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"Just a Friend" (Cholo Version)

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"Don't listen to a girl when she say, you're JUST A FRIEND!" Send this to that girl or boy that you think is MORE that JUST A FRIEND. FYI- The Original is by Biz Markie "Just a friend". NOT Austin malahony-baloney Free Download - Just a friend (Cholo version) Click here: http://www.hulkshare.com/4lxjbmbx4ww0 T-SHIRTS - http://EGOTHECHOLO.com My Contacts: INSTAGRAM - http://instagram.com/SUPEReeeGO Twitter - http://twitter.com/SUPEReeeGO FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cholo-Adventures/187429284615692?fref=ts Lyrics Written by: Eric G Ochoa (eGO) (LYRICS are WAY below if you wanna Rap along) Music by NineDiamond: http://www.youtube.com/ninediamond -CAST- EGO the Cholo/Douchbag in Car - Eric G Ochoa Female Lead - Lisseth Chavez - Instagram: http://instagram.com/lissethchavez Gangster foo 1 (Pablo) - Twitter @hipablo Gangster foo 2 (BUBBA) - http://youtube.com/danieljacksonj Cholo Boys - Oscar & Guero & Special GUEST: SEXY SAX MAN - WEBSITE: http://thesexysaxman.com YOUTUBE - http://youtube.com/sergiofloresvideos Filmed on a RED 1 & Editing by: Ashley Moore I love all the FYNAS in dee worlds! -EGO Lyrics: (Written by Eric G. Ochoa) 1st Verse: Have you ever meet a Fyna that you tried to date But when you haller she says "No way jose" Let me tell ju an estoria of my situation I was talking to this chica with a caramel complextion The day that i met her I was walking down the the block'n - 5 then all of a sudden i felt my jaw droppin' I saw her wavy brown hair and her body was rockin' she had little booty shorts and sexy crop-top I asked for her name she said Ha HA HA Followed by another sentence that broke my heart -10 she said "I don't date cholos, its not my style" I said we'll see about that, I can wait for a while She went back inside with no hesitation I sighed -looked to the floor, "oh you dropped your bracelet" Later that day i couldn't stop thinking about her -15 I needed a plan, maybe a song & some flowers I whipped up some rhymes it only took half an hour I stood outside her window and held up a BOOM-BOX she popped her head out & said w/o doubt "Let's just be Friends" -20 I stood back and smiled and then I sang Chorus: You, are the girl of my dreams, but you say I'm just a friend And you think I'm just a friend, oh baby You, are the girl of my dreams, but you say I'm just a friend But you think I'm just a friend, oh baby You, are the girl of my dreams but you say I'm just a friend But you think I'm just a friend 2cd Verse: She smiled in excitement then came down to the front door I knew she couldn't resist these cholo vocal chords She ran straight towards me, I opened my arms Then she ran right past me into some vatos car I stood there like a tonto, feeling embarrassed - 5 They sped off together and i was super jealous The girl of my dreams was off with the wrong man I said well fuck it, I guess its just me and my right hand But then later that day there was a turn of events, Seems like the vato tried to get straight into her pants -10 She smacked him in the face and then pulled out some mace He pulled the car over and made her walk back to her place Now she was walking through the hood Then creeping down the street come 2 gangster Foo's "Ey hyna wassup, you're looking fine n tasty" -15 She struggles for him to let go but can't get free She screams out, "Someone, Help me PLS!" That's when a voice roared, "Let go of her chi chi's" The first foo swung at me, i dipped, then he got hit Those foo's got KO'd each other Then i looked at her and said Chorus: You, are the girl of my dreams, but you say I'm just a friend And you think I'm just a friend, oh baby You, are the girl of my dreams, but you say I'm just a friend (chale) But you think I'm just a friend, oh baby You, are the girl of my dreams but you say I'm just a friend (F That) But you think I'm just a friend (You trippin Fyna) 3rd Verse: Walked her back to her house to make sure she was safe, She turns to me and says, Okay tmrw at 8 I thought "whats at eight?" "Oh you mean a date?" She smiled and said, " and Don't be late" After 1 date, 2 date, 3 and 4, -5 We just hung out everyday more and more Who ever knew that we'd have so much in common she likes nacho libro, anchorman and eating top romen Then i remembered i had something for her, I said close your eyes and put your hand forward -10 when she opened her eyes she saw a nice surprise she saw her bracelet on her arm she started to cry I lifted up her chin and asked "could we be more than friends and with out hesitation she said okay boyfriend I tried to play it cool, but deep down inside -15 I was jumping with joy, yeah and maybe i cried. So This is my story but it's not the end, Don't listen when a girl says, you're JUST a Friend.
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Jorge Torres (3 hours ago)
I Really Have A Friend She's The Best Homie Yaww
Juan Alcazar (9 hours ago)
2019 and still watching
Daniel Ramirez (1 day ago)
2019 you bitches
Brutallykilled- (1 day ago)
2019 anyone
Joey Illz (1 day ago)
Wolfyxxx123 1 (1 day ago)
❤❤❤who's watching this in 2019?
Cesar Calderon (1 day ago)
Still watching in 2019
Paul Flores (2 days ago)
2019 anyone!!😂
man of steel (3 days ago)
2019 here????
ZM 666 (3 days ago)
2019 boiii
Metal Morphine (3 days ago)
Dedicated to those who got friendzoned
2019 anyone?
Gamingkiller77 (4 days ago)
Francisco Espinoza (4 days ago)
Who’s here 2019
Mr_ SAVAGS (5 days ago)
Who watching in 2019??
mini games (5 days ago)
Jack Tripper (5 days ago)
now we talking!!! this is da bomb !shizferrealyo
Typical storm (6 days ago)
Abram Rodriguez (7 days ago)
2019 and this song is better then despasito
unopposed sailor 1234 (7 days ago)
2019 anyone
Aki Torres (8 days ago)
2019 over here and still listening
R Montana (8 days ago)
I find that girl so cute. I would love to hatch some chicks with her.
Hector Romero (8 days ago)
This got me smiling laughing and got my hopes up 🤣😂😍😄💪🏼,gotta stay strong!
Maria Campos (8 days ago)
who alls noticed that the girl changes when she goes inside
Adan Moreno (8 days ago)
Shawn Ivey (8 days ago)
I sit drowning in my tears year after month after year people try to cheer me up  I put on a fake smile because I don't feel like myself I feel like I'm cursed you can't cure depression even if you try your hardest you're only going to make it worse. I feel broken inside my emotions are completely Frozen it feels like my life is like an erosion it feels like nobody's noticing  it even the shit that I got to put up with every single day. I think I need to go to a therapy session I got these evil thoughts in my mind there trying to rewind my mind back to the past making lies inside my head I wish I can do some thing about it but I can't I am fed up with it tho I have too much anxiety and depression I don't know what's inside of me ( I want it out )
Jacob Mendoza (9 days ago)
2019 anyone
Henry Rodriguez (9 days ago)
Anyone watching this in 2019
Henry Rodriguez (9 days ago)
Anyone watching this in 2019
Mario Cortes (9 days ago)
Hello 2019ers
Bryan Villa (10 days ago)
Anyone 2019???
Bryan 39 (10 days ago)
Artistic Alexa (10 days ago)
2019 anyone?
RelaxedHydra395 (10 days ago)
Where is 2019 people at
Daniel Duncan (6 days ago)
Night vision (11 days ago)
Yohan Garcia (11 days ago)
Playboi Murking (12 days ago)
U know me man, 2019 still watching all the old Videos
John Morales (12 days ago)
Who’s watching 2025
Joel Lodrigez (13 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Miguel Vargas (13 days ago)
2019 still here
It's like the cendrilla story but it's different
Eli Veliz (13 days ago)
Kenberlyns Vlogs (13 days ago)
2019 anyone ?
Jojo Ava (14 days ago)
EvØ Rebellion (14 days ago)
Watched in 2014 thought i would end up with my crush XD 2019 now guess its still me and my right hand 😁😭
xiopax x (15 days ago)
I got this from sorrow tv😂
King hue (15 days ago)
stallions83 (16 days ago)
Lil moco
stallions83 (16 days ago)
Lily moco
stallions83 (16 days ago)
Watch lily moco
Raiden MK (16 days ago)
2019 and still listening to this. Damn, This song never gets old
Zab Ferb (16 days ago)
It's 2019 and i'm here jajajaja
Juanita Lopez (16 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Jasmin Urizar (17 days ago)
ARNIE -Hello (17 days ago)
Whos here in 2019???😁
The mini Futbol (17 days ago)
2017 lame. 2018? Lame. I’m watching in 2019
Jonathan Garcia (17 days ago)
All you 2017 and 2018 listeners aren't listening like I am in 2019
Ed Celaya (17 days ago)
Put this on Spotify🤣
ira t (17 days ago)
Still listening
Kevin Vasquez (18 days ago)
Chuy (18 days ago)
2019 anyone
Boomguy 2014 (16 days ago)
Chuy ya boy
ItsA cheeto (18 days ago)
First video I watched in 2019
Noemi Rodriguez (18 days ago)
This is my 10000 time watching this, and that girl is hotter and hotter to me every year YESSS BEETCH
SirLuminous (18 days ago)
Who’s watching in 2019 ?
Cleon Jacoby (19 days ago)
I hope you got paid over a mil for this
Jefferson09 Gramajo (19 days ago)
Who is here in 2019???
Skeletron1091 1091 (19 days ago)
man its 2019 why am watching it
ThatOneYoutuber (19 days ago)
I still be bumping this😁
Young A.A (19 days ago)
2019 ✊🏼✊🏼😔
Derrick White (19 days ago)
Jesus she’s bangin. Lol
JeovannyHopper c: (20 days ago)
enrique alvarado (20 days ago)
thx this acually helped
romiee aftab (21 days ago)
Who’s here 2013?
Anthony Reyes (22 days ago)
I am a songwriter and I wrote a song for my friend and then I sane to her it was a love song I said to her for my deep heart and then she kissed me and then we are more than friends
Accounts tn (22 days ago)
yes more plize
6ix9ine 6969 (22 days ago)
Wonder what the lil kids look like now
xd Lizard (23 days ago)
my name is jose and they said the same thing
Genaro Gonzalez (23 days ago)
Almost 2019 still slaps
Flamin Juan (23 days ago)
2018 December?
Davis Morales (17 days ago)
ObitoXP (23 days ago)
The Sexy Sax Man part is wavy as fukq
Pablo Escobar (23 days ago)
Who else is here in 2019 ?
Jose I Ramirez-Perez (25 days ago)
I've been listening to this song since I was4 because my parents showed it to me
TMB ZEKE (22 days ago)
+psycho_panda-180 😂 lmao
psycho_panda-180 (24 days ago)
Lmao this is a parody homie
Monica Banuelos (25 days ago)
Chale homes ima try this
Estrella Luna (25 days ago)
Thas right 😎
Archie Villeda (26 days ago)
Ego the Cholo is my spirit animal! This is the best version of this song - hands down! Thanks homes!
ssl 13 (26 days ago)
I love cholos narcos sicarios oof there hella hot ❤💋
Luis Zapien (29 days ago)
cool song but those are the bandanas I use to wipe my mucus
Luis Zapien (29 days ago)
cool song dudes😎
Luis Zapien (29 days ago)
Im going to be killed for looking igual like this fool.😲this is not cool.
Luis Zapien (29 days ago)
Just messing around 😏
Indi Indi (29 days ago)
*"I don't date Cholos, that's not my style"* 😂😂😂 I miss these days so much
Thirsty for BTS :D (29 days ago)
I'm to busy watching bts... and I didn't watch this..
Jannet Turtlelover (29 days ago)
Whos here in 2018:)
007 Stuntman (30 days ago)
Toda Madre Carnal!
extoic wolfknights (30 days ago)
This need to be in Spotify
Alex Benitez (1 month ago)
This shit actually worked wtf
Cashlyn (1 month ago)
A boy singed this to me yesterday🤣🤣
Aracelie Servin (1 month ago)
2 0 1 8
Derrick Estuardo (1 month ago)
2018 anyone
Derrick Estuardo (1 month ago)
+D0pey YUP
D0pey (1 month ago)
Derrick Estuardo yup
R Broyles (1 month ago)
I enjoyed watching your video the word composition was much better then in the original song great remake
Armando Ferrera (1 month ago)
2018 December??

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