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Celebrating 100 years: Roald Amundsen's South Pole Expedition 1911

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On December 14, 1911, Norwegian Roald Amundsen became the first person to reach the South Pole and secured his place in history as one of the great explorers. Exploration infuses everything we do at Viking River Cruises and so we celebrate this accomplishment of courage, determination and careful planning. Join us on an exciting journey through history — on the centenary of Amundsen's expedition — with this 10-minute film, narrated by Viking's own Karine Hagen. "Victory awaits him, who has everything in order. Luck we call it." -- Roald Amundsen Karine Hagen of Viking River Cruises is your host.
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Alexis Ort-Wagoner (8 days ago)
I’m related to him he’s my 5th great uncle
Vinson (2 months ago)
All the lessons he took from his time during his northwest passage crossing among the inuit people proved to be in his favor during this great accomplishment.. smart man and the men of his team.
Whoever the voice is did a wonderful job
jose alber (4 months ago)
Scott should not have used horses, but camels from Mongolia, camels that have two humps and are adapted to extremely low temperatures and live in snow and ice. These camels stand perfectly -40 degrees, they can be two months without eating, and to drink if they do not have water they can eat snow. Scott's expedition could have consisted of 50 Mongolian camels, each carrying a sleigh or cart loaded with soybeans and wheat, wearing protective boots and warm clothes, and the expeditionaries mounted on camels, not to walk
BURNAT21 (8 months ago)
i thought this was really cool and i really like it
Pedro Alegre (9 months ago)
Scott had to use not horses but Mongolian camels, the two-humped camels, which are animals that support -40º centigrade without problems, that support two months without eating, that they can eat ice and snow if they do not have water, without problems. These camels could have been dragging carts with very wide wheels or sledges laden with soybeans and wheat, which could also have served as food for humans. These camels could wear vests and boots against the cold. And humans go riding on them, on horseback, not walking. In total an expedition of about 50 camels going in single file.
Harsh Gupta (9 months ago)
watching for English homework
Jasmine Griffith (10 months ago)
I've been working on this video for class i had to answer 23 questions on this video... this video is very informational i just don't like working on it everyday and re watching it over and over
milton rouleau (11 months ago)
Long live Scott the bumbler !
Xpedition 90X (11 months ago)
Very interesting documentary. It provides a great retrospective into the lives and hardships of early explorers!
datsIMPOSSIRBU111 (1 year ago)
i am related to roald, hes my grandmothers 4th or 5th great uncle. amundsen -> related to robideau, my last name.
XxPhantom_ ShadowXx (8 days ago)
+Alexis Ort-Wagoner Why the Fudge You lying SIKE I LIED WOW
Alexis Ort-Wagoner (8 days ago)
saeedur rahman (1 month ago)
+XxPhantom_ ShadowXx checkout my YouTube channel
XxPhantom_ ShadowXx (1 month ago)
+saeedur rahman lol I didn't even realize
saeedur rahman (1 month ago)
+XxPhantom_ ShadowXx finally after long time someone replied
Bearded Sailor (2 years ago)
idp456 (2 years ago)
Crystal Trinh (2 years ago)
+Blueice Z in still up doing this assignment because I spilled water on my papers. It's 2:07 AM rn on Sunday .
Alex L. (2 years ago)
+Annie Isn't Robert Falcon Scott handsome Annie? too bad he's dead am I right? ;)
Donovan Johnson (2 years ago)
+idp456 what is up class
idp456 (2 years ago)
+Samantha Li Its Alberto's fault every1 is here
Samantha Li (2 years ago)
+Annie Hello, my fellow classmates ;)
idp456 (2 years ago)
Alejandro Medina (2 years ago)
He (Roald) is my hero, i love andventures ,long distance travels and i always think of him, how he planned everyting and as he said " There is no thing as bad luck, only bad planning"
Crobular I (2 years ago)
Roald is my mentor for sure. Great man. Great planner. Great Polar Explorer.
RainbowBisexual (2 years ago)
Watching this for English class HW. it was interesting at first but once your forced to write 2 essays it becomes more annoying than anything else
Bryanna (1 year ago)
PJOandHoOfan 16 (2 years ago)
Royally Unstable I had to watch this I class and again for homework and complete a worksheet. I'm interested in this but I just don't like it when I have to do work about it. But then again at least I didn't have to write 2 essays on it.
+Royaly Unstable same
Benstarious (3 years ago)
Yes I'm watching this for hw
Carina G (9 months ago)
me too
ItZJamesonYT (1 year ago)
im just watching it in class, in about two seconds my teacher is probably homework, but it'll be quite fun.
Bryanna (1 year ago)
Benstarious you’re not the only one
shmailli (3 years ago)
is anyone else here for homework? no..? ok.. anyway,this overall is an interesting video. It had me at the edge of my seat questioning what the next obstacle could possibly be..
Ezinne Chima (3 years ago)
so educational
Viking River Cruises (3 years ago)
+Ezinne Chima Thanks for watching!
cibriosis (3 years ago)
roald amundsen simply walks into mordor..because he prepared
James Amundsen (11 months ago)
That's pretty cool.
Pam willson (1 year ago)
And the weakest dogs were eaten in the last few days before they reached the pole ..I have one of the bells from the dogs necks prized procession ...
PJOandHoOfan 16 (2 years ago)
Pedro Alegre yeah that makes sense but would the Mongolian camels be able to survive the cold climate? Amundsens dogs were able to survive because they were bred for cold weather. And they have thick fur to keep them warm.
Pedro Alegre (2 years ago)
Scott should have used 30 or 40 Mongolian camels, not horses, because camels resist 30 days or more without eating. And Scott and his people go mounted on camels, not walking
Hiba Ali (3 years ago)
Realy nice i learned a lot of things in this video it gave a lot of information i loved it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
James Gibson (3 years ago)
+Mun Ali Like if u doin homwork and go to a school in wahroongah
Viking River Cruises (3 years ago)
+Mun Ali So glad to hear it! Thanks for watching :)
itsmarcellai (3 years ago)
We had to watch this video in English and write an essay about it. I rewatched the video twice even though we watched it in class three times! It was very interesting and informative.
KirbyGamer293 (4 years ago)
Im also a little jelous on how many people are related but really proud
KirbyGamer293 (4 years ago)
When I started watching this I noticed it was 10 minutes but when I finished this I got so much research and it felt like it gave me the most information!
PJOandHoOfan 16 (2 years ago)
KirbyGamer293 I know at the beginning I wasn't sure if I would be able to write what I learned about it and the details but at the end I realized that I needed more space than what they gave me for writing down my answers I learned so much from it
Mays Ockeh (4 years ago)
Already finished the homework for this but I'm watching it again because its so interesting 
Michael Mier (10 months ago)
yea its really good
Viking River Cruises (4 years ago)
+Mays Ockeh Thanks for watching! 
junebox23 (4 years ago)
Ooooo thats cool!
Aaron Liranzo (4 years ago)
I actully need youtube for hw
ansh lalwani (9 months ago)
M D (2 years ago)
same lol
Ryan Kinley (4 years ago)
Amazing video really helped me!:)
Viking River Cruises (4 years ago)
+Ryan Kinley Thanks for watching! 
Thank u So much~~
Philomena Price (4 years ago)
MAKES ME PROUD..my great grandfather Helmer  Hanssen was with Ronald Amundson on the South Pole Expedition ,I grew up on the stories from my grandfather  from where they lived and the day they returned ,I have the original book my great grandfather wrote as well as one of the bells from the dogs neck. What is never mentioned was the King of Norway gave metals to them all and the King of Norway also paid for my great grandfathers burial 44 years later they were and still are not forgotten in Norway... again makes me proud...
Phat Dog (9 months ago)
nigga u lyin
crazelyfun (1 year ago)
Philomena Price wow
Pam willson (1 year ago)
I have read his book quite a few times (once Modern voyagers) and what they went though was amazing but by reading what he wrote you also learn a lot about what was done and how they beat Scott to the pole I have some of the most wonderful pictures but cant find how to up load to here .
datsIMPOSSIRBU111 (1 year ago)
roald is my great x6 uncle, related to my mothers grandmothers side.
Tony Micel (2 years ago)
I would be proud to . those expeditions in those days were ground breaking. it took balls to go where nobody has succeeded and uncharted territory took more then balls n guts. especially when u hear of all the other attempts and there Fait. it's almost like being suicidal. I prefer to be in a warm bed with a woman then searching for the North Pole in 50 below weather. but that's just me. 😋
Hannah Richards (4 years ago)
This is an excellent video because it's so informational. It's great for assignments and learning history. :-)
Viking River Cruises (4 years ago)
We're glad you liked it! Thanks for watching :)
ryder b (4 years ago)
kevin heart (5 years ago)
I like this because its . reall  
Crobular I (2 years ago)
Roald was a brilliant Polar Explorer. All Kudos to him. Then there was Lindstroms hot cakes waiting when they arrived back at the bay of whales. Lovely trip to the pole and back. All came home fit and well. Bit different to Scotts Horrible man hauling with insufficient food and fuel. Lost the race and all his men.
Dorian M. (5 years ago)
our school in Latvia Ask us to view it and answer the questions for practicing English :)
Crobular I (5 years ago)
Most brilliant feat of all polar exploration. Amazing man and team. Well planned and executed. Made a fool of poor old Scott with his fiasco. And to think that I was taught at school (1947) that Capt. Scott discovered the South Pole. Old Roald discovered and boxed it nearly 5 weeks before Scott got there. Amundsen got back as well in one piece. It was a relatively easy trip for Amundsen using sledge dogs and a rediculous fiasco for Scott Man-Hauling.
Romeo Dean (5 years ago)
very well done this has helped me alot with my school work
loogi_x (5 years ago)
5,000 views wow
R3HAB3000 (5 years ago)
This great Some much information in a 10 minute Video Great job.
monkeyboy4746 (5 years ago)
No wonder Amundsen took a round about way to get back to Norway, I would have waited for Nansen to cool off too, he looks like a rather intense guy.

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