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Sublime Frequencies: Latinamericarpet: Exploring The Vinyl Warp Of Latin American Psychedelia Vol. 1

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Support Sublime Frequencies and buy the records in the following links: https://sublimefrequencies.bandcamp.com/ http://www.forcedexposure.com/Labels/... ............................................................................... * This record is for purposes of dissemination and non commercial use. ................................................................................... 1. [Untitled] - Formosa Tiene Su Hechizo 2. Mama Loo/Ata una Cinta Alrededor del Viejo Roble - Sergio DelRío y Su Conjunto 3. Jarable Tapatío - Sinfonía De Las Aves Brasileñas 4. Pedro y el Lobo - Santiago Gómez Cou 5. Ronda Tropical - Los Destellos 6 . [Untitled] - Formosa Tiene Su Hechizo 7. Marcha a La Turca - Tia Leonor y Sus Sobrinos 8. Preprarando el Marck5 - Meteoro 9. Iorana Mama Lari - Tararaina 10. Pequeño Salvaje - Renos 11 . Inglés en un 2x3 - Gringa Inga 12. Me Regalaron - Los Hermanos Bustos 13. Cuando Sea Grande - Traviesos De Michoacan 14. Lágrimas del Alma Marimba De La Dirección De Seguridad Pública De Chiapas 15. Calculín/Don Din Don - Técnicas De Concentración Y Relajación Yoga 16. Dos Guitarras - 4 Planetas 17. Altuntan Ripuncca - Conjunto Condemayta de Alcomayo 18. Tengo una Muñeca - Los Grillitos 19. Pedro y el Lobo - Santiago Gómez Cou 20. El Stomp & María Es el Nombre - Bates 21. Los Niños y Su Mundo - Yola Polastri 22. Cielito Lindo - Cítara Trio 23. Inglés en un 2x3 - Gringa Inga 24. La Banda Fantasma - Meteoro 25. Modus Vivendi - Walter Y Su Órgano 26. [Untitled] - Técnicas De Concentración Y Relajación Yoga 27. Vamos a La Cama - Familia Telerín ---------------------- Historically Latin America was the part of the "new world" that Christopher Columbus "discovered" in 1492, which soon was brutally conquered by the Spanish and Portuguese. Obviously it was only a "discovery" from a Eurocentric perspective because, in fact, on these vast lands there were hundreds of advanced native cultures living for centuries. However after countless years of violent colonization and internal wars, the independence emerged on the whole continent launching a group of new countries with their own and unique identities. But what is Latin America nowadays? A complex answer for a complex puzzle: some people would say it's a huge cocktail that combines -in a more or less chaotic way- the rests (or ruins) of Pre-Columbus Cultures and diverse European traditions mixed with a high dose of pseudo-tropical weathers, Latin manners and unstable economies... although that's also a simplification: Latin America is just Latin America and it deserves to be "rediscovered"... But let's go straight to the record. Latinamericarpet is a non-stop collage of vinyl artifacts culled from stacks of forgotten LPs of the 1960's and 1970's from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Isle de Pascua (Easter Island). This compilation brings together some glittering sounds from LPs that have been somehow forgotten over the years. Although most of the tracks presented here were recorded during the peak of the psychedelic era in the late 60's and early 70's, this is not a collection packed with guitar group psychedelia although there are a few unknown gems here that qualify as such. There are also pop and folkloric songs, children's songs, odd instructional record excerpts, and a few other anomalies from our neighbours to the south. For sure these selections are only brief samples of what was done in Latin America in those glorious years, but while we wait for further works that can bring to light more sounds from this "undiscovered" continent, just relax, turn on your stereo and keep this magic Latinamericarpet flying. (Compilation/Liner notes by Albano Costillares in Argentina)
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Babychickan (10 months ago)
this has been one of my favorite albums for years I have been blessed to know it
Alix eynaud de fay (1 year ago)
4.25 pierre et le loup!!!
44:00 07:40 song name ?
luke (2 years ago)
ჯიგრები ტოო
windysan hartzog (2 years ago)
Ruben100200 (3 years ago)
This + marijuana so good
Jimmy Biggums (1 month ago)
Stating the obvious good sir!
Babychickan (10 months ago)
always been the case <3
terre et soleil (1 year ago)
Awesome Guy (1 year ago)
Ruben100200 smoking some weed tonight
Alyssa Campbell (3 years ago)
Hank Jennings (3 years ago)
Couldn't agree more!
Portada de Enrique Delgado y Los destellos
MECOSJEENA (5 years ago)
So nice!!!
Cristino Bogado (5 years ago)
:) formosa!

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