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Easy Wedding/Party Hairstyles || hair style girl || hairstyles for girls || cute hairstyles 2018

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Easy Wedding/Party Hairstyles || hair style girl || hairstyles for girls || cute hairstyles 2018 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this video, I am going to show how to make easy & quick twisted hairstyles for wedding/party. Girls/ladies use this wedding hairstyle with gown and lehnga. latest hairstyle and new hairstyle for Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Long hair,easy hairstyles 2018. This hairstyle is very Cute Hairstyles for girls.It keeps all your hair way and also looks really cute.if you have learned from our hairstyle tutorials, this will be a so easy for you! #weddinghairstyle #partyhairstyle I hope you enjoy it,please like, comment, share and subscribe :) subscribe to our channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf9A... you can FOLLOW ME ! INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/indiangirln... FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/IndiangirlNEHA/ You May also Want To Watch my other video : juda hairstyle using Banana Clip | quick & easy hairstyles | hair style girl | cute hairstyle https://youtu.be/vKwHGuMa-o0 juda hairstyle for wedding | Perfect Bridal Bun step by step | Easy Wedding Hairstyle for party https://youtu.be/drd2O3PPQ5U easy and amazing juda hairstyle with flower bun | bridal Updo hairstyles | Easy wedding hairstyles https://youtu.be/cFJmqO9jOP4 2 Easy & Beautiful Juda Hairstyles || juda hairstyle || Hairstyle || Easy Wedding Hairstyle https://youtu.be/-4waAHK0_Lg Quick and Easy Donut Bun hairstyles | juda hairstyles | Juda kaise banaye | Bridal Bun hair style https://youtu.be/587qyupa_Rk Classic Donut Bun in 2 ways | Quick and Easy hairstyles | juda hairstyle | Dance hairstyles https://youtu.be/0Usf1O199H8
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Text Comments (607)
Vaghela Prakash (5 hours ago)
very nice
Hasnain Ali (8 hours ago)
So nice
Ashna Khatoon (22 hours ago)
Very nice
Pooja Sharma (23 hours ago)
Waooowww very beautiful hairstyle
Sonam Verma (1 day ago)
Is per kis spray ka use kiya h apne
gatsby hair spray
akash shidore (1 day ago)
Nutan Sharma1987 (1 day ago)
ujwala kamble (1 day ago)
Mst kup chan....😃
Feriha Khan (2 days ago)
Aur jo aap last m bache hue hair section ko ek ek kr k jo aap flower k tarah roll kr rhe the usse aapne kis pin se set kiya hai
baby pin dear
Feriha Khan (2 days ago)
Aap jo hair pr ek spray use kr rhi hai woh kya hai
INDIANGIRL NEHA (2 days ago)
gatsby hair spray
Jitendra Khade (2 days ago)
Golu Singh (4 days ago)
I m gonna try this too
Yaba Chaush (4 days ago)
Jena teacher😅☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
Neha Kashyap (5 days ago)
Nice hairstyle
Sonali Debata (6 days ago)
Mast hair style
Surya NV (6 days ago)
Miss Pooja (7 days ago)
Hair spray konsa use kr rhi h mam
INDIANGIRL NEHA (6 days ago)
gatsby hair spray
Shankar Maurya (7 days ago)
Lani Deka (7 days ago)
mishriya michi (7 days ago)
Dlnkar Kadam (7 days ago)
Nice hairstyles
priyanka chettri (8 days ago)
Awesome ❤
Shweta Singh (8 days ago)
Mast hairstyles
Divyasingh Divyasingh (8 days ago)
excusesme mama ye balon me aap hair pin lgate ho bo jra slowly lgaya kro jisese pta cjale ki pin ko kese lgana h
karishma Hazarika (9 days ago)
NICE TO 😮☺😊😉😉😉😉🌾🌾🌾🌾🌾😀😀😀😀
Salma Aktar (9 days ago)
Saket Kumaar (9 days ago)
Nice and beauty ful
Gavit Harshad (9 days ago)
Saket Kumaar gfss
Kavita Roy (9 days ago)
Sonu Singh (9 days ago)
Setting spray kaunsa use kare ki hairstyle kaafi time tak stable rahe.
Sonu Singh (9 days ago)
+INDIANGIRL NEHA ok nd thanks for replying
INDIANGIRL NEHA (9 days ago)
gatsby hair spray
Chetna Pundir (9 days ago)
What is the name of this product wich you used in last....it was such an amazing bun
Chetna Pundir (9 days ago)
+INDIANGIRL NEHA i m asking aboit the name of that spray .....plz telll me
INDIANGIRL NEHA (9 days ago)
hair bun
rajni Sharma (10 days ago)
narayan singh (10 days ago)
Mokhtar Ansari (10 days ago)
V v v v v v nice
Joti Bosumotary (10 days ago)
Nice hairstyles
Barsha Sharma (10 days ago)
thank's for making this video
SUNALI NATH (10 days ago)
very nice
Mahiraza Shahzad (10 days ago)
Very nice👏
Neetu Varshney (11 days ago)
Very beautiful hairstyleee👌👌👌 I like it😘😘
HistoRia Moirangmayum (10 days ago)
Very nice
Rishu Kumar singh (11 days ago)
Nice to hear
Jessica Balhara (11 days ago)
vijay kumar (11 days ago)
Nice video awsm dear😘😘
Uma Aiwale (11 days ago)
Very nicely
Samarjit Jit (11 days ago)
Kusum Lata (11 days ago)
Time taking
gurdeep Singh (11 days ago)
Kukava Chirag (11 days ago)
Jintu Sonowal (12 days ago)
Rahul Malviya (12 days ago)
waaa very nice
Birju Kumar (12 days ago)
nice and easy hairstyl
Inha Mustafa (12 days ago)
Sukhvinder Kaur (13 days ago)
Ye dummi kaha milti h plz btao muje b chahiye
INDIANGIRL NEHA (13 days ago)
buy from online
Annu Thakur (13 days ago)
Sachin Pujari (13 days ago)
This hair style is very nice
An Nu Subasong (13 days ago)
wow Nice Iam thinking of making this style in my Sister weeding....❤😘
Beauty Raj (13 days ago)
to good
Arohi Saha (13 days ago)
Mam up konsa clip use ki h eaha pe
INDIANGIRL NEHA (13 days ago)
hair pin
Divya kashyap (14 days ago)
Nice hairstyle
nayra singhaniya (14 days ago)
osm juda
anita Sardar (15 days ago)
Mustak Shiyyad (15 days ago)
nice video
Sapna Malhotra Sapna (15 days ago)
veey nice hair style
Sarika Bhosale (15 days ago)
premlata `nagpure (15 days ago)
Nice hairstyles
Shrikant parshuramkar (15 days ago)
Rakesh Gond (15 days ago)
Very nice
Dipti Patel (16 days ago)
Superbbb ji
Shivam Tiwari (16 days ago)
Tarali Sarma (16 days ago)
Ram Singh (16 days ago)
Very nice
Karishma Singh (16 days ago)
Very very nice hairstyle
Hitesh Sankhe (16 days ago)
lovely rachu (17 days ago)
I will try it
Brajlesh Kumari (17 days ago)
Rauf Awan (17 days ago)
Dipti Agalame (17 days ago)
Sabha Parveen (17 days ago)
Twinkel Varma (18 days ago)
very nice hair style
Guddi Raj (18 days ago)
nice video
Raman Gill (18 days ago)
Deepak Kumar (1 day ago)
Raman Gill vary nice
Ashoke Sarkar (18 days ago)
Ganga Chetry (19 days ago)
Very nice
Tripti Das Mahato (19 days ago)
Ai spray ta ki jonno use hoy & name ki
INDIANGIRL NEHA (18 days ago)
Gatsby  hair spray
Muhammad Cemil Şahrur (19 days ago)
Haseen Naaz (17 days ago)
Mohd Waseem (18 days ago)
Nirupama Das (19 days ago)
very beautiful hair styles
Rock Naushad (19 days ago)
Moushomi Deb (19 days ago)
manita chamling (19 days ago)
wow very nice
Alex Navgire (19 days ago)
Bhanima Kalita (19 days ago)
Karan Patil (20 days ago)
Kama haet ke nahi
Karan Patil (20 days ago)
Ritti Das (20 days ago)
jeta spray kora hlo ota ki jodi ektu bolen vlo hy
Pabitra Choudhury (20 days ago)
Jayant Mourya (20 days ago)
Jaanu Dutta J D (20 days ago)
woow....nice hairstyle😃
Sonu Raghu (20 days ago)
so nice
Sushma Sharma (20 days ago)

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