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I Built A Mansion Using Only Cardboard Boxes

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Text Comments (20621)
MrBeast (1 year ago)
-oof (2 days ago)
last comment!
SJ Millard (2 days ago)
I actually watching at morning
Ljs13aj :3 (7 hours ago)
bruh! u put ur life on risk to keep everyone happy? THX :'3
Thomas Vinsen (9 hours ago)
Reminds me of when the Simpsons did this
Chloe Gachawolf (10 hours ago)
Cookie Warrior (12 hours ago)
Hey weres my cookie
Cookie Warrior (12 hours ago)
The great chigago fire is rebirted
Henry Wood (12 hours ago)
Zusi And Ashley (15 hours ago)
I think unlickes come from fortnite haters...because i wouldn't put unlike, cuz u did a lot of work for giant castle
Bryan Wong (17 hours ago)
Solid Snake would be proud.
Osleydas novella (17 hours ago)
This the opposite pf what Bart Simpson did when he built a box fort he watered it down
kelly snowden (18 hours ago)
RIP box fort
CabumG (18 hours ago)
5:44 I shouldn't do a joke about that at this moment...
Random parent: see child? That’s a bushfire. See the smoke? Child: nah ma. That’s mr beast burning his cardboard mansion. Parent: uhhhh... is Mr beast your imaginary friend? Child: sub to Pewdiepie Parent: ...
Lewis Allen (23 hours ago)
So this is how global warming started
The Goat Lord (1 day ago)
Just did a bad thing did you regret the thing you did
Kvn Asdf3842 (1 day ago)
When u forget to do your hw 5:35
Damarys Montas (1 day ago)
Men's ever hot
Gacha Wiffles (1 day ago)
*reads description* I DONT HAVE A MINECRAFT ACCOUNT!!
Gacha Wiffles (10 hours ago)
YAH.....+MalaX Critical Ops
MalaX Critical Ops (11 hours ago)
Who cares
emildelo985 SHA (1 day ago)
Me: I wonder what Mr. Beast is doing Jimmy: Mail yourself in a box.. Me: I've heard enough..
Awfulmoon43 Gaming (1 day ago)
5:45 Mr beast causes global warming
SharpRage3 3 (1 day ago)
1:05 BETRAYAL!!!!!!!!!!
Pro Skittle (1 day ago)
Husain Abbass (1 day ago)
Dan Kluften (1 day ago)
Pew lost
Avion (2 days ago)
*ahh, das hot*
[LEGENDS] GAMING (2 days ago)
3:14 what is the song???
Cole frickey (2 days ago)
1:25 Creed movie music
This dude takes everything to the extreme! Haha! Love it!
The Diamond Wolf (2 days ago)
Was the fire intended
Blazing Sun 2000 (2 days ago)
Rip box fort
Ethan Hess (2 days ago)
Oh My God He Put Sia's Chandiler In yay
Gabriel Sarmento (2 days ago)
2:20 cardboard gear solid
Emmygirlgacha -w- (2 days ago)
Rip our ecosystem
XxDWGacha Xx (2 days ago)
Mr Beast: we're gonna build a mansion out of a few boxes, and maybe a few penis' Me: youre gonna build a mansion out penis?
Kaden Kinnear (3 days ago)
why are u always bullying microwaves
Kumisan Tolol (3 days ago)
3:12 what is the song?
Ultimatedestiny 1524 (3 days ago)
Hey on the BRIGHT side is got good lighting
cody pomeroy (3 days ago)
im makeing a prayr to bad you left the micerfave on.
Zozey (3 days ago)
That fire :0 that's a lot
Julyssa Acevedo (3 days ago)
Notre dame prediction?
Chainz_Heartless ツ (4 days ago)
**papa jake wants to know your location**
Complete Randomness (4 days ago)
Was the fire intended?!
Cadence Moyer (4 days ago)
Someone should write sub to PewDiePie and make it to the people in space can see it so early and will eat in the world war between the T series and PewDiePie because PewDiePie should win
MrBeast try to warn us about the notre dame by doing this
Ally Kitty’s Gaming (4 days ago)
*Papa jake has left the chat*
job Wright (4 days ago)
#613 seconds in wtf
Immortal Twinkie (4 days ago)
Y is that actually bigger than my house
Entesar Ibrahim (4 days ago)
Who else just goes to comment section cuz they want to see PewDiePie comment
Dez Barnett (4 days ago)
No homo Love u Mr.Beast
Gabe Sanderes (4 days ago)
This is microwave abuse
the emerald gamer (4 days ago)
Ah das hot
Kyran AFK (4 days ago)
Maritza Carballo (4 days ago)
StephTOONTV (4 days ago)
i guess they don't know the word (GLOBAL WARMING)
RAGEEN FIRE (4 days ago)
Yeah thats hot yeah thats hot
YouTube rewind that's hawt deleted scene
BEAF KING (5 days ago)
Do u feel depressed sometime or are u depressed all the time
Alice Rotchell (5 days ago)
yeah it spelt Colorado
Alice Rotchell (5 days ago)
and no time lapses
It’s TESSA! (5 days ago)
You should make a pillow fort using pillow cases with pewdiepies face on them! 😂
XXXsavge Boy (5 days ago)
LoL Time (5 days ago)
So smart
Evie And Me Creations (5 days ago)
yes, but can your chair do this?
maddie does life (5 days ago)
So.... Minecraft
Kevin Lopez (5 days ago)
0:01 well that escalated quickly
Alexis Morales (5 days ago)
You should have thrown the fire extinguisher into the fire
Axel Stanley (5 days ago)
rip box fort
Penguin King (5 days ago)
Its so *lit*
Copper _917 (5 days ago)
How did it catch on 🔥
ObliviousNInjaYT (5 days ago)
Please do last one to stay in cardboard box mansion wins 10k dollars
SimplyOddish (5 days ago)
So that is how the Notre Dame fire started..
Kevin Lopez (5 days ago)
Was looking for this comment lol
Mobile Niko (5 days ago)
What a homeless guy does with 399$
Itz_MakererFTW (5 days ago)
Ahh dats hot
Beth Awcock (5 days ago)
Why is no one mentioning that that is fucking dumb
Kevin Lopez (5 days ago)
Yet, amusing.
Amelie Cattanach (6 days ago)
*slow clap* Wow 6:16
Renzo Saludes (6 days ago)
Who knew mrbeast was the one responsible for climate change?
Anyone remember that Simpsons episode? I do :)
Mr.beast should have more subscribers then pewdipie mr.beat is WAY better😝
taybay videos (6 days ago)
This is what you came for 5:40
JM (6 days ago)
3:13 & 1:23 I think at the time of editing, he had just seen rocky. Anyone agree?
Gacha Lea:3 (6 days ago)
Guys Subscribe-- **cough** I MEAN SABSCRIB!!
Noah is Funny (6 days ago)
Subscribe to my channel and I’ll give you a box fort mansion
Jo Searle (6 days ago)
Destruction of property
Gyarin (7 days ago)
Notre Dame Cardthedral
Jaime Burvill (7 days ago)
WHERE IS MY COOKIE ! 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
suz conner (7 days ago)
Fuck off
Liam Lind (7 days ago)
fun fact i'm gay
Hurd Kirby (7 days ago)
We are the Jake pauper 😍😎😍
[Sub]-Z3r0 (8 days ago)
He did prove a point, guys ....... The background guy is gay :/
Chikn Nuggies (8 days ago)
Jonah Johannson (8 days ago)
Tiwill0V2 (8 days ago)
as Vanos would say: "Annnnnnnnd THIS is how we get our money!"
Owl of Earth (8 days ago)
Where's my cookie
AddyDaddy (8 days ago)
The Sneako
Emi’s kawaii World* (8 days ago)
Wow 😂😅🤣
Nicole Thomas (8 days ago)
You should have called the cops or the fireman
Austin Weppler (9 days ago)
Austin Weppler (9 days ago)
Raena Hawkins (9 days ago)
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