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Personal Financial Planning Tips : How to Buy Stocks

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Two ways to buy stocks include a dividend reinvestment plan or DRIP offered by Fortune 500 companies or by buying through a discount brokerage. Purchase stocks for investing in Wall Street with tips from a financial planner in this free personal-finance video. Expert: Julie Asti, CFP Bio: Julie Asti works as a financial planner for Asti Financial. Filmmaker: Bing Hu
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TEJASAMUNDRI (5 years ago)
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Frank Urbaniak (5 years ago)
Check out the iDRiP app for iPhone to track all your dividend stocks and retire as early as possible!
Ken Riley (5 years ago)
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Mario Atanasov (6 years ago)
@hnfnmyv I've hit about 370% gains consistently. Finding the right trading system is key. This one will turn things around. Check out the video ==> bit.ly/NsYayu?=qddnqi
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garry sandhu (6 years ago)
@msixxbc I'm making about 480% gains each month. Finding the right trading system is key. I use the 123 system for my bread and butter. This video explains it all ==> bit.ly/L1lyrM?=mqylzc
dlousmane (7 years ago)
@DontBeDeluded did you ever find out ? and how do you sell when you buy drips
tsavdarwallace (8 years ago)
So, I have one company in mind. How do I just buy a little bit of stock in just one company?
WGL89 (8 years ago)
@MrAmericanAce That's exactly how NOT to invest... Speculation won't get you very far... Just ask the laws of probability.
Aaron Keogh (8 years ago)
your hired!
John F30 (8 years ago)
@MrAmericanAce you're such an idiot. i wonder how much you've lost
ryan (9 years ago)
this pisses me off
XYZ XYZ (10 years ago)
That is accurate and simple. Good job!

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