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Top White Hair From Anime Character

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Hi ~! I consider Mikleo as white altho it more like light blue-white kind of hair (?) ✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋ Anime used : Naruto - Kakashi Charlotte - Tomori D.Grayman - Allen Yuri On Ice - Victor Akatsuki No Yona - Kija Kiznaiver - Katsuhira Arslan - Arslan Senki Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Soul Eater - Evans Danmachi - Bell Snow White With Red Hair - Zen Toaru Majutsu No Index - Accelerator Valvrave The Liberator - L-Elf Anohana - Menma No.6 - Shion Re:zero - Emilia Tales Of Zestiria The X - Mikleo Mirai Nikki - Akise Death Parade - Decim Death Note - Near Chaos Dragon - Ibuki Hunter x Hunter - Killua Kamisama Kiss - Tomoe Trickster - Kobayashi Empire Of Corpses - Friday Date A Live - Origami Aldnoah.Zero - Slaine (ma boi deserve better) Angel Beats! - Kanade Miketsukami - Inu x Boku SS ✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋ Thumbnail : Art from Hamatora | Re: Hamatora ✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋✿❁✾✽❊❋ Credit : Description for every character :MyAnimeList I didn't own any of the animation / art / song / soundtrack Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Text Comments (3821)
Lodi (15 hours ago)
POpZi CLOUD (1 day ago)
Just had to get hoping i see some tokyo ghoul babes
KibouChan (1 day ago)
Shion, Akise, Friday, Mikleo and Yoshiba are here... My life is complet...💕
KibouChan (1 day ago)
Shiooooooon 💕💕 This music... nooooo I'm crying now thanks...
KibouChan (1 day ago)
I wasn't expected Friday to be there!!!!! Thaaaaanks this boy je sooo great!!
kitsune spirit (4 days ago)
Owari no seraph ferid bathory
Paunam Hega (6 days ago)
I knew it!! My Kaneki made it to the top😍😍
innocent inori (9 days ago)
*white haired guys=overload hotness*
Sakura Ramroop (9 days ago)
Allen Walker... My heart❤... Ship him and Kanda so bad. #Yullen_Rules
sumaiya zahir (10 days ago)
Itona from assisantion classroom
Mirielle Gacha (10 days ago)
I wish Juuzou was there and hes better with white hair and it also change the style of his hair
Islam Tv (11 days ago)
Kaneki Ken daisuki hontoni senpai 😍😍😍
Nashad Ibrahim (11 days ago)
Shiro or jibreel?
Michelle Cuteforest (11 days ago)
Kaneki on first place ❤❤❤
Ellie Darromawi (12 days ago)
Kaneki is the coolest
EnZeeKay (13 days ago)
where is prussia from hetalia?
Maxie Tolentino (13 days ago)
I love Zen!!! Character in Snow White with the red hair
Dana Bochow (13 days ago)
Where is Shirasu? ? ?
Kuroshi Okami (13 days ago)
Where's the very awesome Gilbert Beilshmidt (APH Prussia)?
さくら光 (14 days ago)
Mira (Fairy Tail) đâu
さくら光 (14 days ago)
Akane Oikawa (15 days ago)
I love you Víctor and Gin
nevermind (16 days ago)
k project's isana yashiro?
ende -kun (17 days ago)
U forgot me
Shaira Rodil (17 days ago)
I watched this hoping to see my all time fav Sesshomaru but...😪
Kimselly (18 days ago)
Hillary - Chan (19 days ago)
alexandria rodriguez (19 days ago)
There is also inuyasha and inuyasha is awesome.
luca chann (20 days ago)
Blossom Belle (20 days ago)
zen is love😍😍
Rua Kun (20 days ago)
seriously Inu x Boku SS's manga had one fu*ked up plot
Rua Kun (20 days ago)
hey you forgot yashiro from K project! he has a great personality
Rua Kun (20 days ago)
thank you for this list and i absolutely love white aired characters by their good looking faces and their killing instincts cuz in almost any anime white haired characters are the deadliest and i am personally a fan of allen walker
Haniff Fikry (21 days ago)
Killua should be in no.1
6 0 6 (21 days ago)
0:07 #33 Decim (Death parade) 0:31 #32 Yaha-Kui Zashunina (Seikaisuru kado) 0:57 #31 Friday (Empire of corpses) 1:21 #30 Origami Tobiichi (Date a live) 1:46 #29 Victor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! On ice) 2:11 #28 Gin (Hotarubi no mori e) 2:37 #27 Accelerator (Toaru majutsu no index) 3:02 #26 Meiko Honma (Anohana) 3:26 #25 Emilia (Re:Zero) 3:52 #24 Shion (No.6) 4:16 #23 Ki-ja (Akatsuki no yona) 4:42 #22 Nagisa Kaworu (Evangelion) 5:08 #21 Agata Katsuhira (Kiznaiver) 5:31 #20 Soul Eater Evans (Soul eater) 5:56 #19 Mikleo (Tales of zestiria the X) 6:21 #18 Ibuki (Chaos dragon) 6:46 #17 Arslan (Arslan Senki) 7:11 #16 Wistalia Clarines Zen (Snow white with the red hair) 7:36 #15 Tomori Nao (Charlotte) 8:02 #14 Carnel Bell (Danmachi) 8:26 #13 Toujou Koneko (High school DXD) 8:51 #12 Hatake Kakashi (Naruto) 9:16 #11 Allen Walker (D.Gray-Man) 9:41 #10 Tachibana Kanade (Angle Beats!) 10:06 #9 Troyard Slaina (Aldnoah.Zero) 10:31 #8 Yoshio Kobayashi (Trickster) 10:56 #7 River Nate (Death Note) 11:21 #6 Akise Aru (Future Diary) 11:46 #5 Soushi Miketsukami (Inu X Boku SS) 12:11 #4 Karlstein L-Elf (Valvrave the liberator) 12:36 #3 Tomoe (Kamisama kiss) 13:01 #2 Zoldyck Killua (Hunter X Hunter) 13:27 #1 Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)
Kang Taehyun (21 days ago)
I‘m here for Victor Nikiforov😂❤️
Seven Winters (22 days ago)
Accidentally tapped on this... Not that I regret it tho
Kyrelle Pimentel (23 days ago)
Phantm Cssh (23 days ago)
I think you might’ve helped me find my old anime!!! I’ve been trying to find and remember it for years!!! I only still have a few vivid details left of it though
Michelle Putri (23 days ago)
I’m here for Killua and Kaneki
elizabeth Gaspersz (26 days ago)
Im so love the characters with white hair my favorite character is Allen walker
Kristyn Nika Lazo (26 days ago)
28 Gin, 23 Kija, 12 Kakashi, 3 Tomoe, 2 Killua, and KANEKI EFFIN KEN AT NUMBER 1 😍😍😍
MAC07 07 (27 days ago)
HiRukane (27 days ago)
Bro were is ban
Esklet Ts (27 days ago)
Tomoe Zero Kiryu Kakashi Hatake
MAC07 07 (28 days ago)
MAC07 07 (28 days ago)
Harth RoS (28 days ago)
Shojo Makishima (Psycho Pass)? o.o
But I'm soooo happy about Gin <3
Nhi Vu (28 days ago)
What‘s the Anime on the thumbnail?
Escaper of Reality (28 days ago)
Well... not my favorite order and I miss Nai from Karneval, but overall it's good.
Attack titan (1 month ago)
Yea kaneki kinda just deserves this spot by default lol
Amber Sison (1 month ago)
Kija is my favorite!! 😍
Forever Fairytail mage (1 month ago)
My fairy tail ass is shaking Lyon? Mirajane? Angel? Yukino? Lisanna?
Roe Alvarez (1 month ago)
Where's is my Sesshōmaru babe and Inuyasha?
MoreHappy 49 (1 month ago)
Nagito Komaeda?(((
Hannah Fowler (1 month ago)
I find it a serious problem that I know 21 out of 33. Killua is the best out of everyone on this list.
Gisella Pdeviti (1 month ago)
But...can todoroki shouto be here ? He its half white
Pedro El Periquito (1 month ago)
Mr. Someone (1 month ago)
Whene I see Alen Walker i just feel sad cause the anime has Finished I'm really sad now
Immortal Essences (1 month ago)
You didn't add Zero Kiryu from vampire knight
MAYURI AMV (1 month ago)
U forgot zero from vimpire knight
NYAAN (1 month ago)
silver hair doesn't count? gintoki???
B O N A K K (1 month ago)
Gin 😢, why does the fvckihg kid have to trip?
Freecko Treecko (1 month ago)
... So no Makishima Shogo?.... Okay.
Sariah's Cabin (1 month ago)
You forgot Clear from DRAMAtical Murder
Gintokii???? 😭😭
Break-chan (1 month ago)
They should have take Xerxes Break and Undertaker on the list. :/ Happy to see Allen and Killua.
Pixly Lily (1 month ago)
Where is tanmoku ki in spiritpact?????? Or i just skip it????
Christian Villacino (1 month ago)
Where is Lux Arcadia
jung kook (1 month ago)
Uzumaki Naruto (1 month ago)
Here is my list: 1 Hatake kakashi 2 killua 3 near 4 menma 5 kaneki 6 Allen Walker
Crizza Angel (1 month ago)
WTF!! Where is Yukine?!! You forgot him
Dah Otaku UwU (1 month ago)
Why is Gin from Hotarubi no Mori e not here?!??? T^T
evie frye (1 month ago)
what about sesshomaru and inuyasha
shai manuel (1 month ago)
My list that some didnt get in this video list (disappointed though): 1. Sesshoumaru - Inuyasha (hottest) 2. Inuyasha - Inuyasha 3. Zen - Snow White with the Red Hair 4. Kija - Yona of the Dawn 5. Mizuki : Kamisama Kiss 6. Zero : Vampire Knight 7. Gin : Hotarubi 8. Tomoe : Kamisama Kiss
Dóczi Rebeka (1 month ago)
AND WHERE IS UNDERTAKER??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!!???!!!!??😠😡😤
The One Eyed King (1 month ago)
I'm on no.1
animelover 7 (1 month ago)
D gray man is like my favorite anime I loooove allen walker!!😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😀😀😁😁😊
Go Away (1 month ago)
animelover 7 ikr it’s sad that d.gray man is underrated
Dibya Karmakar (1 month ago)
Was there Jiraiya???
Margestars15 (1 month ago)
ISTG if Decim was not on here I would have cried myself to sleep every night
Joyk Saballegue (1 month ago)
Where is our shirou-chan? (Hitsugaya-taichou?)
Dragonpulse (1 month ago)
Desilia Tj (1 month ago)
Where is gintoki ?
Desilia Tj (1 month ago)
Where is isana yashiro?
Desilia Tj (1 month ago)
Btw, i love emilia
Añgël _ Drëamś (1 month ago)
Akise? From The Future Diaries? ;w;
CC Yang (1 month ago)
Where's Inuyasha? 😂
Arianaa Ksx (1 month ago)
Finally! Allen Walker!!!! 😍😍
violet anggela (1 month ago)
Shirogane???????????Come on!
AVea VAutista (1 month ago)
Elizaica Swan (1 month ago)
I see white hair anime list I click I waited until Kaneki
Elizaica Swan (1 month ago)
Where's Zero????
Elizaica Swan (1 month ago)
Kaneki 💜 Tomoe💜
Elizaica Swan (1 month ago)
Where's inuyasha?
Luna Crystal (1 month ago)
Why isn't Mirajane from Fairy tail in here? She's a kick-ass white haired character.
FireDragon (1 month ago)
Why aren't Gintoki and Griffith on this list?
Laura Marrazzo (1 month ago)
Killua 😍😍
Ivan Joseph Villegas (1 month ago)
Bell Cranel
Jang Salaysay (1 month ago)
Hey my baby Zero Kiryuu and Ichiru. How the hell can u forget these legends.
Adela Rotaru (1 month ago)

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