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NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol. 1

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Site: http://NWOtruth.org NWO Volume 2: The Illusion of Money - Coming soon. Sign up for film updates and prize opportunities! ------------------------------------- This video studies how evil is systematically fulfilling Bible prophecy. It is a 6,000 year survey of secret societies and 220 year survey of progressively engineered warfare. Far from "conspiracy theory" or "Bible thumping", it calmly relies on original source documents. This video will challenge your world view, regardless of your background. It is for those who want the truth.
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Just Eivyn (9 days ago)
re watching it for the 3rd time now.
madhubabu chinnala (10 days ago)
Great job... You are the Man!... But it seems you are an evangalist...
Von Mark Aray (23 days ago)
The beast is a Great City. There is only one Great city in the World. And it's not New York. It is the only City on Earth, that is considered a Country. "A country, within a country." And it's located in Europe. Research a City in Europe, that is considered a Country. That is the Great beast of the book Revelation.
NIGEL McClatchey (25 days ago)
This needs to be written in book form to compliment this video.
Leonard Ulrich (25 days ago)
Yes, but who would read it? This presentation has been watched over 10M times because it's in video form, and it's free. If I wrote it in a book form and charged for it, I might have sold 1,000 copies.
Glen Horn (28 days ago)
Thank you Mr. Ulrich for following the leading of the Holy Spirit and following HIS call rather than your own! You’re obedience will bless you when you stand before Almighty God. He loves you so much Leonard. Realize, you have just tipped the iceberg in comparison to what God is fixing to do with you brother! You’re a fine, fine, anointed man of God dude! God’s Arms are always open to you my brother. You have been an awesome blessing to me more than you know! The Anointing is so on you my awesome friend; remember Romans 2:16; “In this day, God will judge the secrets of men through Jesus Christ and through His Gospel!” Your exposure of Masonery, the NWO, and other conspiracies have staggered the human mind! You are a blessed, awesome, and a great man of God!! Continue to expose the deeds of darkness as the Holy Spirit wills! God richly bless you precious man of God!! Numbers 6:24-26. Rev. Glen Horn
Leonard Ulrich (28 days ago)
Rev. Horn, All praise goes to God. You must know that the greatest resistance to this message comes from within the church. It is so refreshing to hear a pastor being interested in this HUGE, RELEVANT topic! Please email me at [email protected] if you wish to have a deeper conversation. Psalm 64, Leonard Ulrich
sebbe239 (1 month ago)
Could you make a video about controlled oppositions? Or why the new age doctrine is the New World Order religion...
Krieg -The War Within (1 month ago)
Can you make a video on trumps background, German and Jesuit schools- hand gestures and #Qanon
Green Basturd (1 month ago)
Leonard, the thurmite that you mention at the 9/11 site, would there have been sparkles in the footage of the tower explosions the way that they show up in your latest video, "Nuclear War in Yemen?" Are these the same things?
Green Basturd (1 month ago)
@Leonard Ulrich ok I just rewatched this part again and you do say "Don't think of Hiroshima." I look forward to your follow up video and clarification. It seemed rational to me to relate the two incidents, but I am not educated in this area.
Leonard Ulrich (1 month ago)
Thermite is not the same thing as a depleted uranium munition or bomb. I'm going to release a follow up video.
Ninii Tread (1 month ago)
This usa for a long time!! Whew those stank lying az low down ratchet az maggot az thieves' have done the worst mass murders throughout history ... "Throwing babies out of incubators?" Poor Mr Saddom, Sadii Arabia sad news... Yes! REALLY Caucasin Hater guy!! Thank very much Sir Ulrich
Leonard Ulrich (1 month ago)
Ninii, I see that you are young African American Christian woman who is into fitness. Please do not misunderstand this film. The "babies out of incubators" FAKE story was used to pull the world into a REAL war. I do not hate Caucasians, nor should you. This film is about how evil manifests itself in all races. Do you realize that most violence against American blacks today is committed by black Americans? Do you realize that a black American today is more likely to be aborted than born? Do you realize that ebonics has been created to lower communication standards? The source of evil in this world today is sin, whether in the form of white warfare, or black physical and/or cultural self-destruction. Please don't tell me that there has never been any warfare among black nations, either. As the film says, the solution to all this evil is to save one soul at a time, starting with your own. Sin is the disease, Christ is the cure. Focus on that. Thanks.
Marjukka (2 months ago)
1:05:40 But everywhere it's said that Zimmerman telegram was sent in 1917 so it couldn't have been broken in 14??
Leonard Ulrich (2 months ago)
Excellent question. The Zimmerman Telegram is a later example of codebreaking during WW I. A brief history of this topic can be found here: https://encyclopedia.1914-1918-online.net/article/room_40. Sorry about the confusion.
Tom Bolz (2 months ago)
Excellent video.
ricardo gonzalez (2 months ago)
I've seen until the 25th minute all the chapters are so short and with so little information? I do not want to waste my time
ricardo gonzalez (2 months ago)
@Leonard Ulrich i understand...I'm watching this film right now, before seeing it I saw the page that you share with me, just yesterday I heard from you about other videos about pizzagate, greetings and blessings
Leonard Ulrich (2 months ago)
@ricardo gonzalez Thank you for making a follow up comment. That's very nice of you. Please understand that you can only fit about 40 pages of information into a nearly 2.5 hour movie narration. I could have written a 300 page book on the subject, but how many people would have read it? This is the first of a series of films. Please go to NWOtruth.org for a preview of my next film. Thank you!
ricardo gonzalez (2 months ago)
in fact this is not my YouTube channel, just that I opened my work email and casually I found your video and I started to see it
ricardo gonzalez (2 months ago)
@Leonard Ulrich Sorry, leonard, I did not mean to sound rude, but when I was looking at the first chapters it seemed to me that it was a short summary, since they are topics with too much information, my question was sincere
Leonard Ulrich (2 months ago)
After over 10,000,000 views of my first film over dozens of YouTube channels, you are the first to say that it doesn't have enough information. That may say something about you.Your YouTube channel has no content, which is quite ironic.
Hameed Malik (2 months ago)
sebbe239 (1 month ago)
Are you mad?
Winston McGregor (2 months ago)
26:14 I have nothing against the bible, but im tired of people putting down other relgions like christianity is the most righteous? That religions teachings were taken from discovered teachings in Africa. The people themselves who brought you the religion were racists enough to call Jesus white. Nothing against the religion because it helps people find God, those who seek. But come on people, christianity isn't perfect. God isn't gonna damn you to hell for finding him through another religion. The true righteous cares more about your actions, morals and ideals vs what religion your willing to represent. Another important FACT christianity, isnt the first religion. Wasn't Jesus allegedly jewish?
Leonard Ulrich (2 months ago)
@Winston McGregor Winston, that's no problem at all. You are sincerely seeking answers to difficult questions. I'm just giving the bottom line, which is what is possible in a YouTube post. A philosopher I really respect is Ravi Zacharias. Here is a 7 minute video called "Why the Bible?" Please ignore the first 16 seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHRP0I2SrVs
Winston McGregor (2 months ago)
@Leonard Ulrich sorry, i feel like i came acroos as angry, honestly im just worried people are gonna turn this religion into something like a cult. I just hate the narritive of "if your not a christian your going to hell", and that has nothing to do with the righteousness of God. If your damned to hell because you want to walk with God but can't trust the words of these evil men who brought you this religion, then that's the true God I learned about. With righteousness comes understanding, and God must understand the many corruption of mans tongue can lead many astray. As long as God is your compass to guide your thoughts and well being then God should be happy for the want to walk with him vs these athiest out here who willingly choose the devil over God.
Winston McGregor (2 months ago)
@Leonard Ulrich With all due respect your ignorance is ending this convo. The bible was also "man-made", your interpretation of that line you keep using doesn't mean "Christianity" was the first idea to bring about God. If God truly had a name for his religion it would've stayed pure and the same from the begginning. But look how many different christian relgions (alone) go against each other. Again my problem is not with christianity, it's people ironically putting christianity above all other religions that acknowledge God. I don't even want to see the destruction of christianity, but the way your speaking is devilish. "Follow christianity or be damned to hell". I doubt that's God's message. God bless. "Religion needs a God, but God doesn't need a religion"
Leonard Ulrich (2 months ago)
@Winston McGregor Sorry, but Santa Claus and the Easter bunny are not in the Bible. They are man-made distractions designed to confuse the truths of the Bible. The Bible was definitely the first book to bring up the idea of God when it says that "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God." You send yourself to hell by rejecting Christ's offer of paying for all your wrongs. Jesus literally died to keep you from hell! All you have two do is acknowledge what he did for you and say that you want his forgiveness for your wrongs, and you will avoid hell. No other religion makes such claims. 9/11 is not in the Bible, but it was the catalyst to mass migration, flooding the west with millions of mostly Muslim refugees. The Bible says that there will be a huge conflict between ethnic groups, which is only possible through mass migration when one ethnic group lives next door to another ethnic group. Jesus completed the Jewish law by becoming the perfect sacrifice for our wrongs, so we no longer have to constantly sacrifice animals. Stop making excuses! Accept that Jesus died for your wrongs... so you don't have to! How unfair is that?
Winston McGregor (2 months ago)
​@Leonard Ulrich But what you don't understand is "Christianity" and the "Bible" is actually not 100% facts. That same religion brought you santa claus and the easter bunny. I have nothing against the righteous words of the bible. But "Christianity" was not the first religion to believe in God, and definitely not the first religion to bring up the idea of God. In other words the True Righteous God will not damn you to hell if you don't trust the word of the same ones who commit devilish actions. It was left out in history books that the first slave ship was called Jesus Christ. Those are the ones who brought you "Christianity", which is a makeup and copy of other religious beliefs. Again, the bible itself, (so im told) mentions jesus was jewish. Nothing against christianity because it helps people find God, but don't corrupt it and it's followers with blasphemist bias opinions. People think their interpretation of the bible and its' sayings are right. 9/11 has nothing to do with the bible, the same people who brought you christianity is making their prophecies look real. Religion is only important if God is the Guide.
Titus278 (3 months ago)
I appreciate your work, brother.
Leonard Ulrich (3 months ago)
Thanks so much!
The Hacker1987 (3 months ago)
What’s the song at 48:37 I really enjoyed the movie and would like to know what music was used
They Hate The Truth (3 months ago)
What’s the song at 25:05 I would like to use it in my future videos
They Hate The Truth (3 months ago)
Leonard Ulrich Thank you so much!
Leonard Ulrich (3 months ago)
Here you are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iNmGwwjcg0
Zimmer Frey (3 months ago)
its now 2019 when the shit going down yo?!
I love this video and I’ve come back to watch it several times. With regards to Hitler however, I hope that you will watch this. There are 10 altogether and easily found on the same channel. I think many will be surprised and quite mad at the scope of lies and deception we’ve been taught. https://youtu.be/1Pyi3MlTaJs
Cie (4 months ago)
People need to take another look at the deeds recorded in the Old Testament and ascribed to the name of YHWH, or the LORD. Anyone with a conscience and the ability to tell right from wrong, should recognize that something is wrong with the story. This video showed us an image of "Moses with horns"... someone is trying to tell us something, but it goes past the cognizance of most Bible believers. Are you willing to look at the text with your conscious mind, instead of allowing your programmed "subconscious" mind to tell you how it should be read? I encourage you to watch the video below. Yahweh LORD of Darkness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqOSAZ8rV-Y
virgil kane (4 months ago)
It all boils down to one thing , and it comes from scripture , and that thing is ' the Lord hates a coward ' . The time to " Fight the power " is now !
Blue Diamond (4 months ago)
This film has made think BIG on what I think about my government and Jesus for the better. At least to some extent. I'm at ease that God exists
Leonard Ulrich (4 months ago)
sebbe239 (4 months ago)
Brian Holleran (4 months ago)
Anyone that that has the word bible in their study's should be ignored.
Cie (4 months ago)
Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him. Prov 26:12
Leonard Ulrich (4 months ago)
Pica Trix You’re so right! Let’s ignore the most widely distributed text and the foundation of Western Civilization. Let’s ignore the fact that the Bible is 28% prophecy, which is history that hadn’t occurred yet at the time of writing, and the vast majority of which has already been fulfilled, so we know we can trust it. Let’s not read the Bible at all, claim we are an expert on it, then watch maybe 1% of this film and leave a “cutting” comment to publicly validate our cognitive dissonance, all the while claiming that we are open minded at parties! Your comment only validated what the Bible says, so thanks for proving it to be true. What will you do when you meet Jesus face to face?
Universal Vibes TV (5 months ago)
He's taken the baton from Bill Cooper's 'Behold a Pale Horse' and ran with it. That's the highest praise I can give Mr Ulrich.
Chris Herbey (6 months ago)
Thank you Mr Ulrich for producing this.It brought together many themes that I had come across individually from various other sources and distilled them into one powerful documentary. Each chapter of this film could be a made into a study all of its own.God bless with your new documentary, I'm sure it will be just as powerful.
JonnyCrackk Corn (6 months ago)
Where is the opening speech in the introduction from??
urhairstylist18 (6 months ago)
Trump is a Jesuit, knight of Malta. Be great if you did a video on him. Great job btw! God bless
urhairstylist18 (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/UZmyVS4OeHg Not sure if this is the video, but it’s out there. Kushner is our there too. Don’t forget there’s two wings attatched to the same bird.
Leonard Ulrich (6 months ago)
Please send me a link with PROOF that Trump is a Jesuit. Some blogger saying that Trump is a Jesuit does not constitute proof. Thanks!
The Furriner794 (6 months ago)
235 people cannot be reasoned with. Reading comments: 46%: Agrees. 46%: Agree, but they're horrible at spelling. 4%: Agree, but correct some statements. 1%: Try to claim you're wrong with some lame statement. 3%: * electric buzzing * * *"not possible"* *
The Furriner794 (6 months ago)
"Satan wants to be what he *never could be,* the capstone of Heaven." That was one of the most powerful quotes I have ever heard in my entire life.
shambaliano (6 months ago)
Check out the islamic scatology, you will be surprised
sebbe239 (6 months ago)
Did God become man, so that man cloud become God?
The Furriner794 (6 months ago)
Dáithí Ó Pléimeann (7 months ago)
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Malaika Abdul-Rafi (8 months ago)
Very informative. I don't agree with the ending. We were just told about the deception of the religious beliefs. But at the end encouraged to believe the lie
Leonard Ulrich (8 months ago)
Thanks for writing. "Greed" does not explain why some of the elite sacrifice children on altars to Satan. The fact that dozens of groups of powerful people who are opposed to you knowing anything about Jesus are behaving exactly as the Bible said they would at least 2,000 years ago is proof that the Bible is true. I see from your channel that you are a truth seeker. You can look at a healthy marriage and declare it to be a lie of "wishful thinking". You can also look at Jesus and his Word and also declare it to be a lie, and Satan will convince you that you are correct. Satan doesn't care what you believe, so long as you don't believe in Jesus. All other religions state that you must continually sacrifice in order to appease "god". Jesus turns religion on its head and says that he has sacrificed himself for you, so you don't have to. All you have to do is acknowledge the sacrifice that Jesus made for you. If you think that you can go to heaven as you are, then your version of heaven is exactly like life on Earth. The choice is yours: choose life in Jesus, or a system of lies that leads to death. Satan, the god that many of the elite worship, is laughing at you in the meantime.
conspiracy truther (9 months ago)
Leonard, I've watched from the 1st unedited version.....years ago. Why did you cut so much out?
Leonard Ulrich (9 months ago)
Here is why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v7H2S6M8hA&t=3s
Ashton Cervi (9 months ago)
guys I need help I just have one problem I want to believe that Jesus is coming. but I have a very logical thought process and the old testament doesn't add up to me and I also believe in evolution and that the universe was created through the big bang
The Furriner794 (6 months ago)
@Ashton Cervi I'm very happy to see that.
Ashton Cervi (6 months ago)
The Furriner794 I turned to Jesus and I completely agree that it is false :)
The Furriner794 (6 months ago)
The entire Evolutionary theory is false.
charldon raynard (9 months ago)
Hey. Have you covered the Vatican/the papacy in relation to Bible prophecy in any of your other films/videos?
Leonard Ulrich (9 months ago)
charldon raynard That will be covered in Volume Four. In the meantime, the tribulation will be fought in Israel, not Rome. Israel has many nuclear missiles and the Vatican has none. Israel has AIPAC, and the Catholic Church has no such lobby group. The pro-Israeli Rothschilds control printing presses in nearly every country on earth, giving them unlimited money. The Rothschilds are also bankers for the Vatican, which CANNOT print money out of thin air like a Rothschild controlled central bank. Israel is gaining power while the Vatican is losing power to internal corruption thanks to one (pedophile) scandal after the other.
Henry V (10 months ago)
You should not make sweeping statements such as "the Rothschilds have funded both sides of every single war since 1812". It means that I take everything you say with a grain of salt. However, this is a useful slant on European history, and I have learned a couple of things that I had not know-aloŕs : merci bouquet.
George Feroli (11 months ago)
TryingHardNotToScream (11 months ago)
The Templars, the Rosicrucians, The Hospitalrs......these were quite sincere .....narrator is leaving out ideas ....like the Dark Ages church....The Dark Ages themselves.....People had just suffered thoes things. This is juvenile presentation,unreaserched.....ect
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
TryingHardNotToScream James 3:9-10: With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. REPENT. GET RIGHT WITH GOD. What comes out of your mouth reveals what is in your heart.
TryingHardNotToScream (11 months ago)
Brilliant stuff guy...... ( not)
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
TryingHardNotToScream You completely misunderstood what was said in my first film. A transcript is available in video form on my channel. The fact that you are the ONLY one saying this after 10,000,000 plus views says a lot about YOU. You can’t even form complete sentences, and I’m saying this as a teacher. Quit while you’re ahead, delete your channel, stop wearing women’s clothing and makeup, prancing around singing “Zombie” with 666 written on your forehead, and GET RIGHT WITH GOD.
TryingHardNotToScream (11 months ago)
Leonard Ulrich OK look my point is, you are only spreading the anti Crusader message.....lts a farce .....Hospitaliars..... ( began the idea of Hospitals )....You think you're gaining all the currency with the Batphomet....its only a crude rendering of Satan.....Jesus had knowledge of Satan ,and so did , The Elect of the time of the Crusades.... ( Mayrtrs...burned at the stake commonly ,as Joan of Arc was ) .....If you are spreading false doctrine ( as you actally are..) you are supporting the Antichrist....and worshiping the beast.......
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
So you're just" creating a 'show'"? I'm not impressed, and neither is God. Stop wearing women's clothing and makeup. You're not a woman!!!! Stop putting 666 on your forehead. Stop drawing attention to yourself and pay attention to God. Prove this by deleting your channel, throwing out all the women's clothing from your house that YOU wear, remembering that you are a man, and that Jesus died for you.
Da Vid (11 months ago)
Number 7 is not in the picture you showed about the 10 kingdoms according to the club of rome
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
wire mcc This is because of the scale and precision of the map. If you check out other versions from authoritative sources, you will discover region 7. I used the best map available in 2010.
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
wire mcc This is because of the scale and precision of the map. If you check out other versions from authoritative sources, you will discover region 7. I used the best map available in 2010.
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
wire mcc This is because of the scale and precision of the map. If you check out other versions from authoritative sources, you will discover region 7. I used the best map available in 2010.
John McComb (11 months ago)
I’m sorry but you’re only giving half truths , what , you’re working for the Vatican ? the jesuit have a greater hand in what you’re trying to reveal in all of this
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
The zenith of the Vatican empire has come and gone. 1) The Rothschilds are bankers for the Vatican, and not the other way around. 2) Israel has several hundred nukes, and the Vatican has none. 3) Israel has the American Israel Public Affairs Committee; there is no Vatican equivalent. 4) The Rothschild central banking system prints money out of THIN AIR. Think of how much influence you can buy with TRILLIONS of dollars, which the Vatican can't do.5) Israel will expand its territory beyond its current borders under the Yinon plan; the Vatican will be lucky to hold on to 3/4 of its churches with all of its pedophile priests. I could go on and on.
Patrick O'Brien (11 months ago)
The temple of God is in the spirit. It is no longer a physical temple. Check out Seventh Day Adventism There probably will be a deceptive temple built to keep your mind off of the fact that Satan wants the hearts of men He wants to sit on the throne of the temple in our hearts
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
Patrick, I'm VERY busy with my second film and with pressing family matters. For your consideration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xaJYZ9epcI
Patrick O'Brien (11 months ago)
Leonard Ulrich I’m very interested to hear more on that Can I reach out to you via email? I’ve found my self recently taking a 7th day Adventist approach as I’ve been called here for now and I am always looking to expand my understanding, God willing. I would greatly enjoy hearing more about this verse you are mentioning Im driving now Hopefully hear back from you later Be well
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
Thanks for the response. Jesus was BOTH God and Man. The Temple is BOTH spiritual and physical. The temple is our soul, as well as being a physical entity. If this latter expression weren't true, there would be no need for God to have the temple MEASURED in Revelation 11:1. Don't let a denomination think for you!
Samuel m (11 months ago)
Good documentary. Rome is mystery babylon, watch and read "a woman rides the beast" by Dave Hunt
blitzem five (11 months ago)
It saddens me that the narrator is a Canadian.
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
blitzem five As a Canadian, I will apologize for that... :)
International Fascists (11 months ago)
Whoever made this doesn’t understand Hitler or Eckhart nor does he understand Paganism
International Fascists (11 months ago)
What the fuck is intellectual Fascism? LMAO. Not everything is a 3D Table tennis being played by lizard people. Everything Hitler taught is contradictory to globalism. If he was a bankers tool, he wouldn’t have made Germany so strong that it took the combined resources of America, the USSR, Britain and many others to beat a tiny ass country smaller than Texas. Millionaires helped the Nazis because they saw what would happen to their business if the Communists took over Germany. Mein Kampf and the policies from it that were applied were firmly against Freemasonry just as Hitler’s allies were. Read For My Legionaries, a good honorably Christian man wrote it. All about Freemasonry and it’s connection to Jews as well as how he used Fascism as the solution. I agree with most of the documentary and I must say, you did good work. But you got one thing wrong. The zionists don’t feed on the Third Reich just because it gives more justification to the state of Israel. What is it they slam into our heads from First Grade on? “Never Again” On a conscious level we think they’re only talking about the “Holocaust” Yet our brains subconsciously put two and two together. They’re really saying “Never again shall the white man rise against the international power structure”
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
Just because I did not include one fact doesn't mean I wasn't aware of it or decided to ignore it. The video is 1 minute shy of not being able to fit onto a blu-ray. YOU make a 2.5 hour documentary on ANY historical subject and I'll tell you what you left out. Hitler kicked the Freemasons out after copying their structure. Read Main Kampf for that. While you're at it, read Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Anthony Sutton. Then, read War is a Racket by Smedley Butler. Hitler kicked the Rothschilds out, but the overlords never left the game. Hitler was a banker's tool - just like Hussein and Gadaffi.
Leonard Ulrich (11 months ago)
Ah, yes. When you're out of intellectual ammo, just resort to personal attacks. Repeat after me: The Russian camps, the Chinese camps, the Vietnamese camps, and the Cambodian camps were real, but the German camps were fake. See how far intellectual fascism gets you?
International Fascists (11 months ago)
You conveniently ignored his Hitler banned Freemasonry in the 33 Enabling Act and kicked the Rothschilds out of Germany
International Fascists (11 months ago)
Congratulations you got system “education” and got to brainwash children at Holocaust indoctrination camp. A dozen degrees couldn’t make your dumbass smarter
ZantherY (1 year ago)
Never has some much BS been written by so few - Bible Prediction totally wrong - “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” - Matthew 24:34, 2000 years later, this has not come to pass!!
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
After 10,000,000 views on multiple channels and four decisions for Christ later, you are the only person to suggest this - all based on a misunderstanding of the four main points of the film. Your credibility is not aided with the video game characters on your Youtube home channel, along with the Numa Numa and demon cat / ultimate cat videos.
The Rights Of The Few (1 year ago)
The Knights Templar wasn’t abolished. I know one personally.
Dana Lisa (1 year ago)
bismark revealed that Karl Marx was tutored by Jesuit priests in the British Museum. the Jesuits invented communism from their paraguayan reductions from 1600 to 1750, and the jesuits went on to create the french revoltuion, the communism revolution, nazism. All roads lead to rome. The Rothschilds are the Treasurers of the Vatican. The Rothschilds are a smokescreen, one of couontless smokescreens, for the Vatican. Read "Behind the Dictators" by ex roman catholic priest Leo Lehmann. He revealed that jesutis wrote the protocols of zion and blamed the jooz, and they are behind all dictators. Alberto Rivera, ex jesuit priest, said that there would be no communism, no fascism, no satanism, without the vatican. He said that he roman catholic church is "Satan's office on earth. Satan has all the religions, but this one is his masterpiece". Alberto has 7 comic books from chick.com. Some are on the internet.
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
Alberta Rivera is a dubious source. As a double major in History, former History teacher, and Christian researcher into secret societies for 13 years, I can say that the historical record does NOT support what you are saying. Are you a member of the SDA church?
Dana Lisa (1 year ago)
The Jesuit General controls all cults worldwide.
Rapture Angel (1 year ago)
1:38:05 THERE IS NO-NO FUEL IN JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE BEEN LYING TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cass Terry (1 year ago)
This!!! #truthcanstandalone It is our reality love. Press on do what your heart tells you. Your soul never lies to you, so keep listening to it. We are one. #Starseed
Hans Jensen (1 year ago)
tsabs.info go there and get saved folks
Dave Trump (1 year ago)
Our best defense is to keep public awareness in the minds of the masses
Dave Trump (1 year ago)
Start getting with others in your home town and city create meetings to talk about the N.W.O and help those WHO may not understand what's going on and call others around the country that YOU know and get them to do the same
Dave Trump (1 year ago)
Read agenda 21 and that will give you a better understanding what they plan to do against us
Dave Trump (1 year ago)
We the people need to tell president TRUMP that we no longer want the federal reserve banking system we want our own issue of money that U.S money that's not control by globalist bankers if we don't do that we will be subjected to the globalist evil plan that means our freedom and liberty will be taking away to much blood has been spilled for us to stand by and do nothing
Dave Trump (1 year ago)
Well America if we don't stand up against this N.W.O soon we can kiss freedom and liberty good by
Dave Trump (1 year ago)
GOD is REAL and satin is REAL but man WHO choose wrong WILL one day pay in hell and what's sick is there are those who uses GOD but are not of GOD
Dave Trump (1 year ago)
He said he's glad to be sitting with the devil well seeing how old that ass hole is his wait shouldn't be long see if he sill have that same view when he's burning in hell
D H (1 year ago)
Very interesting thank you for this video, it's clear to me know, what going on in the world
Nia United (1 year ago)
Go rothchild. Or should I say red shields.. I’ll work for you.. there business men anyone can start or do business..
Clau Lee (1 year ago)
Willy Whitten (1 year ago)
Can you cite evidence that Satan is a Freemason? Or even an expensive mason? Perhaps a muon? Even a particle or wave form? Perhaps a jellyfish....giant squid, or Moby Dick. \\][//
Willy Whitten (1 year ago)
The serious researcher doesn't need "Biblical Prophecy" to prove the march toward the 'New World Order", better termed Global Empire. All one needs is an understanding of Realpolitik and a foundation of real history. The Bible myth is irrelevant to the real story. \\][//
Willy Whitten (1 year ago)
Well Mr Ulrich, I am familiar with everything in this film. Like I said I have studied the conspiracy for the "New World Order" for four decades. I reject superstition presented as fact. No doubt many of these people actually believe in 'Lucifer' and or 'Satan'. It is curious that the Christians believe in the existence of both as well. Have a nice vacation. \\][//
Willy Whitten (1 year ago)
"You obviously don’t know that 28% of the Bible is prophecy, which is History that hadn’t happened yet at the time it was recorded."~Ulrich, I have in fact read the Bible. I do know the claims that prophecy has come "true". The crux of this matter is in the details of interpretation. Was Chernobyl the result of the flaming star Wormwood prophesied in Revelations? Was the establishment of the state of Israel a fulfilment of biblical prophecy in which one generation from it being brought into existence would be the final war of Armageddon? 60 plus years later and that war has not taken place, and still we await the return of Jesus Christ. Like I said, I will watch some portion of your movie. I suppose you are aware of the cranks who "Prove" the Earth is flat using the Bible... Is the Earth flat Mr Ulrich? Were the Apollo landings real? Do the planets orbit the Sun? Is there a moment that isn't now? \\][//
Willy Whitten (1 year ago)
You want me to watch 2 hrs and 25 min of superstitious twaddle? You already revealed that this so called "research" is based on biblical mythology. You have already shown yourself to be a "Jesus Freak" ... Most of my family are Jesus freaks. My sister's husband is a pastor for a "Church of God" ministry. Literal "holy rollers' speaking glossolalia and rolling on the floor drooling. I would rather argue with the ululation of barking chimps that argue with that lunacy. Bu hey, I have some time between creating alternate universes to look through your 'movie'. I will let you know if there is anything rational to be found here. \\][//
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
Willy Whitten I’m glad that you posited that qualifications are irrelevant when an argument is flawed at its source.You obviously don’t know that 28% of the Bible is prophecy, which is History that hadn’t happened yet at the time it was recorded. Over time, the vast majority of these SPECIFIC prophecies have occurred exactly as they were written, testifying that God is the source of inspiration behind the Bible, and is in charge of History. I’m talking about the recreation of Israel as a nation, speaking their ancient language. I’m talking about the creation of a global system that controls all commerce. But hey, you can comment on a book you haven’t read, just like you can comment on a film you haven’t seen, right? I’m now taking off for a vacation, so I will not be able to respond to your dopamine hit. May Jesus guide you to the truth of his Word. You’re not doing so well in the meantime.
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
Willy Whitten it’s truly sad that you didn’t refute my claim that you didn’t watch my film. By definition, you don’t know what you are talking about. If you watched my film,you would know that I reference most of the books you listed. But hey, you will claim that you have an open mind while you hurl pejorative terms at me in response to a film you haven’t seen. Bravo!!
Giorgos Hellene (1 year ago)
Excellent work Mr Ulrich,giving the "juice" and not making the viewer lost in too much detail,beautifully tied together in chronological order.Of course this positive critique can only come from someone who has studied every chapter you mention in detail and then some, hence I find it great for a novice or intermediate "students" of the NWO. My only criticism is mentioning infowars when all AJones seems to feed on is FEAR which he spreads all over his programs in order to sell survival stuff! It should be clear that as Christians we are fearless,in fact we are joyous that the signs are there we' ll all be back home with the Holy Trinity soon (Rense is ok btw, but not Icke who is another merchant of fear that never ever mentions Jesus... because methinks he's part of the NWO as I think is AJones or they would offer the teachings of Jesus as a solution which the never do!)
Idir Amazigh (1 year ago)
when you say highly coordinated do you mean a human organisation or demoniac forces ?
mindquest1 (1 year ago)
been waiting forever for part 2 is it ever really coming out? this year anytime perhaps?
0?? (1 year ago)
I know it is a bit of a read, but people were wise to this years ago, why did people not do anything, it is a crying shame, has been left till too late. JEWISH WORLD POWER..1924 https://i.imgur.com/ffDLGZL.jpg https://imgur.com/a/iyjsI
0?? (1 year ago)
CanadaCommunity Org (1 year ago)
Good Job!
Steven Harvey (1 year ago)
Bush Knew he was going to win the presidential election because that is what the Billderbergers had told him.
Steven Harvey (1 year ago)
I like the part when Russert asked Bush are you prepared to lose ? And Bush responded I am not going to lose, he knew it , because he told it. wake up America!!!!
Steven Harvey (1 year ago)
They are creating the chaos and presenting us with an idea for order from their chaos. Nazi occupation in Europe was an experiment to see if socialism could really rise to power. This order coming is not from the Nazis , but this order is strictly Of a Babylonian nature. For the Nazis adopted many of the doctrines and practices of Gnosticism but it stayed behind the curtain with controlling authority , now the difference with the order coming is I believe it will no longer be part of the occult,
Steven Harvey (1 year ago)
Bush spoke about a new world order , and the thousand points of light to the nation on September 11th 1990 and then eleven years later on that exact day our country was attacked , I believe this proves it was an inside job there is no such thing as a coincidence, and the so called elect must think we are intellectually disabled, come on wake up!!!!
jadedmastermind (1 year ago)
This video was a BIG step for me down the rabbit hole. Kudos for your excellent research and work in creating this content.
see_it_as_is (1 year ago)
Russia has a prophetic agenda, Ezekiel 38. Nato members and the USA have none. Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Russia and failed. Adolf Hitler invaded Russia and failed. USA and Nato will fail. This commentary explain why? https://www.simplicityinthegospel.com/2013/09/united-states-of-america-and-russia-in.html
sebbe239 (1 year ago)
Do you have a Volume 2
Low Light (1 year ago)
Israel was "a recreation" of the Illuminati. Israel already existed 3.000 years ago. The thing I missed in this video, was the unveiling of the Catholic church and the Jesuite's role. Then ofc. we have The Book of Enoch and the Watchers. Still, for a beginner, this will definitely do. =) Blessings.
KKaisi KKaiselgruber (1 year ago)
one thing.. how many of you is knowing a jew?
The Badger Report (1 year ago)
Hello Leonard. Is this the only volume completed so far? I want to see volume three about Daniel 2:43.
Tbut155 (1 year ago)
Hey Leonard, I listened to your podcast with Basil and Gonz and I'm trying to find your "new world order/wars and rumors of wars" video you mentioned at the end and I'm not finding it
Antichrist revealed in the following scriptures... 1 John 2:18-22 KJV Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. [19] They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out , that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. [20] But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things. [21] I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth. [22] Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ is antichrist... 1 John 4:3 KJV And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 2 John 1:7 KJV For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. 2 Corinthians 13:1 KJV In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. Now you don't have to wait anyone to see who is the antichrist... scripture revealed it about 2000 years ago... John 8:31-32 KJV Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; [32] And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
Rose Peitsch (1 year ago)
Tony Kirk In fact, it was 66 Million white middle class Christian Russians who died at the orders of the Zionist Free Mason, Josef Stalin and his 53 Kommissars, 50 of whom were also Freemason Zionists. Many killers were Jewish Sayanim, many more (Red Army) were embracing their new "atheism". In the Ukraine, it was Stalin's brother in law, Lazar Kaganovich who's men murdered and starved another 14.5 Million in the Holodomor of the Ukraine. The population of Russia at this time was 193 Million. It was reduced by 1/3rd. This was on Stalin's watch alone. The Bolsheviks, Trotsky and Lenin murdered another 20 Million. Altogether they wiped out at least 100 million Christians. From an Estonian Historian: "Juri Lina, In the Shadow of Hermes" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIuW-vNQsQI The NEW World Order is the Old World Order in disguise and they arepreparing to repeat the slaughter that Zionist Free Mason, Josef Stalinexecuted in Russia after the Rothschild (Knights of Malta) sponsored"Bolshevik Revolution", here in America, after murdering 66 million White Middle Class Christians there between 1920 & 1937. In retaliation for defending America's shores from British & French Invasion during the American Civil War at Lincoln's request, , the Rothschilds had the Tzarist Romanov Family wiped out by the Bolsheviks. State. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYZksdzVxic>
Francisco Soto (1 year ago)
Would you still recomend InfoWars?
Leonis Bacher (1 year ago)
Thx for the recommendation
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
Generally no. It has become too commercialized and dependent on Donald Trump.I would recommend Hagmann and Hagmann instead. Thanks!
sirrayiv (1 year ago)
The woman that rides the beast in Rev. 17 is NOT AMERICA. The following verses reveal the answer: 9: And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. This was the one verse you forgot to mention, and it’s the key to the mystery. Rev 17:18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. The woman is Vatican City, and she sits upon the seven hills of Rome.
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
sirrayiv Are you a member of the SDA church?
Burak Kereci (1 year ago)
As a documentary work, this film is masterpiece in terms of being informative and exposing what lies beneath. However, as it's stated in the last few minutes of the video, I don't think human kind needs religion or faith in spiritual belief to do good, to avoid evil. Yes, there are secret societies that rule the world deceiving humanity, but rejecting God or biblical phenomenon doesn't mean that one serves for the Lucifer or evil. Doing good, being honest, not stealing, helping people in need are not under the monopoly of the religions. These good things are also traits of a good person, not only a devout religious. I totally understand the religious point of view and respect that, which religious people should do the same.
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
Burak Kereci Thank you!
Burak Kereci (1 year ago)
Even we part ways at some point, thanks for the replies Leonard.
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
Burak Kereci You and I are not good enough. The standard is perfection, or the next life will be exactly like this life. No thanks. Acknowledging that Jesus paid the price for our wrongs is the only thing that can justify us. If this were not true, then Jesus would never have agree to die in our place. Satan does not care what you believe, so long as you don’t believe in Jesus. The NWO is VERY religious.
Burak Kereci (1 year ago)
To me, I don't need to go through bible prophecy to explain their agenda. It's already in plain sight for those in-the-know. I just meant people fighting against the evil must unite within a common point of view which is being a good person and not buying what they sell, and more importantly, must not classify each other as believers or non-believers. Otherwise, the whole idea turns into a religious goal not an exposure of evil.
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
Burak Kereci Thank you for your comments. That point of view doesn’t explain why SOME of the elite are proven satanic pedophiles. That point of view doesn’t explain why all the groups pushing for global government and the concentration of power are fulfilling Bible prophecy to the letter. Jesus is not about religion, which typically details how you must sacrifice to appease some foreign God. Jesus DIED to have a relationship with you!
ONE (Eileen Colts) (1 year ago)
going to push people to your channel with an upload leading back here. So is Light Seeker channel today. Many blessings and gratitude : )
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
Wow... I did not know that. Thanks for the tip!
ONE (Eileen Colts) (1 year ago)
Got the email to send by using all caps on your enail address. Email addresses are not supposed to be case sensitive but google refused to send it in lowercase to you. You mght be missing a lot of emails because of this.
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
One Thank you for your kind words. Your qualifications are impressive!Feel free to email me at [email protected]
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
One Thank you!
ONE (Eileen Colts) (1 year ago)
Just sent it to Unirock and asked him to watch it and have you on his show as a guest. I'm retired MSM network news producer/reporter, Jesuit University graduate in Journalism/Psychology, raised a Christian in the Middle East, studied comparative religions which led me to secret societies which led me to the NWO as my number one hobby since 1985. You are the only one besides me that I know of that has stated the current NWO, freemasons, cabal, illuminati, deep state, shadow govt, ruling elites have roots going back five thousand years. I am so impressed with this documentary (and I've seen loads) that I posted it to FB, shared it to other channel producers, and put it up on my channel with links to you for support. You should be very proud of this opus on five thousand years of the greedy sociopathic/psychopathic ruling elite on planet Earth. The next closest accurate history in one product is Mark Booth's book The Secret History of the World, but this is better because it covers related issues of control. Sorry for the long reply. I'm just amazed at how thorough your research is and how you managed to squeeze it all into 2 and a half hours. I have a bit of research to share with you that others have missed but I'll do that in another comment or by email.
NESARA (1 year ago)
Wow...Thank you for the reminder, and then some.  Great work... Lots of Hard work to compile all that data.  You rock!
theknob1 (1 year ago)
Well put together video but too many jumps and connections with too little or entirely unsupported with evidence.
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
You are only the second person to say that about this video, because the proof is found in clip after clip, and image after image, embedded in the video itself. Would you care to provide an example or two of what you consider to be thin evidence or logical leaps?
dv8raptor (1 year ago)
WHEN IS PART 2?!?!?!?!?!
mark warrener (1 year ago)
Leonard, I have been researching these topics for close to 20 years when things just didn't make sense. and in that time, i have found Jesus as my savior and even after that the research caused confusion in my walk. I can confidently say that in all my time reading, studying, trying to cross reference in attempts at trying to make sense of it all, no single piece of information (term used lightly as i am only through volume 1) has brought clarity in all the fields i have investigated. the irony is, i have never seen your video before which is quite surprising considering how much i have been through. The timing in my personal life is also ironic due to personal reasons... I thank Jesus for your efforts to bring clarity to my mind... and thank you for being who you are...
Lorry Buehler (1 year ago)
Thank You 🌿📖📖🌿❤️
Isaias Klaric Blanco (1 year ago)
23:21 name of the song, link??
Isaias Klaric Blanco (1 year ago)
give it a chance,
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
Isaias Klaric Blanco Sorry - I’m not related to Lars Ulrich either.
Isaias Klaric Blanco (1 year ago)
Eckhart Tolle (/ˈɛkɑːrt ˈtɒlə/ EK-art TOL-ə; German pronunciation: [ˈɛkhaʁt ˈtɔlə], born Ulrich Leonard Tölle on February 16, 1948) Source: Wiki
Isaias Klaric Blanco (1 year ago)
is that you have the same last name
Mike DeLarge (1 year ago)
I would love to have this remarkably well researched documentary in German, so I could share it with all my peeps here. I could translate it myself but... man am I slow and dumb sometimes. Things never get done... I feel like Saint Adalbert.
Mike DeLarge (1 year ago)
Probably where the term molestation comes from. DeMolaystate.
Mike DeLarge (1 year ago)
Star o David? You mean the Star of Solomon. Or Seal, or Key. Do an image search: "Key of Solomon" or "Seal of Solomon" or "Star of Solomon". Evil magic stuff. Charms and amulets. They still use those today, you know?
TheSlipGateUser (1 year ago)
We don't need rulers. It's our right to be Sovereign on our own lives. I took the red pill in 2008, but I feel the effects of it now that came to fruition. Even tho it's night, still going to watch this. Thanks for your efforts brother, and Namaste or whatever suits your fancy!
Ismail Osmanovic (1 year ago)
Peace and love. You've done great work here. There are only two points you were wrong talking about Islam and Muslims. 1. Muslims are aware that Allah/God, will not change His "view" on jews. 2. Like Jews who realize that Jesus pbup was our prophet and is the messiah, Christians need to learn and realize that Muhammad pbuh is our last prophet, if we wanna succeed. Please read some translations of the Qur'an, and you'll understand, because you are smart. God bless you and your family
Torment Panda (1 year ago)
I liked part of the documentary, but no when you start asking to follow jesus or the bible.. really lame that part. Was a great Job your findings and your research. thanks for sharing
Leonard Ulrich (1 year ago)
Torment Panda Thanks for writing. There are people out there who are or were in positions of power who openly worshiped Lucifer, based on their own writings. There is no explanation for this, other than the Bible. As soon as you find someone in a position of power who openly worships Santa Claus, please let me know. The devil’s greatest trick is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist. The problem with sitting on the fence is that the Devil owns the fence. Jesus died for you so you don’t have to. Is that ‘“lame”?

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