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Thieves wig out in intense beauty shop brawl

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A beauty shop robbery in Silver Spring, Maryland, erupted in an epic brawl with flying fists and wig whipping. Police are asking for tips to apprehend the suspects who snatched wigs and assaulted employees.
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Hellingame (7 days ago)
Something something boycott this store for showing brutality something something blm.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Hellingame something something these are thieves something something you’re not taking away from the legitimacy of actual issues something something they do matter something something I know you’re dying to shoot them and a whole crowd of people up as well something something just watched a video of a white woman stealing a wig from an Asian store something something when you finally decide to do it make sure you get her too and take yourself out when you’re finished. 😐
Stuart Little (8 days ago)
This is Afro America. Grab and go. Lie. Cheat. Maim. Sleep all day. A perpetual victim of the man. Why steal? You already get free schools, housing, medical care, food debt cards, training, substance abuse and govt. Crazy checks. Oh, that must be why you is always angry....
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Stuart Little it’s really not but ok. If you sleep all day you have no job and no place to sleep. Who’s a victim. How many whites have been caught on tape harassing black for no reason and have been blasted over the internet and have lost their job I suggest you don’t take your attitude out in the public. No one gets free anything tax payers money fund it. Housing isn’t free either asshole and most people on government assistance are WHITE. Crazy checks from whom? Do you know the process of how hard it is for anyone for legitimately get a check from the government? You have to provide legal evidence to even be considered? Who has been the ones caught scamming and cheating the system,, oh right . Maybe some people are angry because of assholes like giving them hell for existing . But I think most of them are just minding their business and don’t think about you twice until you inevitability and unfortunately make your presence known I literally just watched a video of a white and Latina stealing wigs and I didn’t even have to search hard for it it was right in the first few option of the search result, do you see me commenting on their videos saying racist shit? No. So take your ass home to your partner if you HAVE one and enjoy your life and stop obsessing over ppl who want nothing to do with you In every which way you and your ppl are somehow policing or harassing
Chika Biche (20 days ago)
I hate Black people
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Chika Biche and many people hate you as well and you will be discriminated against almost just as bad as them because you’re not white or modeled around like a trophy or mascot representation to show that you’re the “good kind” of your own people due to others thinking that they’re inferior Many Asians have stole money from black selling them false hair products online? Karma much?
Jordan Yrn-Perfect (25 days ago)
Jeka saitov (25 days ago)
сторож нужен,что бы расколотить инструментария и продукта на огромную сумму чем пробовали украсть))))))))))))
robin ex bro (25 days ago)
If the clerk had killed that black trash,fucking judge would have put him in jail for life time. So just ask judge if he could catch him without any physical damage on the black buffalo's body.
Özgür türküler (26 days ago)
Salak ya😆😅😆😆😅
RightHandPossession (26 days ago)
filthy apes worthless garbage abominations burn them in the fire asap
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
RightHandPossession your mother is a worthless ape
Miguel Vasquez (26 days ago)
Que seguridad
Oriane Simpson (27 days ago)
lol he came back n got the wig. Dear white people u profile everything don’t u all ways have something to say so I’m a say this I rather see my people stealing then raped my n killing kids. All the time. Next time u take Lil tommy out side remember u Your neighbor the creepy one. Lol going get u
Sándor Pikáli (30 days ago)
kill the gettho rats!!!
ytrcxv ytrty (1 month ago)
obama brother
Kevin Cadwallader (1 month ago)
Typical blacks, then you wonder why other ethnic groups don't want them in their country regardless if their is good and bad in all ethnic groups.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Kevin Cadwallader you’re a dumbass If there is good and black in all ethnic groups then why the fuck wouldn’t they only not want blacks in their country I just watched a video of an white and Latina stealing wigs guarantee you the Asian shop owners are going to let their people back into the store with no harassment or problem It’s called discrimination because even when blacks aren’t doing anything there are videos of people still bothering them for no reason. There are stat that showed blacks are targeted and discriminated against more than others, like that they give longer sentences to them for the same crime
pat mcmullan (1 month ago)
,its the breed of people , think the world owes them a living , just think they can take what they want
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
pat mcmullan um no dumbass they were thieves Plenty of black people fund hair salons and wig shops and have made thousands off of it I just watched a video of a white and Latina woman stealing wigs Did they think someone owed them something and was it because of their breed? Oh I’m sorry you would rather them be racist and harass people or shoot up a crowd. You’re right it just might be the breed of people
markj toledo (1 month ago)
SeamHead33 (1 month ago)
this is what happens when you have pubic hair on your head
Berhen Habte (1 month ago)
wrong notes (1 month ago)
Security guard needs extra Muscles.
Damon Denis (1 month ago)
It's the store owners fault! They forgot the "Golden Rule." No Blacks allowed!
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Damon Denis shut the fuck up because I just watched a video of a Latina and a white one in stealing wigs out the store Most of these Asian hair store business is create wigs and hair products that are targeted towards black women and black people are the ones funding and keeping their stores open. please maybe they shouldn’t allow them so they can close down After the reports of unregulated chemicals inside of many of these hair products that they sell towards black women and all the Chinese companies that scam them
Chuckerz (1 month ago)
Pastaga Ourien (1 month ago)
Big loosers
Pastaga Ourien (1 month ago)
Very loosers
Stallowned Stallion (1 month ago)
Those thieves enriched the store
Anthony Rogers (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but I laughed so hard at the way it was sped up.
usa gal (1 month ago)
Very sad to see all of this. End of the world and too many people are fallowing the Devils way not fallowing our prophets way. Read Quran or Bible and learn what our creator God(Allah) wants from us. May God guide us all!
Ronald Coates (1 month ago)
Fingerprints maybe?💯🤔🤷🏾‍♂️
Medvejonok Olympic (1 month ago)
Опять эти ёбаные негры. Сука, трудиться не желают а вот грабеж - это изволь. На хер их лишь с чёрного материка привезли.
Laho'rra Dėl rosa (1 month ago)
Just for that ! Ça fait pitié !
Juan Gallardo (1 month ago)
Stop wigging around.
Looks like they couldn't handle the transgender wannabe.
Johnny Tran (1 month ago)
Fear Death By Water (1 month ago)
The world is getting crazy
deano Laurence (1 month ago)
Best bit is the 1 in the green top , when she eventually gets out comes back to snatch a wig 😂😂😂💅🏼
Super88 \m/ (1 month ago)
Should have put lead in their black asses.
jonpark1980 (1 month ago)
I wouldn't hit those junkie women but I would knock his ass out tho. Lights out!!!!
Rae Love (1 month ago)
Why?!?!? For fake hair, someone please help me to understand.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
For any many to be fighting over a feminized wig to this degree is unnecessary just to be angry that no men see them in the same light as women
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Rae Love it’s called unnecessary aggressive homosexual desperation. These are men if you haven’t noticed.
PIT BULL (1 month ago)
confused asian (1 month ago)
Thus a Bitch fight was born
Rinifi (1 month ago)
Hey, that white man was giving the young black buck all he could handle.
George Johnson (1 month ago)
White people do it too, not sure but would this be called a wigger ?????  Blacks love them wigs they will even kill you for one if that's what it takes.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
George Johnson yet everyone wears them now Go figure And shut the fuck up
moddy nilsen (1 month ago)
Poor people 😒
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
moddy nilsen still not an excuse Plenty of people who can Afford it choose not to pay There is such a thing as saving up or making a wig yourself which is much cheaper
Stuart Little (1 month ago)
Chimps will do anything to have better hair.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Stuart Little These “chimps” have better hair than yours you are more prone to getting lice than they are Since you’re obviously ignorant I implore you to type in “4c long hair” on this YouTube you love to obsesses and watch blacks on so much and see the array of black people who have grown their own long hair. Or stop ignoring the fact that you haven’t seen blacks with long dreads. We have different hair needs and techniques and practices to maintain our hair. However it’s done is none of your business because you will never have a head of hair that looks better than many of the wigs these woman create and style and your MAD.
Dionne (1 month ago)
subhumans..keep leaving the cage open n they will get out..
Dionne (1 month ago)
only blacks steel hair..dindus dnt give 2 fks.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Dionne would you like me to send you the link to the Latina and white woman who stole wigs ? Clearly they’re not the only ones. But your welcome to shut the fuck up mind your business, or simply buy your own wig since you’re searching up videos ABOUT wigs.
short sighteddog (1 month ago)
Black gay patted and slapped his way out!
YAMILET THABIZ (1 month ago)
Michelle Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Those black ghetto chix r something else...no shame or suprising...
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Michelle Rodriguez stupid ugly pendeja go to hell just watched a video of a Latina stealing a wig. Want me to send you the link? These are men, of course you would think these are women because your women usually have manly shaped bodies with no hips and try to act like the few and I say FEW Latinas who have nice shapes represent the average one
Djms&capo DeMorais (2 months ago)
Poor white skinny employee put up some fight against- Shopping while blacks👹-
Laylani Lani (2 months ago)
And this is why I still stand up for the Asian incident that occurred. with that nails salon, shit like this is crazy and that was rude fighting over a wig in the green all ghetto. And this is why people get followed in stores. people who work hard don’t steal anything, and suffer because ghetto people are bums.
Laws of Nature (2 months ago)
Those are tranny men beating an old lady
John Ni (2 months ago)
Location location location!
Thang Hoang (2 months ago)
Get out of America black people
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Thang Hoang I literally just watched a Latina and white woman stealing wigs and the white Woman fought the Asian over the wig but YOUR people are kids ass and will gladly let the whites and Latina back into the store because you have no pride and think they are better than you
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Thang Hoang how about YOU get out of America. They were here before you. Do you know how many Chinese owned companies have scammed black people out of their money selling the products under false pretenses? Your business are only open because they’re the main ones buying your carry out Hair products And funding your nail salons Your own people scam each other and treat each other like trash and your country is in shambles which is why many of you come here expecting to make profits off of OUR money You have no room to talk
peace and love love (2 months ago)
Oh fuck this people
scbronco1 (2 months ago)
Judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.......
Kelvynn Lee (2 months ago)
Pull out a gun and shoot.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Kelvynn Lee since you’re so eager to see someone do that, why not test yourself out first
LinnErellie haha (2 months ago)
And they really want people to believe that all non africans are attacking black women without reason. .. Haha pathetic
LinnErellie haha (5 hours ago)
+Hee Hee Hoo Ha if you must know I give two fucks about black women.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Literally just watched a video of a latina and a white woman staling out of an Asian store so you can cut the crap and just admit that you like to be aggressive towards black woman
Corrin James (2 months ago)
Very very much embarrassing
Corrin James (2 months ago)
çhgtxx 002 (2 months ago)
Just shook it off your shoulder my friend, pretending there is nothing wrong in your community. I don't see any other races stood this low, SCUM behaviour. You guys are the worse races of all..
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Literally just watched a video of a white and Latina woman stealing wigs Blacks aren’t the worst they just don’t excuse their wrongs or try and pass it off as mental illness or gloat over oppressing others like YOURS does. You’re totally team slytherin all the way.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
çhgtxx 002 this is not even the behavior of any significant amount of people in the community because who the fuck do you think are keeping these business open? The people IN that community dumb ass.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
çhgtxx 002 your mother is the worst of all races Do you know how many videos someone can find of all races of people stealing and acting unbecoming Please be quiet when you’re shooting masses of people up. You have no room to talk.
Alge Borusas (2 months ago)
APB: Look out for black male in a green shirt and lovely long black hair. It could be a wig. Repeat. Could be a wig.
çhgtxx 002 (2 months ago)
Black people are way worse then Mexican Immigrants. At least Mexicans work hard to earn their living.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
çhgtxx 002 you’re talking shit about a country other people are coming to where many black people they like to talk shit about already HAVE a job.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Actually black people are not Immigrants work as hard as they do because they’re accepting less than minimum wage and don’t have many of the abilities American citizens have to support themselves in this country And many illegal immigrants aren’t even Mexican you idiot they’re coming from central and South Americans countries as well Would you like me to send you the video of the Latina I just saw stealing a wig out of a hair store?
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
PalePinkGeneticAnnihilationTY HeroinFentanylOpioids I should send him the link of the white woman who was fighting the Asian woman over a wig or the LATINA who stole a wig out the store .
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Moshe Kleinsmann an illegal can’t vote dumbass how is that going to help them.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Moshe Kleinsmann you’re a dumb ass. No one is getting replaced. Blacks had been and always will be a minority in this country. These people work. They are clearly not homeless. They are gay aggressive men stealing wigs for no reason. Black men do not wear wigs.
obi was here (2 months ago)
This is part of the reason Asians follow us around the store when we shop at their businesses.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
They follow us around because living in this racist country has taught them they can get away with targeting blacks like everyone else even though they should be giving them the most respect because they’re the main ones supplying their businesss.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
obi was here no, it’s not, I just watched a video of a white and Asian woman stealing wigs
Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus (1 month ago)
Yes because Asians can smell money from a mile away
Steve Thomas (1 month ago)
+B F Dumb ass , they do steal but social media proves it's so much more prevelent with blacks. Restaurant, and any business that includes service rendered. Their animals with no dicipline.
B F (1 month ago)
+Steve Thomas I'm sorry., you're saying white people don't steal? That's what your argument is?
CALI CALI (2 months ago)
Negro chimps at it again
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
CALI CALI you’re the only chimp Neanderthal. I just watched a video of a Latina and white woman stealing a wig and the white woman was the only one out of the two fighting for the wig.
Nathaly Ramirez (2 months ago)
Nathaly Ramirez (2 hours ago)
Hee Hee Hoo Ha bitch you shutup tf
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Nathaly Ramirez shutup
JC (2 months ago)
This clip would have been better with the Benny Hill theme song.......don't you think?
Eric Perez (2 months ago)
Thats a plenty of fights tho
West tv (2 months ago)
The bad black people need to but them in big hole and Brun them alive I don't think they are human they are nasty pigs
karma karma (2 months ago)
Fucking niggas! This people is a cancer to the world
karma karma (2 months ago)
Malditos negros, siempre robando y haciendo desmadres
Helen Ding (2 months ago)
Before translation = 🤔... After translation = 😂
Pretty Girl_me (2 months ago)
Such a damn shame!
S Li (3 months ago)
These ghetto people Always stealing from my people store and when we fight back... They wanna protest. My people work 7 days a week while you ghetto people home smoking that brown cigarette. We work hard and we don't cause any trouble. You ghetto people thinks it's ok to come in our stores an steal weave for your nappy bald headed head. Some of these bald headed girls wear the weave for a month then try to bring it back for a refund with no receipts. Some of you try to bring it back with semen stains in the weave. What's wrong with you ghetto people.不要不尊重我们 🤷‍♀️👈CHINA POWER
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Stuart Little your tiny penis has no shame
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
S Li first of all you have no room to talk because Asians are the ones scamming the hundreds of black people who spend their hard earned money, HUNDREDS of dollars on chemically treated DRAINAGE, COMB, AND SALON FLOOR hair and falsely labeling it. They even go so far as to sell walnuts with ROCKS in it they are so desperate for money No integrity No one wants to hear you complain. Often times I’ve seen non blacks stealing from hair stores and other stores and people are so pressed to follow the black peoples around they’ve lost inventory to those who they think are respectable customers If they’re stealing, why set up a store in their communities ? Oh that’s right because they’re the only ones willing to give you their money. Semen in the weave? I think you’re talking about your mother or the millions of Asian women who have to sell their hair for profit. Not even gonna get INTO sex work. Take your L and go.
Stuart Little (8 days ago)
+Fiona Blickensderfer // WTF are you saying? Such garbled nonsense! Be ashamed!
Chika Biche (20 days ago)
Stuart Little (1 month ago)
Afros have no shame.
Phuoc Tran (3 months ago)
Somehow for self protection you shoot them then there will be riot , racist, profiling & claim those black are good ladies ! Those are lowlife.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
I literally just watched a video of white and Latina woman stealing in an Asian store yet conveniently I don’t see you saying anything
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Phuoc Tran you’re trash thinking you have a right to take someone life because they stole a fucking wig. The only reason you need to pull out a gun is if you’re life is in danger. And even then you don’t have to aim to kill. Half of them in this video were MEN. You’re a lowlife so ready and eager to have blood on your hands. Self protection from stealing a WIG? go to hell.
Slim Clérmont (3 months ago)
Broke ass hoes 😂😂😂 And fuck that Cheap ass synthetic wig. We only wear REAL HUMAN HAIR 👑🤑
Ms. จารุณี (3 months ago)
HOOD RATS Trash Black American women and Ghetto Trash BLACK GAY THUGS  are robbing and beating these KOREAN/ East ASIAN WIGS owner again. AND they wonder nobody like them!!
Leonard Evans (3 months ago)
Jim Miller (3 months ago)
Dem Fellas and their lovely ladies just taken what they be entitled to.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Jim Miller I just watched a video of an Asian and Latina woman stealing wigs Where’s your smart ass comment then?
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Jim Miller try again loser. They were stealing because they are thieves. Plenty of black people fund the hair shop and keep it open. Most of the products in places like these are specifically targeted towards black womens hair needs Plus these aren’t women. If you can’t tell the difference between a mans ass, a woman’s back vs a mans straight back, a woman’s curved collar bone vs a mans straight one, a mans broad strong square shoulders vs a woman’s sloped one. Then YOURE gay. Secondly there are plenty of shops online you can buy wigs from owned by black women and men. One could even lie through PayPal and say they didn’t receive the item when they did If you HAD any knowledge you would KNOW plenty of these Asian companies scam women out of their money by giving them chemically treated drainage, salon floor, or shed comb hair that looks good upon arrival but goes bad within a few weeks to a few days. No one is entitled to a wig that they cannot simply afford.
ASAPPININA (3 months ago)
typical monkeys
Jojo Saylor (3 months ago)
Never fight thieves just call the police
Rumple Stiltskin (2 months ago)
Wrong. Police take too long. Start with lead, approox .38 sprayed generally throughout the room.
Steve Thomas (2 months ago)
+S Li You go S Li, fight for your rite to exist in America. You Asians are great Americans, hard working. And smart. And your a good kid.
S Li (3 months ago)
Jojo Saylor --- That's the ghetto so the police is on lunch break. So those COON will be back at the store protesting with signs saying they were assaulted when they were stealing the weave and their civil rights was taken away BSLM ( BLACK STEALING LIVE MATTER) 🤷‍♀️👈ASIAN LIVES DON'T MATTER
Javier Rivera 7470 (3 months ago)
Does monkeys wear wigs ?
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Javier Rivera 7470 does your Neanderthal dna ever allow you to shut the fuck up?
Ms Juandele' (3 months ago)
Where rest of vid
Jacqueline Romero (3 months ago)
All this for a wig , get a job !
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
The sad part is they probably have a job. When I got scammed and given a shit wig and couldn’t afford to but it off of someone want to know what I did Made it my god damn self. You seem to think someone’s bank account determines whether they steal or not. Some of the poorest people or even homeless people are the most giving.
Tysheema Majette (1 month ago)
+Lyriddia Vect lol
Tysheema Majette (2 months ago)
And i never see your type under their videos so... I can say what ever i wanna say
Jacqueline Romero (2 months ago)
Tysheema Majette you pointing out race which I never did , obviously all race steal I clearly said get a job 🤷‍♀️ have a good day 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤓
Tysheema Majette (2 months ago)
White ppl steal all the time. When i worked in the mall stealing lipstick and nail polish. They were grown women
MrRuss10000 (3 months ago)
MLK spoke clear English. When society hears Black's speak they sound like people from The Bayou  .You want equality , stay in school  , then you may get a good job in America
MrRuss10000 (16 minutes ago)
As in 55 years ago ?? 60 shot in Chicago each weekend ?? More in the summertime.
MrRuss10000 (18 minutes ago)
A clear deflection on this real issue here that is rampant in the Black Community
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
or burn down a striving black community and place drugs into it to destabilize it
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Oh OR bomb a church with little girls in it
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Plenty of them have a better job than you, but you’re only going to target the masses who don’t who oddly enough STILL aren’t worried about your opinion as everyone is still unsure as to when you’re going to randomly decide to shoot up a school
Meli Lokita (3 months ago)
I'm tired of blacks taking advantage of non blacks
BiBi T (3 months ago)
Lol snatchies 😂😂😂😂!! # Bye Wig
tommy alkatraz (3 months ago)
this happens everyday in the hood-poor koreans
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
tommy alkatraz no it doesn’t because then they would be out of business theyre only open because those people in the hood are buying their items for profit
Carni D (3 months ago)
PROTEST ANYONE?.....RACIST against those people..they should get the wig for FREE...not treat like animal..they only use pepper spray on those people..they did nothing wrong..they shouldn't treated like that..LET'S PROTEST
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Shut the fuck up no one protested over this video because there was nothin to protest You’re not taking away from the things that people do protest over by targeting the things that no one actually does but you’re too stupid to understand that
wen wen (2 months ago)
S Li 蠢呀,他是在反讽
ChesterCopperPot Goone (3 months ago)
IS THE SECURITY GUARD LIKE 100 YEARS OLD???????????? omg he let the women grab o hi he couldn't eve fight he ws useless
Run walk Junp (3 months ago)
This is the reason why good black people get the police call on them
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Run walk Junp no it’s not because often times the people doing that are racist themselves and were continuously harassing the blacks they were stalking even though they saw them doing nothing
Cute Little Suzie (3 months ago)
Blackies bad! LOL
sheltonmac (3 months ago)
And niggas are in the outrage because of the nail salon for not paying! fuck out of here!
Riley Dog (3 months ago)
Dim white racist won’t let dim has them weaves
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
Riley Dog would you like me to send you the link to the white woman who just fought an Asian over a wig she was stealing? “Dim wit Asian wouldn’t let her have the wig”
Randall Idell (3 months ago)
Oh God, he fought his way back in the steal the wig on the floor! That's commitment.
Dr pepper 101 (3 months ago)
And this is why they call hairstore owners koreans/arabs/indians racist Becuase we follow them in the stores
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Mr. Brim no, dried up nasty prunes.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Dr pepper 101 if you feel the need to follow them in stores why are you setting up business in their communities and over charging them for items? No one wants to hear you complain. You have every right to monitor your customers you have No right to be disrespectful and discriminating.
Mr. Brim (1 month ago)
sorry. oranges
Ari (1 month ago)
+Mr. Brim apples? 😂
king mob (2 months ago)
Dr pepper 101 BT200
Jim Fromearth (3 months ago)
Those darn Norwegians at it again.😛
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Jim Fromearth nah this is America and no ones mass shooting up people just thieving
big spoon (3 months ago)
I don't have to steal - I just grow my own.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
big spoon everyone is capable of growing their own If they refuse to take care of it that’s a different story. I have hair almost to the middle of my back and I like wearing wigs. Type in long 4c hair on this YouTube. Black women can grow hair. Stop acting like you don’t know blacks to have extremely long dreads or huge Afros. No one lost the ability.
Sheena (3 months ago)
Such a shame. Blacks need to stop living up to the stereotype that they are violent thieves. Keep doing behavior like this, keep being profiled.
LinnErellie haha (5 hours ago)
+Pretty Baby girl!!wym last time I checks I think it was blacks love that base rock and whites love pills... your welcome
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
anything goes ok sure and these Asian shop owners won’t have another to give them a profit and hopefully no one has to deal with being killed for walking down the street and you can continue shooting up your own people in churches, movie theaters, schools, music events, and sidewalks
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
dan lam and many of them are in jail for longer sentences for the same crimes as their non black counter parts? Many are in jail for weed which is legal now. Jails get a profit off of being filled up and blacks are the easiest target and are STILL treated unfairly. Go to hell.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (5 hours ago)
spikefivefivefive so blacks are the ones acting primitive and savagely yet racist whites who like to harass blacks for no reason are the ones getting recorded and posted over social media and losing their jobs ? Yeah sure buddy. Just say you’re discriminating and find one persons wrongs more acceptable than the other because you ra-cist and call it a day I literally just watched a video of a white and Latina woman stealing wigs out of chinese shops yet conveniently you’ve said nothing about it.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
time travel how about you shut the fuck up because I literally just watched a video of a Latina and a white woman stealing wigs out of Asian shops but fuckers like you are so obsessed over what blacks or are aren’t doing you choose to only have something to say here Let us know when you’re going to be publicly racist next time so someone can record you and make you lose your job.
Quilton Hootenanny (3 months ago)
Pretty hard to determine if these are beautiful black queens or simply tranny’s.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Dionne you’re right your mothers vagina would know
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
LinnErellie haha the only one equally the same is your mother Plenty of black women won’t even look at you that’s why your pathetic salty ass is watching videos of wig thefts by trannies. Half of black men are caught with trannies, stop blaming their homosexuality on black women If you can’t tell the difference between a woman and a man no matter how beautiful our ugly that speaks volumes about your internalized attraction
Dionne (1 month ago)
dindus come in many shades of dusty black.
LinnErellie haha (2 months ago)
I think they are equally the same lol
Sister Ches (2 months ago)
Cave Dweller these are strong black men
Penny Proud (3 months ago)
One looks like a gay guy based on the walk,perked bottom. It's just fake hair ....shrugs. No money was stolen and nobody killed. Let them have it and move on.
Hee Hee Hoo Ha (6 hours ago)
Lyriddia Vect no that one tiny phrase doesn’t however your comment sums up your obsession. There are blacks who wouldn’t even look at you or touch the same ground you walk on that’s why you petty ass bitches are always calling the cops on them when they’re in expensive communities and end up getting blasted all over the internet and fired from your jobs It actually sums up YOUR race as a whole.
Lyriddia Vect (1 month ago)
"let them have it and move on" That in one tiny phrase sums up the black race as a whole.
Helen Ding (2 months ago)
This video is why no business's want to move into those neighborhoods. 🙄
Bube Morre (2 months ago)
stealing is stealing that's how the criminal starts how would it be hard to work, that is for sure cheap people with cheap thinking
Rumple Stiltskin (2 months ago)
You s...thole liberal. The store lost money. Move on! Damn move on to get a gun and shoot them in the next store the try to rob.

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