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simplyme95 (3 months ago)
Do you only buy from VS? Or do you have other favorite stores ?
J Lynn (3 months ago)
simplyme95 well VS is definitely my top fav lol but I also shop elsewhere 💙
Deathlake speaks (3 months ago)
sweet haul!
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Deathlake speaks thank you!! 💙💙💙
cat lover cat lover (3 months ago)
Awesome hual😍😍💖💖💖
J Lynn (3 months ago)
liza daisy thank you so much!!! 💙💙💙
Savannah Jones (3 months ago)
Girl who did your nails there soooo pretty loving that color💖
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Savannah Jones omg you are so sweet!! 💙💙💙
Savannah Jones (3 months ago)
J Lynn I need to hire you to do my nails😂
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Savannah Jones omg thank you so so much!! I did them myself 💙💙💙
miss sunny (3 months ago)
Samantha Kidman (3 months ago)
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Samantha Kidman 💙💙💙
Genesis Rosas (3 months ago)
I loved the online shopping ❗️💙💙
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Life as Genesis yay!!! Thank you for letting me know 💙💙💙
Evelyn Zuniga (3 months ago)
Omg the color of the summer bombshell perfume is so pretty 😍😍❤
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Evelyn Zuniga I’m so so so obsessed 💙💙
Forever Scher (3 months ago)
Tfs cute haul as always!!
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Forever Scher thank you doll 💙💙💙
Melina Valles (3 months ago)
The bombshell summer smell amazing. Good haul beautiful. 😘😘
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Melina Valles thank you so so much! 💙💙
Kaitlyn (3 months ago)
Don’t forget to let us know about how the leggings fit & also it would be helpful to say how tall you are for reference! 💕
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Kaitlyn omg 😯
Kaitlyn (3 months ago)
J Lynn omg thats something my dog did before but with jeans 😂 they were ripped/distressed but she made the hole bigger 🙃🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Kaitlyn I’m 5 foot 3 inches and they are great!! But literally as soon as I put them on my kitty got her claw stuck in my leggings and ripped a hole in the thigh!!!!
Natalie Gibson (3 months ago)
I love everything! 💕 We have matching nails 😂💙
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Natalie Gibson yay!! So so cute 💙💙💙
Christy White (3 months ago)
Love everything I also have that bombshell summer it smells so good and refreshing.
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Christy White omg I’m in love with it, I’m wearing it today!! 💙💙
Aminah A (3 months ago)
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Aminah A 💙💙
Manar & Malik’s Mommy (3 months ago)
Love ittt as always. True story: i never knew what outlet malls were til a friend of mine told me when we went yesterday. Her fav store is VS. she said she gets everything the most is for $9. I was shocked. We went there & you’ll be happy to hear that i bought 2 sports bra’s from them for 4.99 each 😭😭😭 #Shockerrrrr they had sooo much sale, i need to go there again lol
An Mar (3 months ago)
Manar & Malik’s Mommy what is it called where you go
heartxinspiredx (3 months ago)
We all want more shop with me videos 🤗💙 I love how the summer smekks🌺 your usual restock of the leggings 👌🏾 everything is sooooo cute 😩 that velvet set 😍😩 I gotta go look at those Great video as ALWAYS 💙💙💙
Aurora Rospez (3 months ago)
Yasssss lot of good stuff❤❤❤❤❤❤
Cynthia's World (3 months ago)
Ooooooh👌💓loved this can you do other online shopping vids plz I loved them🌼
Cynthia's World (3 months ago)
J Lynn 💓
J Lynn (3 months ago)
Cynthia's world yeah for sure!! 💙💙💙
millielove153 (3 months ago)
Was waiting for it since the online shop with me video ♥ loved this and could you do more shop with me online videos I loved it Jeni x
J Lynn (3 months ago)
millielove153 yeah I totally will! I’m so happy you like them! 💙💙💙

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