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Kendall Jenner Shares Her Morning Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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“I learn a lot from being on set,” explains Kendall Jenner—who is perpetually on the job leading a new guard of supermodels—of her makeup prowess. Here, she takes us through her daily makeup routine, from her sun-kissed skin to power brows. Filmed at the Baccarat Hotel New York Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Kendall Jenner Shares Her Morning Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Text Comments (8152)
Leslie Salinas (1 hour ago)
Omg she looks like her sisi Kim
Bexxybex (6 hours ago)
Ayyyyy, good old double wear!! As a make-up artist I've used nearly every foundation going and always come back to Estee lauder double wear. Good to see I'm not alone 😂 lol
Kellyn Wright (6 hours ago)
I HAVE AN IMPORTANT QUESTION and i’m sorry if it’s stupid but why is it that many people don’t set their makeup with powder???
Testing Method (17 hours ago)
Should be done like this?https://tinyurl.com/y5uhftgy
KC Kabesa (1 day ago)
Lol at the beginning she was like ‘ I’m Kendall!’ 😂😂😂
Maia Peralta (1 day ago)
Step one be beautiful
Tessa Chen (2 days ago)
Are you serious? That’s perfect skin. I’m crying bye
G (2 days ago)
She is the most beautiful out of all the K women!
lucky bunny (11 hours ago)
She's not a kardashian
Claudette Macatangay (2 days ago)
Y’all should watch this, she’s funny and entertaining https://youtu.be/5n4iMxML-0E
Alyssa Rynders (2 days ago)
I thought I was the only one that was terrible at doing hair
Jasmine Sweeney (3 days ago)
Her makeup is my makeup.
Davi O (3 days ago)
she doesn’t even need makeup! i’d love to see her wear a darker color lip
fatima zara (3 days ago)
WHAT is that mascara? I NEED IT
C.V .A.C (4 days ago)
What mascara did she use? Anyone know?
Macaela Walker (4 days ago)
So gorgeous
ellie ryder (5 days ago)
i feel she could have put only mascara on and it would have looked the exact same
E R. (5 days ago)
Ugh she’s perfect 😩❤️❤️
Tara Adventures (6 days ago)
what’s her mascara???
Minna Marie (6 days ago)
Kendall is the best!
Victoria Ann (7 days ago)
Fyre fraud.
ᴛᴇᴀ ᆺ (7 days ago)
i was shocked when she said *"I'M KENDALL"*
Miriam Desiree Sarah (7 days ago)
Love her!
Jorge Amir (7 days ago)
She’s so pretty 😩
KATHERINE HUANG (7 days ago)
Omg Kendall’s lashes are so long I live for that
susan gomez (7 days ago)
Annabelle Amponsah (7 days ago)
Make one with Khloe kardashian
Antaly Kessy (7 days ago)
Kendall she is beautiful 🥰
Pacho Bich Herrore (7 days ago)
Sto coso.. puzza che c’è fa mi sorella? C’è caga sopra
Miya Taylor (8 days ago)
They just are all my favs for different reasons lol k bye ily vogue
Miya Taylor (8 days ago)
Ok I’m done
Miya Taylor (8 days ago)
Still want to use all those products!!!! People comparing them negatively is such a waste of personal energy that could be used in something so much better.... You know that saying about how your eyebrows are sisters not twins?... THEY ARE SISTERS IF THEY DIDNT HAVE THEIR OWN PERSONALITIES AND DIFFERENT MAKE UP ROUTINES WE WOULD HAVE 6 TWINS
Aysel Yunus (8 days ago)
She is really beautiful😍
Noelle Bloomfield (8 days ago)
Xxxttt111 (9 days ago)
She is so different. So natural and lovely.
galit dol (9 days ago)
Except maskara, ad blush, everything else ,,,, is false !!
Alejandra Pino (10 days ago)
You not need much you 're very cute,plese the name you mascara ,😊🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
Lena (10 days ago)
you don't fuckin need makeup
Emma Woolley (11 days ago)
anyone know what mascara she was using ????
K Go (11 days ago)
Shs better than any model in asia when it comes to makeup!🙂 #kendallForever
L Wiggins (11 days ago)
She is naturally beautiful.
Working End (11 days ago)
she is amazing
Stephanie Stites (11 days ago)
Her and Kris are my favorites. 😊#Scorpiosisters
Karajz Noémi (11 days ago)
yo girl those lashes😍😍
the emily (11 days ago)
*I need money to afford to go to plastic surgeon...* 😒😒😒😒😒😒
ZEENΔ (11 days ago)
Hene Rose almarquez (12 days ago)
The first step you need to get a beautiful make up.. is to have a beautiful face
Bri (12 days ago)
Finally a Kardashian/ Jenner who shows there natural beauty and doesn’t cake on there makeup
Nicole Smith (12 days ago)
What in the what!!! That was the quickest I've ever seen anyone do there make up!!!!
yikes (12 days ago)
kendall is by far my favourite
Alice (12 days ago)
people say Kendall is the most natural one, but she is most bratz one
Chatyy Cc (12 days ago)
I love it !!❤❤😘😘
Isi (13 days ago)
She has such beautiful natural lashes
Taqwa ahmed (13 days ago)
The way she puts her makeup on is so satisfying
jazmine fantaz (13 days ago)
She said she uses grilled cheese oil on her face???? Okay imma do that too, maybe my skin will be as flawless as hers after
Palos Sebastian (14 days ago)
much less makeup than kpop stars. thats how naturally beautiful she is 😍😍😍
The Weird Fan (13 days ago)
Don't compare to k-pop stars Asians are believed to have the best skin in the world
Jillian Reichley (14 days ago)
anyone know the lip gloss??
Xvo Xo (11 days ago)
Kendall: “I swear no one ever looks cute putting on mascara” Vogue: **uses her applying it as thumbnail**
Anvesha Swaroop (14 days ago)
Kendall is my favorite😍💕
Lil Gucci (14 days ago)
Kendall jenner looks amazing without makeup and with makeup to be honest 😂
Jannis Clow (14 days ago)
Lana del rey pleasEEE
Ana Whoop (14 days ago)
What mascara is she using?
Jessyca gm (14 days ago)
Khloe make up routine needed. I think she is the only kardashian who has not participate yet.
Mrs Scofield (14 days ago)
Her eyelash😱😭💓😍
Intan Nur Shazira (15 days ago)
Who was here after watching Kourtney video guys?
Shwe Yoon Eaint (18 hours ago)
Not me :(
Tina R3100 ER97 (14 days ago)
Meeee ❤
LaShawna Blanton (15 days ago)
Great personality and GORGEOUS
flyinglittleducks (15 days ago)
Hey, we use the same foundation! Cool :-)
Ashley Gillespie (15 days ago)
She seems like she is nice but alot of people said the worse about her and her attitude
kawaii girl (15 days ago)
Her eyes were soooo beautiful
mashall khazan (15 days ago)
Is there any thing real on her face?
sid assassin (15 days ago)
You should show off you early night makeup THE ACTUAL tiltle is PUTTING MAKE up over MAKE UP."#!?
Rhona Jazi (15 days ago)
Kendall really look like 14
nur syafeerah (15 days ago)
The only person in the family that wears alot of makeup is kylie and kim🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
izzyedits (6 days ago)
Rawan G (15 days ago)
nur syafeerah what so funny?
Jayõ 68 (16 days ago)
hi Kendall!
jacques andrea (16 days ago)
hummmmmmmm ya
Reet Dhaliwal (16 days ago)
Kendall has also done lip fillers its just that kylie got more
juliana carreto (16 days ago)
we need Selena’s
hilmir (16 days ago)
I feel like she is the product if Sandra Bullock mated with Mr Bean
Chloe Praha (16 days ago)
I though cheese makes you fat and then you are soo cheeky to your mom if she’s asking if you are eating some cheese what she made you are not that cute like Kylie tbh
Jackie Ramos (17 days ago)
0:10 my mom has that
Mark Dupont (17 days ago)
Love ya!
Lps VDOTV (17 days ago)
love youuuuuu Kendall Jenner!!!!!!!!
Melina Gaitanopoulou (18 days ago)
She has a beautiful eye shape and colour, I love how dark are eyes and lashes are
Vaishali Kulkarni (18 days ago)
I need Nicki Minaj make up routine
Mira Esendemir (19 days ago)
The only beautiful woman in Kardashian family❤️ She is naturally beautiful not like Kylie and Kim. Khloe and Kourtney is ugly
xquvi - (19 days ago)
I like Kendall more then Kylie.... I'm rude
Rose Mohtsa (18 days ago)
xquvi - same
Anđela Bunardžić (19 days ago)
This is why harry dated her...she's so natural compared to her sister and the Kardashians...
Salon Simsim (19 days ago)
Your lashes 😀
Jelena Djukic (20 days ago)
The best and the most beautiful one of all fake Kardashians
lisa evers (20 days ago)
And we care because........???
Princess Ntuli (20 days ago)
i so wish i can watch your different videos every day
Ayu Gita Rahayu (21 days ago)
What brand of lip gloss that she used?
angela weston (21 days ago)
Must be nice for white girls to put on foundation and have it actually look like skin because it matches you. Darker girls, even medium skin toned ethnic girls have such little luck with foundation actually matching skin.
Anush Babajanyan (21 days ago)
Did she say grilled cheese oil?
Breanna Brezzy (21 days ago)
I didn’t catch the name of the foundation 😞
Madison M. (22 days ago)
Her face is perfect
Fuck You (22 days ago)
She's so beauty 👼🏼💜
Selma Omerovic (22 days ago)
Her eyebrows😫😍
Andrea Rivera (23 days ago)
She’s more beautiful than Kylie
Jharna Baruli (23 days ago)
Kendall is a natural beauty!!!
MyInstagramPage :v (24 days ago)
The only difference between the star and the end, it’s just a kinda the lashes(she always look perfect)

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