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One Day Fashion Shoot by Karl Taylor

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https://www.karltayloreducation.com Join Karl Taylor in this behind the scenes video on a one day studio fashion shoot. Karl covers a variety of shots and lighting set ups for a series of stunning images. https://www.karltayloreducation.com Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------- Learn more about Photography with Karl Taylor... Website: https://www.karltayloreducation.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KarlTaylorPhotography Twitter: https://twitter.com/karltaylorphoto ********************* Don't miss the next LIVE online photography workshop: http://bit.ly/karl-taylor-online-workshops
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Text Comments (287)
Veselin Vasilev (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Jacob Trejo (2 months ago)
Hi, where did you get your Fan?
jjnapoleon (4 months ago)
This is a free Fashion photography workshop! Thank you Karl!
WILL revellet (4 months ago)
Like ! .
Solus (6 months ago)
I guess a life in photography has its perks haha.
Adrian Franklin Yu (7 months ago)
Hi Karl. Quick question how do you know which type of modifiers you will be using for a shoot? May it be a softbox, a octabox, a beauty dish or a parabolic? Thanks
Adrian Franklin Yu (7 months ago)
nice. Ill check it out!
Karl Taylor (7 months ago)
Because each modifier provides a different quality of light based on the laws of physics. You can learn about that in easy steps here on my education channel, https://www.karltayloreducation.com/portrait-photography/
Jubair Bin Iqbal (7 months ago)
This is so much helpful video for me. Thanks Karl for this amazing video.
Agung Pahma (1 year ago)
Hai Karl..you shoot moving model..how to control the focus in the camera..we must use manual focus or we can use AF ? I try in my studio with minimal lighting and so difficult to get good focus and cant use AF Thx for your tips
GreatguyCA (1 year ago)
Hi Karl Thanks for a great Tutorial! had a question, what material do you use to get the shine reflective floor and where can i get some? thank you! :)
Ron Del Debbio (1 year ago)
Hey Karl, Fantastic and I have some of your video'sand have learnt a lot. Keep these coming ... Can you tell me where you got the music? Thanks again!!
Luciana Photography (1 year ago)
Karl, today I learnt a lot whit you and your excelent video. Xoxo, Luciana.
vimal sharma (2 years ago)
Awesome sir
pscully1969 (2 years ago)
Great shoot, full of high octane action! :) The model was getting quite a workout, she may start calling you "Cardio Karl". :) :) :) LOVE that Para 222!!
Andrew Henning (2 years ago)
Stunning work Karl.
90rosilviu (2 years ago)
Mr.Karl can you tell us the name of the soundtrack beging with 6:52 ? Thank you Your work is simply amazing !
为爱度Y-A d'Ouradou (2 years ago)
Good shooting. I liked the Iceland fashion shoot also. Would be nice to get more editorial fashion shoots on youtube, and especially on your channel. I know you're doing more commercial/advertising than editorial but still would be nice~
王伟 (3 years ago)
谢谢 卡尔 非常棒 非常精彩
为爱度Y-A d'Ouradou (2 years ago)
+王伟 +Karl Taylor Im translating for you: Thank You Karl, really amazing. Brilliant
Lee Hargreaves (3 years ago)
Seems to beat working down a coal-mine. Quality images.
David C (3 years ago)
I wish i had a studio like that
bowm0 (3 years ago)
What is that sound when he takes a picture?
Doom Wavy (3 years ago)
great! thank you so much for sharing this video. and there is only one question of me ... that....how do you call the covering thing on the floor? that piece of ... kind of plastic stuff? thanks Karl! thank you.
Doom Wavy (3 years ago)
+Doom Wavy oh acrylic / perspex,, thanks karl! got it, thank you. don't waste your time to reply now, thanks, wow cool
Chris Violette (3 years ago)
Thank you for this. It's really generous of you and helpful to someone learning. Cheers.
octap79 (3 years ago)
Karl ....what you think would be the slowest flash duration T that could work for these type of "freeze motion" shots? I see 1/5250 at the beggining of the video @ T0.1, not sure if this what you end up working on these. Thanks in advance
Very good info, keep it coming. It helps!
Ben Mensah (3 years ago)
This video helped me a great deal with my own shoot. Thanks a lot Karl. Keep on keppin' on.
Rodnei Junior (4 years ago)
Karl Taylor !!! Que material é este que você usa azul e amarelo ? Obrigado sou seu fan !!!
Hi Karl, Absolutely fantastic work. I'm excited.  What is a gloss white Floor?  Greetings from Fred from Germany
JP dJ (4 years ago)
Nice video. Question though, Karl. In an earlier video you compared light modifiers and concluded, IIRC, that broncolor's Satellite Staro gave the best light. In this shoot Staro stands idle in a corner and you use a simple beauty dish (with grid on and off). Why?
Karl Taylor (4 years ago)
In the previous video I concluded that the Para133 was my favourite modifier for close range portraiture and that the Para222 was best for 3/4 length. Both of those modifiers i'm using in this shoot. But there is not really a best modifier... only a best modifier for the situation that you encounter and knowing which will work best is a question of knowledge, the type or shape of the subject and the shooting distance and the creative outcome or mood you are trying to describe. Hope that helps.
Andrew Day (4 years ago)
Fantastic Video !!
Anime4 Mii (4 years ago)
this look fun :)
Damon Herota (4 years ago)
One more question... again about the bathing suit shot. The hot lights, are those HMI? I assume since you have all that major investment they must be or modeling lights on your flashes. 
Karl Taylor (4 years ago)
Hi Damon those are just the modelling lights on my flashes. Broncolor have very bright (650W) modelling lamps.
Damon Herota (4 years ago)
Always enjoy your stuff! I actually forgot your DVD name that I purchased awhile back and for the last 3 hours have been looking at every single fashion video. Oddly I remembered what your studio looked like and all of the high dollar equipment ill never be able to afford.. lol.. I now have been watching your vids. Stupid question.. Where did you get your flooring? Or what is it called? Also, for the bathing suit shot where you had the strip boxes on the booms.. I don't have the ability to get booms like that, any other idea for getting that steady strip? I have two strip boxes on AB 1600's... but no way to hang them side by side.  Just in case he can't answer, I am open to any suggestions. I am a N0ob.
Karl Taylor (4 years ago)
The flooring is just a laminate clip lock floor from the hardware store, I can't remember the brand name as we put the floor in nearly 10 years ago. I can't think of any other way than Giraffe books other than a studio ceiling track system. You can however get much smaller booms.
Damon Herota (4 years ago)
I saw the answer about the floor (smacks head) but about the other question... :)
Kairo (4 years ago)
Diego Nossa (4 years ago)
I'm a big fan of your work! I've never been a fan of studio shoots though. The only thing I've shot indoors is boudoir.. However, looking at your work makes me wanna start my own studio. Great work and nice place you have!
Cole Winters (4 years ago)
Awesome shoot
hi karl, I have a question, which is it the name of the material that you are using in the ground?
Handi Cristianto (4 years ago)
hello Karl im Andi from Indonesia , and im really admire your work , hope can assist and learn from u someday , , nicely done work ^^
Thushara Sandaruwan (4 years ago)
thank You for a lot...this vidio is very very usefull to me.....realy good work...
thewalrus1968 (4 years ago)
nice deal with Broncolor going on there ... must be nice to get free gear of that quality .. 
thewalrus1968 (3 years ago)
+octap79 fair comment .. he is good and i like watching his videos 
octap79 (3 years ago)
+thewalrus1968 If there are some people in the industry who can be sponsored by the top quality brands, Karl is one of them. He has been an inspiration for so many of us.
Karl Taylor (4 years ago)
Yes that would have been nice but unfortunately I'd already bought and paid for nearly all my gear before I started working with Broncolor. But if you are interested in the videos I made with Urs Recher from Broncolor you can find them in the pro section of our free videos on our blog. http://www.karltaylorphotography.co.uk/blog/
karendarling1 (4 years ago)
Beautiful job, good work!!!!
Fernando Juarez (4 years ago)
Hi Karl , I would like to know the type of fabric that you use on your photoshoots? Thanks. Fernando
Andy Wong (4 years ago)
This is just a perfect video which show the perfect lighting and the profession!
Fredrick Fowler (4 years ago)
This Video is brilliant, and so are you. Thank you. Before I became a hairstylist I was a photographer. Your work is simply the best. I so look forward to seeing more of your videos. Thank you. Fredrick Fowler
Karl Taylor (4 years ago)
Thank you Fredrick very nice of you to say so. You can find load more videos on our website. Cheers.
fred handy (4 years ago)
Great video! Awesome work. Super expensive gear! I enjoyed this immensely.  I need some of that white acrylic floor material too. Thanks for posting.
Pan x (4 years ago)
pretty model
Просто умопомрачительный тандем фотографа, модели и ассистента!
destyle28 (4 years ago)
Very nice shoot
 grate photography , wish i could work with you .
Sergio Pulgarín (4 years ago)
Just the kind of channel I was looking for!
Jaikumar Menon (4 years ago)
Karl can ypu please share the lens used. Loved watching the true great professional on sets. The photographs were so great. The skin tones of model were they natural or software modified.
Jaikumar Menon (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing mr karl
Karl Taylor (4 years ago)
Natural skin tones, just a bit of burn and dodge on the final shots. The lenses were an 80mm and a 150mm on a medium format (645 format) Hasselblad H5-50
dawit gezahange (4 years ago)
karl you the best photographer my GOD ..........nice
DarkAsassin87 (4 years ago)
100mm ?
MughaL Sahib (4 years ago)
i don't know about photography but i inspired your techniques sir ! may be already i watched all your training videos Thanks a lot sir for sharing a lot of knowledge with us :)
Paul Griffiths (4 years ago)
Hey Karl what software are you using for this shoot to get instant feedback and display of the images you shoot as they come off the sensor:)?
Karl Taylor (4 years ago)
Falcone Reale (4 years ago)
Hey Karl, Question what workflow processing software do you use when viewing your images Lightroom or capture one?
Karl Taylor (4 years ago)
+Falcone Reale http://www.hasselblad.co.uk/products/phocus-.aspx
Falcone Reale (4 years ago)
Did you say phonics is the name? What advantages is that over the software I mention
Karl Taylor (4 years ago)
MichAeL G. (4 years ago)
Daaamnn.. im soooo jealous of the lightin setup! and as always.. f*ckin amazing work.. Karl.. if you ever come to Cyprus for holidays give me a nudge!!!
steven armstrong (4 years ago)
whats the video camera used, to shoot the behind the scenes. 
mygel sison (4 years ago)
Really Great
Awesome Possum (4 years ago)
I was more interested in the behind the scenes camera work that went into this video as I've done similar work before. I find that even after a nine hour photo shoot I end up cutting the footage up to a roughly 3 - 4 minutes, adjusting the background music accordingly. Do you find that 15 minutes is a bit too long?
Gautam Maity (4 years ago)
Hi Karl, watching your videos give me a lot of understanding about inner world of photography and also raises a few questions. Me being a new entrant, wanting to get into fashion photography would like to know where/how would you focus with a 9-pint AF DSLR when the model is jumping into the frame like in the 2 costumes earlier? This baffles me a lot. OR is there any course or topic on focusing which explains where, why and how to focus?
Milos Kovalevsky (4 years ago)
I really like this
Bosingr (4 years ago)
Jessica is absolutely magnificent!  After watching your light modifier comparison test/tutorial vid I liked the 133 & 222 in the extended position more than I expected I would. Definitely like the effect. Pardon a rookie question, but when photographing right in front of that huge 2+ meter dish with the light that bright, doesn't that get very hot on your back after a few minutes?  Anyway, keep up the great work.
gcass672 (4 years ago)
I love what you do its just great thank you. so much I can see the light.
bearinch (4 years ago)
Thx, I gave a like, but so-so, because of the crazy shitty disturbing "music" - it would be so much better with no cacophony at all, or some decent classics. One can't switch it off as you are giving interesting instructions while it's playing. Anyway, the content is helping, nice tools, nice model and nice pictures, my eyes are pleased, my ears are broken :).
Praveen Sadhguna (4 years ago)
Hai karl iam N S Praveen photographer froom india your fashion photography reyaly super awesome
Maruthi Kothakota (4 years ago)
Chris Quijano (4 years ago)
You inspire and make me insecure for my works at the same time. Lol. Wish I could have a chance to work in a studio, and wonderful model like that.
Giovanniram22 (4 years ago)
For every photoshoot they give you new shoes?  Just kiding.
PeterVonReichenberg (4 years ago)
Nice promotion for Broncolor :-) Beuatiful pictures...and the girl is a dream!
Iunderstan Photography (4 years ago)
This is photography porn. I love watching the direction and all that Broncolor!!! Huge parabolic! man. it is so nice without having to change all the lights individually
siecnet (4 years ago)
Good work, very professional photoshoot. Thanks!
MrEye4get (4 years ago)
Question on finding models.  Where does one begin and how much does it [generally] cost?  I know these are very broad questions but you have to start somewhere.
Slamet Kurniadi (4 years ago)
Hi, I'm from Indonesia, I love it with this post, very useful for beginners like me. visit to Indonesia, Indonesia area in the country is great for fotograpy, thank you.
Antonio Saucedo (4 years ago)
Hi Karl, Thanks for the video. What kind of material is the reflective white floor you have on the plank of wood. 
retro666future (4 years ago)
what software do you use at 7:45?
hawg427 (4 years ago)
I was thinking about getting a Nikon D800E but I am wondering how many Hard Drives YOU have to use using a medium format? 
Jean M. Lafontaine (4 years ago)
Great photos
Brian Hernandez (4 years ago)
Great to see behind the scenes, all the directions, photo gear, love the sound of the "pop" of flash.. sweet. :)
Jeri Goodwin (4 years ago)
I loved it all. I use to watch the photographers on my lunch break when I worked for a catalog house in NYC. It takes a lot longer than it looks. Models get tired and yell at the photographers too.   Thanks for sharing.  Jeri
Brian Hernandez (4 years ago)
haha awesome! :) #goodoldtimes
Ronald Coleman (4 years ago)
The sound of flash bulbs - reminds me of watching my dad shoot weddings. We got to play with the blown bulbs :)
Excelentes fotografías.
Salvador Esteves (4 years ago)
Karl I really liked you're a great professional
Jay ven (4 years ago)
Great video! Thanks for sharing. Can you tell what kind of blower you were using and where to get it. Thanks
TechPimp (4 years ago)
Is that camera a H5D-50c a $30,000 camera that just came out? wow 
Bnadel Zion (4 years ago)
Hey Karl you just made my day i was enjoying watching this photo-shoot and i did learn some cool tips thanks a lot 
Edward Carlile (4 years ago)
Love the final images.
Flavio Presutti (4 years ago)
Thank you Karl for share your work! Greetings from Uruguay!
drew2pac (4 years ago)
My friend has some of this guy's tutorial.  They are pretty good! 
drew2pac (4 years ago)
+Karl Taylor Haha!  Okay okay, yes they were exceptional!  I will say, the shots of the Lady in the yellow dress (on your lighting tut) are mind blowing!  
Karl Taylor (4 years ago)
Pretty good, most people consider them excellent! ;)
bastisa333 (4 years ago)
Nice indeed.....
Wendy Cunnington (4 years ago)
Wonderful to see the whole set-up! Thank you
Ruud van Gaal (4 years ago)
Now those are softboxes! ;-) With that size you don't need a diffuser in front anymore.
peetre (4 years ago)
Hey Pilgrim... You need some better equipment.  NOT!
The Gull (4 years ago)
Love that umbrella light! Thanks for this video Sir!
Dax Balladares (4 years ago)
For the jumps, how do you set up focus?
İbrahim Ünver (4 years ago)
Güzel çalışma  tebrikler ...
defdac (4 years ago)
Is that sound added to the flashes afterwards or do they actually sound like that? Awesome sound.
Daniel Guzman (4 years ago)
Very nice
Emin gültekin (4 years ago)
DoObs (4 years ago)
Karl i see you've moved up to the Best of the best Bron :D :D I have you DVD.,.so then you were using Elinchrom
Eshveen D.Dabee (4 years ago)
i am a big big big big fan of your work karl tayor From Mauritius  you're the BEST
Gerald Thomas (4 years ago)
I need a career change!
ulxdmjtf (4 years ago)
that hassssy
scrumpsthepirate (4 years ago)
Karl, I am astounded by your finished shots,this is first time I've seen you at work and I absolutely love it. I am amazed by the clarity, colour,your focus AND your studio set up and camera. Brilliant.

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