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How to Dye Your Hair Red with Henna

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I get a lot of comments about my hair color, and a lot of those ask how people can replicate it. Unfortunately it's not feasible to tell you to go back and time and persuade your mom to marry a redhead, but here's some information that's almost as effective. The brand of henna I used can be found here: http://www.light-mountain-hair-color.com Music copyright "As I Figure" by Kevin MacLeod under 3.0 Attribution License
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Athanasia Davla (4 days ago)
I did not understand two things. 1)Does it always stain everything it touches? For as long as your hair is dyed with henna, it stains your clothes and stuff? Or just when the dye is on and before it is actually washed. 2)Does it react to iron always, as well like even after I'm done with the procedure of dying my hair? Or just when I dye the hair!?
lotte krens (8 days ago)
I have darkblond hair. Will I get the same kind of color if I buy this?
Kristen Kellick (2 days ago)
lotte krens henna interacts with your natural hair color, so everyone will have slightly different results. But it also means the results are more likely to look like a natural hair color. If you go to the “Henna for Hair” site, she has a lot of before and after photo examples from real people’s hair. Based on that, you should be able to get a good idea of what kind of results to expect.
Lunosca (18 days ago)
Which of the Mountain Light Red Tones do you use? I've found the normal red, bright red and light red and am not sure which of those I should use.
Candy Corn (1 month ago)
Which brand do u use ? I never get such a great colour without sodium picramate :(
Valkyrie (1 month ago)
I literally have that EXACT heating blanket. My mom has had it for years.
Silvousplaits (1 month ago)
I'm 26 years old and I'm pretty sure this thing is older than I am
Daun Ledford (1 month ago)
I have been trying to find henna. No luck where do you get yours?
Estera Ratcliffe (1 month ago)
You said that heating henna too much breaks down the colour?? First time i heard that. Does that mean that adding boiling water kills the colour? I got a hood dryer extension for my hairdryer .. does that kill the colour? I'm still figuring henna out. For some reason I feel like it's not catching my roots as well .. even though I wash my hair before to make sure there's no oils on my scalp
Kristen Kellick (2 days ago)
Estera Ratcliffe Boiling water is too hot! Clean, damp, sectioned hair is best. Add lemon juice, stir, then let it sit in a warm area. (Someone once recommended I put it on the clothes dryer!) After a couple hours, you’ll see the dye release happening, as the paste turns from green to more of a dark rust color. Add more juice until it’s yogurt consistency, or a bit thinner. I’ve had similar problems getting to my roots; what I do now is once I’ve covered the section length, I then take a small gob and rub it right into my scalp to make sure the roots are covered. It makes my head heavier while it sits, and does take more effort to wash out, but for me, it’s worth knowing I got everything covered.
Jessica N. (1 month ago)
I’ve been dying my hair with indigo powder for years. My natural color is light brown and the pure indigo turns it an intense blue-black. Adding conditioner to the mixture makes it easier to rinse and it makes your hair super smooth and shiny for days afterward. I put avocado oil in it, too. It’s really good for your hair. 🙂
Klaudia Wolny (3 months ago)
Guys can henna cause allergic reactions ?
Silvousplaits (3 months ago)
I've never heard of it doing so, if pure henna. "Black henna" yes, but that's because it has coal tar/PPD added in. That being said, spot test if you have sensitive skin!
redhead 515 (4 months ago)
Very helpful. I’m a natural redhead but my hair has faded as I’ve become older. Have thought about using henna.
Warrior Maiden (4 months ago)
7:50 Lol, left to right: Blonde, Irish red, Scottish red. It's kinda funny looking at the most common shades of red. Those of Irish or Scottish descent actually have 2 different shades. And this is a great place to show the difference. XD
Storm (4 months ago)
If I wanted my hair to be as light (brightness) and as red (hue) as possible using henna, is there a way to achieve this? Basically a way to achieve the red hue from henna, without actually darkening the brightness of my hair prior to using the henna? I have medium blonde hair, and would like to achieve a medium (in darkness), very saturated red hair colour!
Gabriella Tavini (5 months ago)
This is such an articulate video! Thank you! :)
The5ixx (5 months ago)
I have been using henna for a year now and I usually just mix it with boiling water and citric acid. I apply it as hot as I can manage and leave it on all day (6-8 hours) under a plastic cap and beanie to keep warm. I also tried a method using red wine, but honestly it just made me dizzy all day and I did not see any difference. Black tea is supposed to help release colour as well, but again, it did change the colour very much.
Tia Depp (6 months ago)
I understand the need to do strand tests, but won’t that mean mixing your product before. If so, can the product be used a day later after mixed?
Tia Depp (5 months ago)
+Silvousplaits ohwow i feel stupid lol. Thanks ! ^^
Silvousplaits (5 months ago)
You can mix just a tiny bit of the powder for the strand test, instead of mixing the whole box.
Elena Londonparis (6 months ago)
Nina Bosch (6 months ago)
Really great video! You should do another one with extentions of different colours to see how it turns out !
Fatma Önder (6 months ago)
Hey!I just wanted to say that you can use the excess hair on your hair brush to see how your hair reacts with it and if you can get the colour you want😊
Shibahata Singh Rie (6 months ago)
Seneya Azad (7 months ago)
I have a burning question, I'd be grateful if somebody answers this. I have dyed my hair from dark brown to dark auburn. So, what color I might get if I applied henna?
Alison Louise (7 months ago)
I have a really bad allergy to hair dye and I’ve been using henna on my dark brown hair for years it gets rid of the grey at my roots brilliantly and means that I don’t have to worry about a reaction. I use lemon juice and instant coffee in my henna and I get a great colour I have waist length hair.
Woman of the Quran (8 months ago)
I used to henna my hair (with indigo), but then switched to conventional dyes for the convenience. My hair is blonde atm, and I recently put in a tea rinse to darken it. Only I went to sleep without rinsing it out and woke up bronde! After watching your vid, I now feel the redhead in is dying to come out. So glad I never threw out my henna after I’d gone blonde 😄
janess morales (8 months ago)
Tank you thank you thank you
janess morales (8 months ago)
Thank you God bless
Geli G (8 months ago)
You are so sweet!
Copperheid (8 months ago)
i brewed mine in chamomile tea when i was colouring my extensions. my hair is a kind of very reddish dark blonde/light brown rather than fully red hair so dyeing extensions was a nightmare but henna worked great for me! The chamomile made it smell amazing without any impact on the colouring ability in either direction. It came out really beautiful. i used Lush's caca rouge
Rachelcookie321 (8 months ago)
I have natural dirty blonde hair, and my cousin as beautiful ginger hair that I have always been jealous of! I just don’t know if I’d look good with red hair.
Grace Lockhart (8 months ago)
When you say permanent, you mean that the color on your hair is permanent, but your roots start to show your natural color, right?
Silvousplaits (8 months ago)
Yeah, it doesn't change your genetics or anything haha
Janelle Hill Faulkner (9 months ago)
I henna'd my hair for several years and loved it, but I grew to really dislike the process of mixing, waiting, applying, waiting, rinsing...it got to be a little much after a while so I let it grow out. I had to dye the roots to match it while it did this, because nothing lifts it, but it eventually worked. But now that I haven't henna'd in a few years, I'm noticing a lot more breakage and less shine. I'm thinking of going back! I may not leave it on for as long this time, and have a lighter red (I'm strawberry blonde naturally).
Silvousplaits (8 months ago)
I've actually started mixing henna into a leave in conditioner I use sometimes. I don't leave it on very long so it hardly changes my color, but it does make my hair feel thicker and shinier!
kairi chan (9 months ago)
I used henne too :) cool
Simmy Randhawa (9 months ago)
Your natural hair is red. no doubt that if you apply henna it will work well with your hair
Tonya D (9 months ago)
I'm obsessed with your natural color!! Was the one u used for your extensions the color red?? I am not sure to dye bright red or red based on your video?? Thanks in advanced so much!!
tammygurl64 (9 months ago)
Great video! Your hair is a really pretty shade of red for you. I was born a natural redhead (not exactly the shade of your 1st dye attempt on the extensions but close). With age, I've lost most of my copper locks to brown/auburn. I can't help but wonder if henna would get me close to my natural color red or a dark red like yours. Based on your skin tone, I'm assuming you're a natural redhead but is it henna enhanced?
Megan Dowthwaite (10 months ago)
I’m a natural ginger and have blue eyes, I’ve been against people dying their hair “ginger” for a long time but I’m starting to warm up a little towards people doing it, you look beautiful and with your eye colour it’s a perfect match for you ☺️
Super Whippet (10 months ago)
Im ginger 2!!
Is her hair naturally red?
Silvousplaits (10 months ago)
It is, yes. I made this video to talk about how I dyed my hair extensions to match my hair.
Libra7 Seven (10 months ago)
Awesome video girly! Love your hair colour, I am mixing a batch of black henna at the moment and can’t wait to see the outcome! ❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼
Black Moon (11 months ago)
Sansa how are you?
misneachail (11 months ago)
I use brewed tea & coconut cream in my mix (light mountain). Let it sit for 1hr then leave on for 4 hours. So much better than box dyes!
Freya Greaves (1 year ago)
I have been using henna for around 5 years and can confidently say it is 100% worth the mess and time!!
oomybeauty (1 year ago)
Totally dying my extensions now 😚
DachshundsRule (1 year ago)
Hi there, had to say I enjoyed your "how-to" on henna. I'm a 60 yr. old with silver gray streaks. My hair used to be very dark brown with lots of red tones, almost auburn, but when the dreaded menopause hit, the color began to fade out. I colored my hair for years, all I wanted was my natural color back, but store often didn't have the right shade or my brand, etc. Now my hair is beginning to thin a little (it was so thick I had headaches!) and I don't want to damage it with chemical colorants, so am considering henna. From your comment section, it seems henna is a bit more involved but doesn't damage the hair. Thank you for this, I'd love to get back to my old natural hair color again.
America Bless God (1 year ago)
Light Mountain henna in RED. THANK YOU!!!!!!
America Bless God (1 year ago)
If we went the first level (lighter), THEN what does it fade into?????
America Bless God (1 year ago)
You should go lighter, like a first extension!!!!
Donna Turner (1 year ago)
If my hair is a sandy brown how can I get the red copper color with my neutral hair
Zivan Buturic (1 year ago)
Appreciate Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried - Dinanlinson Bright Colour Approach (do a google search)? It is an awesome exclusive product for learning how to get your natural hair color back minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin after many years got great results with it.
madison delamain (1 year ago)
Hi! This has been the most informative henna hair dye tutorial I've found, thank you!!! I'm a natural blonde, about the color of those extensions and I'm on my second bout of henna and its still a little more orange than I'd like but was unsure if another layer would help. I have an answer! Also..what kind of shampoo/conditioner would you recommend?
Aurora Rose (1 year ago)
Henna is not permanent, it fades after a month
Aurora Rose (1 year ago)
wiESELfredx3 I never said it could be bleached out, defiantly not, I agree about that. But I just dyed my hair red with 100% pure REAL henna 3 weeks ago and it has started to fade naturally, I did not do anything, just washed my hair and took my showers like I normally do that's all.
recepege (1 year ago)
low budget sansa stark
Guineapig Aussie (1 year ago)
Ahhh I did it! Thanks so much. used like 6 boxes of dye and couldn't get my extensions red enough to match my natural red hair. Finally got henna and one shot got intense copper. Going to do it again to get red now.
H.L.A Solomonov (1 year ago)
Love red hair u have beautiful hair
Willow Zember (1 year ago)
YESSS I just used that exact hair dying color
Jinny CanFly (1 year ago)
I was wondering if this particular color turns more into a real red or more of a ginger color? :) I want to try this brand next time I have to dye my hair, thank you xxx
Ezgi Calis (1 year ago)
But I don't want to bleach my hair. I guess I'll never do it.😣
Topazthecat (1 year ago)
Are you a natural redhead,and why do you not like petroleum products on your skin?
Topazthecat (1 year ago)
This is Paul McCartney's former fiancee Jane Asher in the 1960's they had a romance from 1963-1968,she's an accomplished beautiful British actress and she was in her first film at age 5.She is a natural redhead with bright yellow orange hair and blue eyes. https://www.google.com/search?q=jane+asher&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwicr7LDipLWAhWLL8AKHQKeAScQ_AUICigB&biw=1139&bih=555#imgrc=SmrmIk6hLBnP8M:
Goro Akechi (1 year ago)
I used to have the exact same colour of your hair, naturally. Everyone told me "never dye your hair" and I did. Turns out I can most definetly get it back with henna.
Topazthecat (1 year ago)
Goro Akechi,what color did you dye it to?
Serena J (1 year ago)
Thank you for making this video! I realize it's a bit old now, but I really appreciate that you showed exactly how to use henna on hair extensions. :)
Dianne Schunemann (1 year ago)
Amazing information!!! thank you so much!!! you have beautiful hair by the way!!!! :)
Aliud (1 year ago)
Do you now only colour your roots or do you still colour the hair down the lenghts?
Jordi Farriol (1 year ago)
This is the best video on youtube. For real. What are you studying, btw?
Amu Jag (1 year ago)
sansa stark
Rotten (1 year ago)
I HEARD "nasty bread"
In love Henna!!!
Taylor Overholt (1 year ago)
Your hair is beautiful. Is it naturally red, and you just use henna for your extensions? Or do you somehow get that gorgeous color from henna?
Eva (1 year ago)
yay so now i know how to get extensions my shade of hair 😁
Nekt Nekt (1 year ago)
what it your natural hair colour?
Topazthecat (1 year ago)
What we see? But you use Henna to make your even redder.
Silvousplaits (1 year ago)
what you see.
GlitterMrs (1 year ago)
I naturally have auburn hair, and I want something to match it or brighten, it. wonder what color of henna I should use.
Christina W. M. (1 year ago)
I've used henna a few times, 2 things everyone should know... henna is great on natural/uncolored or unbleach hair and doesn't damage the hair!! Not so awesome for colored or bleached hair....u will have dry hair for a month.. (longer if ur hair is damaged) if ur using henna on colored/bleach hair.... prepare ur hair with moisturising hair mask (u can make one with oil, honey n egg) or leave in coconut oil over night, u wanna do this once a week a few weeks before playing with henna. It'll safe u a month of drying crazy hair... also recommend hair mask once a month after to keep hair smooth and on a faster path of recovery from damaged hair. ☺
Premnath Prem (2 years ago)
wow nice I really excited
Br0kenM00ns (2 years ago)
I love your hair colour! I've been using henna for about 8 years myself (I use HennaPlus), ever since my colour started to fade to light brown in my 20s :( I recently got some extensions that don't quite match the colour of my own hair, so your tips on how to dye extensions will come in handy!
Nicole * (2 years ago)
If you already have red hair (a little lighter than yours) and want to use this to enhance/darken it some, how long would you let it sit before you start to use it, and how long would you leave it on your hair?
Calm Susu (2 years ago)
I hate to dye my hair with heena :(
Topazthecat (1 year ago)
Calm Susu, why do you hate to dye your hair with Henna and what is your natural hair color?
Hazie A (2 years ago)
lol i got severely bullied for having red hair.. so avoid these colours at all costs, but I am looking to use a nice henna dye!
Maggy Russell (2 years ago)
Hello...thank you for sharing your video. I have been using Henna, Colora Henna, for many years now to cover grey and keep my natural color. I am a light/strawberry shade redhead. I use a shade called, Apricot Gold from Colora Henna, and lately been using Gold Brown for the underneath layers and ends, as I have long hair, and the ends have not been absorbing the apricot gold very well. This henna comes in a box, as a powder. Is all natural. I mix with warm water to a thick pancake batter consistency. It smells like wet alfalfa hay... I like it...for those who knows what hay smells like, I apply it on clean wet hair...section it, then spray it with spray bottle or right out shower, which ever is easiest. I have very, long, straight, fine , but thick hair,,, so combing wet hair without conditioner is hard. so, I dry it first, then section it, spray with water bottle warm water,, then apply thick creamy henna all the way from roots to ends. Put plastic shower cap or plastic bag over head. Then wrap in towel to keep head warm. For my greys I need to leave on a good hour with the Apricot Gold...For underneath layers to the ends with the Gold Brown, only 20 to 30 minutes... I then shampoo twice with a good shampoo that doesn't have parabens or chemicals, and then condition..... rince... then dry... and WhaaaLaaa! Pretty, healthy, Shiny Hair. Have not experienced it fading like dye hair color does. It stays forever...I just do my roots with apricot gold every few weeks to cover grey. It is AWESOME!!!!! the cost for a box of Colora Henna, about $6 - $8 on amazon. The darker colors come in a cream... the lighter colors are only available in powder. Again, thanks for showing how cool Henna can be..... Maggy
Topazthecat (1 year ago)
I used Colora powder in Auburn which is a medium shade 6 years ago and it was beautiful.
Sarah Spaulding (2 years ago)
What is your natural hair color?
Silvousplaits (2 years ago)
This is my natural color. This video was about me dying some extensions to match my natural color.
Alisa Karter (2 years ago)
Wow the henna make your hair like a natural redhead colour. Also it doesn't fade  like store and salon dyes.
Jen L (2 years ago)
Sooo helpful! Exactly the info I was looking for. I just bought a blonde Human Hair wig and am going to dye it red with henna. Thanks to you I'll be careful with the metal areas too. By the way your res hair is so gorgeous! New subbie here! 🌸
viceb7 (2 years ago)
I've used henna! I loved it. my hair was so healthy shiney and loved the color..need to get some more
Sarah AB (2 years ago)
I've been dying my hair with henna for 6 years and have learned a lot through trial and error. A relatively typical henna prep mix is water, lemon juice and henna powder. I learned that using cranberry juice instead of lemon juice will keep your hair from getting too dark (henna continues to oxidize *get darker* for several days after the application). Also using just hot water will keep it lighter. Henna is like a varnish on wood. every time you dye your hair with it the color becomes richer and darker so if you you like the shade you're at don't dye that section of hair any more. I like to supplement about half of my water with rose water or orange blossom water as I find it helps camouflage the smell (yes henna smells very earthy and usually for several days specially when wet). Plus rose water and orange blossom water are great for your hair too as they are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturizers. I personally only buy pure henna and create my own mixed using the henna with indigo (black) or cassia (blond: but only on already blond ppl otherwise it's just clear). Most henna you buy that come in different colors can contain mineral mixes that react disastrously with other hair dyes and bleach. for example bleach+indigo or alma powder+ henna=sludge green. (i did not do this to myself but i've seen it happen to people) I am a henna convert and have managed to turn my whole family onto it. I dye my mother's greys using a mix of 50/50 indigo and henna for a medium brown color, my father's with 25/75 henna and indigo for dark brown, my step mother is just henna for auburn. And i dye with just henna and i do a bit of bleaching to get an omber style Anyhow, that's my 2 cents, hope someone finds it helpful. :)
spiritussancto (2 years ago)
hennaforhair.com has lots of good recipes. i use henna from a natural fabric dye shop or natural foods store (body art henna) and mix it with lemon juice, tea tree or lavender oil, cloves for a more burgundy tint or paprika for more copper tones, and yogurt if i have it. i mix the night before and keep it a bit thick, like mashed potatoes, because it will get a bit more liquidy by the next morning. you can always add more water if it's too thick. some people swear by putting it in a squeeze bottle but i find if it's liquid enough for that, it also drips everywhere. i usually go for cake batter consistency. work in sections when you apply, coiling them up as you go. i have waist length, fairly thick hair and i use 1.5-2 cups of henna powder per application, which is plenty. wrap it up in plastic wrap to keep it from getting everywhere. putting vaseline on your hairline is a good idea before you start too. i leave it for 6-8 hours depending on how dark i want it. to get it out, get some cheap dollar store conditioner and douse your head in it. rub it in gently, rinse, and repeat until it's almost all gone, then shampoo and condition normally. i do my henna about every 3 months like this and love how it never fades, looks natural and shiny, and doesn't do anything mean to my hair
Susan Pohlers (2 years ago)
I have been using henna to dye my hair for over 2 years now and I love the results. I use body-art quality pure henna because I want the truest red over my dark brown/gray hair. My grays come out orangey at first but after about 2-3 days blend in with the rest of my hair. I usually mix the henna the night before to let it cure overnight. After I apply it I leave it on for 4 hours or so (the shortest time I have left it was 3 hrs but 4 or more is better). My hair is now a dark auburn and I only touch up the roots/new growth with henna about every 6-8 weeks. I hope that helps anyone who is thinking of trying henna.
Categorically Halse (2 years ago)
Your hair colour is so beautiful that I can't stop staring at it, you go girl <3
بنت بلادي (2 years ago)
nice ♡
S. Toby-Jeanne Almy (2 years ago)
good research lady!
Mi Amivo (2 years ago)
i am going to try this Henna. Appreciated for sharing this video
duygu şirin (2 years ago)
you look like sophie turner
jacob longwein (2 years ago)
it also does not bleach!!!!! you have to cut or grow it out, ive been using henna for my whole life. it's the best thing for damage hair
Emma E (1 year ago)
jacob longwein you a boy though
ruzya7 (2 years ago)
My mom used to dye my hair with henna when I was little whenever there was a lice attack (lol) at school, because it kills them
Ritwika Das (2 years ago)
my natural hair colour is black ..so it's not gonna do anything major for me..maybe a tint of red..
Risya Wardita (1 year ago)
I have natural hair colour too..but i can get red or brown highlight from it...
Ailuro Skins (1 year ago)
Yeah, you'd definitely have to lighten it first.
Erika clifton (2 years ago)
Hey! So my hair is naturally strawberry blonde but more of a copper tone to it. I'm trying to get a deeper red hair color, I've tried box colors before but it turned my hair bright orange lol. Any tips that I can use? This stuff sounds like it will work for me
Do you have to dye Ginger Hair every 4 or 6 weeks? Im going Ginger in Summer 2017.
spiritussancto (2 years ago)
i've never had it fade at all, which is great! you just can't bleach it out, only dye darker over it
jacob longwein (2 years ago)
ChristinaGrimmieForever I dyed my hair 3 years ago, it never goes away just so you know
Genevieve Dellamano (2 years ago)
ChristinaGrimmieForever no henna is a permanent dye it usually takes about 6 months to fade completely
Lady Satine (2 years ago)
You remind me of Sophie aka sana stark aka Lady Sansa Lancaister aka Lady Santa Bolton aka Lady Bolton
Cristina Elizabeth (2 years ago)
so for a lighter red how many hours do you leave it in the blonde hair?
DeathBecomesHer (2 years ago)
Two hours. And mix it with cassia 75% cassia to 25% henna for strawberry blonde/ gold red
Cristina Elizabeth It's 6 hours for every color. That's what I looked up.
Juana Diaz (2 years ago)
Thank you
Luna M (2 years ago)
out of all the videos I've watched about hair coloring. yours is calmly done and talked about. I liked hearing you explain about how to do hair on Henna very cool and sweet ;-)
Charline (2 years ago)
seriously WHY people always assume that if you have redhair your hair aren't naturally red ? I know it's rare but come on, there are a lot of natural redheads on this earth you know, me including
Whit W. (2 years ago)
fraulein Natural ginger here, as well. Born auburn and over the years it has transitioned from auburn to copper to a strawberry blonde. Came into this world a ginger and I will go out the same way! I do enjoy trying different red colors to spice things up. Henna may be my next endeavor
Emmy Engström (2 years ago)
Thats my dream hair color. But my brown roots will look so horrible as it grows put
Emmy Engström (2 years ago)
Thanks for all the responces guys. Helped out a lot
spiritussancto (2 years ago)
it blends a lot better than chemical dye. if that's you in the pic, your hair is only slightly darker than mine and you really don't notice my roots until they're at least 3 inches long
EmoLoty foster (2 years ago)
Emmy Engström actually the roots just completely blend in the hair like a ombré so don't be scared to rock that red! ❤
Emmy Engström (2 years ago)
EmoLoty foster Thanks for that responce <3 That text gave me some hope. Ive always wanted red hair but Ive been too scared of the brown roots Ill have.
EmoLoty foster (2 years ago)
Emmy Engström actually it won't, I myself have dark brown hair and I put henna in my hair. It comes out with her color and when my roots grow out it looks completely natural. I prefer the Hannah natural henna. You can find it on amazon and it really works completely. I'm soaking my henna over night right now and doing it tomorrow so yes it will look good and be as bright as hers. She doesn't know her stuff completely so that's why she keeps cutting off and talking like she's confused
Crystal Gonzalez (2 years ago)
wtf who would want red hair instead of brown?browns better
Topazthecat (1 year ago)
What a stupid thing to say, brown hair is boring and ordinary looking and so common,red hair is unique and beautiful! That's why many women, including a lot of celebrities dye their hair red.
MorningStar Rev 22:16 (1 year ago)
Crystal Gonzalez says the girl with a dog nose. Woof
DeathBecomesHer (2 years ago)
That's a matter of opinion. And you sound jelly to me gurl.
If your hair is naturally brown, or really ant other colour other than red, it will turn grey. And some people just prefer red hair. Mostly because it's a rarer colour.

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