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Tips on Fashion Styling your Natural Light Photoshoot

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http://www.squarespace.com/anita Big thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video- make sure to apply my code for 10% discount at the checkout! 4th Of July Lightroom Presets Sale- UP TO 40% OFF! http://anitasadowska.eu/shop/ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sadowskaphoto Website: http://www.anitasadowska.eu In this video I take you on a Natural Light photography behind the scenes of a recent photoshoot I did in Cape Town, South Africa. I share some tips on how I managed to self style this photoshoot. We were lucky enough to get this amazing Route 66 style gas station location and a Ford Mustang from Wiggle Cape Town. I used my Canon 5D mkiv with the Canon L Series 24mm-70mm f2.8 lens. Please Subscribe for more videos - http://bit.ly/Subscribe-Anita My Camera Equipment: https://kit.com/Sadowskaphoto/my-camera-kit My Full Studio Setup: https://kit.com/Sadowskaphoto/lighting-kit My One light studio setup: https://kit.com/Sadowskaphoto/usa-single-light-studio-setup
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Text Comments (90)
Remix (2 hours ago)
I am joint this job
Hannah Elizabeth (15 days ago)
where is that sparky dress from??
Bruce Trappleton (1 month ago)
lol, she has a spectacular location but she makes the model pose against a flat white wall. lol
Serena Williams (1 month ago)
You should teach us how to shoot a like crouch down angle up? That’s what novices wana know
Jolanta Wnuk (1 month ago)
Swietne! Naprawde dobry film i supere zdjecia! Mega robota!
Rafael Machado (1 month ago)
Do you use some kind of lens filter for fashion and portrait? Which one?
Asya Galinsky (1 month ago)
Awesome job, you're so talented :)
Byrone (2 months ago)
Anita number 1.....ciao!!!!!!!!! :)
Anita the link too your website isnt working correctly. I had to google your name to find your website that way.
bricesylvain (2 months ago)
Hello Anita, Thank you for this BTS video. I really love that introduction and the color grading is just wow !!! May I ask you the music you used ? :p Merci !!
Cedi Ali Rajah (2 months ago)
Beautiful shots and video, and informative as always. I appreciate your honesty (and I hope you got all the money back on your credit card!)
Robyn Elias (3 months ago)
Name of the music track??
Anita Sadowska (3 months ago)
Robyn Elias and I’m saying, instead of saying “name of the music track” you could be a bit more polite and use please and thank you. It just comes across very rude and demanding;)
Robyn Elias (3 months ago)
+Anita Sadowska huh? I liked the track and wondered what it was called..
Anita Sadowska (3 months ago)
Robyn Elias bit of politeness can take you a long way :)
Mogau Sebopa (3 months ago)
You are a dope photographer
India Gibbs (3 months ago)
Yess let’s get it Anita
Chiken little (3 months ago)
the best shot was with the haze from the car
THE STUDIO (4 months ago)
As usual...AMAZING WORK!
bnattapat (4 months ago)
This one is so inspired me !!
Zoran von der Heide (4 months ago)
I love that intro! Excellent video, great shots!
Masha Yerukhimova (4 months ago)
🔥 Video color grading at the start of the video is🔥 Thank you for describing all that went into this shoot including purchasing the clothes.
Vana Lea (5 months ago)
<3 <3!!!!!
GilbertTV (5 months ago)
WOW...!!! i watched it twice.... fabulous location worth the money, your styling was superb... did you send the clothing company some of your images... they should be paying you... epic !
Headlight (5 months ago)
Awesome work, love! the light! I still find it difficult to work wih such harsh light but you always nail it! And the styling + location are on point! :)
Mariano Bazan (5 months ago)
wow! amazing!
ColinL91 (5 months ago)
8:25 and 9:35 dope shots!!
Medfayer (5 months ago)
Fantastic shoot and color❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯
haus-of-gasa (5 months ago)
I never knew you could contact stores to ask about pulling clothes! I always thought you just had to buy them no matter what. So good to know that that's a potential option
Jasmine (5 months ago)
Damn! what a fantastic video!
Leeroy Perez (5 months ago)
twotwofresh (5 months ago)
Another smash hit Anita, thank you! (V)(V)(V)
Rudolph H (5 months ago)
I love this place & images ! & I style all my fashion shoots. I hope, I get to meet you one day !!!!
stephania campos (5 months ago)
OMG just saw you posted this video !!!! cant wait to watch
ACiD_ ReinX (5 months ago)
Love the choice of photoshoot location. That model did an amazing job.
Goldmangun (5 months ago)
Excellent video, great shots!
Anna Ivanova (5 months ago)
omg!!!!!! lovvveeeeee it!!!!!!!!!
KentuckyBourbon Fade (5 months ago)
cool vid
KDB Photography (5 months ago)
Lol I was so confused by the intro. I thought it was like a Pepsi/Ford/Levi Jeans/Jack Daniels commercial
IamDon (5 months ago)
KDB Photography Hehe thanks! 😁
Becky Blissitt (5 months ago)
Absolutely fab shoot Anita ! Great styling and awesome location too !
Barnes And Beauty (5 months ago)
IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!😭❤️ TO PUT THIS ALL TOGETHER BY YOURSELF! IM BEYOND INSPIRED BY YOUR WORK WOW IM SHOOK!! Very helpful tips especially getting local boutiques to work with you! Thank-you this video definitely gave me hope I felt like I was lacking because I don't have a team behind me which is still hindering but desireable work still can be achieved! Also in the future is it possible that you make a video on how to establish a strong team behind your work & what should be expected from each individual like payment responsibilities and so on!?
Ruben Silva (5 months ago)
Love the location ! But at some point I forgot what I was seeing and just started counting the times you said "quite" in the video lmao
Ruben Silva (5 months ago)
OMG lmaoo quite an insteresting game 🤣
Anita Sadowska (5 months ago)
Ruben Silva could be quite good
Anita Sadowska (5 months ago)
Ruben Silva new drinking game?
Miley onDisney (5 months ago)
F*ck you and Squarespace right up the ass! I pay YouTube extra so I don't have to see ads. It's messed up that you add one to your video. REPORTED! And what's that crap all over your arms? Did you not bathe before shooting this video? If you're going to let your kid draw goofy crap on your arms, at least wash it off before you come out in public.
greggers (5 months ago)
Shot at 3:31. Please tell me you got that.
greggers (5 months ago)
IamDon only saw the shots she took that were awesome but the intro had some bangers i would have gone for
IamDon (5 months ago)
greggers I think she did get something similar 😁
Ferhan Khan Photography (5 months ago)
Brilliant work! What was the video shot on? Sony?
IamDon (5 months ago)
Ferhan Khan Photography Yes, It was a mix between the Sony FS5 at 120fps to a Atomos Shogun Inferno and A7sii 60fps on a Ronin-M
James A (5 months ago)
Thank u
Preston House (5 months ago)
This was hot! Figurative and literally! The video intro was incredible. Felt like the beginning of an action sequence to a movie.
Julia Trotti (5 months ago)
This shoot and the photos are amazingggg!
Pawel Gieralt (5 months ago)
Absolutely Love it 😁😀😄 Anita great ideas and pictures !!!
karl08701 (5 months ago)
I just Purchase Anita Thailand pack of presets and Capetown presets for Lightroom OMG.... I shot a dark skin, well I call it brown skin Model the skin tone so bronzed out Omg the skin tone punch....I will be buying more ASAP.... If you are shooting swimwear in the Usa Right now buy these presets it will give your images a new look for sure...
quatie (5 months ago)
This was such a great video, the editing and camera work was incredible, who filmed it? Could you not have got yourself an old Mustang?
quatie (5 months ago)
IamDon wow you are so talented. Yeah an old one would have suitedthe scenery so much better yeah
IamDon (5 months ago)
quatie Ahh, they only had the new mustang :-( The old one would have been awesome. I did all the filming.. Sony FS5 / A7sii and a Ronin-M
Dinesh Harjani (5 months ago)
Coop Can Cook (5 months ago)
That damn intro! Come on, Anita!! 🔥🔥🔥
JOSE PALACIOS (5 months ago)
Awesome intro Anita! I was like, wait did I click on a car commercial? I really enjoyed it. Very cinematic 👌
Jolly Tracey (5 months ago)
Yesss great video!
Daniel Shortt (5 months ago)
Location is totally worth the cash. Looks sick!
Juergen Dechert (5 months ago)
Wow ... amazing BTS video ... great location, awsome model, perfect music ... very well done !!!
Helena AdaMor (5 months ago)
That was magical! If you ever consider to come to north Germany for some test shoots(there are so many cool model agencies and creatives) just let me [email protected] ;)
Clarence Morton (5 months ago)
Also, thanks for the holiday sale!
Clarence Morton (5 months ago)
❤❤❤❤❤❤ Love everything about this. Such a cool location and I love what you did with it. 😍
Juan Lopez (5 months ago)
Best behind the scenes and shoot. Keep up the great work!
M A G A (5 months ago)
great and hard work! this is the way
jotajota1967 (5 months ago)
Hugh Walker (5 months ago)
Awesome shot love the concept and the results
Divineshot 314 (5 months ago)
Awesome set and shots! 😍🔥
Szklana147 (5 months ago)
Great session!
Elena Katherina (5 months ago)
You are amazing, that was so cool. Im really impressed 😀👍
Brittani Jackson (5 months ago)
You did an amazing job styling and of course the images were fly
Sari Na (5 months ago)
Great Video! I always love watching your videos and constantly learn new things though them. Also your Videos are always so beautiful, like love to the details and the photoshootings are so amazing. Just wanted to say that and thanks for always feeding us with such great content 😊
Daan Zahradnik (5 months ago)
For how long will the 40% last?
IamDon (5 months ago)
Daan Zahradnik 4th-40% 5th-30% 6th-20%
Dinamico Studio (5 months ago)
It's just really awesome step and amazing intro. visit us for #photo #editing and #clipping #path work https://dinamicostudio.com
Theosimmer (5 months ago)
I absolutely love this shoot! Keep up the great content Anita! ;)
tupacthadon (5 months ago)
Jesse Starks (5 months ago)
Very, very cool!
Game of frames (5 months ago)
loved it ❤️❤️
hristina trajkoska (5 months ago)
Love the change of the mood before the shoot and after 😌 You are glowing! Great great video! It really makes you think how much you actually need to invest for a single shooting. And I don't mean only money. Thank you!
Daniel Anagnostis (5 months ago)
Wow this was an awesome shoot! You did a lot to make sure everything went well, amazing work :)
Khandie Photography (5 months ago)
That intro!!! Stepping up the game and taking it higher
videos (5 months ago)
Well you did amazing on styling my lord! These are stunning!!!
Haim Green (5 months ago)
How you doing ?

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