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Steve Tyrell performs "Come Fly with Me" from "It's Magic, the Songs of Sammy Cahn"

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Order on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/STim Order on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/STim_amzn "Cuddle up close to the one you love and listen to Steve sing Sammy and see if you don't agree with me. It's Magic!" − Nancy Sinatra "Sammy always said, a song had a destiny and would always find its way to the right artist. Steve Tyrell is that artist today." − Tita Cahn "Steve's album is fabulous; he brings a fresh spin to these classics... I can feel the love and respect he has for each song..." - Deana Martin GRAMMY-AWARD WINNER STEVE TYRELL HONORS THE MUSIC OF AMERICAN LYRICIST SAMMY CAHN IN IT'S MAGIC: THE SONGS OF SAMMY CAHN SET FOR RELEASE MAY 14, 2013 Tyrell to Celebrate a Decade of Headlining at Café Carlyle Hitmaker and beloved crooner, Steve Tyrell is set to release a bewitching new album titled It's Magic: The Songs of Sammy Cahn on May 14, 2013. The album pays tribute to the incredible work of Sammy Cahn whose songs are firmly embedded in the Great American Songbook and during the early 60s defined a generation, giving life to the Rat Pack's repertoire (international release dates may vary). The album coincides with Tyrell's newly extended contract with Café Carlyle to continue his seasonal residency through 2014. Tyrell succeeded the legendary Bobby Short who played Café Carlyle for more than three decades before his passing in 2005. Complemented with longtime collaborators, Tyrell explores 13 of his favorite Cahn songs, illustrating their everlasting vitality. The musicians include guitarist Bob Mann, pianists Alan Broadbent and Quinn Johnson, bassists Ed Howard and David Finck, drummers Kevin Winard and Jim Sapporito, and feature soloist David Mann on saxophone, and Lew Soloff on trumpet. The arrangements are provided by a legendary group that include Alan Broadbendt, Don Sebesky, John Oddo, and Bob Mann, and is produced by Steve Tyrell and Jon Allen Throughout It's Magic, Tyrell's whiskey-sour baritone swaggers and brings a modern sound to the quintessential 1960s Rat Pack style. Of all of the Great American Songbook composers, Tyrell points out that it was Cahn, who was the primary voice of that '60s generation, as he wrote so many classics during that era. "There was a period in American pop culture where the old-world thinking ran into the sexual revolution. That's around 1958. Before that, everybody was 'goody two-shoes,' sleeping in twin beds on TV. Then all of sudden, there was the Rat Pack, Las Vegas, James Bond, and Playboy magazine. Things started getting sexy," Tyrell explains. This is the period most revered by this current generation as witnessed by the success of Mad Men, the remakes of Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen, and this year's salute to James Bond at the 2013 Oscars. And then there's Diddy with his Rat Pack Vodka commercials. In addition to celebrating Cahn's centennial, Tyrell salutes Van Heusen -- one of Cahn's most frequent collaborators -- who was also born 100 years ago," It's Magic includes Cahn-Van Heusen classics such as the swooning opener "Come Fly with Me," a classic made famous by Frank Sinatra (who recorded 87 of Cahn's songs)
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Text Comments (23)
Rebecca Lee (9 days ago)
Gets my legs moving. Love it!
imonthebox1 imonthebox2 (2 months ago)
The songs of Sammy Cahn and.........................???????? Sammy Cahn wrote the words. Come Fly with me had music by James Van Heusen..
Dawn Marie (9 months ago)
PS Dawn Marie from Colony! Love this rendition!
Dawn Marie (9 months ago)
Wonderful!!!! Steve Tyrell you inspire me!
bee scott (9 months ago)
One of my favorite singers!
Simon Edgbaston (1 year ago)
Great music& a velvet voice ❤
Vikki Jones (5 years ago)
It must be the Vegas girl in me, but I love this song..actually the whole album.
Sue Lord (5 years ago)
It's a performance, and it is terrific! Enjoy, rather than look for a way to criticize. This man is terrific. I'm a Dean Martin fan, and Steve Tyrell interests me more than any other performer since Dean. Just fabulous.
Sue Lord (5 years ago)
Just wonderful, there are no sufficient words, this is magic!
Jerri Kestner (5 years ago)
Love you Steve Tyrell!
Steve Tyrell (5 years ago)
Its for promotion. We always give it our all in everything we do. Thanks for watching...
Steve Tyrell (5 years ago)
Hi everyone! Thanks for the nice comments. More videos to come soon!
Barbara Orr (5 years ago)
Barbara Orr ----Buzzy's mom.
Barbara Orr (5 years ago)
Great!!! Now do "It's Magic". So different from Doris Day, but love it.
scanman41 (5 years ago)
Don't like the music video. Looks like he's trying too hard. The Steve Tyrell I know & love doesn't have to "try" to be cool.
Drbeth44 (5 years ago)
Next best thing to seeing you in person! Awesome!
DaMuse1000 (5 years ago)
Steve, PLEASE come back to SEATTLE!!! I don't see you on the Jazz Alley schedule and I need my Steve fix!!! ~Lisa
Denny Pezzin (5 years ago)
Virginia and I LOVED this video... This song ... And mostly STEVE TYRELL's version of this great Sammy Kahn song!
Bruce Hildebrandt (5 years ago)
Steve- Great rendition - but that is normal for you - you are the best ! Saw you at Cafe Carlyle in NYC a couple of weeks ago and you were great and also as always very personable, funny and love to tell us interersting stories and the history behind these great composers and this classic American music! Still waiting for that "Bluesy" album you promised years ago !
Fielding Mellish (5 years ago)
Smartly done.
Don Potter (5 years ago)
Great rendition of a great standard. Keep 'em coming.
Mary Garland (5 years ago)
Sheila Tucker (5 years ago)

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