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Taylor Hill's 10-Minute Guide to Her Fall Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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For Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill, looking like herself—her best self—is key. The 22-year-old is gearing up to walk in the iconic lingerie brand’s annual runway show for the fifth time next month and like many of her MVP catwalk counterparts, it’s her uniquely striking beauty and natural effervescence that has made her regular among the celebrated bombshell cast. Read more here: https://www.vogue.com/article/taylor-hill-victorias-secret-show-how-to-get-thicker-eyebrows-mascara Filmed at the Standard Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Taylor Hill's 10-Minute Guide to Her Fall Look | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Text Comments (3307)
才恩 (9 minutes ago)
her mom sounds amazing 😍
Jehad Landajol (40 minutes ago)
i think she's funny, i love her
just a person (59 minutes ago)
I feel like she did nothing. Still gorgeous tho
Un Identified (2 hours ago)
What brand or brush did she use for contour that has the double ended brushes?
ambigoush (4 hours ago)
I feel like we’d be good friends
Doeyun Kim (5 hours ago)
Dark circles because of low weight
goprothat M (6 hours ago)
I looooove her natural personality 😍
nanakyu96 (6 hours ago)
anyone feel like the way she talks remind me of kathleen lights?
hazra gizem (7 hours ago)
İt is nice to see a woman using mascara on her eyebrowns, i am using tooo, it is really good trick to make them seems more naturel ❤️❤️
Amalie Moreno (8 hours ago)
Can someone tell me what oil and moisturizer she’s using
India Archer (9 hours ago)
I wonder if the one earring is on purpose
Cora Halverson (10 hours ago)
is it just me or did she turn up the brightness half way thru to make her skin look clearer and more even?
Naomi V_d_V (12 hours ago)
omg i love nude lips
mischiefmanaged * (16 hours ago)
Dear God ive really been mislead by what she looks like. Without makeup she's not that radiant and good looking.
Le Hamm Wattanasirisuk (17 hours ago)
You're gorgeous, love you.
Kasey Nolan (17 hours ago)
Am I the only one that noticed her earrings?
Valentine Michael (17 hours ago)
Candice Swanopoel had a video with the same background in the same bathroom.
Valentine Michael (17 hours ago)
She has super dark circles.
Jaebummy (19 hours ago)
She doesn’t even look 22omdsss 😍😍
Gisela Ramos Ocaña (19 hours ago)
is beuatyy
Poupoupidou (20 hours ago)
She looks mixed i wonder what's her ethnicity
Knight_Dagger (21 hours ago)
Hmmm...it’s really annoying to see her put powder before concealer 😏 and Taylor, please tap your eye cream, not SWIPE it, you will damage your beatiful skin, you are a model for god sake!
Cliff Figueras (22 hours ago)
I want her at Kelsey Merritt to do a video together i feel like they have so much in common 😅
Amber Nyx (1 day ago)
Those makeup only works for women who looks like real life goddesses. I need full coverage and to cake it on to look like a decent person ;(((
Emily hancock (1 day ago)
she seems really lovely - but please don't pull the skin around your eyes!
chelsgomes (1 day ago)
gurl i totally relate "you look tired" "did you sleep late" listen its all genetics lol
chelsgomes (1 day ago)
gurl i totally relate "you look tired" "did you sleep late" listen its all genetics lol
Mety Karyasari (1 day ago)
Why your dark circles looks like a smoky eyes makeup look 😍
Alexa McPherson (1 day ago)
Can Taylor Hill please be my best friend, thanks
YBizzy1 (1 day ago)
I have the same eyebrows and I don’t pluck them either. People are always saying that we women should do what we want and all I see in the comments is that she should « groom/pluck » her brows. Her brows are perfect she doesn’t need makeup. Not everyone wants the drag queen brow look
eclectichead (1 day ago)
Powder before concealer??
Paula Alvarez (1 day ago)
That was so boring
seiji iwaguro (1 day ago)
Wonderful 👏👏
森ちゃん (1 day ago)
Miranda Ramirez (1 day ago)
Her lashes are goals
Ashley Dones (1 day ago)
I’m sorry but what concealer is she using?! I need some of that to hide my circles lol
Iss Becca (1 day ago)
She’s so cute I love her aw
evelyn valladolid (1 day ago)
Her voice is so sweet
I don’t know why but she just looks like she had dirt all over her face though out the video.
emmathomsonsmith (1 day ago)
Zendaya should do a video next ❤️❤️
Renuka Devi (1 day ago)
Come on people. We all have our own features that makes us unique . U all are beautiful in on way or the other. It's just how we perceive it. So stop considering yourself inferior and enjoy the beauty of life.
melisa caceres (1 day ago)
She seems so chill, i like her. Plus she rocks the dark under eye look...i, on the other hand, look like a criminal in a mug shot with mine.
Ceyda Tham (1 day ago)
My eyebrows were like that ones and i‘m so happy that they aren‘t anymore
JanuaryVK (1 day ago)
natural beauty😍
SUM MER (1 day ago)
So adorable
Cassedy_ 6 (1 day ago)
The girl would lock so much better if she would pluck her eyebrows it drove me crazy the whole video lol
zenith zinc (2 days ago)
this is my first time watching her but she looks and sounds so lovely. her smile and those eyes wow
Sarah Elaine (2 days ago)
Does anyone know what eyeliner she used? looks like l'oreal but I'm not too sure
Reyna Hernandez (2 days ago)
You would look good if they were shaped , but you still look good like that it makes u look like u have darker circles because of your brows
MISSLINDALYN (2 days ago)
Omg! I freaking love her. She just saved me. My co-workers would tell me that I need to get my eyebrows shaped and whatnot. My aunt would even tell me my brows are ugly straight. I never listened though but I still get insecure because it’s not as shaped as “normal” brows do. She just made me feel more confident about my brows and that you don’t always have to fill it in and (I have never filled in my brows EVER cuz I’m so scared of how it’s going to turn out even though it’s just practice) you can just leave it natural no matter how much makeup you’re wearing at the moment. ❤️✨
Nina Lizzeth (2 days ago)
who else cringed when she used the mascara as brow gel???
ili q (2 days ago)
She's adorable
Alexander Stewart (2 days ago)
Erin Settle (2 days ago)
I want to be friends with her
Karen Munoz (2 days ago)
One earring ftw
Pale Torres Rangel (2 days ago)
omg brows <3
Ari Valenia (2 days ago)
she’s so cute and lively and pretty ugh😣
SheisL12 (2 days ago)
I would literally sell my soul to have her eyes
Soph A (2 days ago)
We get it she has dark under eyes 🙄
Kaitlyn Marie (2 days ago)
Honestly taylor hill looks like a normal human being. Idk why everyone is putting themselves down she looks great, you look great. People just because she is a victoria secret model doesnt mean she is the most beautiful person ever. Everyone looks amazing
Elena Huang (2 days ago)
What is the face palette she uses? Anyone knows? Thanks xx
Roberta (2 days ago)
Why are her lips painful? Did she get injections?
Giulia Gentili (2 days ago)
Ok I love her she's beautiful and the overall makeup looks good at the end, but don't take this GRWM as a tutorial because some steps are completely wrong :/ like for example, you should not apply liquid liner IN your water line, you should apply a pencil liner instead. And also don't put creams over powders because they do not blend properly
Veronica Glapa (2 days ago)
oh guys please youre all beautiful stop comparing yourself to anyone ... not only tall skinny models are beautiful :) everyone is beautiful ...
Pavani Mishra (2 days ago)
dont u guys love how natural these women are and are still beautiful
lamonbebe x (2 days ago)
Taylor Hill is so gorgeous i love her so much 😍😘
lamonbebe x (2 days ago)
she's so beautiful ♡♡♢
Annie Rowe (2 days ago)
this is soooo intense for an everyday look
Nicolle Triff (3 days ago)
what’s the mascara??
JennyWinters (3 days ago)
she is beautiful but those brows are WILD. Just a wee bit of plucking would be so beautiful.
abigail villegas (3 days ago)
she is like so pretty wtf
clairra mc (3 days ago)
i kind of like wanted her to stop at 5:48 and just put some lip balm, regardless she looks pretty af
Trần Hoa (3 days ago)
she is so cute
Sammi Virk (3 days ago)
i just can’t believe she put liquid liner on her waterline..& mascara on her already thick/dark brows..what a brave girl
Em (3 days ago)
She is so beautiful!!!😍😍😍
Cool beans (3 days ago)
i actually hate my brown eyes so much see how good you look with blue or bright colors ugh lucky
Ani Mikael (3 days ago)
Oh goodness, the way she rubs he rubs her undereyes irks me :X, you are supposed to super gently with undereyes please don't follow her example and use your ring finger to dab the cream underneath your eyes
Nurul Hidayah (3 days ago)
Istri jabear 😍😂
defi syauqie (3 days ago)
gooooodddd without spoons just use hands👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
M Khan (3 days ago)
Naveeer is going to bet up you Taylor
Ma Z (3 days ago)
Everyone is saying how awesome her eyebrows look, but i just can't stop thinking how awful they look. She can pluck them and still have them full.
Amal (3 days ago)
Martha Ware (3 days ago)
Concealer after powder? Am I doing something wrong?
miss y (3 days ago)
she's insanely beautiful
rosy4252 (3 days ago)
So first thing first is to be a beautiful af vs angel so you will look like an angel at the end
C D (3 days ago)
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Yuliyah Mills (3 days ago)
She natural beautyful special her eyes n eyebrows her lips is amazing.
K SIN (4 days ago)
This was. Overtime a good makeup look for her. Should have been lighter and more nude colours.
Nadine Tinkle (4 days ago)
Nailed it😀😀
NeetuNe etu khelooa (4 days ago)
You talk too much girl! Give only necessary information!
Berie E (4 days ago)
Honey 😍
Celine Jewel (4 days ago)
I loved my bushy eyebrow because of her!
kam.skggs (4 days ago)
Tbh I friggin LOVE her brows like wow 😮😯
gali blut (4 days ago)
That amount of SPF is not nearly enough
Jalena O'Leary (4 days ago)
She’s slow
shanelwellknown (4 days ago)
and i thought i always look tired ..
Ayadiaries (4 days ago)
She is so cutee!!
Tão natural
Kabuki (4 days ago)
Does anyone know, which brushes she uses ? Also lancome? Mac?

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