk with Me Lit Park Pathway Kit, 1 Our Secret Place Bench, 4 Brown Branch Wire Trees, 1 Diamond Drape Chandelier, 1 Three-Arm Chandelier, and materials and instructions needed to construct theme. Assembly required.
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Text Comments (3)
Rainbow Little Sky (1 year ago)
How do you put the Gazebo together
Karla Cruz (1 year ago)
Where do I get this
Rainbow Little Sky (1 year ago)
Promnite.com or their catalog

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