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Do NOT Use Dating Sites

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This is a warning to you guys.... dont waste your time. I promise you.
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Emma Oneill (4 months ago)
I totally agree with you people just want sex on there or have mental issues it's sad people abuse these sites
Emma Oneill (4 months ago)
Your fine
Bill Wilkinson (5 months ago)
Haven't been in the game for 4 years? Trust me...nothing has changed. It's all about sex above relationship. Don't waste your time, Jake. You're smarter than those losers. And don't forget those dating sites online where you get an alert that someone has seen your profile and wants to meet you only to find out you got to shell out some bucks just to find out who it is. Forget those, too.
Jay Beef (5 months ago)
I generally agree, good vid. I get laid from the sites a good amount, but for serious relationships, nah. Everyones got issues or baggage and i dont want some chick with 4 kids by 2 guys.
ZACHARY KING (6 months ago)
I could not agree with JAKE more....in this vid......100%%%%%%%%….He is Right ON here...….Period!!!!!!!!!!
Millianah Brooks (6 months ago)
That's why I say if it's free leave it be
Luis Espinoza (6 months ago)
I agree with you Jake, in those sites there is a lot of good looking people however most of them are freakasaurus, it is sad but that is how things are.
Ty Waters (6 months ago)
Say to yourself Dear God, grow within me the desire for truth in all things so that I might be set free from the bondage of falsehood. Let veracity be my nature. Let me tend to the task at hand, and let history take care of itself. Amen. Blessings to you!😇+
Ana Janet (6 months ago)
[email protected] mail me for dating
Ana Janet (6 months ago)
[email protected] mail me for dating
Friday Schofield (6 months ago)
🖒 Stop using date sites 6 years ago. As well, just want a friend to talk with get to know (mentally). Agree, they are just on there for a specific reason and that's cool for them. Basically, I look at it like this you meet someone on there and 9 out 10 are JUST wanting a hookup. You get what you look for and a LTR or DATING will be you worried if they are still meeting other people and hooking up. NOT WORTH THE TIME AND AGRAVATION. Just meet someone random at a store, gas station, etc., in passing. Just my opinion.
Jake Orion (6 months ago)
Let me not forget to add the fact that it is bombarded with fake account. Not good looking women pretending and using other women's photos or men using women's photos. The moderation level is laughable.
Michael Chaparro (6 months ago)
Jake Orion yupp.. That too. That's why I only watch you. Lol. Unless ur actually wearing a fake mask of Jake and a high quality strap-on. Haha jk.. Love u.😂
Brent Braniff (6 months ago)
I've never been a fan of dating sites. I tried Grindr once but the experience was pretty lackluster. Basically, I got nothing out of it. Not from unattractive people, desperate people...nothing. I guess I could ask: What does that say about me? Well, I realize that in the gay world I am pretty much out of running. I am not conventionally attractive, I have no money, I don't party and now I'm older... I just don't fit the bill as far as being a successful gay guy goes. I find that, in my case at least, I have really no fear in talking with someone I don't know...That's my talent. It still doesn't get me a boyfriend or get me laid but at the very least it gives me some social interaction. You'd think that would be a plus for on line dating but it doesn't. You're very correct in saying that people on those sites usually want sex and that's about it. Personally, I think that comes from being desperate and being aware that they are not a pretty boy or girl. They probably believe that sex is the one thing they can offer and they know there are those out there who will take them up on it. Still, coming from some experience myself, having sex with someone who is really not romantically interested in you ends up being hurtful and empty. The experience of having someone close to you, holding you, willing to share an intimate moment is intoxicating for as long as it takes to crawl in between the sheets and an orgasm. After that, it reveals itself as being the impersonal act it really is. The hope that maybe this could be more lingers for a bit but the realization of that this was just a small step above masturbation becomes clear. Do I sound like I've been down that road?....Oh, yeh, I have. It was well before dating sites and Grindr but it still happened. Like I said, I never had much of what gay guys wanted beyond a last resort blowjob. Still, there is that thing called hope and that's what those dating sites sell.... Hope. And hopes can be dashed and often times they are. More often than not, I'm afraid. So, from a lot of stand points, you are right....best to stay away from those sites. And I do.
Dan Coulter Jr (6 months ago)
I have to disagree with you on this one.
jordan ray (6 months ago)
Lmao I don’t know what area or who the fuck u are talking to but that’s not true lmao I have plenty of fwbs that I’ve met and not to be rude but are better looking than you try moving away from Florida go to LA
magickalmermaid (6 months ago)
Do you think alot of those profiles are fake?? Profiles being run by people in Russia or Africa?? Trying to scam people?
Frans De Groot (6 months ago)
I never seen you on dateingsite, we live in different part of the world, if i see you i say something Nice to you and mayby we have a drink then. You look like a good guy to me. It is not easy to find a person lot of junk you find there, i am muscle guy that not easy to find one. They all have belly s not sixpack. You have the good looks. It is always about there job money there past. The most people are lost in live you must make your on live, another can not do that for you.
adam lewis (6 months ago)
I find your vanity & conceit repulsive. This vlog made me unsubscribe to your channel
Bassam Al-Kaaki (6 months ago)
Thats why I love living with myself ❤️👍
jmaraf77 (6 months ago)
Very often people go on those dating sites for the wrong reasons... mainly what they want for themselves and not really for sharing their life with others.
Ti Shiva Tihawkmena (6 months ago)
Jake, you need to give yourself time to breathe you're just ending a relationship so just don't rush into anything right now. You will find the right person for you in time. Focus on the good things in your life, sex is nothing but friction, a girl can satisfy you, a guy can satisfy you, a sex toy can satisfy you, even your hand can satisfy you. Sex is not that big of a deal just be patient and wait for the right one, love you🌹💋 💛peace and love to all❣️
ZACHARY KING (6 months ago)
I agree with Ti Shiva T
Blaze Thomas (6 months ago)
You can always meet friends from and app called jackd
John Fountain (6 months ago)
Jake, you're right. I've stopped going on those dating sites. They are a waste of time. They only want sex. Thank you. Love you my friend
Jason Clark (6 months ago)
I get so many people trying to get money out of me. I may not be cute, but I'm not that fucking desperate!!!
Anna marie (6 months ago)
I stop using pof and quest to many crazy and weirdos on there it wasnt for me lol
Martin Alvarez (6 months ago)
Thank you very much for the advice, I really thank you for all the information you share, that's why you win my heart, every day ... A hug Jake
Teen one (6 months ago)
I love ur blogs as well as you and your voice is so Manly....Ahhhhhhh😊I can hear your voice whole day...😊😊😊😊😊😊😊Love from india
Raheem Peters (6 months ago)
Thanks for the info. Because a person doesn't know what they are getting into when it comes to dating websites.
babygirl Holley (6 months ago)
Questions if you just looking for a friendship does it matter how they look ( ? ) 0 just as long as they earn your truth ? Do not apply to you but people that's perfect and fine as gold has problems too and fall on hard times so maybe if people would come down off that high horse they could maybe be a friend too
Michael Chaparro (6 months ago)
I use dating sites only cause I hope I will find you. Lol. Jk.. I don't. But I still blow a kiss to you on every video you upload. Doesn't matter how ur doing. It's just like a "hey good morning" kinda kiss. You know? But yeah.. I've tried a couple of app's and they just don't do it for me. Good night. 💋
Schneika Whitaker (6 months ago)
Hi Jake. U kind right with date site. I was on date site too. I meet wrong people who used me too. Evil people. But 6 years ago i got on POF date app. I meet man and then he become my bf.and we been together since. God bless me with him. Great man i would never change how we meet on POF tho. I. Guess be careful who u talk to on date site but never know probably might meet soulmate tho. I'm shy person to dont go up to people. People go up to me tho. U would find someone jake dont look for them. They looking for u tho. Have bless week love xo😘
Julian Martinez (6 months ago)
Your shy haha your butthole is all over the internet 😂
John Fountain (6 months ago)
I've stopped going on those gay dating sites. Waste of time to me
james smith (6 months ago)
You seem like the last person who would be shy! You should transfer some of the confidence you have doing your videos and put them into meeting women. I do like your confidence you have when you are on YouTube! I think you are very handsome and down deep very very kind.
YourGamingHighness (6 months ago)
I don't know how, but I really needed this message. Thank you.
cj cj (6 months ago)
Thanks man, I so appreciate your honesty. Much love!
Randy Davis (6 months ago)
Thank God I'm taken. Lol, I feel for people trying to date nowadays.
Randy Davis (6 months ago)
Hi Jake, hey how's the new house coming along?
Nick Keith (6 months ago)
Jake, you sound like a good guy. I'm in the same boat right now. It is hella hard to find quality friends as an adult. So many people are fake and or living in a drama storm.
Eagle 744 (6 months ago)
Thanks for the info on dating sites. I love you
Austin Smith (6 months ago)
really great advice 🙂🙂
suave unityderrick (6 months ago)
Great advice
Azakie Cruz (6 months ago)
Ok thank yoy for advice😊😊

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