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Before and After Men's Hair Color for Covering Gray Hair

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A lot of guys are intimidated by the process and idea of coloring the their gray hair. Here we show you the natural results you can get with Redken Camo products that wash out more naturally. So don't be scared!
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Fabricio Paschoal (8 days ago)
Try Bigen, its a Japanese traditional product, you will be surprised, because it will not leave any gray and natural color also.
Tom McGraw (3 months ago)
Looks great; just enough gray peeks through to keep it natural. Can’t wait to try this as an up-sell.
moh emara (4 months ago)
What shampoo name mixed with color or color that only
Tracy Bruce (5 months ago)
Do u habe to mix with developer?
Himmel (1 year ago)
When one does it themselves do they rub it in like shampoo after mixing?
lambchopxoxo (1 year ago)
It looks really good
Rob C (1 year ago)
too dark on him ~ gray looks better
bob nob (1 year ago)
looks so false and inconsistent, like he's put boot polish in his hair, if someone did this to my hair i'd have them shave it off!
Jimmy Moonshine (1 year ago)
At least trim his hair up; presentation is key ladies...next time trim the back of his neck! Great video though...
William England (2 years ago)
Hello is that Redkin camo color last for a long time? Also what kind of styleing product did you use in your models hair?
What kind of color did you use so as not to eliminate all the gray? I'd want it all covered.
Rawandi (3 years ago)
gray hair looked great on him. she messed up his look and hair.  idiot
Michael Reyes (5 months ago)
If you want help getting rid of your gray hair then visit this website here to find out how: GrayHair.xyz
Travis Clarke (3 years ago)
Haha shit I just dye my hair and like scrubbed it in not just colored the too
LilyofTheWoods (4 years ago)
Can women use this too?  It looks better than most dyes
Maple007 (4 years ago)
How long does the color last ???? Really important to give this info i thought???
Yaqub Tareen (2 years ago)
+Tome Rodrigo you must be kidding
Tome Rodrigo (3 years ago)
+008maguire 3 hours...then you have to buy another bottle for 25 dollars :D
Rachael Bakker (5 years ago)
It is a professional process, so in order to obtain the product you would need a hair license or salon business. You might be able to pick up this product from a stylist at a salon at their discretion.
Sibole Staline (1 year ago)
Rachael Bakker rubbish! Top Ten is a budget hair colour ant for men and it's available to buy throughout Europe. Works really fine. I bought some for my friend's beard from a general store. He looks 10 years younger.

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