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How to Decoupage a box using an Iron- No wrinkles!

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You can take any box, an old cigar box that you've been holding on to, a decent cardboard box or you can just purchase one that you like at the craft store. I'll show you how to use napkins, decoupage glue and a craft iron to make it a pretty little storage container, a place to put your earrings or just keep a special little something inside of. I will show you which high gloss top coat to use and I'll even add a little glitter! There are links to the products I use on my web site, in case you can't find pretty napkins or the boxes or the glues, top coats or glitter. You can purchase them directly at my site. www.upcyclewithdecoupage.vpweb.com
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Text Comments (48)
Doris Osborne (8 months ago)
Why use gesso vs chalk paint? Thank you
LaSharown (10 months ago)
website no longer available
Georgie Pedersen (1 year ago)
Is Gesso the same as white acrylic paint? I have been told if you can’t get gesso you can use acrylic paint. Is this true?
ZEGHDOUD Soraya kami (1 year ago)
very beautiful but can you say me if triple thik is varnich acrilic i want to make one for my daughter thanks
I love your work! It is so beautiful! I am glad I found you!!! I am from Brazil, but now I am living in US. I used to decoupage my crafts in Brazil. Here in US I can't find the same materials, but you are helping me a lot!!! In this project, what kind of glue for decoupage did you use? Thanks!
Ann King (1 year ago)
I noticed there is a difference in the decoupage medium you used as an adhesive and the one you used to cover the box.  One appeared to be translucent and the other was not.  Am I right and if so,  what is the brand name? Thanks
Tara Turner (1 year ago)
I am starting my own business applying vintage print ads from the 1940s and 50s on to stretch canvas I was using modge podge and other methods even kept getting wrinkles and creases and Bubbles and I saw your video and I tried your Technique and it came out perfect so perfect thank you so much for posting that video you have no idea how you just help my business start off thank you so much
Jagjot Kaur (1 year ago)
Do you use decoupage napkin or any beautiful paper napkin?
Monisola Elliott (1 year ago)
Jagjot Kaur any napkin will work
Mary Molnar (2 years ago)
Could you just use mod podge instead of decoupage glue?
manjusharron (2 years ago)
Can this ironing method be done on glass also
Carla Randall (2 years ago)
Hi Pattie...I've seen so many of your videos and love them! I have a large chest type jewelry box that I am just starting, using tissue paper on the top. If I use my household iron how hot should it be? I hope you see this! Please keep your videos coming, I have learned so much from you. :-)
Dorien Reed (2 years ago)
After applying the decoupage glue can it be placed in a warm oven to speed up drying time?
patioelf (2 years ago)
Hello Dorien and yes. I do it all the time. I put my items in a cool oven, set it to 170 and when the oven reaches 170 I turn it off and leave the piece in the oven for about 15 20 minutes. :) Patti
Glenda C (3 years ago)
Can you use the iron technique with material as well or is it too thick?
patioelf (3 years ago)
+Glenda C Hi Glenda, I haven't tried it but I'm guessing it would be too thick. If you try it please let me know how it turns out. :) Patti
Sharon Lander (3 years ago)
got one in the end for £21-99 thanks anyway
patioelf (3 years ago)
+Sharon Lander I'm happy to hear that! I hope you like this method as much as I do. :) Patti
Sharon Lander (3 years ago)
went on ebay and amazon the cheapest mini iron i can find is £28-plus could i order one off you pls .
patioelf (3 years ago)
+Sharon Lander Sharon, it sounds like you are in the UK and the shipping costs if you order it from me will make it too expensive. Are you on Facebook? There's a page there called Mason Jar Madness and Decoupage, and there are members from the UK on that page. They can tell you where to get this iron for the best price. :) Patti
Sharon Lander (3 years ago)
can you pls tell me ehere i can purchase an iron and roughly how much they are. much appreciated Sharon
patioelf (3 years ago)
+Sharon Lander On my website it sells for 22.35 with free shipping (if you are a prime member on Amazon) which is about 40 percent less than in stores. You can click on th link here . :) http://www.amazon.com/Clover-Mini-Iron-The-Adapter/dp/B001CEAMH4/ref=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til?tag=upcylewithdec-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=AOBXADTA7JPFN73B&creativeASIN=B001CEAMH4
Jan Webber (3 years ago)
Wouldn't it be easier to remove the hard wear first?
patioelf (3 years ago)
+Jan Webber no , these smaller boxes are made too cheaply and a lot of times the hardware won't go back in, so you're left with a box with holes in it that won't go back together.
Lynn Felton (3 years ago)
I don't have that little iron. I'm thinking my hot glue gun minus the gun stick or curling iron will do the job?
patioelf (3 years ago)
+Lynn Felton Hi Lynn, I have seen people heat up a spoon and use it the same way. Just wear a glove so the handle doesn't get too hot, and make sure to use the parchment paper so it doesn't burn. If the surface is flat you can always just use the iron you use for your clothes too. It won't come in contact with anything but the parchment paper. Hope that helps! Patti
Martha N Romero (3 years ago)
Gracias que hermoso .he aprendido mucho de usted.
patioelf (3 years ago)
@Martha N Romero Muchas gracias! Estoy tan feliz que podría ayudarle! Patti
I found that popping the hardware off and then adding a few embellishments over that spot looks and works great...just in case you really wanted to get rid of that hardware...love your work...so detailed.
patioelf (4 years ago)
Thank you for that tip, I'll have to try that. Thank you for your compliment too, it was very nice of you! Patti
nanate ali (4 years ago)
that was so beautiful thank you
patioelf (4 years ago)
Thank you Nanate!  Patti
Cindy Leung (5 years ago)
Very pretty where to buy the small iron ?
patioelf (5 years ago)
Hi Cindy, thank you, there's a link right here to purchase the iron, along with another video if you would like to watch another way to use the iron. :) http://upcyclewithdecoupage.vpweb.com/blog/2014/06/11/Bird-house-plans-decoupage-and-paint.aspx?alt_id=FZ0JH-72A38-0L2&ts=635384224426992143 Thank you! Patti
hutly (5 years ago)
Having watched both the Tiffany Orchid box and White Rose box videos, I'm wondering when you began using the craft iron, letting the decoupage glue dry first and ironing the napkin in place as opposed to the earlier method of placing the napkin on wet glue and smoothing with your fingers over a layer of Saran Wrap?  Do you recommend either approach or is the most recent use of the craft iron more effective and efficient?
patioelf (5 years ago)
@hutly I think I may have purchased mine at Hobby Lobby with the Adapter which comes in handy for different size projects. Let me know if you have any more questions, I'm happy to help! Patti
hutly (5 years ago)
@patioelf Joann's had the green model, but for a few bucks more the red one, the Mini Iron II "The Adapter," appears more versatile so I plan on hitting Hobby Lobby in a couple days, hoping they have it.  I prepped the birdhouse today, so I'm ready.  Thanks for answering my question.
patioelf (5 years ago)
Hi! I would say that using the iron is a lot more efficient when it comes to napkins. I saw a women on another channel using a travel iron but since she was from another country I couldn't understand what she was saying so I had to experiment and realized that you do need to let the glue dry, then use the travel (or embroidery Iron) over the napkins. If you're decoupaging baskets you couldn't use the iron. I think I started using the iron about 3 months ago?  Have you tried it yet? Patti
puppyluv138 (5 years ago)
Very pretty!
Goodwitch Hunting (5 years ago)
those r gorgeous
linda leverett (2 years ago)
patioelf (5 years ago)
Thank you Goodwitch!!! Patti
Mimi Zabela (5 years ago)
This is beautiful. So glad I found your channel!!
patioelf (5 years ago)
Thank you Mimi! For the compliment and finding me!  Patti
lkarasinski (5 years ago)
hi Pati :) your box looks great and i am very happy you follow iron method so well - looks amazing, no wrinkles at all - fantastic job, best regrads from UK kisses
patioelf (5 years ago)
@lkarasinski  You did tell me! Thank you again, I'm so excited to be decoupaging all kinds of new projects!  So happy to hear from you Justyna! Patti
lkarasinski (5 years ago)
hahaha you see - I told you that you may be surprise with effect :) you are doing amazing job and i learnt from you a lot already and always waiting for your new tutorial:) have a great weekend and best regards justyna
patioelf (5 years ago)
Hi Ikarasinski! You are so so sweet! Thank you thank you thank you! * I'm obsessed with that craft iron now! ;) Patti

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