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How I dye My Hair⎮Cool Ash Brown Shade⎮NO RED

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Hi Guys, This was a requested video on how I dye my hair so I thought I would show you my technique and what dye I use etc. If you have any questions, comments, please do post them below, love you! x Create your own style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others! Wanna Know a Little More About Me? -- Check Out Below ♥ I am Nisha aka NishUnleashed23..I work hard but play harder! Welcome to my Channel! If you love me, I will love you back! ✿ Check me out on Twitter https://twitter.com/NishUnleashed ✿ Don't Forget about Instagram : This is your Backstage Sneak Peak to upcoming videos - I use this to take my YouTube Thumbnail Photos! http://instagram.com/nishunleashed/ ✿ Message me: [email protected] Nish x
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Text Comments (264)
Rachna Bhatia (10 days ago)
You look so much like Meghan Markle! Great hair colour technique :)
Pamela Salvi (4 days ago)
Rachna Bhatia truee!!
Kashmeer Savani (1 month ago)
Prettiest Indian ive seen
Tina Sa (4 months ago)
you remind me of meghan markle!
Aoife Keogh (6 months ago)
No make up . Well done girl . Your absolutely beautiful
Rachel Ramirez (7 months ago)
When I do my roots ash brown , I try to blend evenly but some pieces get very dark . It seems like the previously dyed parts . I do the roots once a month..This happens every 3-4 months. Looks ridiculous & my family always says every one has different color hair. Looks fine! Umm no!! Not dark brown/blackish on top &light brown on the ends & the back.
She Wolf (7 months ago)
With a warm skin tone you would really look more healthy and vibrant with golden and red tones. Ash tones will suck the color out of your skin.
linda LinA (8 months ago)
I can see Meghan Markle in you🌺
kellysbeautyx (7 months ago)
linda LinA same!!
Joanny Marte (10 months ago)
WHERE TO BUY close to this hair dye color?
Nadia Dedekind (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for your advice. Ur awesome 🌺
peterlewiscantlose (11 months ago)
Most people already know how to use this stuff and just want to know what the brand is.
Bin Ash (11 months ago)
What colour was the dye??
Marisol Gonzales (1 year ago)
If you don't like red, dye it black. That will get rid of your issues.
Ale Turcios (1 year ago)
Thank you so much
Meral Ali (1 year ago)
This was very interesting. I would have liked a close up of your roots after you dyed it though.
omg i love your hair , have you got any tips on hair growth how to grow your hair longer , new subb:)x
Ana Chiriatti (1 year ago)
I watched this video to see what not to do!! Sorry but u look dull and sick. Im hairstylist and ur undertones should be warm becouse of ur skin tone.
Aylin Butler (1 year ago)
I love your hair. Where did you get it highlighted? Or which toner did your hairdresser use please? Thanks x
Queenp Love (1 year ago)
I don't see any difference I think you should had grabbed a darker one but thanks for video as long as you happy
Liz Cuero (1 year ago)
Wow! It looks marvelous!
kristel mt (1 year ago)
Your hair color looks perfect before dyeing :-)
Éirinn Ireland (1 year ago)
And people say my hair is thick. Your hair is so thick and beautiful :). Hair dresser always complain and charge me more to do my hair. I used a medium ash brown on my roots last night and did this method, because I watched another hair dresser. I put the ash on mainly my natural hair and it just came out brown. I'm happy with that, because normally I get red tones not knowing what I was doing before. Later I might try titanium to get more ashy look. Just don't want Green. No green red or orange lol. Thank you for sharing. And thick hair is a gift :).
Neil Mohammed (1 year ago)
In love with that colour
April Mullins (1 year ago)
I have red natural tones and natural medium brown hair. I just had someone do my hair and messed it up so I'm going to use a medium brown to go back but when could I try this out? Do i need to wait a month or say before going ashy?
April Mullins (1 year ago)
I absolutely love your hair. So much
TkUSA 1776 (1 year ago)
Is that the ocean I'm hearing or cars? Lucky if it's the ocean.
Calyx V (1 year ago)
Good vid. Please what's the dye called?
rain velvet (1 year ago)
Love ur accent!
Liz M. (1 year ago)
Gorgeous hair! THank you for the tutorial, it was very helpful.
Yara A (1 year ago)
How many times do you think you had to dye it to achieve that color? I just did mine, and it's definitely not a cool ash brown shade. It's like a dark honey brown... and the roots are a lighter brown/orange tone. I was hoping your video would end my "warm" color look woes, but to no avail. I've used light ash brown from loreal before, but still get that warm/orange tone. Considering switching to dark ash blonde one day...
Party Scattape (1 year ago)
Random, but you are really pretty.
Louis Edgar (2 years ago)
In order to achieve ash brown hair color Best to lighten hair to a light orange stage not blonde then use Light ash brown please pay attention to it it will go dark brown by leaving it a long time.
tabuma f (2 years ago)
if you want to make one box work on your entire head just dampen you hair evenly. it helps spread the dye out.
baby breath (2 years ago)
hello my dear.. love your hair so much😍😍 thank you thank you for this video. 💕💕
Reckless 4Ever (2 years ago)
Your hair color doesn't suit your warm skin tone... cool ash colors are better suited for cool skin tone
sarah j. (1 year ago)
Reckless wrong-- she has olive undertones to her skin and would look most beautiful in jewel tones which means a cool hair color suits her perfectly.
Christina Pautu (2 years ago)
Thank you for this!
Koalachaos (2 years ago)
every box due I've tried has turned my hair red including this one
Paris Chic Style (2 years ago)
Wow, I love this color. It's really hard to achieve this color with my black hair. xo
Hadassah Immanuel (2 years ago)
Paris Chic Style you have to bleach it or use loreal browns highlifts....i have this color i bleached my hair with highlights use 30 develop then bleached lighten my dark parts then used ion light blonde on roots and medium ash blonde on highlights n rest of the hair
jomartini (2 years ago)
Ugh too much needless talking
Joyce Rios (8 months ago)
ohhhhhh. I absolutely love your accent!
Mary Patt (1 year ago)
joannmartini no one asked for your opinion. Unsubscribe please.
Masoora Nishad (1 year ago)
joannmartini yes to much talking
Veenus Jain (2 years ago)
you are soooo stunning! also your hair is amazing!
DK Dempcey Knight DK (2 years ago)
Oh Darlin, I know this is an old video, but you should know that your 3 month old blackish new growth makes your 3 month old high light look lighter and BEAUTIFUL! Your hair is beautiful just as it is! New growth haters are killing me!
Riah Shah (2 years ago)
Hi nish.. This is the exact colour that I want. Did you bleach your hair before using the ash brown ? And if so how many times did you bleach it? Thank you
glitterbutterfly (2 years ago)
hair should be bleached to a level 9 for a good ash. hers was not bleached
nelida kiss (3 years ago)
Every time I am coloring my hair I always come back to this video thank u 2016
Marianne Chua (3 years ago)
Hi Nish! I really love the color!! You may have answered this question before in another video, but was your hair bleached prior to getting your brown color? Because I know ash colors require bleaching, and I have really dark, black hair too.
Olivia Green (3 years ago)
What highlight colour is it i love it !!!!
Thomas Sims (3 years ago)
Angela Smith (3 years ago)
how can you get colors like teal and light purple to show up light on black hair
Jess Nicole (3 years ago)
Use color oops from Walmart. I had dyed black hair and it took the color out and then I dyed it purple
Kala Nicole (3 years ago)
you would need to bleach your whole head for those colors or at least bleach part of it if you want part of it that color
Lo Lu (3 years ago)
Hi Nish, I understand this is a really old video but your original colour (so when you had the highlights) is my PERFECT colour. I have been searching for it for about ten years lol. I have slightly lighter natural hair (dark brown) but exactly the same skin coloring (again, a first in my lowly 29 years) as you. I am a fellow Londoner (SW) now living in the states but have managed many a hair fail trying to get that perfect dark but highlighted color.If you could remember what you had done on your highlighted hair I would be so extremely grateful. Thank you Nish!
Lo Lu (3 years ago)
+NishUnleashed Yes that definitely helps thank you. I'm currently in the middle of a blonde/orange bleached hair disaster so need to figure this out before I go to a salon but thank you!
NishUnleashed (3 years ago)
Hey Lo, I world love to say I can recall but I really can't, Since then I have changed my hair many times and had so many colours. I think just take my video to the salon and show them what you want. I do remember what hair had been highlighted pretty blonde and then I put ash brown all over it. Hope that helps a little x
Amy-rose Delaney (3 years ago)
jamie mistler (3 years ago)
I've been dying my hair a reddish violet since August and it always fades into orange after 2 weeks and I'm done dying it red every 2 weeks and I want to dye it to my natural hair which is medium brown and I wanna do it this color but the ends of my hair are more orange then the top should I start on the ends first? Please answer
S Andes (3 years ago)
I would start mid way down and leave your roots for last since the roots take the color quicker since it's Virgin hair
Mika Karamitsos (3 years ago)
Very hepful video..your hair have such a lovely colour.. 😍
ryskth (3 years ago)
I was looking for this!!!! Thank you so much
Carrie White (3 years ago)
looks nice on u
you look ugly
+Aleshaa Rees (beautyjunki) may be you are a bitch you know only bitches like you, have a sad life GTFO
+Aleshaa Rees (beautyjunki) RIP english .__.
+Aleshaa Rees (beautyjunki) i've got a better life than you ;) so shut your ass up
florecita del campo (3 years ago)
love your hair color, I have black hair and always turns red
Regal Lineage (3 years ago)
Thank you very much for this video.  I purchased two boxes of a color I wanted.  My hair is just like yours and you are so sweet and fun to watch!  Thank you!
Bodoor Hakami (3 years ago)
The best hair color EVER
Lois BUCHOLC (1 year ago)
Bodoor Hakami
Diana Matthews (3 years ago)
What is the brand and shade you used?
Carina Carranza (2 years ago)
Nurse Calls (2 years ago)
She used Perfect 10 it's a box dye - color: lightest cool brown 6.5A
agataloca (3 years ago)
+Diana Matthews Do any of you even watch the video??
Nhabib (3 years ago)
My natural hair is black and I was wondering if the color will look like yours or not since you didn't start with black hair. Also how did u get the original color that u started with?
josseanne Vasconcellos (3 years ago)
Her hair looks so dry!!! Too much volume. Maybe that hair color makes her hair looks poor and dry.
Rodney Ebersole (3 years ago)
@josseanne Vasconcellos No-her hair looks great, just like her beautiful smile and personality! Great Job!!!
Rose Gold (4 years ago)
The colour looks lovely...
Jules Elliott (4 years ago)
You have saved my hair with your videos concerning brassy orange hair. I have used the perfect 10 medium ash brown to dye over diy balyage. Pity proctor and gamble have discontinued now. What are you using now? I went for nice and easy light ash brown still the same company but no longer only 10 min😕
Tasharra Quibarantar (4 years ago)
What is your hair color before before you dye it?
agataloca (3 years ago)
+Tasharra Quibarantar She says in the video it's black, several times.
JesusLives888 (4 years ago)
If you can remember, how did you curl your hair for the end product before you went out that night?  Did you use a curling iron for random curls?  Thank you!
jack84253 (4 years ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been looking to get this colour and its hard because i'm an asian too. But now i know which one to use Thanks ! :)
sugarstar123 (4 years ago)
Hiya, that hair dye is now discontinued, what do u suggest instead?
Brandi Nicole (4 years ago)
I love her accent. She said her hair gets really naughty so cute lol! Plus your hair looks great. Wish I would have watched this before I went dark black / brown to strawberry blonde--GAH I hate the red tones!
Leena .x (3 years ago)
@Stardust Starlet most likely 
R O S É H. (3 years ago)
+ripcobain .x you implying she's Indian-English then?
Leena .x (3 years ago)
+Stardust Starlet ... shes british, how the bloody hell could she be native american?!?!
R O S É H. (3 years ago)
Is she Indian or Native American?
Marielle Desierto (4 years ago)
I really like your hair! Does it also apply with black hair? Like that same color with yours? :)
Anna McGee (4 years ago)
how long did u leave it in total
Stine (4 years ago)
This color is perfection!!
Claudia K (4 years ago)
I love your accent so much omg
Max (4 years ago)
What dye did u use for your entire head? I have a long history of reddish brown dye and highlights covering my dark Asian hair and I really want to get rid of everything and dye it in to a ashy brown color like yours.
Anastasia (1 year ago)
Use green hair dye like manic panic if your hair is red. Mix it with alot of conditionr
agataloca (3 years ago)
+Para Origins She went to a salon to highlight it?
Lalalala (4 years ago)
@Para Origins i think i have the same issue. i dyed it red years ago and ever since then my hair always reverts back to that same reddish brown shade no matter what colour i dye it. it's a mess.
Krazy cats!! (4 years ago)
thanks for sharing!! love it:)
angelina s (4 years ago)
JACKPOT!! this is exactly what i have been looking for!!
Erin mathews (4 years ago)
That's my natural color 😏😏
maha shf (4 years ago)
I am realllly thankful for that video, I was looking for that colour  since ages :)
very beautiful brunette <3 <3
tara huwez (4 years ago)
Hellooo I've recently died my hair a midnight black / blue colour this colour has faded out a lot now as I can remember I dyed my hair about 3-4 months ago now so the blue colour has almost gone before dying my hair to this colour I had many blonde/ brown highlights like you had and these are now seeping through with my natural hair colour which is an extremely dark brown/black I want to achieve the same colour as you have now but am not sure if my hair will turn a brassy colour in the process any tips/advice ? Also does the ash brown colour contain bleach ? As I don't want to damage my hair any further
sweethartia (4 years ago)
You've got it!
tara huwez (4 years ago)
okay thankyou for the advice x
sweethartia (4 years ago)
I think you should use a color stripper then try the dye she used on a small hidden spot to see how it looks
Grace Felts-King (4 years ago)
Im trying to dye my hair a similar colour to my natural one which is that ash colour you are using, however there is lots of red in my hair which just wont leave, do you think this dye would eliminate it?
Net Javier (4 years ago)
Finally!! I found "the natural smart-but-kinda-sexy" brown that I've been looking for!! I will buy Clairol now.. but of course i have gotta do the allergy test first;)
Nynke B. (4 years ago)
wow you're hair is amazing!! Ill use the tips!
lane wen (4 years ago)
What I recommend for you that I use is that I go to sallys . Buy ion light ash brown and 20 or 30 volume developer depending on your root color. Box dyes are 10 volume developer and those don't lift color. They only deposit . 20 or 30 developer will lift your hair enough to light brown .
dominique007 (4 years ago)
I don't know why people are saying you shouldn't use a box dye. I am black so I am a woman of color just like you are. Our hair tends to be more fragile. I've gotten highlights at a salon where the hairdresser used loreal feria, a box dye and It came out beautiful. If my hair could handle it anyone's can as long as you know what you are doing. She knows what she is doing. It's all about proper conditioning and using the right developer. If your hair is healthy as hers clearly is she will be fine.
atharie Kuwait (4 years ago)
Amazing !!! Loved ur tutorial video !!!
Heeler girl (4 years ago)
I can't find this range anywhere. Has anyone been able to to find it? I'm in Australia. I believe the nice n easy 114 light ash brown is similar bit I really want this. Ahhh! Great hair by the way and lovely accent
Heeler girl (4 years ago)
@Yovanillaface its actually Perfect 10 by Clairol and Ulta doesnt ship to Australia as I had already looked into this, but thankyou for your reply :)
TH (4 years ago)
Its the Clairol Nice n Easy lightest cool brown 6.5A.  Ulta has it on their website. 
squash12345 (4 years ago)
what kind of shampoo did you use? colour protected or regular?
hemlockasylum82 (4 years ago)
Thanks for the video, I'm going to have to try that! Your hair turned out beautifully! Do you have a video on how you style it like the pict at the very end of this video?
Jenny D (4 years ago)
I absolutely LOVE your hair colour!! I had my hair professionally dyed a couple of months ago and it is dark brown with red undertones. I hate the red undertones and I am going to show this video to my stylist because this is the exact colour that I want. Thank you!! And you are truly gorgeous!
Pisces Lady (4 years ago)
What's the name of the haircolor you have?
Pisces Lady (4 years ago)
Thank you very much!
May bitters (4 years ago)
6.5A lightest cool brown I think it reads on the pack
nelida kiss (4 years ago)
you are great love this video
Blaze Russell (4 years ago)
you're so beautiful without makeup!
Tiffany Hau (4 years ago)
Does the hair dye change your "naturally black" roots to a dark brown..?
Bonita Stan (4 years ago)
highly unlikely, unless it has never been dyed before, even if so, it will be barely different, you will need to bleach your hair to a lighter shade.
naomi eliav (4 years ago)
You are so similar to Olivia Palermo like that's crazyyy !
MACuriosity (4 years ago)
you remind me of the girl who plays rachel in a tv show called "suits" :)
Yuni Aniceto (7 months ago)
MACuriosity meghan markle? HAHA little would we know that a couple years later, she’d be marrying the prince :)
Brandi Starnes (5 years ago)
You are gorgeous, loved the video definitely subscribing!
Hannah Haque (5 years ago)
what did u use
SomethingReallyStrange (5 years ago)
You are so pretty, and you have a gorgeous smile :)
Lanteyah Aribel (5 years ago)
The color is lightest cool brown
Lisa M-Q (5 years ago)
that looks wonderful on you. I did this in the salon (black natural hair to cool ashy light blonde hair) and loved it until it washed out and left me with dry hair (maybe 2 months). I always want to go back but am terrified. its taken a year to be healthy again.
The Rock -n- Twins (5 years ago)
Have you mixed 2 colors for the roots. I have been using light ash brown. But it makes my roots lighter. Can I mix the light and medium ash for my roots to make it a more natural look?
Neisha Pedro (5 years ago)
What color is this. I need it!!

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