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Removing Walmart stickers from Funko Pop boxes

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Text Comments (52)
Space Catboy (12 days ago)
alcohol just erases the ink from the box
Jason B (1 month ago)
You don't use lighter fluid on the clear plastic part, you use it on the actual box, one of the best methods. It evaporates quickly and doesn't stain box.
SeaweedWitch (3 months ago)
Target stickers always come off easy. I’m here because Goodwill stickers, if left for even a few days can become like glue. Goo Gone is just a mess because it’s oily. It doesn’t even work that good. Another video tested lighter fluid on a vintage sticker and it didn’t damage the box at all. I’ma try that.
Cesar Rios (4 months ago)
Goo gone
ghostwave 525 (4 months ago)
why is your name outta the box if all your pops are in there boxes
Lynsey Bradshaw (4 months ago)
You got stannis for 5.00 im so jealous i need that one for my collection.
Brianna Gordy (5 months ago)
$5.00 for Stannis?!? What?!
Dean Boswell (6 months ago)
Anytime you order from Wal-Mart there is a special instructions area. You must specify to NOT put a sticker on, or the sticker they put on is un-removable. The Target one should come off with a hair dryer. Try not use any type of residue remover on the plastic. A lot of those removers will scratch the plastic. A hairdryer works best. Get the hair dryer warm, usual 10 seconds. Flash the sticker for only a second or two. Start peeling on a corner and stop. Flash the sticker again for only a second or two. Peel a little more. continue this process until the sticker is off. Do not flash for more than a second or two or you will melt the plastic.
stavo xo (7 months ago)
lmao I could've told you not to put goo gone on the box...
Timothy Bernardi Jr (7 months ago)
Does a hair dyer work for removing stickers on game/dvd/blu-ray cases?
ky (8 months ago)
I tried it on a different box and the blow dryer didn’t work for me, I tried it on the hottest setting and held it there for a while then tried removing it.
Dantes Miller (8 months ago)
My target left a security sticker sensor thing on a Funko
Monique Hernández (8 months ago)
For plastic i always peel off the sticker and put rubbing alcohol on the residue, never on the box itself tho! I honestly never thought to use a blower tbh. Thanks for the vid, you taught me a couple of tricks!
jmiester25 (9 months ago)
Do more demonstrations. This gave me ASMR.
Grant Hood (9 months ago)
30 minutes of a watching a guy blow dry his boxes...
Sammy George (10 months ago)
Throw the box in a fire, the stickers will come right off
reyian451 (1 year ago)
Am the only one okay with price stickers?? Aslong as its not big ass stickers
bigv69er (1 year ago)
Rubbjng alcohol only!!!
Pyromaniac56 (1 year ago)
Massive help! Thank you!
Thank you a lot for this video it helped
Woah funkoholic got mentioned!
Horror Buddies (1 year ago)
Boyyyy why do you have a blow dryer
Outta the Box (1 year ago)
Anthony Degliomini (1 year ago)
Damn!!! Stannis for 5 bucks!? That's a steal!
Outta the Box (1 year ago)
Yep, they had him in the back room. That's why I always ask them to print me a list of all of the $9 and under pops,
Spork Fury (1 year ago)
Thought you meant the "Walmart Exclusive" stickers and I was about to blow my brains out.
Dean Boswell (6 months ago)
+Prin600 _ I cried a little at first.
Prin600 _ (1 year ago)
Spork Fury yeah me tooo!
Funko Pop Central (1 year ago)
Just started my own channel and am doing a pop giveaway.. check it out!
Renegade E-Liquids (1 year ago)
Awesome video as usual! Keep it up man!
Outta the Box (1 year ago)
shanerosenzweig (1 year ago)
I found 6 Dorbz chases at a store but didn't buy any because I only collect funko pops not Dorbz they were Cheshire Cat flash stitch cat in the hat naruto and spider man
The haunted Coachman (1 year ago)
Great video,
Marc (1 year ago)
Blowdryer is king!
Rolf Meyer (1 year ago)
Haha thanks for mentioning my comment, I collect Funkos too and do videos similar to yours, but not even close to the production quality you offer. Keep up the good vids!
The Heavy Metal Geek (1 year ago)
I usually have good luck using a really sharp knife or a straight razor and carefully sliding it underneath and slowly peeling it away. I haven't had any good luck with Walmart.com orders because of those damn stickers and mine usually come beat to hell
Alex Covarrubias (1 year ago)
I just use a pocket knife and slide it under one of the corners then they peel off easily
Jøhnnie bøii (1 year ago)
I cringe every time you say goo gone 😷
Clod Vi (1 year ago)
12 btw
John Hickey (1 year ago)
is gamestop still doing free funko pops
Outta the Box (1 year ago)
It ended today.
Printed Paper (1 year ago)
Is it just me or the pop inside the game of thrones box doesn't have the same eyes?
David Rey (1 year ago)
I cringe every time you peel it off and it rips or damages the box
Bruce Solmiano (1 year ago)
Blowdryer works everytime, you don't have to blowdry and peel at the same time tho, you can blow then peel blow then peel. :) GooGone I only use if there's sticky residue on the plastic window or on the box if it has coating.. if the box doesn't have coating and it's just cardboard.. avoid using any liquids.. especially lemon juice.LOL!! Don't know what's the deal with that guy that suggested it. Hahahah! :D
Tom Landy (1 year ago)
A hair dryer works for me.  :-)
Justin Stapp (1 year ago)
Good vid. I hate when companies but cheap stickers on collectibles. Glad to know how to remove them though!
Andy Gramajo (1 year ago)
I was cringing for the whole video, fearing the sticker would rip or something.
I remove the stickers by phasing my hand through it. It works for me xD
Awesome Boss3000 (1 year ago)
Yay my comment made it
Liam Holtzman (1 year ago)
Great vids man!
The person gaming (1 year ago)
2 first like also great vid
fred barden (1 year ago)

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