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What Is the Power of a Hug? | Fun Science

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Text Comments (405)
Kooky Ziu (12 days ago)
You're my first favourite YouTuber, Charlie. :) I hope you're doing well in life. X♡X♡
MrsBlackSheik (2 months ago)
Well now I know why I get sick more often since no one hugs me, aside from my parents twice a year. One hug on my birthday and one on Christmas... oh the life of a child with emotionally distant parents.
Britta Grant (6 months ago)
Great video! One question though, what would make the Harlow monkey experiment unethical?
The fake Justin Y. (6 months ago)
The last time I was hugged i think was about 2 years ago.
Denwho (6 months ago)
I love these videos ❤️ learning new things is fun! 😊 Thank you Charlie!!
Alexi Brailey (6 months ago)
Don't worry, fun science will return... 10 months later... YAYYY!
Jay Daisuke (6 months ago)
I do hugs selectively. Only families and special people.
aislinn (6 months ago)
Oh Charlie, you're the best soul on YouTube.
Emma Mattson (6 months ago)
RAch711baby (7 months ago)
Holy carp I havnt watched your videos in years I missed those old days
Abigail Burrell (7 months ago)
I bought his book it's great!!!!
Raelle Lobo (7 months ago)
Sarah Cavalcanti (7 months ago)
really nice, Charlie :)
Mujtaba Ibrahim (7 months ago)
who is the girl in the thumbnail?
Daisy Nina (7 months ago)
Someone asked me who was the first YouTube you subscribe to? And my answer was you. How are you Charlie, what have you been up to? :)
Alison Lee (7 months ago)
Thank you for everything you have worked so hard on! You're an inspiration to me and everyone in this community. I wish you well and hope you're doing your best.
roor WM2 (7 months ago)
Maria Pia (7 months ago)
We miss you 😭
ginaiscoollikethat (7 months ago)
i miss charlie i hope he's doing well
showmoke (7 months ago)
I (and I'm sure many others as well) are wondering how does he make a living. Surely he must be working somehow to earn enough money to make a living! Looks like he's given up on YouTube, so no income from that source.
Stephanie Shanonn (7 months ago)
Charlie hi!!! I’ve been following your channel since I was about 12 and now I am 21. I remember when you dyed your hair red and wrote that song with many instruments, I used to watch it once a day for 3 months ! The first video I remember was when you drank ketchup... Anyway I miss your videos they’re very good. Especially this video , hugs are the best! Sending you many hugs 🤗
From Scratch Aunty Bindy (7 months ago)
There are people who work as platonic Hug Therapists and Touch Therapists. So yeah, it's a money thing too now.
juliansecnat730 (7 months ago)
When I think of YouTube Vlogger, the only name that always pops in my mind is charlieissocoollike/Charlie Mcdonnell. I still want to see you once again on your vlog before I die. One of the wishes I still want to be granted.
McLovin McLovin (8 months ago)
Charlie are you there?
MrDozip (8 months ago)
very informative and fun.
izaak mccullough (8 months ago)
your getting fat like me :(
Jonathan Zhang (8 months ago)
please come back, it's been a while
MISKIN (8 months ago)
Continue tes vidéos j'ai acheté ton livre
Thom smith (8 months ago)
robertbangkok (8 months ago)
Dude - where are you. Miss you terribly! Really hope you are OK!
KevinField (8 months ago)
"Don't worry, fun science will return, please stay subscribed." *Doesn't upload for 8 months*
Maelstrom Magnet (8 months ago)
hey charlie when you get the email about this comment I just want you to know that youtube is ass. *literall ass* and I hope you know that you are WAY MORE than your channel and I hope you're relaxing with a uke somewhere not giving a damn much love from 2008 to now and beyond <3
Kate44 (8 months ago)
I miss you and your videos and your tea and everything I hope you're doing well and you're happy
Arthur Boytsov (8 months ago)
Well someone is gone
3SVNC Official (8 months ago)
Plz....come back...we miss you
Mason Sweat (8 months ago)
So this channel is dead?
Araba Ackon (8 months ago)
charlie 10 yr old me misses u
Michel de berg (9 months ago)
charlie where are you man!
Aiden Sage (9 months ago)
Anyone want a hug?
Zoz Plays Games (9 months ago)
Who remembers duet with myself
Unidragosisisis (9 months ago)
Welp guess this channel is gone. Guess he lied in the intro
PinkyDiva7 (9 months ago)
come back
The Perez Hilton (9 months ago)
Miss you! x
flori (9 months ago)
TEENY (9 months ago)
I miss your old train ticket wall :(
veronika martinez (9 months ago)
I wish you posted more often 😭😭😭
Emma Mattson (9 months ago)
Last night you came into my dream and died. I hate you...
STK Button (9 months ago)
why did you stop uploading
EMERSON DMS (9 months ago)
We miss you Charlie!!
Casey G (10 months ago)
Where did he go? :(
Alexandra Iogansen (10 months ago)
There will be no new episodes?
TheJessmess24 (10 months ago)
Where did Charlie go? I hope he comes back soon....
Nadir Katana (10 months ago)
Im doing preparations for the Extarnal Evaluation from English in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Test to finish the Primary school) and at the section called "Reading" theres a text about you (how you started out n stuff) lol
that one friend (10 months ago)
What's a hug?
Julie Treehugger (10 months ago)
Love fun science :') Charlie is one of the reasons I became a YouTuber recently LOVE YOU MAN! SCIENCE IS FUN AND MORE PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT!!!
AllonsyRapunzel (10 months ago)
Is cuddling charlie cloning charlies's cousin?
sophv (10 months ago)
It’s been s i x m o n t h s
Ela Novak (7 months ago)
Nine now
ignoramus (10 months ago)
You chanel is in exam in Belarus -__-
Ethan (10 months ago)
I find it kind of sad that he inspired so many successful youtubers but now he's forgotten
MJ Red (7 months ago)
What does it matter? He's still the same person no matter what views.
Rikke Jensen (7 months ago)
SkyLemon (7 months ago)
I’ve been there since 2008 and I haven’t forgotten. He’s still reaching people. Whether he’s moved on from YouTube or not, he’s done a lot for a lot of people and he’s a very smart guy so he’ll be fine
Karina Ermolenko (10 months ago)
You are famous in Belarus. I Like your video.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
space face (11 months ago)
I just wish Charlie would get the help he needs and be okay, even if it means going offline forever. I remember when I was little I wrote an essay about how he was my idol because he had picked up multiple instruments, focused on his love of science, and was a very wholesome person. I still look up to him to this day, but I really want him to stabilize.
Marthinus_ (10 months ago)
What has happened to him?
Zehra Ekiz (11 months ago)
I regret not to face with your channel earlier
stacy kang (11 months ago)
I have been in love with you for 8 years. first youtuber that i have ever subscribed 😂😂 i miss you so much see you soon
Luis R. (11 months ago)
I havent seen your videos in awhile!!! I am happy to see you doing good, but you are getting a little out of shape O.O you should go to the gym, that can help you a lot with anxiety and depression! :) it can improve your life greatly, i hope you see this so it can help! Cheers!
SouJee Han (11 months ago)
I miss the outro :(
IStask (11 months ago)
Jlexa BepHu MHe 50 koTTeek
Alnvi 1 (11 months ago)
Здарова штришок,мы про тебя билет по британскому учим
uzielperez2002 (11 months ago)
I watched this channel such a long time ago...idk what brought me back but i feel sad for some reason
Ира 408 (11 months ago)
You are written about in one of exam texts for finishing school in Belarus. It's unbelievable!
Wow five months no videos
Raphael X (11 months ago)
What happened to chameleon circuit
baby bowie (1 year ago)
Charlie has gotten thicc!
Partrewu (1 year ago)
Are you Chuj?
anonimo anónimo (1 year ago)
Thomas Elliff (1 year ago)
anonimo anónimo rt
Davros Saxon (1 year ago)
would you like to make some another Chameleon Circuit song about Doctor Who? i really miss your old videos
Tim Lake (1 year ago)
I have actually seen Tshirts with "Deluxe Hugs $2".
lev timnera (1 year ago)
Oh God he's getting fat) No! Please) Stop eating....
lev timnera (10 months ago)
KHCoasterKid nothing) I was fat )
KHCoasterKid (10 months ago)
lev timnera What's wrong with that?
Sweet Caramel13 (1 year ago)
hy,charlie,I like your videos so much.
Ken Dugan (1 year ago)
I wish him and Alex would hug it out and be friends again.
Ken Dugan (10 months ago)
KHCoasterKid while I think that what he did was bad, I don’t think it was THAT bad and ultimately he was young. Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. None of what he did was illegal and I think people are artificially inflating it to a level which it is not.
KHCoasterKid (10 months ago)
Ken Dugan I don't have a self-righteous heart, it's just he knew exactly what he was doing and he did it with several women. He actively manipulated and pressured women into having sex with him. Even though he apologised for it and admitted how wrong it was, once you know someone is capable of doing such a thing then it really changes how you see them.
Ken Dugan (10 months ago)
KHCoasterKid you shouldn’t let a self righteous heart stand in your way of forgiving and loving people
KHCoasterKid (10 months ago)
Ken Dugan Pretty big mistake if you ask me.
Ken Dugan (10 months ago)
KHCoasterKid I guess people aren’t allowed to make mistakes and can learn and grow as people.
Mined_Ore (1 year ago)
This channel has become much more watered down, it no longer feels personal. It used to feel like you were looking into his life, in his fun science episode on the moon, he talked about the reason for making the video. I will no longer be watching the channel due to this.
griffy flur (10 months ago)
DeShaun Smith (1 year ago)
You went from the most subbed channel in the UK, to uploading twice a year
Alan PrepZilla Killen (1 year ago)
vertigo (1 year ago)
Charlie Charlie Are you here? We miss you 💔
Dawn Oldham (1 year ago)
I loved this one!!!!
DENI (1 year ago)
Где видео?
Ты че, дурачина блять
MR. hippy (1 year ago)
Aaaahhh! I missed watching your videos!!!!
Vitória Craveiro (1 year ago)
Just wanted to stop by to say that I miss you lots! You're the first Youtuber I've ever watched. Much love, Charlie! Keep up the good work! ❤️
Nadja Violine (1 year ago)
Charlie, I've followed you for years and years and years. I remember you painting your body purple, I remember you teaching how to make tea and I remember being inspired to making videos ten years ago. But I'm not in a place mentally where I can make videos. And although you don't know who I am. I disappoint myself everytime I see your name in my list of people that I'm subscribed to. So I'll be back one day, the day that I'm ready to make videos again. Whenever that'll be... Only time will tell. <3
Àfrica Alà Catalán (1 year ago)
Charlie looks like the lost brother of George MacKay! Anyone thinks the same as me?? I saw the movie Marrowbone and I could not stop thinking that George reminded me of someone...
Racheal Clark (1 year ago)
I used to watch Charlie’s videos back when I was only 11 years old.. He was the first YouTuber I ever watched and he seriously inspired me to make videos of my own. I have always wanted to express myself in this way and just wanted to say thank you for making videos...
Hopeless Jade (1 year ago)
I’m dying bc I started watching you when you did challenge Charlie n I was only like 10. Now I’m 17 almost 18 and these videos have matured the same time as I have and it’s late I should stop talking this deep
Anya Vi (1 year ago)
jongmagee (1 year ago)
He got fat.
Smokietrue (1 year ago)
Homie, we learning you story of videobloging at English lesson, in Belarus
Vitaliy Freeman (1 year ago)
I'm too
AdmiralBulldog (1 year ago)
Smokietrue I’m his classmate, lol
A Unicorn (1 year ago)
Martino Chebureko (1 year ago)
this channel is dieing I think
runningshoe1000 (1 year ago)
Me not so much...
runningshoe1000 (1 year ago)
Is it weird that I’ve been following Charlie since 2013...He’s aging fast.😭
timelesstoanyone (1 year ago)
Someone is becoming fat

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