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Hope you guys are as excited as I am for WALLPAPERS! Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/lovelive_SIF/status/1011534537522929664 Replace "Chika" with the girl you want: https://lovelive-sif.bushimo.jp/5thproject/assets/img/download/pc/chika.jpg https://lovelive-sif.bushimo.jp/5thproject/assets/img/download/sp/chika.jpg Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/umidah Follow on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/umidah/ Subscribe on Twitch to buy me a cup of ramen: https://www.twitch.tv/subs/umidah Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Umidahh
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Text Comments (86)
rinsenpai (7 months ago)
i'm watching this video again today and i am laughing just as hard as the first time
aTarii ו (10 months ago)
Everytime i try to change url it says "there's a possibility the url has been changed"
Nekopris (10 months ago)
Can someone link the muse wallpapers when i changed the name chika to nozomi it doesnt work
Game Girl (10 months ago)
They're getting us ready for all stars.
Bryan Ng (10 months ago)
Really love live where is the love live school idols festival all star News
Plqyin (10 months ago)
Top 10 anime despacitos
Shiny Skies (10 months ago)
Didn’t participate in any tweeting. Was able to download You and Honoka wallpapers. Here’s where you can download them. You’re welcome. https://lovelive-sif.bushimo.jp/5thproject/download/wp/second-grade/index.html
trshfire (10 months ago)
I can't seem to get Nozomi's wallpaper
Toca Moca (10 months ago)
OMG all you have to do is go on school idol Tomodachi and download the image
MetalZ1 Burns (10 months ago)
WTF, more than half of them don't even open. GG Klab
imong mama (10 months ago)
my good dudes, if any of you have a working link to the rin or aqours 3rd years wallpapers (smartphone or pc is ok), hmu pls
Moriko Megu (10 months ago)
Dammit they took down the Aqours third years and Muse wallpapers before I could get Mari and Kotori ;-;
shirosz (10 months ago)
for some reason i cant get aqours 3rd years...
Pancake face (10 months ago)
People quitting LL: SIF because of wallpapers. Lol. Just say that you don’t like love live anymore and stop shitting on it. I don’t think you could do better if you were klab.
Shaelah Burnett (10 months ago)
Where's my "I stayed up late and got baited" squad
rinsenpai (10 months ago)
this god tier level troll and i love it so much
onikuidol (10 months ago)
you can literally google these i’m dkdkkdkdkdkd
Icey Moonlight (10 months ago)
why not give us love gems or something?
TomboySister128 (10 months ago)
I mean, I’m still getting and saving all of them
Gordon 24 (10 months ago)
I'm disappointed all that hype just for wallpapers 😑😥😥
Pyoko Pyon Nami (10 months ago)
No Nico? :c
Panazuli (10 months ago)
Changing the link doesn't work for me, does anyone have the Hanayo wallpaper?
Dia Kurosawa (10 months ago)
its joke ?
NDLS (10 months ago)
Can anyone get to Maki's wallpaper, it says the URL may have been changed, please help.
Alf is Alf (10 months ago)
"My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined." - TheReportOfTheWeek
Rindah (10 months ago)
*W A L L P A P E R S*
Juuc (10 months ago)
They actually look kinda neat.
niisocks (10 months ago)
Is this a fucking joke?
Bone Crusher X (10 months ago)
And they removed 3rd year aquors
Bone Crusher X (10 months ago)
After a day I actually got the 3rd years but the μ's wallpapers are still gone
ItsShinyCake (10 months ago)
Bone Crusher X Nah i think it differs from people to people as i can get the 3rd years.. But i can't get any of the muse.. I downloaded the gulity kiss members just fine
Bone Crusher X (10 months ago)
I think they removed the μ's wallpapers
Yukihira Tsukihi (10 months ago)
it doesn't work anymore
Milena Orlando (10 months ago)
not even in game wallpapers
mari canigula (10 months ago)
i can't get ruby's
teagu (10 months ago)
https://lovelive-sif.bushimo.jp/5thproject/assets/img/download/pc/ruby.jpg the URLs for the mobile wallpapers seem to be broken though
Doina Amalia (10 months ago)
mari canigula me neither ;-;
Keem Jong Un (10 months ago)
Are they gonna be high quality this time?
IceyGlaze (10 months ago)
no promo urs. they disapointed me
GG Fan (10 months ago)
Yaa now I can get wallpaper *legally*
Michael Mota (10 months ago)
I love wallpapers
donavannj (10 months ago)
Some nice-ass wallpapers. But definitely not worth a "mysterious" tweet for sure.
You with a mustache (10 months ago)
Lmao, I wonder which staff member thought it was a good idea to play us like that >:v...
Serie (10 months ago)
Tbh, I don't even think the wallpapers look very good. This could not have been a more dissapointing thing to hype.
qqetpa (10 months ago)
Kian Pritchett (10 months ago)
Lol, they'll not even let you down "one last time" but rather "one more time" because even after death they'll probably let you down again
Lukewho'shere (10 months ago)
Wow smh klab
mappdr (10 months ago)
Top 10 Anime Disappointments
ToonTown BHH HQ (10 months ago)
jesus i should quit this game
Reigo Shir (10 months ago)
That You on 0:31 is basically Klab
Lukewho'shere (10 months ago)
Iroha Niju (10 months ago)
yay wallpapers perfect! time to change the wallpapers in my device now
*immediately starts to save all of the wallpapers* Gotta save em' all
Kotori Minalinsky (10 months ago)
I was going to put an alarm for this but then I just thought it was probably gonna be absolutely nothing, and for once in my life, I was right.
Kotori Minalinsky (10 months ago)
I- I... I think that- What they were probably doi- Maybe they can still- I dont think- It's probably just... Maybe they might- Oh ok.
Dimcross PH (10 months ago)
Wallpapers. I've already download the wallpapers. And it's hard to edit the URL of both Muse and Aqours wallpaper.
Dimcross PH (10 months ago)
Maybe the site is shut down. My friend actually did the same thing but it was shut down the url.
eduardo gómez (10 months ago)
I can't get honoka wallpaper
Dimcross PH (10 months ago)
Edit the URL like: 1. For PC - https://lovelive-sif.bushimo .jp/5thproject/assets/img/download/pc/<insert name>.jpg 2. For SP = Smartphone - https://lovelive-sif.bushimo .jp/5thproject/assets/img/download/sp/<insert name>.jpg Delete the "<>" and Space
Shiroyasha (10 months ago)
Dimcross PH How can I download them... I NEED THEM 😭😭
Mexican Honoka (10 months ago)
And here I thought we would get a Despacito 2 crossover...
Kanan_Senpai (10 months ago)
Mexican Honoka your username is everything 😂
The Meme Machine (10 months ago)
I want the yohane wallpaper
Setsuna (10 months ago)
I only have the Maki and Riko one since links are being shut down if I can find all of them I'll post them
Nozoeli forever (10 months ago)
I want the Nozomi one
Setsuna (10 months ago)
either way just wait a day and someone will probably have them all up somewhere
Doina Amalia (10 months ago)
I think they just removed them
Wilsun Is a toad (10 months ago)
Free wallpapers are definitely worth the hype, don’t know what you all 🅱️e talking about
come on man those wallpapers are the best thing that KLab has done. like if u agree xd
oh lord km praying those who liked this know tht it's a joke & liked it as a joke too
icy7777 (10 months ago)
Time to go download some wallpapers :)
nehmee (10 months ago)
step up your game KLa🅱️
Galaxia Kotori (10 months ago)
Really SIF staff? Wallpapers? Come on, where’s the actual news?
Bryan Ng (10 months ago)
Kotori7125's Galaxia thanks
Galaxia Kotori (10 months ago)
bryan ng we never get them.
Bryan Ng (10 months ago)
Kotori7125's Galaxia really love live where is the love live school idols festival all star news
Sephtic (10 months ago)
love you klab
The Almighty Bob (10 months ago)
and they’re not even sonic promo wallpapers smh klab
Lewis Scouts (9 months ago)
The Almighty Bob we are getting those promos soon
Cherry_Swirl (10 months ago)
Jfc KLab

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